Ladybug is Taking the Plunge!

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Hi everyone. So I am a 54 yr old female from...

Hi everyone. So I am a 54 yr old female from Canada. I'm 5ft3in tall and weigh 185lbs. I've never been this heavy but I've been on strong meds for the past 3 yrs with weight gain add one of the side effects. That along with menopause had been disastrous for me. So I've decided to do something about it. After much research, I've decided to get Vaser done in Budapest at the Mona Lisa clinic. I'm going to have the proceedure done to my abs, upper and lower, back, bra rolls, flanks, thighs and arms. I wanted to get my neck and chin done as well at the same time but I'm going to wait on that. I'm flying in to Budapest, arriving on the 7th so the surgeon can take a look then the procedure on the 10th. I can't wait. I've never wanted anything this badly.
One question though; the 10th is a monday and I really want to come home on the Thursday. Is there anyone who has had this procedure done? Do you think I'll be OK for the long flight home? Anyway, I will keep you all posted.

Getting closer....

So I took some pics today...pretty much in same bra/underwear and in front of same mirror and I can tell that I put on a few more pounds. What crap! It's like I have no metabolism. Anyway, here's my plan; I'm 2 days away from moving into the city where I'll be so much more active. As soon as I get back from Budapest, I've already spoken with my doctor about starting to reduce my meds and changing the ones for menopause. I also communicated with the clinic about when I can return home and she says that because it's Vaser and minimally invasive, I should be able to fly back a couple of days after procedure. 8 days away from the start of the new me. Does anyone know what kind of medical supplies I'll need while I'm there recovering?
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