20 Year Old, No Kids, No Implants Breast Lift

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I am so excited to finally get the breast lift I...

I am so excited to finally get the breast lift I have been dreaming of since im 13. I will get an anchor scar but not really concerned about it, I had saggy breast since they began to grow, I've never had kids, but did have a lot of up and downs in my weight. My right boob is saggier and bigger than the left one so i hope they can look a little more alike. My surgery will be may 8th.

Week until surgery

These are my boobs with bras, with support and without any support.

Second day after surgery

So my surgery was yesterday, Im not in too much pain, only on my right side, other than that its all good, I do need someone to help me get up and stuff, but im so happy I did this, cant wait for the swelling to come down.

2 day post surgery

Omggg cant believe they stay in place when I lay down. So excited!!!

4th day

My doctor changed my tape yesterday because I was having a little allergic reaction but its all good now!


The swelling has gone down a lot, really like how they are looking????

1week post surgery

So im a week post surgery and Im feeling great, basically have no pain and starting to feel pretty normal, the swelling has gone down a lot already, but I have been worrying about them sagging again like not right now but in the future, is there anyway to prevent that from happening?


My right boob is dropping a lot more than the left one????, this as always been my bigger and saggiest boob. Dont know how i feel about them


What a difference!!! Super happy

Trying some bras

Trying on some bras I already had


So i just changed my tapes by myself for the first time:), this is how the scars are looking currently

Best thing i ever done

So im almost at 2 weeks post surgery and feeling great, I dont have any pain, Im just a little impatient to get back to the gym, also my tummy has been a little more bloated since surgery, is this normal?

Is this normal??

20 day update

Stiches out


I started wearing my silicone sheets 2 days ago, and the scars are a little red, but I think thats normal, I love how my breast are looking, im feeling great and going back to the gym next week:).

Scar update

Im kinda worried about the scar on my right breast since the left one looks so good and small


The hole on my right breast is getting bigger and bigger, im super sad. Everything was going so well


So the hole on my right breast is looking better and is almost closed, also my boobs are feeling soft as before, the first weeks they felt like implants.


Quick update

So im still taking care of the hole on my right breast, its looking better and its almost all the way closed but still not completely healed.



I really love how my boobs are looking super natural. My scars are a little red still, and the one on my right breast doesn't look as nice as the other one. But nothing much has changed


Almost 4 months post surgery, I am so happy!
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