46 Yrs Old, Almost 22 yrs of 300 cc Silicone Implants, CC, very bony chest, explanting.

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Hi, I am a 45 yrs young woman, I had my first sets...

Hi, I am a 45 yrs young woman, I had my first sets of implants when I was 25 and then when I was 37 i was told that my implants were broken (which I have my suspicions they weren't) and the surgeon didn't hear what I said and put more CC than I asked for. I can't remember how much he put but I think it is about 300cc something like that. My chest was and still is too bony and I wanted to cover that up, I wanted to be rounder like the other girls (I know, right? we all want what we don't have).
I did love the result of the first surgery and I enjoy them a lot and I felt sexier and powerful, but the second set was too hard, too big, too fake, too much. I hated them since the first day and that was in 2007. I know have a capsular contracture on my right breast, it was there before but recently got worse, and I've been fantasising with removing them for a while now, specially after my divorce since I realised that I need to work on my self-esteem rather than trying to please other people (men, model agents, etc). This will be a gigantic change in my life since I have had them for almost half my life and I don't even remember how my real breasts looked like. I remember being small maybe a cup B but not too flat, in my last surgery the Dr said that I didn't have any breast tissue left??? I want to do it but i am afraid I might look deformed. I have an MRI booked to see how is everything inside before putting me on the waiting list for a surgery for removal, maybe that would help to see how much of my breast tissue I have left?
I'm excited but scared!


I am having my MRI on Friday, I am scared that they won't want to remove them. Also afraid of the outcome, I hate my chest, that's why I've done it on the first place.
Anyway, I've been looking at pictures of the girls in here that went through the explant already and you all look great!
I'm looking at some collagen, bio oil and trying to help with a bit of exercise before hand.
Will see...

Today I had the MRI Scan

I was quite anxious since the last time I had an MRI was for my brain and I had a panic attack inside the machine! But this was quite different; for starts I wasn't there with m ex cheating husband the day after I caught him cheating after I lost a baby!! So, my sate of mind was erm... a lot calmer and happier. Also the machine was open both ways and I had to lay down with my breasts hanging.
The idea es for the surgeons to see what are they going to find when they open I guess?
Did any of you had and MRI before the explant?

Looking out for some supplants to start taking

I am almost certain that my breasts will look like deflated pancakes, so I am researching on what supplements to take to help them, also gym, diet etc.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!

News and Question

Hello ladies, I just wanted to let you know that I've been referred to the plastic surgery clinic to have an assessment and possible explant that's on the 17th of November and I really hope they put me on a list and removed them soon. I know I'll miss to have bigger breasts but my health is more important and I if everything goes well I'll be able to give proper hugs without fearing to poke a hole on someone else chest with the hardness of my implants!
Talking about that, has anyone here experienced a very hard capsular contraction in just one breast? Did you explant? how did it go? One of my breasts is very hard smaller and firm and the other is normal, no capsule soft and hags naturally. My fear is that they will look to different and that the soft one will sag more than the one with the capsular contraction. I'm not sure if this makes any sense but I'll appreciate your opinions. Ta! xox

My appointment with the surgeon on Thursday

I have an appointment this Thursday morning with the cosmetic surgeon and I am determined to get this procedure done, I can't hug people and I don't want to have sex with this hard rock on my chest. I am 46 years old and I am afraid that there will be an incredible amount of excess skin but I rather have two empty sacks than this painful ball, I rather have intimacy wearing a bra than not being able to cover the obvious hardeness of my right breast.
On the other hand I haven't have children and my skin is still quite good, I don't drink I don't smoke and I've been a vegetarian on and off for long periods of time, so maybe that's a good thing about it.
Fingers Crossed

On the waiting list

I had my appointment with the surgeon that I'm guessing is the head of the department, I felt so shallow among all of the people that was getting plastic surgery there for serious stuff, accidents, illnesses...anyway.
Dr didn't even look at my breast, he said it was a simple procedure they will open the same incision from where the implants were introduced and take them off, the capsule will come with the implant and that will be it. He also said that they will look droopy and that there is really nothing I can do either before or after the procedure to make it look better but that in the long therm I'll be better off without them. I am determined but I know this will be a shock. Will update when I get the date. Is nice to have a space to share this. :)

On the waiting list

So I called the surgery to see when they reckon I'll have my explant. I am not only anxious about it but I also need to book things for 2017 and I need to get organised with everything.
Apparently it'll be in Feb, March.
So please keep posting your results to give me courage.

Love xx

I have a date for the explant

I am anxious and hopeful at the same time, it'll be over the last week of February

Wish me luck, I'll need it!

Capsule removal

Just a quick question, the Dr said that the capsule will come together with the implant.
Is that the "en block" thingy that you guys are talking about?


I've seen lots of you having the incision under the breast, my Dr said he would take the implant off through the incision they were inserted, that's in my case, my nipple.

Also I am seriously considering to ask him not to remove my capsule is there is not extremely necessary as I rather wait and see how it develops instead of removing some of my tissue with it.

Pre-operative assessment

Hello Everyone, I had today the Pre-operative assessment with a nurse.
She asked me some questions about my clinic history and extract some blood, measured my blood pressure and oxygen concentration, apparently that is pretty good, 100%.
Then she measured my heigh and I'm pretty sure she's got it wrong or I shrank 3 cm??? I'll ask them to do it again, 3 cm is too much of a difference.
After that they took some pictures of my chest to see the before and after.
Getting there, I am in such panic I have dreams about it... I don't deal with uncertainty very well and also there will be general anaesthetic which I'm not happy with, like ever... but anyway.
I was just rewatching "Labyrinth" and took a caption that sums this phase that we are going through very well and the tat I got when I realise that if I want anyone to accept me the way that I am I need to accept myself as I am first!. Thank you for being there.

Under active thyroid

I just called my surgery regarding some blood tests, I thought they will tell me something related to my hormones as I am going through perimenopause but apparently my thyroid is on the low...
I've never have thyroids issues before and if anything I'd say that I would be more on the side of hyper than hypo as I have always been very skinny and the only person I knew having that disorder in my family was an aunt with hyperthyroidism and struggling to keep up with weight too as everyone in my family. (Don't hate us, is as hard as the opposite)
I am thinking this might be related to the implants? Maybe?
Any thoughts?

Some images

I'm finding myself lurking around this site a lot. My biggest worry is to look deformed after explant but I'm in a catch 22 situation because I ALREADY look deformed with them!
I was looking a pics of this model and wondering why on earth I wasn't this happy with my bony chest like she seems to be!... Selfesteem!


I'm thinking about getting a rowing machine, the ladies that already expanded did you do any exercise before or after? What would you recommend?
I hate my chest, that's why I got implants in the first place, now without them I'll need to focus some energy on developing a better frame. Any clues?

I got a cheap rowing machine to strengthen chest and back muscles.

So 15 days away, time is going to fly and I am panicking, having all sorts of dreams about people from my past, when I was youngER and very insecure and I am freaking out to come back to that.
Also thinking about getting some tattoos to cover the scares if needed? Just a though.

Going to see the surgeon tomorrow

Hi I'm going to see the surgeon tomorrow so I can ask questions about the procedure.
So far I know that I am going to:

Remind him that I had an MRI performed so he could check that if needed
Based to this if I could have the procedure under local instead of total
Make the incision on the crease rather than the nipple to avoid caving.

Anything else I should ask?
Thank you!

Almost there

I am anxious and preparing everything for next week. I am about to go to sports direct in Camden to get some sports bras and maybe some sleepers to wear in the hospital. I am having my surgery on Monday.
I wish I could ask my drs to make some internal stitches to prevent sagging but I'm doing it through the glorious NHS and I can't ask for more I think. I'll ask anyway to see if it's possible.
They didn't ask me to buy any wrapping so I don't know if they will give me that or not. I'm going to get an extra small and a small bra. And even thought I'm vegetarian I already bought some organic chicken to make some bone broth for my recovery. Anything else that I might be missing?
What keeps me a bit calmer is a thought I had about David Bowie this weekend on my way to work. The man was dying and embraced the experience and recorded a CD. So what would David Bowie do? he will embrace Ch Ch Changes!

Shopping day

Got these two in sports direct
They are very small and squeeze my gummies a lot. To the ladies that already explanted. Can you kid your arms to put them on? Or is it difficult?

Post surgery bra

Following the advise of the ladies here I've got this one that also have some back support to correct posture. Something I was thinking about too! The brand is Leonisa and if you buy now you get a 15% discount for Valentines Day!

Arnica Montana and bromelain

I'm purchasing these two tomorrow.
My only fear is that they are actually bad for you as they prohibited lots of herbal stuff. Did you use it? What do you think?

They are out!

Just a tiny wee ( see what I did there?) peak at my new breasts. The wrinkles are from the tape.
It was simple apparently.
No major pain yet just a bit of a sharp/burning sensation in the incisions.
Thank you all for your support and your lovely words.
Will publish more when I can.
Love xx

No More Porn Looking Breasts

They look like little girl breast though LOL, I don't want to take my bra off just yet.

Pain Management, Question.

How did you managed pain?
I'm starting to feel a tiny wee burning sensation and I have taken the mandatory Paracetamol (1gm 4 times per day) the also gave me codeine, but I rather avoid.
Is the "burn" sensation normal? is that the kind of pain you had? You could describe it as sharpish also.
I've been asked to keep my bra on for 3 days and I'm allowed to shower also in 3 days time. They also feel a bit warm, maybe that's normal after the trauma and also...because I don't have a massive ball of hard silicone there anymore! ?
The most annoying pain is my back pain? Anyone had back pain like muscles pain after surgery? would that be because the muscle that has been "released" is connected to the back? Just wondering.
I will post pics when I feel is safe to take the bra off. I'm a good girl, I don't take unnecessary risks. Boring I know, Sorry.

Day 2

Hello explanters !!

I don't want to open my bra just yet, I really want to avoid complications like seroma and others. So I can offer just a peak they seem fine so far, I feel a little weird at times, I am not exactly sleeping well, I'm sleeping with several pillows to keep myself lifted but I wonder if that's necessary? very silly quesh here, but how do you or did you sleep the first few days? did you manage to sleep comfortably on your back? Today I had some chills but temperature was fine, just a bit tired and sluggish. Also frustrated that I am constipated this is my 2d day... of no #2s...
My nipples decided to wake up at different times LOL, last night it was a bit of a draft and one was really reacting to it while the other was ignoring it completely, then the opposite happened. I found them hilarious and sweet and I feel humbled that my body put up for 22 years with two toxic bags under my skin and yet they manage to look and feel surprisingly well.

Healing fast (I think)

Hey girls thank you for all your comments and wishes :) I really appreciate it!
I slept all day and night yesterday, like A LOT. And this morning I feel a lot better, I managed to lift my hair in a pony tail and everything!
I am feeling fine, my left breast the one that was "fine" is the one that is the most painful, in fact if I try to take the bra off, is the one that feels like is about to fall?? is that a normal feeling ? The one with the capsule is doing a lot better, go figure..
Also I tried a couple of pieces of clothing just to see, specially this one dress BC I love it and with those two big porno football like tits I had before I couldn't really. And I am very happy I'll be able to wear it more often! It was kind of funny I managed to put it on but it took some serious Houdini's skills to get it off, and a bit painful so I won't try that one again until further notice. So far I'm happy.

The moment of truth!

Ok, so I am recovering fast! at least in the pain department!
I'm sleeping loads and I'm almost not taking any painkillers anymore. I WANT TO SHOWER pleeeease
I gave myself form wet wipe cleanse and tomorrow I'll have a wash starting from my head!
It looks like all the fullness of my breasts was thanks to : THE GAUZE!! LOL and the tape over the scars.
It doesn't matter we still have time to let the skin shrink and exercise!
My breasts aren't feeling heavy anymore and today I yachted some telly on my sides without pain or discomfort. :)

Before and after

Not too shabby ????

More pictures

I'm so happy!! They are so SOFT!!
I think I wanted to be rounder but now I'm accepting that I'm long like every part of my body is long. So be it. I feel so humbled by the ability of recovery of my body.
I feel thankful.

Some important facts about myself.

while I was roaming this site looking to get a grasp of how would I potentially look like after the explant i was searching for certain factors to get a more realistic idea of what to expect, in case that some of you are looking for the same and if you want to compare with my results I am going to make a list with some things that I consider key.
Age at the day of the explant: 46
Age at the day of first BA: 25 added 275 cc
Age at the day of 2d BA: 37 exchange for mentor silicone gel 300cc
5.7 /170 cm tall
54/55 kg (I've been underweight as a norm before this)
A long therm vegetarian gone flexitarian over recent years
Lost 2 pregnancies, no children
I do not sunbathe I do not do tan
History of hiperprolactinemia and endometriosis
Not a massive fan of exercising but I do cycle to work when the weather is fair, do my 3 minute stretches in the morning and love some bouldering session now and then.
I don't drink, not a teetotal but I never really "need" a drink
I don't smoke
I'm going through hormonal changes (perimenopause)

I hope this helps. It is a very emotional trip to get to yourself. I've been having dreams and memories about how what it was like in my life before I got the implants and I just purchased a book called "There's never too late to have a happy childhood."
I wish you all the best. xox

My implants were f***ed, big time.

I had the follow up this morning with a nurse and I think it was a very young doctor. They were lovely and changed the steristrip and examined my incisions and breasts.
They told me shower the least possible, every two days if needed and from next Monday I can leave the scar exposed and and apply moisturiser Nivea, E45 or aqueous cream and perform a massage that they told me to do 6 times a day.
Also 5 more weeks of support bra.

They said that one of the breasts (the right one) had a capsular contracture that they removed, and that the left one was dislocated, I knew that something wasn't quite right and I had the idea for years that the muscle under my arm was broke or something but I my ex was the KING on making me feel that I was "inventing things, creating drama" so I ignored my own instincts for quite a while.
Anyway, everything is healing as it should apparently. I am feeling a bit more pain now, specially in my left boob, but I think it is because i'm premenstrual but since I'm perimenopausal you never really know what the what is happening.
Something I found out this morning is that the skin inside my lips is red and irritated I am assuming that might be some reaction to something, it is also very dry. Did anyone experienced something like that after surgery?
I'm posting some pics with some new bras, getting the right size is proving to be more challenging than I expected. I might be a cup A for some brands I reckon, and for some reason the boobs look bigger on pics than in real life.

Poop update!

I saw a very weird/funny video advertising a product named "squatty potty" and although I am not going to buy it, it gave me the idea of putting my feet on top of the loo's rubbish bin and guess what...it worked! YAY!
Now I really need to add some more oils to my diet.
I thought you would love to know about my scatological life... :P

Scars and dent on left breast

Hello ladies, today I took my second proper shower and touched up my roots etc. I removed the steristrips and took a look at my scars, one of them is kind of too close to the breast and forms a dent in which looks as if it's "lifting" it and looks not great, I'm glad this is not happening in my nipples, god knows they have had enough of scalpels already.
Monday is the day I can start massaging and applying moisturiser, any of you had a successful recovery of a similar dent? Would you pls let me know what you did?

Help. Still in pain

Almost 2 weeks and still in pain if I don't take pain meds?
Is it bc I slept on my sides?
I'm wearing the tightest sport bra I have to stop the jiggle.
The pain is like the one I had when I discovered I was pregnant.
How long until you started sleeping on your side? And how did you feel with your first period? I get quite premenstrual only now I never know when my period will come.

Two weeks After Explant

Two weeks ago today I had my explant surgery. i just gave myself a nice hot shower, removed the steristrips for the last time and put some E45 intense recovery lotion and gave some massage to the scars. They are HARD! and not too sore, but hard. I wonder how is that going to get better and IF it'll get better.

Lumps anyone?

I started to massage my scars a few times per day and now I feel more confident touching my new/old girls and I can feel some lumpy ? bumpy? areas? I remember my breasts were a bit lumpy before BA but I'm not sure if this could be normal after explant or shall I call the Dr?

3 weeks post

Hello, already 3 weeks since explant and I'm feeling a lot better pain wise, the scars are a bit stuck and still somehow sore, specially the left one where the implant was dislocated, I can't lift that arm much yet but the right one seems to be healing fine and I think it has drop quite a little too. I'm a bit concerned about the left one but I heard that there is time still to show improvement before the scars become adhesions. I am wearing two supports bra to stop the jiggling bc the left one feels weird almost as if something was "loose" inside, I don't know if anyone can relate to the feeling, it is just behind the nipple. Other than that I am fine, emotionally weak and sleeping a lot but that has nothing to do with the explant. "Mommy dearest" has done it again and I can't control how much that woman affects my mood. I'm just sleeping loads, it'll pass.

3 weeks after explant pictures lifting my arms

I now managed to lift my arms and take some pictures, I am massaging my scars a lot to help them a little, you can see my bony chest, that was the main reason for implants. I guess I'll have to live with it now and learn to love it. Own it, rock it, just like Bowie would do. <3

Let's talk about sex sex sex..

So, ladies. I am realising now that MAYBE what was keeping me away from having a healthy sexual life were those deformities I had on my chest and MAYBE I am feeling sexier now?
Does anybody relate to that feeling?
Today I went nuts with the cleaning and tidying up bc I am going potty of so much doing nothing, and hovering the carpets was not my greatest idea, now I feel my breasts a little tender again what takes me to the original question, how long until I can resume with my normal life? LOL the irony my normal life before explant was sexless! But you get the idea...

New bras, stitches and recovery times.

Today I decided that I won't fight my needs to sleep and that I'd sleep as much as I feel like.
I usually work weekends so I'll be out of the house tomorrow anyway.
I've been massaging my breasts and I noticed a noise while doing it a few times, like a "click", two to be precise it was on the breast that has the adhesions, I am assuming that those might be the stitches dissolving and sort of breaking up or even the skin. Did anyone experience something similar?
I also tried on some cute bras and a new dress. I wish I'd have done this before I am super happy.
I just want to be recovered to be able to exercise and wear my cute bras!! :)

Almost 4 weeks and still a bit sore

Why does it take so long to recover, is it me?
I'm not in pain and I might take the odd painkiller now and then but still tender in random places.
I'm going to Spain for 5 days by the end of this month and I'm worried that I won't be able to dance or do any physical thing at all. :(

Scars at 4 weeks

My scars look quite neat, although I can see them a bit red, the line not around, it might be bc I am not giving my breast a rest and I just wear my sports bra 24/7? or bc of the massaging? mmh
I've been massaging the scars like the nurse told me too, not 6 times a day but at least 2 and I can feel the popping noise more and more now, apparently is the scar tissue breaking up?
Overall I am quite happy with the results, the boobie that had the dislocated implant looks a wee wider and without he shape of an inverted heart or like a pear but it is ok, I might get one of those incredibly painful and fulling hormonal periods at some point and the weight my knock that adhesion down LOL, who knows. The more read about breast explants the more I realised I was living with two ticking bombs inside my chest for 22 years.
It might be too soon to talk about the improvements in my health but there is something that might be unrelated I bought a watch for the first time in years in 2015, I wore it for a while and although it is titanium made and leather I developed this allergy to it and to anything I put on that wrist it wasn't red or itchy it was as if the skin had been burnt and the very first layer was extremely sensitive, at the same time I had weird sensations like heat coming out of my ear and some other areas of my body. I am wearing the watch now and I still haven't felt anything weird. Just a thought, I have tested positive for lupus in the past and my levels of prolactin were high enough to keep me under fertile but that could have also been due to the stressful nature of the relationship I had with my ex. Let's see how everything develops over the next months.

Before and After

The light and the position are slightly different but you get the idea. They are small and soft but 100 times nicer than the fake ones.
If I need anything fake on my life it'll be fake fur.

Join pain 7 weeks after explant?

Hello explanters!
7 weeks just passed after my surgery and I have already ventured to cycle to work and to wear normal bras, still not the best of ideas I gather, judging for the pain I'm having in my left underarm. So I'm back to my sports bra and to take it easier. I noticed quite a lot of joint pain right after surgery and that sort of comes and goes even now. Anyone felt the same? Apparently it could be the narcotics of the anaesthesia during surgery? Shouldn't that have cleared already?


I think I am close to week 8 after explant? I am already doing some morning stretchings and I'll try to cycle a bit more when the weather is kind.

Hello to all and question

Hello to all, first of all apologies for not being able to reply your lovely messages. Since the recovery has been so slow I need to work harder in order to compensate for the days off. I am doing well and I think I'm already able to wear normal bras at anytime and to exercise, not that I'm doing it.... I'm also starting to feel that my breasts are becoming less soft (they were soft like a cloud bf) now they are feeling a bit firmer? Anyone have had the same experience? I hope you all lovely ladies are doing great. I'll upload more pics soon. Taxxx

4 months mark

Whole 4 months have passed since my explant surgery and this is how I look now.
My right breast (the one with the capsular contracture) looks smaller when I lift my arms than the one on the left side. Also my scars, the old ones on my nipples are not looking great but I am thrilled with my results anyway. I am happy with myself, I love the person I've become and I worship and respect the scars of my battles. This was the right decision for me and I am proud. Love xoxo

Almost 5 months after explant.

I had the follow up consultation with the surgeon last week. Everything seems to be ok. I ask about my adhesion under the right breast (the one with the CC) he said it'll get better with strong massage. So that's what I'm doing at the moment.

6 months post explant

Hello everyone, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. Show the progress and let you know that I am doing well. Boobies are small but they match my body size they are soft and I can hug people, sleep facing down, run without having to grab my boobs etc.
Also to let you know that I am finally and after 4 years off medication, it took me a lot of waning and pill cutting and patience but I am completely off now. To support me on this healthier path I am also doing some CBT to re learn some things that are hurting me and I'll be taking a Self-esteem Workshop provided by the NHS. Part of getting rid of things that weight me down is also to declutter and to stop buying stuff that I don't really need. I hope you are all doing great and growing healthier, more independent and stronger. xoxo
Mr Ash Mosahebi

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