TT Budapest, Hungary.

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It is now 31/2 weeks before my Tummy Tuck and/or...

It is now 31/2 weeks before my Tummy Tuck and/or liposuction in Budapest :-)

I am from Norway myself, and have been thinking about this procedure for many years. Now that I am turning 40, I figured it was time to do something about it!
Here in Norway you have to pay around $7000 - $8500 for a TT with flank liposuction. I could never afford that, so I started searching online. I preferrably wanted to go to Cuba, as I have heard good things about the doctors there (and what a wonderful place to visit!), but I finally ended up with Budapest. The flight there is "only" 4,5h ++, and the airline ticket is fairly cheap, so if any complication should arise it is much easyer to return.
I noticed a few companies that offered health travels, where you get help for contacting clinics. They also provide transfer-help to/from the airport and clinic, a place to stay, and more importantly, contact persons who help you when you are there. A healthy portion of sceptisism kicked in (what do THEY get out of it? Are they a serious business, and are there any form of scam involved?), so a good portion of googeling took place ;-)
I contacted a few of them after hopefully finding the right ones, and landed on Euromedical Tours. The reason for this, was that my contact person Zahid Hamid never tried to SELL me anything. He informed me about how they worked, and arranged phone interviews with a couple of surgeons. After googling Mr. Hamid, I found that he had been active in conferences around the world, often talking about the need for regulations and safety for medical tourism. The doctors he introduced me to seemed qualified and experienced. Hamid has been very patient with all my questions, and I feel that I can ask him about anything.
So, now the date is set, and I have already been buying some supplies for my trip, -HibiScrub (antiseptic wash-thingy that is supposed to help prevent infections), mild stomac regulator (hopefully it will help so I do not need to use that much abdominal muscles when... you know), baby vipes, and silicon tape.
Dr. Karvasz thought I was a candidate for TT, but he said I had to wait until I had my checkup before he could say for sertain. So I might end up with "only" liposuction. I hope not, -I feel my tummy would benefit from the first, but I will listen to my doc :-)
I will add some before-photos to this post, and give updates as time goes by.

15 days to procedure! Any tips for what I should bring?

Iiiik, -I am really starting to feel the anticipation now! I have already found my suitcase, and made a list of what to bring:

* Laptop with StarTrek episodes ;-)
* Comfortable boxers
* my HibiScrub, washing cloth, nail scrub to use before operation
* Loose clothes
* Hair dryer for tape after shower
* One extra compression undergarment that I hope will do

Anyone know about anything else that should be on the list? Any suggestions appretiated :-)

I am going to stay in Budapest for a little over 1 1/2 week. Mr. Zahid from Euromedical Tours have given me a description of the appartment I am going to stay in, and it has all the necessities. I also got the address, so now I am going to take a walk in the area with Google street view!

Only one week to go! Can anyone help with my question below?

Wow, -it's really closing in!

I am starting to get nervous, but excited at the same time. A lot has happened, -I found out a week ago that I am out of my job (it was a 6 month contract, and it did not get extended :-( ), so now I also have to worry about that.

I wanted to ask you all a question:
Do you think it will be fine to attend a job interview two weeks after my surgery (if it turns out I am going to have a TT)?

Any comment will be greatly appretiated!!

Best of luck to all of you who are having their procedure this week (and of course all who has to wait longer... ;-) )

Only hours away!

Wow, it's only hours away! I was at the clinic taking my tests, and am now trying to get ready for tomorrow.... will keep you updated as best I can!
Wish me luck!

Well, TT it was, -with a chin lipo

So, now I am sitting in the appartment feeling like crap. Not more crap than expected, though. The headband already itch, and keeps getting tangeled with my pillow. I did not get much sleep the frist night here, I just could not find a good position with the pillows and all, and the sofabed is a little hard to get out of (witch I of course had to in the middle of the night). The apartement is not super-TT-friendly, -it is missing a chair or recliner that is easy to get in and out of. But luckily for me, the office chair is pretty comfy for my back. I actually slept in it for half an hour or so last night.
As you can see from the picture, it is a pretty big bite the doc has removed from my belly. He did not do any liposuction in front, only on my love handles. But he said he had to suture not only the front muscle, but also on the sides. They where pretty relaxed. I did not have any gap though.
I am really having a hard time sitting still! I feel like taking tiny walks all the time, whitch I have done, about 50m at the time 5-6 times a day. My body just wants to move. I hope that is not too bad? Should I really lie perfectly still for five days, as some doctors suggest?
Otherwize, -I have to set anticoagulant syringes on myself for at least five days!!! THAT I had not read about here! And I absolutely HATE shots (of course, I can do what I must).
I am going to see my surgeon on Monday. Maybe I will have some after-pics then.

Take care, all!

Been at the doc today, but..

Today I had a follow-up with my surgeon, and got to ask him a few questions I had while he changed my scar dressing (and put me in the corset-thingy again, bummer). He said we could take some pic's Friday on my last session. Did not get any look this time eighter. Hope he was not secretly thinking "Oh crap, -hope this will grow better till Friday!" ;-)
It was absolutely a disqusting feeling taking out the drains!!!!!!
Did not hurt THAT much, -but yuck, -what a feeling!!!!!
But good riddance, -hope it wasn't too soon, or anything. Love to croockedly walk around without them!

Two steps forward, luckily only one step back

Oki, -I was a bit too tough yesterday. Finally felt up for a longer walk, and thought I should go to a smaller shopping-area not far from where I am. But felt so good I thought I could take the long way around, and have coffee breaks on the way. Everything went well, -walked in the sun, took my first little coffee break, and took the wrong turn. Ok, it wasn't that bad, I could only walk a little furter and take the next to the right. Should have taken the next to the left. Ok, it still wasn't so bad, -after sitting down on a bench I had the map under control. I could continue the road I was on, and it would come out to the correct road, in a u-kind of style. Started walking, but soon had a big need for a chair. No chairs or benches around! No coffee shops. I ended up walking quite a bit more than it felt like I should before finally taking a break on a stair. Could not sit there too long without feeling stupid, so continued walking. I finally found the place I was looking for, but it turned out to be a tiny shopping center (with small kozy shops around, -which where closed), and I was so tired I did not even bother go inside. Still had a little bit to go before I came home again, and oh! -did I feel bloated and sore! I think this might have resulted in :

Strange sensations

Of course, we all know that we're supposed to feel a bit tingling, tiny stabs, itching and stuff while healing. But in the middle of today I got the strangest sensation. It did not hurt at all, but got me a bit worried. First, it felt like someone was using a pencil around my navel. I could litterally feel the pencil start at one point, and go in a circle around. This sensation occurred a couple of times, and I did not think much of it. Then, it suddenly felt like someone pulled loose my navel. Still not really hurtfull, just tiny stings. Ok, -it got my attention a bit. But later still, it suddenly felt like something was dripping/running from my navel. After a few times of this feeling, I had to check in my bathroom mirror to see if I could see anything through my binder. Nothing. But now is the first time I wish I had someone who could help me take the girdle off for a check, and then put it on again, which is impossible to do on my own.
I still feel that runny-feeling in small intervals. Finally I had to call my contact person asking if I could go to the clinic to have them check. The Doc was not there today, so I will be in early tomorrow. Feel kinda bothersome, -I was supposed to go for my final checkup Friday morning, but I really hope they don't mind TOO much. And other than setting my mind at ease, -it must be better if there is something wrong, to see it two days before I leave for Norway rather than the day before?
It's probably nothing though. Hope so, but typical.
Anyone else had such sensation in their navel?

Luckily, nothing wrong

After visiting the surgeon yesterday he luckily fount that nothing was wrong. I could see my navel and scar for a brief time, and besides a bit brownish colouration on the scar which I presume is perfectly normal, all looked fine to me.
So this became my last visit instead of today, and I still have not had a good look at my tummy, exept for the two times lying on the table with the help of a mirror. Still no afterpic, -I will have to take one myself when I can.
So, yesterday I took a "Hop-on-hop-off" bus around Budapest, and afterwards got lured to a open stage at the city park by good tunes from an el-guitar. So stayed listening to pretty good Hungarian rock for a couple of hours! Did not understand a squat what they sung about, but ended up buying their cd (Cugio)

First after-pics

I finally was able to abandon my baby-whipes for a while, and take a proper shower! My father visited, so he couldt help me get in my "corset" after everything was dry. A bit embarrasing, but what can we do ;-)
I do not feel particularly bloated right now, so I guess it gives me a good image of how my future will look like. By the way, my surgeon did NOT perform liposuction on my belly, as I thougt and wrote at the start. He only used that on my love handles.
I noticed the discoloration in front the very first time my doc changed my bandages after the operation (and the second time). I hope it is only color from the fluid he used to clense the wound with, which had a brownish/blackish color..........
It seems he cut a bit under the line on the upper abdomen. The biggest dark spot on my incision would be the very top of my navel. Makes me even a bit more vorried. Was my "navel-skin" too thin, and is now dying?
Probably nothing, though, but I will keep my eye on that.
My new belly button, -well, I don't know. I hope it will be good at the end. I have seen so many pictures on RealSelf that show a horrid-looking navel turning out really good, so I hope I am one of them ;-)
I have made an appointment with a surgeon here in Norway, who is willing to have a check-up and remove the stitches (Volvat), so there is no point in starting to worry before seeing him (I am not worried now).

Ingenuity. And how do you ladies do the shower-routine?

Well then, I have been walking around for two days now without my girdle. Had to wash it, so now I look pretty strange with my tight hold-in underwear, hold-in top and TWO broad expandable belts! Feels pretty snug, but looking forward to wearing my girdle again. Somehow it feels more secure ;-) At least, I take the opportunity to have a shower. I have been showering WITH my band aid (only have that on my incision) to keep stuff from entering the wound, and then take it off, let my skin dry properly, and put on some new bandaid. This means of course that my immediate area around the incision is not washed. How do you girls do this? Does everyone have tape on their wound? Any thoughts appretiated!

A tiny bit worried now

Another heavenly shower, and the girdle back on with the help from my x. Took some more pictures now, and I cannot see much improvement on the black spots, rather the opposite! I am glad that I am going to the surgeon at Volvat tomorrow, hopefully he will ease my mind. Or tell me what to do about it.
I have also noticed that I am bigger above my right tigh than above my left. Hope it's only swelling!

Stitches removed!

Finally had my stitches removed yesterday, and a general check-up at Volvat. The black spots looks like they are superficial, and I should only shower without the bandaid with soap and wather. He thought they would heal fine, but told me I should come back if it got worse.

Ripping sensation

My belly button is still having some discharge of yellowish/brownish colour. It smells fruity. The ammount is not that much, and I had this "in" my BB when I visited the Volvat surgeon to remove the stitches. He did not comment on it, so I suppose it is all right, but I will keep my eyes on it as best I can (and wash area with wather and soap in the shower).
I am a bit more conserned about a "ripping" feeling I have had 3 times now. Twice while coughing a single cough (once even with at pillow pressed hard against my belly), and once with a sneeze I was unable to hold back (I found that it is actually possible to hold back sneezes when your body "knows" how painful it is! ;-) ).
The feeling is like tearing stitches on a cloth, I don't know how else to describe it. You can almost "hear" it. Afterwards, it feels a little like someone has punched you medium hard just around the bb. That feeling goes away after about a minute.
I REALLY hope it is nothing serious! I remember my dr. told me he had sutured me with two layers, and after reading about similar conserns here on RealSelf this does not have to be anything serious. I have not noticed any irregular bulging afterwards, but the area around and below bb looks a bit wider. Of course, this can be only a swelling, -who am I to tell?
Anyhow, -there is nothing to do with it yet IF there are any ripped sutures. Just really not fun!!!! Hope everything turns out fine at the end.

Have to check photos sometimes....

Well, it is now over one year since my TT, and my tummy is (of course) quite a bit fuller and more fluffy than when it was tight and smooth when newly operated. In the mean time, I also have had a breast reduction, and suddenly I can see my tummy pointing out again! Aaahhh!
But then I take a look at the pictures, and realize that yes, my tummy is there and havs grown a bit (have gained a couple of kilo's), but it is faaar from what it was before my surgery! Good to have this documentation close at hand, lol! I will see if I can get some pics for my overdue one year aniversary soon.
Tamas Karvasz

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