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I have been in a bra since 4th grade. Always hid...

I have been in a bra since 4th grade. Always hid my breasts. The past few years, I have begun to embrace my size, but am 53 now and carrying some extra weight. I am 5'3"" and weigh 165. My back is sore, my posture is awful and I have ridges in my shoulders. I feel like my boobs are way out in front of me. I want to be more comfortable and more "perky". Saw my PS and he says he can take 575 g and get insurance coverage. He thinks I will be a "c". That seems small! I can't fathom 575 grams or what a C is. I am afraid I will be too small for the rest of my body.
Trust my doc a lot. I am a nurse, and work with the PS, so I have seen his excellent work.

Day of

Just got back home. Sore and tired, but I feel good. I can see down the front of me!!
Going to eat and take a pain pill. May blog later or tomorrow.
Thanks to made it so much easier reading all of your stories! An thanks to all the Bryn Mawr nurses. YOu were awesome and I am proud to be your colleague!

Day of

OK...Percocet is my friend!! I have peeked several times and I think I like them!
Sides are sore, and I'm tired. Other than that, I feel pretty good. Made and appointment to have my nails done, but I'm not sure I can maneuver to drive.
Like someone else, I still have tensing upo...need to relax.
I found out that he took around 1000 grams and my surgery was a little under 2 hours. My mouth was very dry when I awoke, and I was nauseous, but after Phenergen and Zofran I was good to go. Just had some frozen yogurt and that helped the soreness in my throat (from intubation). I can't beleive the difference in my body.

Three Days Post

I am doing pretty well. Swelling has decreased a lot. Using my pain meds and icing at night. I hate sleeping on my back!
The scarring and bruising looks good. I have my post op checkup in two days. I am really happy that I went through with this. Can't believe how comfortable I am less those several pounds he took. I am posting some photos. Going to work tomorrow. Will update then.

First day at work

Had a 12 hour day. I'm a nurse in office practice, so I got to sit down most of the day. Tired, and a bit sore..but all in all not too bad. Made it through the day on Tylenol. WIll take a Percocet before bed, and sleep with my ice on. Thanks for all the support (no pun intended). The bruising is pretty evident today, and just a little dried blood on my surgical bra. My post op appt is tomorrow.

Post Op Visit

My steri strips are gone! Bruised and today I was really feeling bad. My back hurt a lot today. But my PS assured me that I look and feel exactly as expected. Swelling is still uncomfortable. I'm going to design an ice bra..LOL. Icing really helps. Out of the surgical bra, and into the front close sports bra. So far , so good.

A Minor Setback

My right breast is red and angry looking. Called the surgeon, and was told to come right in. He started me on a second course of antibiotics to be safe, and I see him next week. The right side has been much more painful all along...hoping we caught anything that might be brewing early!
Doing ok...more tired than I counted on. Left side scarring and bruising looks good.

Two weeks out

WEll, my right breast is looking better, but still infected, so I have one more week of antibiotics. Saw my PS today; he was very encouraging. Pain is much better. Still really tired; that surprised me. I am a nurse and give that speech to all of my post ops; but I didn't realize how tired I'd be.
I do like the size of my new boobies though. So much more comfortable; can;t believe the difference. I can;t wait for everything to settle down so I can try on some cute bras.

5 weeks post op

I have been lax about updating. I did develop an infection on one side, and honestly..i was SCARED and uncomfortable. My PS was awesome...very responsive and supportive and we have finally cleared the infection. My scars look so much better! Still have one small area that is not completely closed, but it's getting there.

Beleive it or not...sometimes I miss those big old boobies! But I am so much more comfortable! I can't beleive I can walk around without a bra. Although I still have weight to lose, I look so much smaller bodywise. I bought new bras this week - spent a total of 47.00 for 3 bras, less than the cost of one before!! Seems like I am a 38D. My PS thinks I may go down to a 36 after the swelling underneath subsides.

Still feeling some zingers, and still sore on my sides from lipo. Also, I can predict rain with my right boob!! It gets sore when it rains, haha. The scar on the right underside is still lumpy, but my left side is perfect! WIll post pics soon.
Thanks to all who worried and encouraged me.


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