47 Year Old Mom with 17 Year Old Saline Breast Implants

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I am so thankful for this site. I am having issues...

I am so thankful for this site. I am having issues with my left implant. I have some pain that gets really bad during PMS, then subsides a bit. I'm just not feeling comfortable with these anymore. I chose to get them after nursing my first 2 babies, my full B, small C breasts totally deflated to nothing. I asked for a full C implant. The left side is noticeably larger than the right. If I wear a size 34C bra, my left breast is bursting out and my right is fine. When I got fitted for a bra, they said I was a 34D. When I wear that size bra, left size fits, right size is bagging out. So I'm guessing they are almost a full size different. Also, my right side has rippling. I was larger on the left going into surgery and he was supposed to adjust the implants accordingly, but he didn't. I love my plastic surgeon, but I was upset he did this. I am looking for some support and encouragement as I am nervous about doing this. I wan't SO badly to not have anything foreign in my body anymore, but I'm afraid I will not feel as attractive being flat chested....

Explant surgery scheduled!

I am having my implants removed on Tuesday, January 26th. Now that it's scheduled...I'm very nervous!! I'm glad it's a local so I can drive myself and the recovery is supposed to be super easy. He said I could go back to work the next day.

How I looked prior to implants 1999

This is me 16 years ago. I was a full B before I had kids....then deflated to this. Sorry for the bad pics...these are slide the doc had so I had to hold them up to the light and snap a pic with my phone. Lol

5 days till Explant!

I had my post-op appointment yesterday and paid the surgeon fees. This is very real to me now! I am anxious, excited, and scared! Here is a pic of me today. As you can see, the left breast is larger and misshapen. I also get a burning sensation in it from time to time and it's a little painful around the areola.

Tomorrow is the day!

Feeling nervous but excited to get these out. One thing I've always hated is that every time I used my chest muscles, my boobs would move apart. Mine are under the muscle so I was told this was normal? The last pic is me flexing...does everyone's do this??

They are out!!

Just got home about an hour ago. Everything went really well and except for the weird pulling, there was no pain at all. I feel so light and free!! The implants started feeling like a vice on my chest and it feels so good to have them out. I will post pics after I shower tomorrow. Had a look right after and they are pretty sad looking and sunken. Hoping they will fluff up and I will have a little something to work with. It's weird...looking in the mirror at myself...I look like myself again. Hard to believe I had these for over 16 years and never really felt like they were me....

The Scary Reveal...

Happy they are out...not happy about how they look right now. :(

How long do I have to keep these wrapped?

I need advice ladies....just had my implants removed yesterday. My PS said I didn't even have to wear a bra! Based on all your knowledge, I see that it's recommended to wrap them to help the skin to drape better and help prevent seroma. My question is: how tight do they have to be wrapped? Is a sports bra sufficient? How long should I do this? I hate being bound up but I will do whatever it takes to get the best result and avoid complication. TIA!

Day 3...

Not really any change...still concave above breast tissue. Going out to buy tighter sports bras today as all I have are comfort bras. I'm thinking they are not binding enough tried on a regular push up bra to encourage myself! I can't wait till I'm healed and can wear a normal bra! I feel great tho! No pain at all and I slept better last night than I have in over 16 years!! With the implants, I woke up every time I changed positions...I slept like a baby last night!

Post-op appointment today

I am 6 days out and had my post-op appointment this morning. My stitches have dissolved and the tape fell off yesterday. He cleared me for the gym...which I am super happy about. I finally found a comfortable tight fitting sports bra that I have been wearing for 2 days. Still look the same. I'm wondering if it's because I didn't bind them very tightly the first few days? I hope they will still firm up. I've also been massaging coconut oil with frankincense essential oil on them daily...hoping that helps. Either way, I have no regrets. I am so much more comfortable in my body and it's so nice to not have those hard implants on my chest anymore. Thanks to all you wonderful and lovely ladies that shared your stories and pics! You are what gave the courage to do this! xx

Day 7 post-op

Went to the gym this morning and it felt great! I was a little self conscience since I've been going to this gym for 15 years with big boobs and today I have none! Lol! I avoided running but I did an hour of cardio (elliptical and walking on treadmill) and was able to do all my weights with no issues! It felt so good!! Physically I am so much more comfortable in my body. Mentally, I feel more confident and liberated! My boobs do not define me as a woman. That is the worls's view. I wish I never got sucked into the world's image of what a sexy woman is supposed to be. I am sexy because I am confident, caring, and independent woman. We are defined by who we are inside, not what we look like on the outside. Took a few updated pics today. Not much change, but that's OK...it will come. No regrets!

Feeling AWESOME!

Hello RS friends! I am 12 days post-op and I feel great! I went to the gym twice last week, lifting weights with no issues. Every day seems to be getting slightly better. I don't look much different, still concave, but I feel different. Where the concave is, after surgery it felt like a very thin layer of skin and rib. It really freaked me out! Almost like a hole in the sense that if felt no muscle or tissue in that area. Now...I feel muscle and tissue! So even tho it only looks slightly better, I can feel the difference and I know it will continue to get better as time goes on! I am beyond happy to be my natural self again! That white bra is an A and ended up being too small!! Yay! I found this new one at VS yesterday! It fits awesome and is so comfortable! It's a small B, no underwire. My right boob which is quite a bit smaller doesn't quite fill it in, but the foam keeps it from indenting. Wish they were the same size...but ya get what ya get.

Almost 8 weeks since explant

Well...it's hard for me to post these pics because I feel deformed, but I want to know if anyone else has this issue when they flex after having their implants removed (under muscle, did not remove capsule) and if it gets better over time? It seems when the PS are asked on here, you get 5 different answers!! I'd like to hear from the beautiful women on here who have experience in this area. Also, as you can see by the pics, I am VERY uneven. I do not want to put implants back in, but these 2 issues are really nothing me. I just purchased some herbs on Amazon that are supposed to help with breast firmness and potentially growth. Has anyone had luck with supplements? Thank you to all the ladies that have been so supportive of me. It will be 2 months on Tuesday since my explant so I want to give my body enough time to heal so I'm trying to stay positive. xx

Feeling AWESOME!!

Hi ladies! Sorry I have not been on here in a while. I was a bit discouraged for a while as I was not seeing any changes. Well, I am 5 months out and am finally seeing some great changes! The concave look is finally filling in and even tho my breasts are different in size, they are fluffing up, cute, and comfortable! Removing the implants was the best decision ever! I may post pics soon!! Thank you to all you wonderful ladies who gave me the confidence to remove these toxic things!!

6 Month update

Hello friends. It's been 6 months since explant and there has been no change. Still creases, sunken nipples and severe deformity when I flex...it's actually uncomfortable. I have massaged every day but it has not improved. From researching Dr. Feng's website, this is due to the muscle being cut and and the capsule being left in and would need to be surgically repaired to return to normal. And since I am so uneven, I would need a fat transfer....or....put implants back in. I'm not sure what I should do....but I am sure that I don't want to stay this way....
Any advice would be appreciated

Noodleberry - Feeling hopeful

Hello beautiful and strong friends! It's been almost 7 months since my explant. My how time flies!! I had a massage for the first time since explanation and boy was it nice to be able to lay on my stomach without pain from the implants and just enjoy my massage!! As uneven and droopy as I am, I am still SO much more comfortable without the implants! I posted new pics...they don't really look different but they FEEL different. When the implants came out, I could feel a circular indentation in my ribcage and there was NO muscle toward the inside of my breasts. Felt like skin over bone. Now...that has filled in and fluffed up. I LOVE the way my breasts feel! I still have the muscle adhesion and sinking nipples (mostly on the right side which is much smaller than the left). For this reason, I decided to purchase the Noodleberry. Another friend on her stated using it a few weeks ago and has noticed it is helping with the adhesions. Also, I am hoping to gain some tissue and fluff up the upper pole a bit...especially on the right. I would be thrilled to just get them the same size!! I should receive the Noodleberry in 10-14 days. Once I start using it, I will post updates. Anyone else try it or are using it? I would love to hear if it helped!!

This Explains a LOT

For those who have followed my journey, you know how severe my adhesions are. I have been searching for answers as to how and/if I can get this issue corrected. The plastic surgeons have no idea. I get a different answer from each one! Very frustrating. Anyway, I found this information I would like to share. It also explains why so many of us get sick after implants...even without them being ruptured. I hope if anyone is considering implants, they will read this first. Here is a excerpt, but I encourage you to read the entire article...
"Implants interrupt the normal flow of energy within our chest area. Our chest area is connected to many of the important meredians…kidney, heart, liver, stomach, etc.. For this reason energy flow will not be the same…this includes blood flow. Eventually we will have liver issues (cannot detox properly), heart problems (palpitations), uterus (fibroids, cyst), breast lumps may develop and digestive systems will not function properly. When our body is in a state of imbalance it will try so hard to put it back into balance, but when it can’t after a period of time, it goes haywire….result is an autoimmune disease. The implant has to be taken out for a better chance of recovery, but after explants proper care must be done otherwise symptoms may remain due to scar tissue forming. Energy flow is not the same with scar tissue. After implant/explants our chest area will never be the same."

Don't Give Up!!

I am so excited to share this update!! Thanks to BeYOUTy, I found a myofascial release specialist in my area. I have only had 2 treatment. Yesterday she actually got her thumb under the scar tissue and gently pulled on it. It was uncomfortable and I felt tingling and occasional shooting pains. She said that is a sign that energy is starting to flow through the tissue. Whenever there is scar tissue left behind by surgery, energy in our body is disrupted. The scar tissue is tight and can cause pain in other areas of the body. I had my implants removed in January....shortly after, I got severe pain in my right elbow. I never made the connection. When she was doing the treatment, my elbow was on fire! Even tho she was working on my right breast, I could feel resistance in my shoulder, arm and shoulder blade!! Our bodies work in harmony to all parts. When we have pain in one area, it may be from another area. My neck is also a mess...thanks to the implants....she is working on my neck as well. I cannot tell you how happy I am!! I am feeling SO much better physically and mentally. As you beautiful women know...this journey is an emotional roller coaster ride! I finally love my body. Even though my breasts are not perfect, they are mine, and they are beautiful!! We need to love ourselves and know that no one is perfect! We are all unique and beautiful!! As God says in His Word: we are fearfully and wonderfully made!
As you can see by the pics, my breasts are a little fuller and my nipples are not sunken anymore!! She said my breast tissue was stuck on the pec muscle and has not come down all the way yet and I was still healing. The treatment is definitely helping with this!! So hang in there! I never thought I would still have healing to do 8 months after surgery!! I am so thankful I did not make any rash decisions...as I am not going to lie....I had contemplated it when I was at my low points.....Peace and love to you all!!xoxo
Dr. Todd Koch

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