295cc Anatomical (Teardrop) Unders (Dual Plane), 5"4 Fitness Lover, No kids, 34AA to Having Boobies! - Budapest

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For as long as I can remember I wanted boobs and I...

For as long as I can remember I wanted boobs and I knew the only way that could happen was a boob job. I can recall all my friends were going through puberty, wearing bras and having beautiful cleavages and I waited patiently but that never happened to me. Unfortunately, I inherited my boobies from my mom's side where everyone is flat..oh well at least I have an athletic body type. Of course like everyone else, I'm a huge fitness enthusiast and I have managed to grow some glutes so getting implants was even a bigger deal to complement my backside. The only thing I was (and still am) extremely concerned about was the rest period I had to take after the surgery but I thought not training for a couple weeks is so worth it if I get boobs in exchange.
I was always super self conscious about my boobs, never wanted to go to the beach as I couldn't hide my mosquito bites. I'm not kidding when I say I mastered the art of fooling people into thinking I actually have boobs thanks to La Senza's super padded bras (highly recommend them though). So I finally decided to undergo a BA going with Arion 295cc Anatomics, Dual Plane, inframammary incision.

Some Before Pics (feat. eczema)

As you can see I had nothing to start with.. Side note: my atopic eczema came out a few days prior to surgery probably due to nervousness.

Operation Day and Day 1

My ps told me I had to stop eating and drinking the midnight before so I was extremely thirsty when we got the hospital! I'd say that's the only feeling I can recall as I was pretty calm prior to the surgery. When I got there, I first had to shower thoroughly using an anti-bacterial shower gel then I was educated about anesthesia. After that my surgeon came in to take some before pictures and draw on my soon-to-be boobs and upper body. From that moment on, things just sped up, I remember going in the surgery and coming out not so long after as if I had just taken a nap. I woke up in a surgical bra with a compression band not really realizing that it's all done due to all the medication I was under. That soreness felt like I worked out chest the day before and now my muscles are sore. I expected pressure and/or pain but nothing of that sore, it was much better than expected. I was also extremely thirsty but I wasn't allowed to drink until a certain hour and only then could I start sipping on water. I remember the nurses had to stop me every single time because I was so eager to down the glass of water. After a while, the nurse forced me to go to pee (let me know if you know the significance of the first time after surgery) and let me tell you something getting up is so not pleasant to say the least! I wouldn't say it was painful and I wasn't dizzy but you really feel like you need to hold on to your new boobies or otherwise they fall out. Also, I had drains in me which made walking to the bathroom extremely difficult.

My first meal after op was breakfast the day after. I can recall it was the best tasting sandwich ever even though it only contain one slice of ham and some butter haha Keep in mind I had been fasting for quite a while. My ps came in to check on me and told me how I said some funny stuff when i woke up from anesthesia. To be honest, I really can't recall any pain, I just dreaded going to the bathroom with all the drains hanging off of me. For the most part, I was sleeping or munching on something. I'm writing this on Day 6 and I can honestly say that the worst part so far has been pulling out the drains. Now that's a sharp pain I had never experienced before! I was told it would hurt and it only lasted for seconds but it was intense. By day 2, I was able to gently move my hands around, my right hand was actually pretty ok. I was driven home that afternoon which hurt a bit but I was excited to get some homemade food!

Post op DAY 1 picture

Here are some picture I took on day 1. You can't see much but it's better than nothing I guess.

Day 3-5 (intense bloating)

I'd say getting up from the bed is the hardest part as I needed help to sit up. Other than that I can really say that my recovery has been a bliss. I was able to sleep at night and basically stop pain meds on day 3 (only needed them before bed to help the tenderness). One thing I noticed though is that I get extremely bloated like a six month pregnant lady. Has anyone experienced anything similar? I'm assuming it's from the antibiotics and the swelling moving down but it's extremely uncomfortable. Also, I get out of breath really easily which I was quite surprised about cause I am a fairly active person. I can't wait to get back to training and take off the compression bra! I'll have my first check up with my ps tomorrow, will keep y'all posted!

Morning Boob and First Appointment

So I noticed the so-called morning boob which is extremely uncomfortable persisted until day 6. I was also able to get up all by myself from day 6, it's funny how much you need to use your abs. Mine actually became sore from all the 'sit-ups'. At my first check up since the surgery day, my ps told me that I'm healing nicely, but because my pec muscles are somewhat developed it would take some time to drop and fluff. At this point, I can't emphasize the importance of taking progress pictures cause it can really get frustrating seeing that the girls haven't changed. Also, I have to wear the compression bra along with the band for three weeks. My stitches will get taken out on week three as well.

Day 13 pictures

So here's my almost two week progression picture. It looks a bit more "fake" (higher up on my chest) in pictures than in real life but i'm not concerned about it because I know they need time to drop.

Second Post Op Appointment, Slowly Getting Back to Fitness and Sports Bra Suggestions?

I just had my second post op appointment where I got my stitches loosened so they can finally be taken out next week (3 weeks post op). I got a compliment on my boobies from an intern of my surgeon which I was very happy about. I only see the girls uncovered at the appointment but I'm so excited for the dropping process! Also, I was told I can take a full shower after my stitches are removed. Most importantly, I can burn my compression bra next week when I need to transition to sports bras until week 6. Speaking of which, does anyone have suggestions for post op sports bras?

I noticed my strength is coming back and I'm able to use my arms more. At first, I was told not to lift anything heavier than 2-3 pounds which sounds ridiculous but trust me you'll feel very weak!

On a side note, I can start doing light leg workouts from next week!! I feel so flat (muscle wise) being passive and not able to train! For all of you fitness lovers out there, I just keep thinking of these couple weeks as well deserved rest periods. I have to remind myself to always look at the bigger picture! Getting back to training early just because you feel empty might sacrifice your result so be patient!!

Happy recovery everyone!

Things you might not know even though you did your research - My Pre and Post Op Tips

I can honestly say I did extensive research about getting a BA. From implants types and sizes to recovery and nutrition, I spent so much time reading forums (realself of course), articles and tips to make sure I was ready and prepared. If you're like me and you think you know about most of the stuff involved including Arnica Montana, that "elephant sitting on your chest" feeling and everything in between then here's some tips for you. I'd love to help you with recovery no matter if you're pre or post op. Keep in mind, I got them under the muscle and I'm only 2 weeks post op. I'm obviously still recovering but here are my tips and experiences in no particular order:

1. Everyone is different
Yeah you've probably read this a lot before but really each individual will have a different journey. I felt like I had to start this list by stating that these are solely MY own experiences and you may be completely different. In fact, I'm sure not everyone will agree with me on these points. For example, I witnessed my mom going through a BA recovery and she told me it hurt like nothing she had experienced before (she gave birth three times..). She explained your chest will feel like it's been pushed down by something heavy. Therefore, I was ready to face the biggest pain in my life but I honestly think that it was like having a sore chest after a very heavy workout. Sure, there was considerable amount of tightness in the beginning, but it went away after the first few days. I was also prepared to have nausea and such but I just slept like a baby the whole day due to all that medication I was under. What I'm trying to say is that, sure, reading reviews and learning about how other people recover is cool but don't expect yours to be exactly the same.

2. You'll be surprised how much you use your pec muscles for everyday things.
Make sure there's someone to help you the first couple days. Getting up and lying down is something you'll definitely need assistance for. I couldn't reach for anything as moving my arms got me sore and don't even get me started on opening bottles, medication etc. Even taking off my pants when going to the bathroom was a difficulty and so was brushing my teeth. I remember, laughing hurt for like a week and something I haven't been warned of is that SNEEZING HURTS. Still now that I'm 2 weeks post op, I try to avoid sneezing as much as I can because it really contracts the pecs. But don't worry, the soreness is significantly going down as the days go.

I don't want to bore anyone with my extra long writings but I aim to continue this mini list if y'all want. I have plenty of advice to share.
Take care!

Things you might not know even though you did your research - My Pre and Post Op Tips II.

3. Prepare some clothes to wear post op
So I fell into the trap of not preparing enough clothes to wear post op. I'm talking easy-to-put-on clothes (with zippers, buttons etc.), trust me they will make your life so much easier. The first couple days I was just wearing an oversize slip dress with a zipper back that eased dressing and going to the bathroom. I forgot I'd have to wear the compression band for 3 weeks so I've had hard times finding something that doesn't involve much arm movement when putting on, high enough to cover my band and last but not least that doesn't kill me in the heat. (it's 95 F here..)

4. Sleeping on your back
Since I knew I would have to sleep on my back post surgery, I figured why not start sleeping on my back 2 months pre-op so I can get used to it. For as long as I can remember I always slept on my side but I was thinking why not put up with a bit of uncomfortableness now than when I have to deal with the soreness and all that. Let me tell you something, it really did help! Obviously, refer to your ps, but mine told me to only sleep on my back for 3 weeks. I'm on week 2 now and I have absolutely no problem sleeping on my back! Pillows are must haves as well, I stacked on them which made sleeping so much more comfortable and gradually decreased the amount of pillows as I got stronger to sit up by myself.

5. Bowel movement
I know it's something not everyone is comfortable to address but I really feel like I have to. According to what I read pre-op, many people had difficulties with BM post op due to the antibiotics. Keeping that in mind, I stocked up on yogurt which contains probiotics to avoid that problem and also started taking probiotics 2 months pre op. *warning* If you're not comfortable with this topic then stop reading now. So my first bm was on day 2 post op and it was very not very pleasant let's just put it that way. I really had to find a solution for that so I drank some camomile tea and ate yogurt every single day which definitely helped. However, from day 3 on, something changed and I guess the antibiotics started messing with my stomach. I was extremely bloated and I had more frequent bm. I'm just warning you that there might be a chance you'll experience something similar (if you don't, lucky you!), but it'll go away soon as you stop taking the meds.

Let me know if you guys find this helpful and I'll go on.
Take care!

Almost 3 week update

I'll be at the 3-week mark tomorrow which means I can officially stop wearing the granny surg bra and the compression band! I'll have my 3 week post op appointment tomorrow where my stitches will be removed so expect another post tomorrow! Anyway, I thought I would give y'all a mini update on how I've been doing.

Dropping and Fluffing
So most of you probably now that the implants need sometime to reach their final appearance. This is known as the "dropping and fluffing" whereby the initially high implants drop, settle and soften usually creating a more natural look. I noticed my boobies are becoming softer everyday and are positioned lower than initially. They definitely have become more natural looking and my right boob really doesn't feel "fake" anymore. My left side still has some catching up to do but it's not super noticeable unless you touch it. I'm able to squish them together not completely, but I'm getting there :) My advice here would be to take pictures regularly so you don't get discouraged by seeing little change. You see yourself everyday so this is crucial and be patient! :) I'll be uploading some pictures soon in my new sports bra :)

Gaining my strength back
For me, all the soreness stopped at around day 6 so there hasn't been much change regarding that. However, I noticed my arm strength is coming back very quickly; I'm able to reach higher and lift heavier things. I mentioned how sneezing hurt for quite a while, well, it doesn't anymore. I feel like they're part of my body now and not some strange object inserted under my muscles.

SLOWLY getting back on track
I started incorporating light steady state cardio and some leg exercises. I try to avoid raising my heart rate over 120 to avoid hematoma and swelling so I'm really taking it easy. I have found the step machine to cause more bouncing that I'd want so I've been experimenting with the stationary bike and the treadmill. I have found the bike to be great as there's absolutely no upper body involved (don't hold on to the rails!). As for walking on the treadmill, I usually wear a tighter top over the bra to keep the girls for moving too much.

Hope you enjoy my posts and don't hesitate to shoot me with questions if you have any! Take care! :)

P.S. more tips coming soon :)

Day 20 Pictures

I thought I'd upload some comparison pictures to show you how much they've dropped. I also included a photo of me trying to squish them together. These are probably the lasts pictures in my ugly (and dirty) surgery bra.
To be honest, I'm quite happy with the current state although I'd be lying if I said I don't get frustrated at times when it comes to the d&f process.

I'd love to hear what y'all think.
Have a great day!

3 week update - Free from the compression band, stitches out, less restrictions

No more compression band and surgery bra for me guys!! This means I can start wearing cute sports bras that I can actually fill out. Ahh i don't even know how it feels to wear an unpadded bra! (don't judge me) My surgeon said I can start wearing underwired bras from week 6 which I'm really excited about! I literally started browsing cute bras like a month pre op. (again don't judge me..don't act like you don't haha) Until then, I need to wear a sport bra during the day or whenever I'm not laying, going braless at night is ok.

Also, I got my stitches out which literally felt like nothing. I took a look at the incision sites and I was happy to see that they look pretty good. Don't know if that's cause I expected something worse or because it's on my body so it doesn't seem that bad. I also showed the incision sites to other people who said they looked surprisingly ok. I'll include a picture with this post so don't look if you're grossed out by that stuff (I know I usually am). My ps also gave me something to put on my scars, it's called and it looks like a chapstick.

I've read a lot of people mentioning how their boobs turned numb a couple week post op. Well, I'm joining the numb boob club but I'm not too worried about it cause I feel like sensitivity is coming back each day.

My ps was so cool, he greeted me with a huge smile telling me how there are less restrictions from now on. I can start sleeping on my side but I was thinking I might just give back sleeping some more time as I'm used to it anyway. I actually tried laying on my side for a second but it felt kind of weird.. I can also raise my arms above my head and I'm allowed to lift "heavier". (nothing more than 7 lbs but that's ok) I have to start massaging them 2x5 mins a day which felt so good for the same time. I'm not talking about the feeling as it's actually not too pleasant, but having boobs to grab is just something I've never experienced before! (well, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have gotten a boob job) Excuse my excitement here!

4 week update - resuming my workouts, slowly dropping and softening

I'm exactly 4 week post op today so thought I'd give you guys a little update. There hasn't been mucho change, I'm feeling great and pretty happy with how my boobs look.

I started massaging them 3 weeks post op and I feel like it has helped a lot in the softening process. My left boobie still rides a bit higher but it's not extremely noticeable. Remember, it's a waiting game, your boobs can still change even at the 3 months post op mark. Don't expect them to look 100% natural a couple weeks post surgery especially if you had very little breast tissue like me. Also, they getting very soft, almost like real boobs which I'm very excited about! Morning tenderness is still a thing but a little massaging and it's gone.

I had my first relatively heavy leg workout a couple days ago and it felt amazing to sweat and get back on track. For those of you who are interested, I did the following: 15' stair master, hip thrust on leg extension, trx lunges, cable kickbacks, hip abductors. These involve minimal upper body so they're great for the first weeks.

About the incision, I've been using remescar and it seems like they're healing ok. My ps told me to be careful not to get anything but water on the incision sites until week 4 so I can using shower gels on that area from now on. No harsh rubbing though! Anyway,I'd love to hear more tips on scar remedies!

Expect more BA tips soon!
Take care!

My Pre and Post Op Tips III.

I'm so glad to see the positive feedback for my posts so I'm coming up with more BA tips as promised :) Keep in mind I'm a bit over a month post op and these findings/tips/tricks whatever you wanna call it are based on MY experiences.
Here we go :)

6. Back pain / Bad posture / Slouching
I had some pretty unpleasant back ache from around 1 week post op on due to the pressure caused by the compression band I had to wear 24/7. Also, only sleeping on my back, laying in an upright position with tons of pillows all the time and being inactive were significant factors in this. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that try to walk around when you feel better (also helps with digestion!) and remind yourself to have a good posture. My posture is still not great yet but I try to stretch and correct my posture as often as I can.

7. Incision sites
You might experience a burning sensation on your incision sites which is completely normal. Mine lasted up until the stitches were taken out. By the way, removal of the stitches was totally painless, I didn't even feel anything probably because my boobs were still numb. I started using scar treatment as soon as they were out and I have to say they healing very nicely so I'd recommend using something that contains silicone as a main ingredient.

8. Massage
I always thought massaging was gonna feel good but I was wrong. It's not painful or anything but for the first couple of times it was quite uncomfortable doing it. At least it was not a positive sensation for me. Having boobs to grab was though.

9. Morning boob / "fake boobie" feeling
You may hear people saying how the boobies feel like they're theirs. Well i'm still not a 100% there yet. I'm a month post op and I still wake up with the feeling as if there were two balls on my chest. Morning boob is in the form of a tiny bit of tenderness but as soon as I get up it's completely gone. Other than that during the day I feel like they're completely mine.

It's truly amazing to see how fast they're softening! I feel like the top part feels like real boobs whereas the lower half is progressing really nicely as well. I think they have dropped like 85% to their final place but still need to fluff a bit. Numbness is almost completely gone and with that I'm starting to feel my left nipple as well. (For those of you who don't know I completely lost my left nipple sensitivity after surgery.)

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be sure to try my best to help.
Take care!
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