20 Years Old 34DDD Going Down to 34B!! 105 Lbs - Bryn Mawr, PA

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Hi everyone! My BR surgery is scheduled for...

Hi everyone! My BR surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, May 25th. At first, I was not approved by the insurance (AETNA) but they challenged that ruling and a week later it was approved! The insurance will fully cover it. I am excited to finally be able to wear cute little bikinis and crop tops like every girl my age. Also excited to not be so insecure all of the time! As you can tell from the photos, my left breast is bigger than my right, so that also makes me feel awkward. I'm such a petite person, but my breasts make me look so much bigger than I am! I've bought a small bra with hooks in the front as an extra surgical bra. I'm a pretty healthy eater so I just bought more fruit and veggies and my mom plans to make me my favorite chicken noodle soup while I'm in recovery! I only took 5 days off of work but my manager understands my situation and if I don't feel well enough to go back to work, he will hopefully let me stay home. I am excited and a little nervous. It's the start of summer, so I am definitely going to be anxious to go to the beach with my friends and family :( I'm sad to have to wait a few weeks!! That's all I have for now, I'll keep everyone updated whether it be tomorrow, the day of surgery, or the day after!

2 days post....I feel great!

Yesterday was my surgery, I had to be at the hospital at 6:15 AM! I signed in, got my room and was being prepped for surgery. I had to take a pregnancy test (obviously negative) and I changed into my gown. The nurses were all so sweet and helped me relax. I spoke to my anesthesiologist, he was very nice and explained to me everything and asked if I had questions or comments...the only thing I said was "don't let me die" LOL. The IV was irritating but I wasn't going to make a big deal about it. My surgery was set for 7:45 and once the Dr. came in he marked me up and they gave me the medicine that made everything woozy in a matter of seconds. I remember being wheeled into the OR and being transferred to the operating table. I was relaxed and totally fine. The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist saying "take two deep breaths into the mask" I did so and next thing I remember was waking up in recovery. I woke up feeling a burning sensation and immediately asked for meds. The nurse that attended to me kept saying how sweet and adorable I was, so that made me smile! My surgery only took about 90 minutes...and they took a little less than a pound from each boob! I slept for awhile in recovery and when I felt well enough, I was wheeled into my own room and my mom came in! I had a little cup of apple juice and a graham cracker and after 15 minutes I was ready to go home. My mom tried to help me change into my clothes, I sat up and thought I was going to pass out, I cried for a few minutes. I waited about 20 more minutes to try again and I was a little dizzy but I was able to get up! Everyone was so nice to me and they wheeled me to the car. I put a pillow over top of my chest and the ride home wasn't as bad as I expected! I got home and went to my room. I feel asleep for about 30 minutes then my friends visited me. I take percocet and cephalexin every 6 hours. I went to sleep after I took my dose of meds at midnight. My mom woke me up at 6 AM to take them again and I fell back asleep until about 10! I feel great today. I can't wait to go shopping! I can't shower until my post-op appointment on Tuesday! Ugh. I'm just kind of rambling on and on lol don't mind me! It still feels unreal...I can't believe this is my new body, I am so so happy!! The doc and I discussed my size, I said I wanted to be small, but not flat chested. He told me I would probably be a full B but also able to fit into a small C. I remember waking up and looking down, I thought to myself Omg they are still big. But after I got home and put on a tank top I saw how small they are! And this is with swelling + gauze + bra!! I measured my bust with measuring tape and it said 34! I plan to measure every single night until my post op appt.

Went shopping!

On Saturday I went shopping at the mall. I bought a few bathing suits from Victoria's Secret, I'm a size M now! Before, I had bathing suits from there that I definitely should not have been wearing lol. I also bought a few new tops, bralettes and workout pants. In one store I found 3 shirts that were so adorable, a crop top and 2 of the bodysuits but I couldn't buy them because they were all wayyyy to big. I was sad but happy at the same time because that was never ever my issue before!!! I can't wait to enjoy this summer in cute little outfits!

My mom washed my hair the other day. And she's going to wash it again tomorrow - the day before my post op check up. What should I expect at the post op check up?

I'm almost done my antibiotics and today I'm going to start taking Tylenol rather than my painkiller (it makes me too drowsy). I've come a long way! Pain is minimum, barely any. I'm a little itchy at my incisions but they are all covered with tape and gauze so I can't even scratch them. Overall, I'm very happy and excited to see what the doc says!

2 months and 2 weeks post op

I feel great! I have nipple sensation as well. I think I'm a 34B maybe a small C? Honestly I don't really wear bras anymore and if I do it's a simple thin bralette or sports bra! I love my boobs!!!
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