Jaw Line/neck Lipo + Mini/mid lift - Budapest

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So I'm off to Hungary to improve my jawline. I'm...

So I'm off to Hungary to improve my jawline. I'm already in the hotel in Budapest, and I go for consultation at 8am tomorrow.

The organisational and contact has left a little bit to be desired. You can send an email and not get a reply for a couple of weeks. We got there in the end though.

I arrived at the airport and I was expecting a driver to be waiting for me.... but he wasn't. After several attempts to get through to the driver, and to the office, I finally got through to the driver... he thought I was coming tomorrow. He finally got there about 90mins later. I didn't mind too much though. I'm a seasoned traveler, so I wasn't phased. When he finally got there, he was a friendly guy, and very apologetic that he'd made a mistake. Lol.

The hotel is in the same building as the clinic, and it's pretty nice. Not flashy, but it's modern and clean, and the staff are friendly. I will say that because I wanted to travel hand luggage only as I'm travelling alone and didn't want to carry a heavy bag back after surgery, I had minimal room for toiletaries. I thought there'd be at least soap, shampoo, etc. There is a soap dispenser on the wall of the shower, but it's a multi purpose shower gel/shampoo, so bring your creature comforts. I'm hoping I can run out after my consultation in the morning. I also forgot my adapter plug, so I'm rapidly running out of battery in both my iPhone and pad. I desperately need an adaptor. Ahhhhh!!

Phew! Out of surgery already!

So, I went in to surgery around 2:30pm, and it's 7 now. Not really feeling any pain, except one pressure point around my left ear is burning like crazy. Other than that, nothing.

Dr. Molnar is a really nice man. He's really cheerful, with a good sense of humour. As soon as I met him, I felt much less anxious. All the staff have been great so far. The clinic is sooooo close to the hotel, so that's handy for when I go back there in a couple of nights time. There's also a massive Tesco Extra right across the road, so great for doing any last minute shopping. Hopefully in a couple of days I'll feel up for going over there to get a couple of snacks. I still haven't eaten since last night and im starving. Could literally murder a can of coke or something. Not healthy, I know, but damn, I'm running low on sugar right now. Lol

As for the surgery, my face and neck are super swollen, so I can't really see what kind of results I've had just yet. I look like a little chipmunk. Lol.

Well, the nurse just came an put some painkillers in to my drip. My screen is going blurry, so not sure how much more I'm going to be able to type. Lol.

The morning after...

So I had a pretty good night last night. I slept pretty well considering I was attached to a drip, and had to sleep on my back. The nurse came in to check on my a couple of times, but everything was good.

This morning, I've had my breakfast of black coffee, croissant, and a yogurt. Eating is still a little weird, and I managed to drop yougert all down my chin. Better than yesterday thoug, when I still had anaesthetic in my face and couldn't move my lips at all. I never realised how useful lips were til now. Lol.

My face is actually less swollen than it was at bed time. The pain I'm feeling is to be expected. Just achey and swollen around the jawline, but nothing too much. Then the only other thing that's bothering me is is the dressing on my ear. It feels like it isn't flat, like there's a lump in the dressing that's creating a pressure point on my ear. I keep fiddling with it, which I know I shouldn't but it's really irritating the skin there. Hopefully I get to take these initial bandages off, and get the little elasticated head strap soon. The drains are kind of cumbersome also, but I guess they're useful for avoiding haematomas and unnecessary swelling.

I'm feeling really good though. I'd like to be able to go over to Tesco, and get myself a few bits and pieces, but I doubt they'll let me leave here until the drains are out.

Just got my dressings changed... And saw my self!!! Eek!

Dr. Molnar just came to see me, and and change my dressings personally. I thought that was great. I guess it should be expected, but the last surgery I had, I went straight to the recovery house and the caregivers changed everything and I didn't get to see the doctor for a few days after the surgery.

The more I meet him, the more I like the guy! He's full of beans, and he really seems to care that everything is ok for me. We just had a long jokey chat about Brexit, and if my city is a good place to go. Lol. He's a funny guy, but very caring. He even took my breakfast try away for me!

As for seeing myself! Eeeeeeek! I looked like a monster! Luckily, I know things like this take time to settle, so I'm not concerned right now. It certainly doesn't help that my hairline and face were still discoloured from the yellow iodine used during surgery, coupled with the indentations from the bandages! Lol. I think in time, it'll be a really nice result. In all the commotion, I actually forgot to look at the incisions, so can't comment on how they look just yet. Dr. Molnar said while I was on the table he could see how I would look in a couple of months time, as at that point there wasn't any swelling

I could already see a big change around the jawline, despite the swelling. Then my cheeks are soooooooo chipmunk and massive right about now, but I'm sure they'all settle down a little in the days to come.

When he changed the bandage, he realised my drain had slipped and that was what was causing that rubbing/pressure sensation on my ear. All good now though. So much more comfortable. It feels great to have the bandages off for a few minutes, and also to have fresh ones put back on, as there had been a little blood and oozing through the night creating a damp feeling. He say's he'll come and take the drains out tomorrow before I move from the clinic, back to the hotel. Can't wait for that.

Drains came out.... ouch!

So, finally got the drains out. That was a massive relief. It's so 'draining' having to carry them around everywhere! (See what I did there? Lol) I'm now back at the hotel, and it feels good to have some freedom. Everyone at the clinic is really, really nice, but being an independent kind of person, I was getting a little cabin fever being stuck in there. Now I'm at the hotel, I can wash when I want, change my dressings when I want, eat when I want, go out if I want... you know what I mean.

Last night was pretty rough, I woke up at about 3:30am, and I just couldn't get comfortable again. I'm really looking forward to going home, but I have another 4 days here before I travel. Then the rest of the today, I spent clock watching waiting for Dr. Molnar to come and take the drains out and discharge me. As usual, he was in high spirits, and was a pleasure to see. He and Agnus went through all the after care notes and medications with me and then I was free to go! Awesome! Agnus rolled my suitcase back to the hotel. (She's so sweet!) I carried the giant bag of creams and medicine. Lol.

My face today is hurting more than the previous 2 days. I guess that's the swelling coming to a peak. Hopefully in the next few days it'll start to disappear. I still can't hear out of one ear, and very muffled in the other. Dr. Molnar thinks that's just swelling and it should go away as the swelling goes. Other than the ears, my jawline is the next worst place. Oh my gosh, it's got lumps and points, and bumps all over it! Yesterday my cheeks were the biggest and I looked pretty chipmunk, today my jawline is wider than my cheeks, so I guess you could say that I'm more of a koala today!

All in all, everything seems to be going on track with the healing process, and so far, I'm pleased with what I see. Fingers crossed I get a good night sleep tonight!

Going home today, can't wait!

I just came out of my final check-up with Dr. Molnar. As always, he was in a great mood. Agnus and him really are lovely. I'm healing up pretty well. I have a very, very small superficial patch of necrosis on the inscision site near the tragus. It's nothing to worry about though. My face around the outside of the cheeks down the jawline is very hard and swollen, but every day it's getting a little better. I'm looking less and less like a pizza base every day! Lol.

I must say, especially for the price, the care had been supurb. My stay in the clinic was comfortable, the nurses were friendly, Dr. molnar is great. When I got discharged back to the hotel, I left with painkillers, anticeptic spray, antiseptic shampoo, iodine cream, some other cream, and 10 shots of anti-coagulant.

All in all, it's been a very good experience so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing the fully healed results. The only thing I would really change about that is trip, is that if I came again, i'd try and time it with a friend for some company.
Miklos Molnar

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