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My name is Haydar, I am lebanese and living in...

My name is Haydar, I am lebanese and living in Romania. I am 27 years old and i have always had some problems with smiling especially when taking pictures. Many people say that i have great teeth and that i should have never gone for braces or invisalign but i do see the defects and I just wanted them gone. My major issue is that my Median line in the upper jaw is a little awry and the left side of my teeth feels as though is lower than the right one. As for the lower jaw it has some crooked teeth, I don't have any problems with my bite.
After consulting an orthodontist who happens to be a friend of mine, he advised Invisalign and i just followed through.
My treatment plan is composed of 23 retainers, I started it on the 20th of january this year.
Unfortunately, i don't have so many pictures of my teeth before i started the Invisalign plan, and in some pictures my teeth look as if the are in a very good shape, I do have, however, only one picture showing more or less the real deal.
So, right now i am on my 6th retainer, I haven't seen much change yet, but i understood that's normal. So i am just gonna post some pictures, and keep you updated when needed.

Moving to 7th liner

Today i changed my retainers, I am now on my 7th ones, I had a little difficulty putting them on the first couple of times, but it seems to be getting easier. I don't feel any discomfort, just a little pressure which is normal i guess.

Tray 8

So today i moved up the ladder to tray number 8... I had a bit of a hard time putting the lower ones on, it took me a while to fix them on, as for the upper ones they were much easier to put on, and it feels like I have been wearing them for some time for there is no pain or even pressure whatsoever, which is a bit weird i suppose. Frankly, after 14 weeks of wearing trays, i have not seen the slightest difference between the way my teeth used to be before invisalign and the way they are now, and i am starting to get pretty worried about this. My orthodontist says that i won't be seeing any visible results before the latest stages so I hope she's right.

PS: i have a crown on one of my back teeth and the attachment I had on it fell down almost 3 weeks ago, my orthodontist said that it is pointless to put another attachment because it will keep falling. Is that ok ?

A quick update

When i first put on tray 8 I did not feel any kind of pain or pressure like i mentioned earlier, but almost 6 hours have passed and it's starting to get really painful. I thought i should mention it.

tray 9

So i am on tray 9 now... I went to see my orthodontist last week, she said that so far my teeth are moving as they should be according to the treatment plan, I still can not see any visible change however. I am supposed to leave town for a while so she gave me 6 more trays and she mentioned for the first time that before i move on to tray 16 I should see her to have my teeth "scraped" i don't know if that's the right terminology... I honestly got worried when i heard this but she then clarified that it's nothing to worry about and that this actually means that she will insert something between the teeth and scrape them as to make them smaller by few millimeters. That's all i got for now

Not happy! tray 12

So it's been a while since i last posted anything! I have been waiting for some positive results but so far the only results I am seeing are the opposite of positive, the least to say. I am on my 12th trays now and my teeth are seriously looking more and more awful as i advance from one tray to another, and the problem is that I am not in Romania at the moment and there is no way for me to consult my orthodontist about this issue that has been really freaking me out. I am gonna attach a picture of how my teeth look today and I hope you guys could give me a feedback, I am truly troubled by this, I have 11 trays left and I feel like I am starting to regret going through this invisalign journey. I am still hoping this will all go away and that i will see the results I am looking for by the end of it.
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