24 YO, Barely A Cup, 330cc HP Nagor (No Kids, 172cm, 55kg) -Hungary

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I am your typical story of the underdeveloped girl...

I am your typical story of the underdeveloped girl (in the chest region) with low (non-existing) self-esteem. I was told to wait til I'm older, they'll grow, but they never did and in 2015 I finally decided to go for it and a year later everything came together to make this dream come true; to look and feel like a woman; like me, to gain self-confidence and be able to find underwear and tops that I fill out. So a lot expected really and so far all of that is ticked plus I have my mojo back too, that lost spark from my eyes, so to speak.

A bit more background info

So I'm originally from Hungary, but living in the UK for nearly 5 years now. Originally I was going to go with Dr George Spyrou, but the finances didn't work out for that and then a friend mentioned that I could get it done back in Hungary; I could see friends and family, plus it's waaay cheaper than back in the UK. Half price to be exact. In the UK, with the same implant brand, it would've cost me £4350 (you take your own post-op bra, consultation £25). Back in birthland, you get the pre-, and post-op medications, a really good quality compression (!) bra (I checked, it costs about €50!), post op check ups for €2500. And of course the whole boobie thing. :) So far I am really happy, I don't miss the drains and the infusion needle thingy in my hand. He used dual plane "technique", and the implants are Nagor Impleo 330cc high profiles. The girls are four days old today, they feel very tight, especially the left one, the stitches are itching, so it's all healing :) I'm going back to get the bandages off on Wednesday, for the first time I will see them in all angles (I've only seen them from above when he got the drains out, and I am not allowed to remove the compression bra for a whole week; no water on them or the stitches either and only allowed to sleep on my back.) I am hoping to reach a C cup once they settle. I was a 34A, but barely filling some A cups (I hate how different all brands are, even in the same brand they can vary, I'm sure some of them would be bigger cups).
I'm flying back home on 4th November, then get the stitches out around 2-3 weeks post-op. I can't wait for all these milestones (being able to have a full shower, can have bra off for so long each day, stitches out). So next update should be a full view of the girls. :)


Sooo this is what nature "blessed" me with. I liked the shape from certain angles, but it was just flat. The right boobie was/is slightly smaller than the other, but now I'll have some more "stuffing" on the too :) Excuse the belly, I've been trying to gain weight and looks like it worked :))

6 days old tatas

I feel generally good, the first days it was sleeping on my back that did me in, now it's the tightness of the boobs, when I wake up they feel sooo tight and the stitches are too, and there is this "stabbing", pulsating sensation to them, it's getting a bit uncomfortable now, although I'm grateful because I know all these things are signs of healing, so I'm happy about that. But I look forward to not feel them so much, but feel as if they are my own and without any discomfort. 2.5 more days til the bandage is off the scars, and til I see them in their full glory. I am so excited and I hope once I can wear and buy normal bras I will be a C cup ????

1st check up

Wednesday I had my first check up, it was nice to see what was created. He got the bandages off, that was a bit crap on the left side (it had like a plaster-like sticky thing on), and that made the stitches ache and I could not straighten myself out, the stitches were pulling a lot. Then he put Betadine on them and a huge plaster called cosmopor (I think). I have to repeat this after showers (every 2nd day) plus leaving the tatas bra free for an hour every day. The first shower was brief, it felt weird without a bra, I felt fragile as anything. Then yesterday I flew back home (UK), that was another shower and it went a lot better, the plasters are awful to take off, but being bra free feels better and better each day. The stitches are nice and thin, and it's helpful being in my own bed (soft mattress, being allowed and able to sleep on my side, no other factors waking me up ). On the plane they did not hurt or burst ;D Today they're 11 days "old", the night & morning tightness is still there, that stabby pain every now & then plus the stitches being tight, other than that everything's hunky dory and they look really nice (in my opinion, to me), perky (still need to "drop"). I hope there'll be more side boob once they do drop. But the size is perfect for my body; it's what I wanted: in proportion but a bit more extra :) I tried on a few bras and dresses I was saving for this and it's such a nice feeling to be able to fit into these at the chest bit and to look like a woman (with nice curves). Just how it should be :) My fiancé likes the boobs a lot too but is very careful to touch them; never touched augmented breasts and wants to fully enjoy them once they are fully "done", to quote him :D but it's sweet, he's helpful, he loves them too (which is a bonus; I have to like them I wanted them but obviously it's good if your partner will too) :) So here are 9 day boob photos and the stitches (one is blurry because the fiancé can't stand wounds and such, he's a wuss but he's done ok) :) I'll snap some more when they are 2 weeks :)
Then on the 14th, that week I can go and have the stitches taken out (he explained and drew how he did it and how to take them out just in case nhs has not seen these kind of stitches). and then I have to phone him for further instructions :) I still can't do anything too exhausting or hard and no lifting (max 2kg).

1 month old titties

Not much happened in the past week boob-wise; it's still not the best to sleep on my sides (the inside stitches get a bit stiff after a few hours and then turning isn't the most confortable feeling), and on top of that I am allowed/have to sleep now without a bra (compression or sports), an during daytime it's sports bra time for a few weeks. Last night I had to put my compression bra back on, it felt so much nicer to sleep in, as much as I hated it sometimes, it feels nice to wear it now, though it could be a little bigger. Other than the scars and the inside stitches it doesn't feel like anything happened and they never felt alien at all (or even literally felt inside me, if that makes any sense). The morning boob sensation is gone, apart from the inside stitches, those get a bit stiff overnight. Sensation is still missing from some bits on the lower pole of the titties, but the nipples are thousand times less sensitive thank goodness, it was driving me insane. They are getting softer every day, and they seem to have wandered down a little; just enough to start to be a bit more round on the sides and at the bottom, they feel bigger in my hands too (which is great, definitely not against that). I am really happy with them so far, they are just perfect. The scars are nice and thin, but they made me laugh a little because they remind me of stingray mouths :D Anyways, enjoy the view (well, hopefully it's just as enjoyable for others as it is for me :D) xxx
Dr Levente Gáspár

He has golden hands! He's really straight-forward, honest and down-to-earth, and keeps his patients' health at the upmost importance. I am sooo happy I chose him, he's a fantastic surgeon. And the rest of the "team" as well! (lovely nurses and anaesthetic doctors).

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