45 Yrs Old, Silicone Implants

Hi, I am a 45 yrs young woman, I had my first sets...

Hi, I am a 45 yrs young woman, I had my first sets of implants when I was 25 and then when I was 37 i was told that my implants were broken (which I have my suspicions they weren't) and the surgeon didn't hear what I said and put more CC than I asked for. I can't remember how much he put but I think it is about 300cc something like that. My chest was and still is too bony and I wanted to cover that up, I wanted to be rounder like the other girls (I know, right? we all want what we don't have).
I did love the result of the first surgery and I enjoy them a lot and I felt sexier and powerful, but the second set was too hard, too big, too fake, too much. I hated them since the first day and that was in 2007. I know have a capsular contracture on my right breast, it was there before but recently got worse, and I've been fantasising with removing them for a while now, specially after my divorce since I realised that I need to work on my self-esteem rather than trying to please other people (men, model agents, etc). This will be a gigantic change in my life since I have had them for almost half my life and I don't even remember how my real breasts looked like. I remember being small maybe a cup B but not too flat, in my last surgery the Dr said that I didn't have any breast tissue left??? I want to do it but i am afraid I might look deformed. I have an MRI booked to see how is everything inside before putting me on the waiting list for a surgery for removal, maybe that would help to see how much of my breast tissue I have left?
I'm excited but scared!


I am having my MRI on Friday, I am scared that they won't want to remove them. Also afraid of the outcome, I hate my chest, that's why I've done it on the first place.
Anyway, I've been looking at pictures of the girls in here that went through the explant already and you all look great!
I'm looking at some collagen, bio oil and trying to help with a bit of exercise before hand.
Will see...

Today I had the MRI Scan

I was quite anxious since the last time I had an MRI was for my brain and I had a panic attack inside the machine! But this was quite different; for starts I wasn't there with m ex cheating husband the day after I caught him cheating after I lost a baby!! So, my sate of mind was erm... a lot calmer and happier. Also the machine was open both ways and I had to lay down with my breasts hanging.
The idea es for the surgeons to see what are they going to find when they open I guess?
Did any of you had and MRI before the explant?

Looking out for some supplants to start taking

I am almost certain that my breasts will look like deflated pancakes, so I am researching on what supplements to take to help them, also gym, diet etc.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!

News and Question

Hello ladies, I just wanted to let you know that I've been referred to the plastic surgery clinic to have an assessment and possible explant that's on the 17th of November and I really hope they put me on a list and removed them soon. I know I'll miss to have bigger breasts but my health is more important and I if everything goes well I'll be able to give proper hugs without fearing to poke a hole on someone else chest with the hardness of my implants!
Talking about that, has anyone here experienced a very hard capsular contraction in just one breast? Did you explant? how did it go? One of my breasts is very hard smaller and firm and the other is normal, no capsule soft and hags naturally. My fear is that they will look to different and that the soft one will sag more than the one with the capsular contraction. I'm not sure if this makes any sense but I'll appreciate your opinions. Ta! xox
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