36 Lost 12stone Two Kids X - Hungary

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Not had Oparaion yet due to go under the knife...

Not had Oparaion yet due to go under the knife Wednesday 8th June I'm crazy excited for this day to come but scared to as I'm going to Budapest for my Oparaion as uk prices for me are way out of my price range my surgeon seems amazing been doing my research and I'm happy with everything so far will keep you updated tbc

Age 36

I was 23.5 stone now 11. 5 stone ish

Budapest her I am

Had consultation with dr loots to take in boob talk ect will have blood taken and Heath check in morning so will be at the hospital at 7.30 and Oparaion about 10.30 just had a long bath and shave everywhere then showered off with Hipi scrub i am as clean as a whistle dead tired as was up at 4 this morning but hay ho off to bed I go will keep up to date as best I can xx

Surgery day has come and gone

One day later

In pain but no more than expected really wish I could lay down properly to sleep as back is killing me but hay ho I will cope with it living the garments

Tiny steps

Two steps forward and one step back not all bad got to the shop one minute away just struggling with the night woke with pain in my left Brest it was a killer got up then sat forwards on the bed seems to have helped but can't lay back frustrated to say the least

Garments drying out so picture time

Had drama with my drain yesterday had a slushy tummy new bottle s and flowing through now so that's okay had to wash my garments so got the camera out

Drains glorious drains

My drains ar still putting out a good amount of fluid so may have to go back to uk with them still in ????????????????feel ok today just wish I could do more getting tired very quickly xxx

Seroma is lg

Doing well so far so good but I have developed a lg seroma on my tummy my entire lower tummy is like a waterbed wave and I'm a little bit red on my upper area of thighs dr tomorrow hopefully they can help ????????


My new me the high breast is my right is swollen across the top and side but been getting better
Dr. Révész Zsolt

Seems nice but only spoke on FaceTime as in Budapest I'm in uk

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