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Hi guys!I'm a 24 year old female, I live in Buenos...

Hi guys!I'm a 24 year old female, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina (so I can't recommend you my doctor -although he is AWESOME- so if there's anyone here from BA his name is Federico Urquiola and I had my surgery in Hospital Italiano)
I had this surgery in the first place because I have a deviated septum that obstructs my breathing, and when I was being operated on my doctor found an exostosis and he basically told my parents that he couldn't understand how I could breathe at all. All this was covered by my medical care company, but I also asked my doc if he could see any improvements to be done on my nose. He told me that we could lift the tip a little bit and reduce the bump in my nose. I was nervous about changing my nose but he took some pics of it and showed me the aprox. results with a program they use that estimates the result and I liked it a lot so that was what I had to pay. It was 9000 pesos (900 dollars aprox) for the surgery and 3000 pesos (300 dollars aprox) for the anesthetist.

Day of surgery:
I had to be in Patient Admission at 1pm. At 3pm they took me to my designated bedroom and at 4 they picked me up to go to the OR (I was starving and really thirsty at this point,hadn't eaten anything since the night before and drank anything since 10am)
I had to wait in a pre-anesthesia room where they asked me a few questions and injected me serum (which made me pee like 3 times,lol) and then I had to wait because my doctor was finishing another surgery.
At about 6 I was taken to the OR which was REALLY COLD xD but they put me a sort of tube that released heat under my sheet, and while they were prepping me up the anesthesia kicked in and I don't remember anything else.
When I woke up I was really dizzy because of the anesthesia, I wanted to see where I was but couldn't really open my eyes completely so I saw everything blurry. The first thing I noticed was that I could breathe A LOT! a lot of air was going in and I was so happy about it (I haven't been able to breathe like that since because of all the mucus). The other thing I noticed was the pain in my throat. It didn't hurt much but I coffed a lot so I asked the nurse (that I could bearly see) if it was normal (it was really hard to ask her because it's really hard to speak under the effect of the anesthesia xD). She told me that it was because I was intubated and the tube makes the throat sore afterwards.
Again, I was really dozed because of the anesthesia so I kind of slept in and out until they took me to my bedroom. Usually after a rhinoplasty you go home but my surgery lasted 4 hours (they finished at 11pm) so I had to stay overnight.
Sleeping was a bit hard,I kept waking up (usually I sleep in a fetal position but you can't so it was kind of annoying) but anyway I slept pretty ok. What started bugging me (and lasted for a few days) was a really sharp pain in my front pallate and teeth. I asked the doc on my post op visit and he said that it was normal because he had to do i don't remember what because of the exostosis. But I went home feeling pretty good, I had breakfast at the hospital and had no problems.

Day 1 after surgery:
When I got home I went to bed (and kids,this is the story of how I watched the entire 3 seasons of american horror story in a few days XD) and watched AHS all day. Everything felt fine, I had no pain whatsoever apart from my pallate and that was the only reason why I took painkillers.Also, whenever I got out of bed I felt kind of dizzy and how to get up slowly. I was hungry all day so I ate plenty,but everthing had to be soft because of my pallate pain (it was really sensitive and the painkillers didn't remove it entirely). That night I slept really well, I slept kind of sitting up because of the bleeding (I didnt bleed much anyway) and beacuse I was afraid to move sideways.

Day 2: I had a lot of pain in my neck because of the position I slept in and still felt pain in my pallate, but apart from that I was fine. Spent all day in bed again,but at night I started feeling really bad for some reason so I didn't have dinner. For some another unknown reason I couldn't sleep that night (which meant more AHS XD) and at 9.30 I had an appointment with my doc so I didn't sleep at all, I started feeling sleepy about 8 and by that time I had to leave -.-.

Day 3: I started feeling nausated in the morning but it left after a few hours. My doc checked me and removed my mucus and I went home. I obviously took a nap and when I woke up I felt a lot better. Still had pain in the neck and pallate, but that night I slept great.

Day 4: By this day I had no more neck pain and no more pallate pain and I actually started feeling pretty great. The doc gave me 10 days to rest so I still had to be at home, but I started moving around the house. Day 4 was tuesday and from that day till the next monday I felt great,with energy and no pain, I stopped taking painkillers and started eating at the dinner table.

Day 10 (next monday):
I went to the doc and he removed my cast. It was a really painful process because for some reason the cast was really stuck to my nose and it took some time and my nose was still really sensitive from surgery,but finally he got it removed. I didn't have a chance to look at my nose because I was lying down but I'll probably be able to next monday! Then he put a loot of tape of my nose (it basically covered the same extent of my nose as the cast did) and that day was kind of annoying because the tape is a lot tighter than the cast so it put a lot of pressure on the nose. That day I went back to college and everything was okay.

Day 11: I went back to work, I walked a lot and realized my mistake because by the end of the day I was really tired and went to sleep really early.

Day 12: It's today. The tape is not so annoying anymore and I feel great. I'm really happy I got this surgery because I remember how much I could breathe when I woke up (still have mucus -.-) although I don't know how my nose looks like yet but the most important thing was being able to breathe. I also thought it was going to be a really painful process when it turned out to be almost pain-free. After 3 days you pretty much feel perfect. You can get tired really easy but otherwise it's back to normal. I really hated being at home for 10 days because I like to go out for walks and get coffee and stuff so I was counting the days to get out of the apartment. I still sleep kind of sitting but almost in a lying position and I'm sleeping great with no neck pain!Next monday I'm getting the tape removed (not sure if they'll put a smaller tape and that's it or get it completely removed but I'll let you know! Please feel absolutely free to ask me any questions!Also, I'll be adding some pics later (I have one with the cast and one with the tape, as well as a pre surgery pic and post tape removal on monday).


So, these are the pics that I have right now :) as you know I'm currently on the "tape" phase. Will post the 'after' pic on Monday if my doc removes all the tape.
Btw as you can see, I practically had no bruises. I had some bruising under my eyes that was purple the day it came out, and then it was mustard-yellow for like 2 days and then it disappeared, my doc told me that he thought I was going to be worse than that,so I got lucky I guess!

Day 17: Tape off!

Hi!So I came back from my doc appointment a few hours ago. He removed all the tape on my nose, the process itself didn't hurt, I mean is just tape, but my nose was pretty sensitive afterwards, still feels a little bit weird, but totally bearable. The doc told me to put some cream on my nose because well, my nose hasn't seen the light of day for weeks xD, also to massage it now and then.
And so, here are the after pics! :) you can see in the front one that my nose is still pretty swollen, but I absolutely LOVE it, I'm really happy!now I won't see my doc for another month,but if there's anything else to update between today and then, I will!
Dr. Federico Urquiola

Very professional and excellent in every way. The Hospital Italiano has state of the art technology and I'm very happy both with the hospital and my doctor.

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