Male, 31 Years Old, 5'9" and 160lbs, Lipo to Get Rid of Belly and Love Handles - Argentina, AR

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I'm a very active 31 year old guy. I play tennis...

I'm a very active 31 year old guy. I play tennis and soccer once a week, and hit the gym 3 times a week.
In my teenage years, I used to weigh around 185lbs. I lost that weight in my 20's, even got it down to 145lbs, but my love handles and belly never went away. I'm at around 160lbs now, which I believe is the right weight for me, but Im not happy with the way I look. It's like from my ribs up I feel fine, but all around my belly area I feel embarassed. So I plucked up the courage and went for the change that I had so long hoped for, and couldnt achieve any other way.
I checked with 4 different surgeons, and I ended up picking the most expensive one (even though I believe that for US standards it was still VERY cheap).
He made me feel comfortable with what I could expect, and could perform the surgery only a couple weeks after our first meeting (which for somebody as anxious as me, was a big plus). He told me it would be a good chance to remove some fat from my chest as well, which I didnt really believe was necessary, but would do it for no extra cost.
I can't really say anything about the surgery itself, because I have absolutely NO recollection of the event (although I was only under local anesthesia, but I hadnt slept at all the night before). I only remember laying down, getting the IV in, and that's it, next thing I know I was in my hospital bed all patched up.
I'm 2 days into the post op now, and I cant complain much. Yeah, it's kind of a pain to have to wear a garnment 24/7, but that's about it. I feel kinda tight in my lower back and abs, but I guess it's completely normal. There was no drainage whatsoever, no bleeding, and hardly any pain at all.
The doctor told me that I'd be noticing results about 3 weeks from now, so I'm only posting the "before" pics. Once the bruising is gone and I'm not bloated anymore, I'll keep you posted with new ones.

10-day update

Before I had the surgery, several people told me the post op was fairly painful. It hasn't been like that at all. Only my lower back gets quite tense at some point during the day, but I wouldnt call this a painful post op.
The ONLY time I was in REAL pain, was on the fourth day when I went back to driving. I ended up driving a lot that day, and on top of that I skipped one of the med intakes.
Word of advice: NEVER miss your meds. They make a huge difference. I could barely be seated, I wanted to cry.
I'm VERY swollen, my flanks look bigger than they did before the surgery, which is kinda discouraging, but I've been told this is completely normal.
I have nearly no bruising, but I've had tons of trouble removing the glue left off by the surgical tape. 8 showers later I still have quite a lot of it on my skin.

40-day update

Now the results are really starting to show.
I'm still quite swollen on both flanks, and I have some hard areas on the side and on my belly. But you can tell there is a big difference from what I looked like before the surgery.
There is no pain at all, just some hardness that will eventually go away.
I tried taking the same pictures from the same angle.

60-day update - WORTH IT!

Now the results are really starting to show.
Swelling comes and goes a bit, but I'm really liking how I look on the good days.
There is still room to improve (some hard areas that havent gone away yet), but I can definitely say, without a doubt, that it was COMPLETELY WORTH IT!
Dr Jorge Luis Plotz

Besides being very professional and very clear about everything, Dr Plotz was very friendly and down to earth. I nagged him about every little doubt I had for two weeks prior to the surgery, and he never failed to respond. He was the most expensive option I had, and I have no doubt he was worth it. His references were excellent, and he made sure I knew what I was gonna get.

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