Nervous and Excited!! Getting 450cc High Profile Silicone Gel - Bryn Mawr, PA

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Wow, where to start! I actually wanted to start...

Wow, where to start! I actually wanted to start this from the beginning, a couple months ago but couldn't figure out how to do this. Lol. Anyway, I'm 34 years old, single mom to a 6-year old little mini me! Love her!! Having a BA is something I've been trying to do for more than half my life!! I've wanted this for as long as I can remember, since I was a teenager and realized I was stuck with this flat chest. It's been such an emotional journey, and words can't even describe it.

I chose Dr. Bottger YEARS ago when I had my very first consultation with him back when I was about 19. I knew THEN that when the time came, he was gonna be my guy!! I absolutely adore him, and his staff are amazing! Mary Jo is such a sweetheart and she does everything in her power to make this as comfortable and smooth of a process as possible. But Dr. Bottger's credentials, education and experience just put him above all the rest for me. I am totally confident he will get me the look I want. His results are BEYOND impressive!

Just a little background: I'm 5'5", about 118lbs, I'm pretty narrow in the ribcage, like 29", my Breast Width Diameter is 11.8cm, I'm about a 32/34 A and I'm hoping for a LARGE C, possibly D if he can fit it ;) I had my pre-op on 4/4 and after trying on a TON of sizers, I really liked the 400-425cc's so he said to add 50cc's to that since I'm going under the muscle. We wanted to do 475cc's but realized the implant is most likely not gonna fit and be too wide, it's 13.0cm and my BWD is only 11.8. So we decided on 450cc High Profile Silicone Gel, under the muscle, crease incision, since I have very very little breast tissue to begin with. And I chose the crease incision for optimal placement and creating the pocket. He feels this will be my best option, and my nipples are very small. I originally wanted to do the peri-aeriolar incision but I'd have to switch to saline and I really wanted the feel of the silicone gel, and to have them look more natural. So this is what he suggested. And he said to go with the bigger option since his number one complaint is that his patients wished they had gone larger.

I am SUPER excited, as surgery is only a short 5 days away!! But I'm also very concerned since I had my appt yesterday to get my blood work and medical history done. I woke up yesterday morning and noticed my throat and neck were very sore, I could hardly swallow, and I spiked a fever...LOVELY!!! The dr ordered a throat culture to rule out strep, but I just noticed I now have white bumps all over my tonsils :( I have to wait for the results to come back for her to give me antibiotics, and I'm worried I won't be well enough in time for surgery on Thursday :( I will be absolutely gutted if we have to cancel and reschedule!! It's been so difficult as it is making arrangements for this, without the help and support of my family. I have my close friend helping me and that's it. And I'm on vacation from work all week, so I won't be able to take ANOTHER week off if I have to reschedule. It's gonna be almost impossible to figure this all out again. I'm praying for a miracle!!! I have been waiting for over 15 YEARS to do this, and I haven't been sick ALL YEAR!! I can't believe I get sick like this right before the big day. I seriously think I worried and stressed myself sick!! So, just a word of advice to others, definitely take it easy, relax, take care of yourself, eat healthy and be careful before surgery! It's pretty ironic, too, since I just started taking my vitamin C about a week ago and THAT'S when I get sick! Go figure. Lol.

I'm gonna update as soon as we figure out what's going on. Until then, it's time to get as much rest as possible. Easier said than done, being a single mom ;)

2 More Days Until BA!

I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!!! Well, the Dr called back with my throat culture results and said it was definitely STREP throat!! Go figure. Lol. But she called me in some antibiotics right away and I started my Z-pak Sunday. She said I should be totally fine by Thursday. And it's only Tuesday today and I feel about 98% better. No more sore throat, sore neck, no fever. I've been taking my vitamin C as well and drinking plenty of fluids.

But my nerves are shot!!! Lol!! I really didn't think I would be this nervous!! I'm so scared! And each day it gets closer I'm even more scared. I don't even know what I'm so scared of, I think it's mostly the anesthesia and being put under. And I'm worried about the pain afterwards. I have a very high tolerance to pain meds and I'm just scared I'll have to suffer through this. But I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize!! In just 2 short days I'll FINALLY have boobs!!! I can't wait to feel what that feels like! Just in time for summer :) I'm so excited to go bikini shopping and to not be "boob obsessed" all summer. It's gonna feel amazing!!

Well, I think I can finally relax and get some rest. I went nuts cleaning today, did the laundry and made sure I had everything ready to go for Thursday. Got my meds, some ice packs in the freezer, got my front zipper sports bra for my post-op appt, and even got some yummy chocolate protein shakes. Oh, and I got some antibacterial soap to use until the morning of my BA. I'm not taking ANY more chances. So, I think I'm ready. And I'm so thankful to have my two good friends helping me through this. They're amazing. Now I just need Thursday to hurry up and get here :)

Less than 24 hours till surgery!!

Massive butterflies and anxiety setting in!! The hospital just called to go over my "chart" and give me some details and instructions for tomorrow! Eeek! Deep breaths!! Lol!!

I've been keeping myself occupied with my daughter. I think we've made about 5 "Rainbow Loom" charms already!!! From a turtle, to an Easter egg to Anna from Frozen!! Lol, anything to get my mind off this. But we're having fun and staying busy!! I think I'm more nervous now about all the details of my ride, caring for my daughter and that first 24 hours post-op! I'm sure I'll be fine. And THANK YOU everyone for the warm wishes!! I appreciate ALL the support!!

I DID IT!! Finally on the "Other Side!"

Holy Moly Macaroni!!! I did it!! And I'm ALIVE!!! Lol!!! Whew! What a LONG LONG day!! Ok, where to start! Well I woke up nice and early at 6am, and NOT drinking or eating anything was really hard! But I got to the hospital at 8am, got registered and all prepped! I wasn't nervous or scared at all until that point. Sitting there waiting, IV in me, talked to the anesthesiologist and just waited....and waited, and waited until about 10am. That was probably the LONGEST wait of my life!! Then they FINALLY came back and got me. They walked me into the OR and I felt like I was gonna have a panic attack!! Lol!! That's when it all hit me!! Everyone scrambling around, getting everything ready. I started shaking, I was freezing and could hardly speak!! I just wanted it to be all over with.

They had me lay on the table, and everyone was SO NICE and sweet, they really helped to make me feel as comfortable as possible! It helped ease my anxiety a lot. Then Dr. Bottger came over and asked how I was feeling. He was so sweet. All I could keep saying was, "I'm so nervous, I'm really nervous, I'm cold, I'm freezing!" Haha. They gave me nice warm, heated blankets and Dr. Bottger reassured me. He just said not to worry, I would be out in no time like I just a had a couple glasses of wine. Lol. His humor relaxed me a lot. And that was the LAST thing I remember!! No warning, no counting back, no heads up....just out!!

I woke up in the recovery room and it took me a few minutes to get my eyes focused and to come to. I had NO IDEA what was going on. Lol!! Then the pain kicked in! Dear God!!! And I'm not trying to scare anyone, but I was a rare, special case! I've been on Suboxone for over 4 years, 3 a day (24mg)...for opiate dependence. And for anyone who doesn't know, it's an opiate BLOCKER!! I was told to stop taking them about 2 weeks before surgery. But couldn't do it because the withdrawal from them is BRUTAL!! So I was able to stop on Saturday to give me a full 5 days without. But I've had so much built up in my system over the last 4 years that it didn't really matter. Nothing was working for my pain. They gave me Dilaudid in my IV, nothing. I was hysterical in tears from the pain, had trouble breathing, and now I know what everyone means when they say it feels like an elephant sitting on your chest!!! I was reclined so far back that I was almost laying completely flat which didn't help at all!! They raised me up and it helped tremendously! But I was still in pain. So they gave me another Dilaudid, but in pill from this time. STILL didn't work. So they decided to try a Valium! It definitely relaxed me and calmed me down from crying and sobbing like a little baby!! Lol!! So they gave me ANOTHER Dilaudid and I think they also added more to my IV drip! And FINALLY I got some relief!! I was totally awake and coherent, no at all loopy or out of it. But I've been much better all night.

Now I've been more sore than anything, and I think the worst of the pain is over. I did start to feel some pain kicking back in around 6:30 this evening and took some Percocet and my muscle relaxer and I feel GREAT! No pain at all. Honestly, out of all these pain meds, the Percocet AND Dilaudid....the muscle relaxer worked the best!!

My incision (crease) doesn't hurt at all!! It's just really sore up by arm pits and up top. I find it more comfortable to sit up straight and to take slow shallow breaths. But it really isn't that bad anymore. I'm pretty sure the worst is over. You really have to use your other muscles to get up and open things, like your legs and stomach muscles.

I don't have much of an appetite. And I had NO nausea or anything, at all. Haven't eaten more than a cracker all day at the hospital. But got some protein shakes and drank one of those a little bit ago. My back is starting to hurt just a tad.

But overall, it really wasn't that bad. Not HALF as bad as I stressed myself out and worried over nothing for. I just can't believe how LONG I was there for!! Most say it only take a couple hours, but I think because they couldn't get my pain down they kept me there a little while longer than normal. We got there at 8am and didn't leave until 4:30pm!!!! A full day!!

But they look kinda the same to me right now, can't see much of a difference just yet. It definitely does NOT look like I had 450cc's just put in me. I'm PRAYING that's what I got!! We didn't go over it beforehand, and I'm kinda kicking myself for that right now. But I was just so nervous I didn't think to ask, I couldn't think AT ALL!! I'm pretty sure my PS wouldn't change anything without telling me. I'll find out tomorrow at my post-op! AND get these bandages off. I get to put my sports bra on:)

But, honestly, to any of you ladies out there considering this? I would definitely do it ALL over again!! So worth it!! I'm already HAPPY as hell, and just know this was the best decision I could have made. I'm SUPER EXCITED and can't wait to see the final result!! I'll post some pics in a little bit, tho there isn't much to see just yet. Just wrapped in bandages and they look exactly the same size. But I know I have a TON of "D&F" to do.

Thank you everyone for the kind support and warm wishes!! I just hope I can help someone with my story, and please feel free to ask any questions.

Oh, and one more last thing!!! My BIGGEST fear in all this, what I worried and stressed about the MOST?!?! Was the breathing tube they have to put down your throat while under. And honestly, it was like it never happened!!! I have no recollection of any of it, my throat is fine, isn't sore or dry, doesn't hurt at all, and never felt a thing!! So really, don't even worry about that! It was literally nothing!

I wish every other girl considering this, or who has their BA coming up, TONS of Good Luck!! And I know it's easier said than done, but DON'T STRESS!! It's really fine, not that bad at all!!! Just keep your eye on the prize and you'll get through this :)

And I'm so glad I chose Dr. Bottger!! I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to do this. It was a really great experience, and everyone was just amazing and wonderful!! I would absolutely, without a doubt, HIGHLY recommend him!!

1 Day Post Op!

I slept like a baby last night, sitting up on my couch! Fell asleep around 10:30 and woke up this morning around 7:30 and in a LOT of pain!! The pain meds weren't cutting it. So I took a muscle relaxer. Still not doing the trick. I couldn't WAIT for my post op appt at 11:30 to get something stronger for the pain. I could barely get up off the couch. Lol!!

I was VERY early, needless to say, for my appt. Lol!! And my PS gave me a higher strength of Percocet. But I figured the pain won't be lasting too much longer. Just these first 48 hours to get through. But I took a couple of them and it finally gave me some relief. Having such a high tolerance is NOT fun when it comes to pain relief. But now I'm just mostly sore than anything.

So we took the bandages off and put on my front zip sports bra. Haha, it looks ridiculous right now, as I'm still very small and not at all filling out the cups. They're baggy and bunched from not filling them out. But that will change. I'm gonna try to post some pics.

2 days post op

Wow, I really didn't think I would be in this much pain!! I fell asleep sitting straight up in bed and woke up laying almost completely flat. THAT was fun trying to get up this morning. Lol. I woke up in a LOT of pain again today. But at least the muscle relaxers help me get a GREAT night sleep!! I haven't woken up in the middle of the night yet, which I anticipated. But I took my pain meds this morning around 8am and it's now just about 2:30 in the afternoon and my boobs feel like they're on FIRE!! Haha!! I'm trying to hold off on taking more Percocet, as I'm getting more and more bloated!! And I really just wanna see how bad the pain really is. If it's tolerable I can just take some Tylenol to take that edge off. But the way they're feeling right now, not so sure if I can. I almost feel like I'm intentionally torturing myself. Haha. But now I'm getting back pain on top of everything else. I kinda expected that to happen. I keep finding myself hunching over or slouching.

But the girls don't really look much different today than they did yesterday. I'm gonna try to post some more pics. I know it was a HUGE help for me looking at other women's stories.

I still have to get everything together for Easter, but really don't feel like walking to the store right now. Lol. I just wanna lay down and relax!! But I hope everyone has a nice holiday and HAPPY EASTER to all!!!

3 Days Post Op

Well, the night I needed the great sleep is the night I woke up several times in pain! I guess it was my own fault. Lol. I took a muscle relaxer and a couple Tylenol before bed and got my "Pearls" ice packs (they felt like they were on fire!) and went to bed. First I was sitting straight up like I've been doing every night. But I just wanted to lay on my side!!! I'm a side sleeper :) So I tried it, I laid on my left side completely flat. NO GO!! Lol!! Ouch!!! It made my right boob feel like it was engulfed in flames!! Lol! So I just went back to my sitting up straight position and then I was fine. I thought was kinda weird.

I woke up all hours of the night, about 4 or 5 times, hurting. I just couldn't get comfortable. I almost went and got the rest of my pain meds it was that bad, but I knew I would need them for work today. And I figured the pain would start to subside by now. And honestly, it kinda has. Once I actually got up out of bed I was fine. I've been up for about an hour now and I'm ok. I haven't taken anything yet, not even Tylenol. I think maybe it was just the way I was laying. But today has been MUCH better than the last 2 days. So, I'm hoping by tomorrow the pain will be completely long as I don't overdo it at work today!

And the bloating, ugh. I can't get my pants on. Lol, not just from the bloating but because my stomach is very tender to the touch right now. I'm hoping this goes away soon, too.

First Day Back To Work :(

Well, I tried and tried to take Easter off, but to no avail :( As it's considered a "High Volume" day, management was not granting any PTO days for today. So I had no choice to but to suck it up. I honestly didn't mind too much since I wanted to see how it would be. And I do have to admit, my supervisors were really cool about it and tried everything they could think of to make this a nice, easy day for me. I'm a cocktail server at a casino and was mainly worried about carrying my tray. It started picking up and getting busier about halfway through my shift. As I mentioned in my last blog, I did NOT sleep well last night and kept waking up throughout the night several times in pain, and I was just downright uncomfortable. But I woke up hurting again. And it's just my right boob that's hurting. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm right-handed, but it keeps feeling like it's literally ON FIRE! It comes and goes, but seems to be worse in the morning and at night. So, I took my pain meds as soon as I got out of the shower. And within a half an hour I felt SO MUCH better. And luckily they don't make me loopy or tired, so I was ok for the first few hours. It was pretty slow at work and I wasn't feeling any pain. My supervisor even came and checked on me halfway through and asked if I wanted to go home. I REALLY wanted to, but after being off for the past week and change, I couldn't afford to leave. So I toughed it out for the next 4 hours. I brought my bottle of Tylenol with me and took 2 around 1:00. They helped somewhat, but I was just getting really tired and exhausted. Then it started getting busy and my trays were getting fuller and heavier, and I was running back and forth all over the place! Those last 2 hours felt like an eternity!!! And I was kicking myself for not taking them up on their offer to leave early. Lol, but I knew I needed the money. And it was worth it to stay. But by the time I was finished, I was really hurting!! My right boob was burning so badly. And I don't even carry my tray with my right hand, I always use my left. But whatever I was doing it definitely aggravated it and made it hurt more!! I couldn't wait to just get home and put my ice packs on the girls :) What a relief!! It's amazing what a little ice can do! I HIGHLY recommend investing in some ice packs during your recovery!! I bought the "Pearls" ice packs and they're the perfect size, very convenient and they work wonders!!

I'm really hoping I didn't overdo it too much today. But thankfully, I was able to get my shift covered for tomorrow. So that gives me an extra day to just take it easy. Then by Tuesday, my normal crazy schedule called "Life" can resume once again. Lol, I think I should be ok. It's just this right boob!! I don't know why I keeps feeling like it's ON FIRE!! Literally, like when you burn yourself and the only relief you can get is by running it under icy cold water...or REALLY REALLY bad sunburn!! Ouch! But I strongly suggest waiting more than just 3 days to return to work if you're up a lot and on your feet all day. I just wasn't there yet, and I'm PRAYING by tomorrow this ridiculous pain will subside. I'm definitely going to call my PS in the morning and tell him what's going on. Because now I'm kinda freaked out and hoping that there isn't something wrong :( everyone else I've talked to said their pain didn't last this long. I hope everything is ok :/ But my left side is GREAT!! Not hurting at all, no problems, not even all that sore. It just feels a little tight. But completely tolerable. So I'm hoping he tells me it's totally normal and I'll just keep crossing my fingers!

I'm gonna post some new pics. I can definitely see a difference now. I think they're finally starting to come out somewhat. YAY!!

Slept On My Side...YAY!

Since I had a totally pain-free day AND night yesterday, I decided to attempt sleeping on my side again. I was actually kinda scared after what happened when I tried it the other night and ended up in a lot more pain. But I was shocked, no pain! I was very comfy, and slept like a baby!! Lol!! I woke up again just a little sore but totally fine. I think the worst is over :) Oh, Happy Day!

I'm kind of nervous though cuz I have work again today and that didn't go so well the other day. I was really hurting about halfway through. But I'm staying optimistic that I'll be ok!

Well, since there really isn't much to update on, I'll probably start spreading it out and doing weekly reviews or so, unless something significant happens or changes. But I have some more photos from yesterday (4 days post op) to post. Take care everyone!

Second Day of Work (5 Days Post Op)

Well, I was a little worried going back to work today after how I felt working Sunday!! But I was totally fine today...all day!! There were a few moments I had to stop and grab my boobs cuz they felt like they were burning again. But it didn't last long, and didn't hurt half as much as before. I just waited a few seconds then kept going. It wasn't bad at all. My back is a little sore now but I can deal with that.

I have more pics, just for comparison. I know when I was "boobie obsessed" and scouring the web for anything and everything, the pics helped me the most!! So you can never have too many pics ;) These are all from tonight (5 days post op), and I have the red marks on my boobs from my Coobie bralette that I wear under my uniform and it's a one-size-fits-all but it's super tight! Couldn't wait to get home and rip it off!

6 Days Post Op

Well I slept great again last night...on my side! Super excited about that as I HATE sleeping on my back. But I woke up very sore! Not in any pain, just very sore and somewhat achey in my boobs and my back. But I had to get ready for work (fun) and honestly the shower helped a lot. I was still sore when I got out, but much better than when I first woke up.

I've been at work for a couple hours now and took some Tylenol and I feel fine. But I switched from my cute Lacey black Coobie bralette to my ugly nude Playtex sports bra under my bustier uniform and although I'm not looking too stylish at the moment, I don't care cuz it's MUCH more comfortable!! The Coobie one was digging into the top of my boobs and leaving indentation marks all over the place. My Playtex "Zip Zip Hooray" one is SUPER comfy and soft. I love this thing. It's def a great, EASY front closure sports bra for post op! Highly recommend it! I think I'm gonna skip the pics today and just wait till tomorrow for my one week post op mark. YAY!! Can't believe it's been just about a whole week already!!! The time is flying by!! I just want the girls to drop n fluff already!! I know, I need some patience :) Easier said than done!

One WEEK Post Op Already!!

I can't believe it's been a whole WEEK since my big Boobie Bday! Lol!! The girls are healing nicely and really starting to round out a TON! I can't tell for sure but I think they've started to drop just a tad. But I woke up this morning and was actually in a little bit of pain. Now my LEFT one has been hurting here n there. Nothing too painful, but I'm getting that burning feeling again like it's on fire! The good news is that it doesn't last very long, maybe just a few minutes. Then it stops. But I have some more pics to post...YAY!!! And after putting them all side by side I can DEF see the changes. I'm totally IN LOVE with my new girls! I couldn't be happier, and I can't wait for them to "drop n fluff!" I am so HAPPY I decided to go through with this, and have had NO regrets at all! Literally the BEST decision I've made :)

Wow, 2 Weeks Post Op!!

It feels like just yesterday I was preparing for my BA! I can not believe how fast the time is going. There really hasn't been any significant changes since I last updated. I have zero pain and am 100% back to myself :) There is still a little bit of soreness and the horrible itching, but it comes and goes and isn't bad at all. They are still pretty hard and not squishy and soft yet like I want but it's only been 2 weeks. I really need some patience. Lol!

I am pretty angry, at myself, for missing my one-week appt with Dr. Bottger this past Wednesday (it was really like a 2 week post op appt because of scheduling conflicts). It's so hard for me to keep appts working day shift all week, without a car, being a single mom! Lol, I'm surprised I've managed this far. But I HAVE to call and reschedule. I wanna make sure everything is going well with the girls and he thinks they're healing properly. I don't think there's any reason for concern. But better to be safe than sorry.

They've definitely dropped some and have started to round out more. They look fantastic compared to the horrific "before" and even my early post-op days. It's quite amazing to watch them change and heal. And I love putting photos side by side for comparison! It really shows the difference! But I heard about this site that teaches you how to measure yourself to find out what bra size you are. You put in your measurements (ribcage and bust) and it actually calculates the bra size for you. I've never been properly measured and just always tried bras on until I found one that fit. But I measured myself the other night and my ribcage is only 28"! I was shocked, I didn't believe it so I did it again 3 more times just to make sure. Haha. I've been wearing size 34 bras! No wonder they were always riding up on me! I can't believe I've been wearing the wrong size ALL this time. Even some of my 32 bras were riding up, like if I raised my arms I'd have to keep pulling my bra back down. So annoying. Happy to not have to deal with that anymore. But, anyway, I then measured my bust at 34"! So it calculated a bra size for me of 28DDD!!!! Say what now?!?! Lol!! They certainly don't LOOK that big, and the "sister" size is equivalent to a 32D...I'll take it! Haha. Of course, I'm still very early and still have many more changes to come. I just hope they don't get smaller :/ I am LOVING these girls and I hope they get even a little bigger...boobie greed in high gear! I'm even wishing I went with the 590cc's extra high profile. I don't know, I'll wait to see what happens with the girls when they heal before jumping ahead to thinking revisions already. Lol.

But I really do LOVE them!! I'm totally IN LOVE with them!! I can't even begin to describe how happy I am now. I can't believe I waited this long! I wish I had done this YEARS ago!! To not be so self-conscious all the time, to not have that insecurity, to know what it feels like to be sexy, confident and to just feel "womanly" and feels amazing! It's totally surpassed my expectations of what I THOUGHT this would feel like!

If any of you ladies are considering a BA or just struggling with the pains of being flat-chested or are just unhappy with your breasts for other reasons, having my BA has seriously changed my LIFE!! And words can't describe it. It's beyond personal and emotional, as I'm sure you can all relate. This wasn't something I did to "advertise" them or flaunt, I just did it for myself. That doesn't mean I won't show them off here n there ;) But that feeling of looking in the mirror and actually liking what you see, it's indescribable. I hope every woman out there who understands what I'm talking about gets to feel this good! You DESERVE IT!! You deserve to be happy, and confident! And if you've been seriously thinking of getting a BA, I say GO FOR IT! It is SO worth it. This has been the BEST thing I've done for myself.

3 Weeks Post-Op!!

Another week down, one more till the One MONTH mark! Wow, it's going fast. Yet, I can't really see any changes or differences within the last week or so. I guess its hard to tell when you're looking at them everyday. That's why I think it's good to take pics so you can compare. But it also brings about anxiety and stress. I've noticed that my right breast just hasn't been dropping like the left. I know it's normal and expected for each to heal at their own rate and pace. But I just feel like something is "off" with my right. Not quite sure what exactly, it's just concerning me. I noticed from Day One that my incision was higher on the right than the left, prob nothing to worry about. But I'm not sure if this is what's causing my right to sit higher, and if it's gonna STAY this way because of it! It's higher, rounder, and fuller (more upper pole and side boob) than the left. So is THIS the one dropping? I have no idea what's going on. Lol. This is extremely confusing and stressful. I didn't know it was gonna be this nerve-racking.

Fortunately, for my own peace of mind, I have an appt tomorrow with my PS. I have many questions and concerns. Lol. I've started massaging them, even though it hurts, in hopes of making things better, though I wasn't instructed to do so. My biggest fear is CC!! They are softening up some, but are still pretty firm overall. I'm just not seeing any big changes or differences.

So, I ordered my 3-pack "Fruit of the Loom Strap Sports Bras!"
They looked so comfy, all cotton and stretchy. I LOVE my black lace Coobie sports bra but it's SO TIGHT and leaves all kinds if red marks and dents on the girls. And it's perfect for work to wear under my uniform (bustier), but I just can't make it through 8 hours with it on. So my new Fruit of the Loom ones came today, I was so excited. I got home from work, put one on right away and figured I try it out for the night to see how it felt before wearing it to work all day....same thing. Too tight :( And I even ordered a size up, a 34! The straps are pretty long, the band is a little tiny but loose, but it's digging into the top of my boobs again. Maybe it's just from swelling? Or because they haven't dropped yet? Not sure, but I'm not giving up on all my sports bras just yet. Lol!

Ok, so now for the fun part...more pics!! Certain angles the girls look fantastic!! But others you can totally see how my right looks different. If you have any ideas or comments, please!! Feel free!! Lol!!

Just more 3 Week Post Op Pics

And Coobie Takes The Lead!!!

Ok, so I finally got my new Coobie bras in the mail. I wasn't too sure what to expect. I already have my one black lace Coobie, that I love, but is just too tight from the lace and it digs into the top of my boobs leaving some nasty red marks and indentations. No bueno. Lol. So I decided to give Coobie another try WITHOUT the lace. I got the regular nylon Coobie sports bra in white, size Small. I prob should've gone with a Medium cuz it is a little tight again on the top part of my boobs. But I'm hoping it's just due to swelling and will be better once the girls D&F some. But then again, who knows? They might be too big then anyway. We'll see what happens. Luckily, they're both all nylon and have lots of give and stretch to them. I also got the Coobie Scoopneck racer back sports bra (in "Candy Stripe") and that one is one size fits all, takes the guesswork out of it. Lol. This one fits the best! But I think I need to remove the little triangle pads, unless I need some nip coverage ;) But they are both SUPER DUPER soft and comfy!!! I LOVE them!!! These are, by far, my new favs!!! I will def be sleeping in them as well, they're that comfortable!! I obviously didn't know what comfort was until I put these babies on. Lol, these are, without a doubt, the BEST sports bras yet!! Definitely worth the whole $20 I spent on them!! And don't forget....go to Retail Me Not (or download the app), search for "The Coobie Store" and get your code for the 2 for $20 coupon!! It works! You'll be very happy you did!! And I would recommend at least a Medium. I'm pretty small and petite, and the Small is tight.

I also have my 3-pack of Fruit of the Loom Strap Sports Bras, which are also comfy. But nowhere near as soft as these Coobie bras. But I like them because they can look like a cami under shirts. So I now have a total of 6 Sports Bras (including my Playtex Zip Zip Hooray) so I think I'm good for now. Lol. The girls keep changing and I wanna wait before spending more money on bras.

The Girls Are FINALLY Starting To Drop! 24 Days Post-op!

One MONTH Post-op!

Well, technically, I was exactly one month yesterday. It's so crazy looking back at how much the girls have changed! And not just my new rack, but how much my life has changed, and how much I have changed!! This whole experience has just been so emotional, and I feel like my REAL journey has only just begun. I've never felt better about myself. I finally know what it is to feel womanly, sexy, confident, feminine...and just complete. I never realized just HOW obsessed and focused I really was about my flat chest 24/7! It just about consumed me. I don't even have to think about it anymore, or fight with padded bras and chicken cutlets every morning. I'm not stressed and anxious about the upcoming summer. It feels great. I can not worry about those things anymore and actually ENJOY myself for once, and my daughter. Most don't understand how debilitating and depressing it can be for those of us that have struggled with the curse of not having boobs. They just don't seem to get it. And now I can kinda see why, being on the OTHER side.

But I've been keeping up with my compression exercises, and doing some massaging in between. And I swear, it's working! It's doing something. They are still a tad uneven, but nothing too crazy. My right just seems fuller up top. And then I started thinking (uh oh), lol, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS sleep on my left side, I wonder if that has anything to do with it? Who knows, but I decided to start sleeping on my right now just to see if it helps or makes any kind of difference. Can't hurt to try right? Lol, but I can def see them starting to D&F.

30 Days Post op

More pics! Yay, I know, I'm going crazy with the pics. Haha! I can't help myself. Lol.

Just pics of my Coobie bras! Still love these the best. I'm really thinking of buying more in all different colors and many to choose from!!

5 Weeks!!

Well, I'm def seeing some progress and changes with the girls this past week. Unfortunately, each is progressing at their own rate, and now that they're getting bigger it's def more noticeable :( My right is way bigger than the left!!! I hate it!! I'm really PRAYING AND PRAYING they don't stay this way. It looked like they were finally beginning to even out, but I don't know what happened. That didn't last long. Rightie is in the lead again. Lol. The one pic I'm about to post you can REALLY see the difference, and it's with my sports bra on!!

But a couple days ago I was doing my usual compression exercises and some massaging in the girls. I was rubbing along the outside of my left boob and pressed down pretty good when I heard this loud POP!! Freaked me out!!! I didn't know what the hell just happened...LOL! Of course, I panic and start asking around to all of my friends with BAs. And I Googled it. Haha, always. Apparently, it's totally normal as long as there isn't any pain, which there wasn't. It just scared the crap outta me!! My BFF (who had her BA 7 years ago) told me it was most likely scar tissue being broken up, the capsule around the implant closes and this helps to expand the pocket and it's called a "closed capsulectomy" or something. All she said was that it was a GOOD thing and helps to prevent CC. I've been told not to worry and now know what a "Boob Fart" is! Lol!!

So, now I'm thinking maybe this is what has been holding my lefty back from being the same size as my right. And now it will catch up and be able to do its thing properly. Eh......not so much. Complete opposite. My right just seemed to "take off" this past week, leaving lefty in the dust. But I don't know if I should call my PS or email some pics. I know I'm just gonna be told that this is normal and they heal separately from one another and all that good stuff. I just don't feel like they're ever gonna even out :( Not very optimistic. Trying REALLY hard to be patient and have a little faith. Are there any other ladies out there who dealt with this and saw them finally even out after 5 weeks?! I need some encouraging stories. Lol.

Scar Trouble :(

Well, I'm having another "What the hell is that?" moment!! So, ever since my PS took the tape off of my incisions at my 3-week post-op appt, I've been using CVS brand silicone scar sheets, as instructed, over my scars. So far so good, no problems. It says one sheet can be used for up to 7 days, so I usually change them Monday morning after my shower before going to work. WELL....little Miss Impatient over here (yes, I'm talking about myself...LOL) just couldn't wait 2 more whole days because I was curious to see how they were coming along. So I figured I would do it Saturday after my shower since I didn't have to be in work or rush and had plenty of time. I took the sheet off of my left incision, perfect. My scar looks fantastic, just a very thin line, healing up beautifully. So I take the right one off and notice a scab came off with the silicone sheet. No biggie, right? I take a closer look and notice there's about a quarter of an inch plastic string in the scab, a piece of the stitch! Then I look at my incision and notice there is now a perfect, tiny HOLE right where this scab was! A straight up HOLE! What the?!?! I'm freaking out. Of course, it's the weekend, and not only is it the weekend, but a HOLIDAY weekend at that!! So I now have to wait until Tuesday to call my PS. I wasn't quite sure what to do, and I'm petrified of it becoming infected, last thing I want or need. So I put a new silicone sheet over it to protect it from bacteria. I haven't touched it since. I'm scared to see that hole again. Will this close up? Has this ever happened to anyone else?! I'm scared to even massage my right boob now :( I don't even wanna touch it!!

"Holy" Scar Update!

Lol!!! Ok, so I'm pretty darn amazed right now. Just 2 days ago there was a HOLE on my incision, I'm guessing from "spitting a stitch". I promised myself I wasn't gonna touch it, look at it, think about it, or even go near it. Haha. Yea right, who was I kidding?! Lol!! This thing has been driving me insane!! So.....naturally I just HAD to take a peak at it. I mainly wanted to make sure it wasn't getting worse, bigger or infected!!! I scrubbed the hell out of my hands with antibacterial soap and pulled off my silicone sheet on my right incision to check it out. And to my surprise, the hole is GONE!! YAY!!! Completely closed up already, pretty impressive. Can't even tell there WAS a hole. I'm totally shocked. Especially since I was getting some sharp shooting pains there earlier today while I was at work (yes, I had work on Memorial Day while my family had a BBQ and went swimming in the pool, enjoying this beautiful hot summer day...LOL). But it didn't last long, maybe just a few minutes, but it worried me. I thought for sure it was hurting because it had gotten infected and became much worse. I was honestly scared to look at it. But I figured if it was, the sooner I knew the quicker I could treat it. WHEW!!! I'm so relieved!!! That was extremely stressful!! Now if I could just get these girls to even out I'd be good to go.

I actually felt rather sore today by my armpit and near the top of my boobs. Not sure why, but they are very sore and tender to the touch, the left one more so. Hopefully that is a good thing!! But I also started trying something new. I actually read about another girl saying she tried it and I thought it wasn't a bad idea ;) Since I don't have a compression strap and wanted to help these girls along I decided to do this, only at night while sleeping: I put on my one super tight Coobie sports bra (my white one that is a size Small, what was I thinking when I ordered that? Haha!) then I lift up the bottom band under my boobs and put it on top above the girls so it's smushing them down. Lol, hey, it works! I've only been doing it for 2 nights so far but figured I'd try it for a week or so and see what happens. My right is still ridiculously bigger than my left :(

Is It Too Late For "Boobie Blues?!"

I don't know what's going on with me lately, but I've been having some SERIOUS Boobie Greed!! I so wish I could have gone bigger, stupid anatomy! Lol. Wish I wasn't so darn narrow and petite. Maybe it's just because the swelling has started to subside, but I'm actually measuring SMALLER now than I did from my last update :( But I know it means absolutely nothing yet, since the girls are still changing and far from settled just yet. But I think in addition to the swelling going down, I'm starting to get used to these puppies, and I'm just not feeling them like I first did :( They just feel so small to me. And they're still uneven, my right just looks so much fuller and nicer. And it's noticeable, otherwise I wouldn't mind much.

But I've stopped going CRAZY with the pics and staring at them constantly. Haha! Hopefully, that will help. But I'm REALLY thinking of going bigger already! The only way I could do that would be to get EXTRA/ULTRA high profile. So I'm considering around 600cc's extra high profile. Don't know where I'll get the money and REALLY don't feel like going thru this all over again. But they're not nearly as big as I had expected. I wanted much more fullness and more of a fake look. But my PS did an outstanding job, he went as large as he could, while respecting my body's limitations. I definitely do not blame him or feel any type of way. I just didn't realize 450cc's would be this small...on me, anyway. It's so hard to tell and gauge, cuz every woman is different, and we will all wear our implants differently. I don't know, I'm trying to stay optimistic here, and have a little faith that once they fully settle, and D&F, I'll be completely happy :)

I've also been dying to try on bras just to get a sense of what my size might be. I didn't go anywhere fancy shmancy cuz if I did end up buying a bra I wanted it to be a CHEAP one, since it prob won't fit a few weeks from now anyway. But I didn't buy any bras! I never realized how hard it WOULD be just to find something even CLOSE to what my size is going to be. Being so narrow, I need a 32 or smaller. I used to just buy a 32B or a 34A/B (I actually bought the padded 34B's cuz I thought they made me look bigger than the 32' But a 34 is pretty loose on me and does absolutely nothing for support. I went to Marshall's, Ross and Kmart (thrifty shopping) and Kmart was the only store to have a size 32, and of course they were all A cups. Then there were the 34A's and 34B's, VERY few C Cups in a 34, I was surprised cuz I figured that was a very popular, average size...maybe that's why they didn't have much. So after measuring myself and using those ridiculous online bra size calculators, they all said I was a 32C.....YEA RIGHT!!!! I couldn't even fit into a 34C! I would've opted for a 36C but the band was just way too loose! So I got nothing. Lol. But I was really surprised at how small the 34C was on me. I will definitely be needing at least a D/DD! Yay, good news :) I just don't think I look it at all. I can't wait for these girls to settle so I can find out my TRUE bra size!! Looks like I'll have to going to those fancy shmancy dept stores and dishing out the boku bucks after all ;) At least, if I want a GOOD bra that actually fits! I know Victoria's Secret carries a wide range of sizes, especially for the "smaller band/large cup" girls like myself. But they're not very true to size, or so I hear. But I don't care, as long as I can find some cute comfy bras! Oh! And I also found this ADORABLE bathing suit (one of those monokinis) and tried on Medium, it fit perfectly EXCEPT in the boobs, way too small up top. My boobs stick out so far that you could see my crease. You could basically see everything except my nipples. Haha, no bueno! Oh well...didn't think I would have this much trouble. But I found myself automatically being drawn to the usual padded bandeaus and tops made to "camouflage" small chests, just out of habit. Lol. I didn't even try on one single triangle string bikini. What's wrong with me?! I'm having a "mid-recovery" boobie crisis!!! Lol.

I AM happy to update that my scars are healing beautifully!! They are looking pretty darn good if I must say so myself ;) I now swear by these CVS brand silicone scar sheets. What a difference?! I'm posting a pic of the healing progression. I started using them at 3 weeks post-op after my PS removed the tape. So the bottom pic is after using the sheets for one week, the middle pic is after 2 weeks, and the top pic is after using the sheets for 3 weeks. Oh, and I really think my "makeshift" compression strap (just my sports bra pulled up over the girls) is working!! My left has def dropped some and is almost caught up to the right. It just needs to "fluff" out more with the right.

7 Weeks...getting worried :(

So, the girls are still uneven and I've been hearing how it can take up to 6 months for them to settle. I also know that whatever you had before is simply enhanced with a BA. I never really noticed my asymmetry before because it was so slight and off by a fraction of a hair, pretty normal (or so I'm told). So I decided to take my Before pics and put them side by side with my 7 week photos. Now I'm worried. I always felt like my right was just a teensy tad bigger but not noticeable at all. Even at my consult my PS said it was hardly visible. And neither one of us thought it was necessary to add more volume to the left. But I feel like maybe now that was a huge mistake. After putting the pics next to each other it makes it MUCH easier to notice the asymmetry before. And now my boobs look exactly like they did before except it's much more noticeable. My right is WAY bigger! I'm SO SCARED this is how they will stay :( And I didn't think it would be THIS much of a difference. I really don't wanna have these 2 different size boobs, if it was very slight I wouldn't care. But this isn't slight anymore. It has exaggerated my asymmetry and I really don't think it's ever gonna even out after looking back at my before pics :( But if I need a revision to fix this then that's what I'll do. Feeling pretty bummed, and angry at myself for not really discussing this with my PS before.

They are starting to soften up a lot and get squishy. That's a plus! But is it normal for them to still be sore, at almost 2 months?! Especially when I first wake up in the morning, ouch! They're sore and almost seem stiffer and sorta get softer as the day goes on. Is that normal? I don't know if I can wait till August to see my PS again!! So many questions, concerns, worries...not sure what to do. I guess all I CAN do is wait it out and see what happens. It's so hard to be patient, especially when you don't know what to expect and you aren't quite sure what it is you're waiting for. Lol. I have no idea what the end result will be, no one does. But if things are still looking this way by August, it's time to start talking "Revision!" And, possibly an upgrade ;)

2 Months!!!

What a stressful past few weeks. But, I'm not gonna let myself get stressed out anymore, def not doing any good. It does look like my lefty is starting to catch up with the right. They look MUCH better, just from a few days ago. I wanna say they're starting to even out and look symmetrical but everytime they do, it only lasts for a day or two and then the right takes off again making my left one look smaller. But I think there's a big improvement and I'm just gonna keep trying to be positive. Ugh, this is so hard! Lol!!

I've also noticed they have been constantly changing in size. I've been measuring the girls every other day with soft tape measure, and it's up then down, and back up then down a little. Lol, all over the place! Even my band size has been changing a little. I'm not sure if it's just the way I'm measuring (I'm def no expert or pro) or if this is normal. But for the first month all I kept measuring was a 28, then it went down to a 27, even a 26 at one point, but now it's about 27.5, so I'm just sticking with 28. Lol, my bust went from 33" to 35", then back down to 34", then BACK to 35"...I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. So, I'll just leave it to the professionals. Lol.

I've noticed the girls have gotten MUCH softer and squishier :) Although, this is really strange, I can not get cleavage!! I can push them together myself with my hands and it looks great, but with my one "push-up" sports bra they still have this gap :( I'm hoping that changes cuz I NEVER had a problem getting Nice cleavage, even with nothing there!

But I can tell that they're definitely dropping now and rounding out. All the volume from my upper pole is slowly making it's way down to the lower part of my boob and my nipples are finally moving up instead of pointing down. What a process, geesh! Lol!! But all these doctors saying your girls have pretty much settled into position by 6-8 weeks need to take a look at mine, they're hardly there yet! I know they still have quite a ways to go. And, hopefully, by 3 months, they'll be closer to their final shape...AND even!!

More pics at 2 Months


So, as most (if not ALL) of you lovely ladies already know, it's that wonderful time of year again...Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale!!!! This has "DANGER!" written all over it. Lol!! I planned on spending maybe $50, $100 tops! Yea, not so much.

As far as size goes, I couldn't even take a wild guess as to what I was. Not a clue, so I walked in and just headed right to the 32D bin and started digging thru it before I realized I had bras lined up on my arm from my shoulder to my wrist!! Lol, I wanted ALL of them!! Then the sales girl came over and asked if I needed any help....did I!! Haha, I sure did! After being measured and trying on a TON of bras, I couldn't believe my size!! She said I would need at least a DD! And I'm thinking this girl is out her darn tree, there's no way! She handed me a fitting bra to try on in a 32DD and it just wasn't laying right. It stuck out at the gore and wasn't even touching my skin. I thought maybe it was too big, because it didn't feel all that tight, it was snug but the cups were sticking out away from my ribcage. So I was thinking I should go back to the D cup. She took one look and said, "Oh no, you're gonna need a DDD!" Say what now?! She handed me a DDD to try on and I wanted to crack up at the size of this bra, total gigantic grandma looking bra! Haha. So I decided to just amuse her and try the thing on.....PERFECT fit!! I've never had a bra fit me like a glove as this one did! I almost fell to the floor!! A DDD?!!! She agreed it fit perfectly, handed me a shopping bag, showed me the different styles and the rest is history! Lol! $200 and 4 bras later, I walked out of there with the BIGGEST smile on my face :) From a 32A to a 32DDD!!! What an amazing feeling, it was like some kind of high, a total rush! And I could have easily spent another $200! I never even made it to the bathing suits.

For the first time in my adult life, I was finally able to buy an UNpadded, UNlined, all lace, see-through bra...AND actually fill it out, and feel sexy and feminine. I couldn't be happier!! It's like everything I've been waiting for and dreaming of ALL these years, more than half my life, finally becoming real! I could just shop for bras all day long, every single day. It was WAY too much fun, that place is dangerous. Lol!!

I haven't even spoken with my PS yet so I'm not even sure if I'm cleared yet for underwire or anything other than sports bras, but I just couldn't help myself. Lol. I wore one to work today...holy melons! Haha!! As I was running back n forth, I could even feel them bouncing up and down (HAHA) and noticed guys breaking their necks to stare! So THIS is what it feels like?!?! But, no, seriously, by the end of the day, the underwire was killing my incisions, even with the silicone sheets on. I couldn't wait to get home and just take it off! But it was oh so worth it ;)

9 Weeks!

So, I've been stressing like a mad woman over my asymmetry and how small my left one looks compared to the right. And I was looking back at my early post-op pics up until about 3 weeks, I noticed then that my LEFT was the bigger one! Weird. I don't know how I forgot about that. Lol. This has just been such a crazy, stressful, emotional roller coaster ride of a journey! But, I've decided I'm not gonna stress anymore over it. This process really does require a tremendous deal of patience!!! And as crazy as it sounds, looking back at my pics and seeing that has made me feel a lot better. I'm really thinking (and hoping) it's all just a matter of different healing rates. I took some more pics this morning and they're looking much better, and EVEN! And I have to keep reminding myself it's still early on and I can still see lots of changes over the next several months. That always makes me feel better :)

I don't see my PS again until August 20th so I'm just gonna wait and see what happens from now until then. Either way, I'm still SO VERY HAPPY, no regrets, and they'll always look better than they did before. It literally hurts just to look at those "Before" pics! I can't believe I ever let guys see me naked like that!! Haha!!

Just Some CLOTHED Pics :)

I know, BORING, right?!?! Lol!!! I figured I have TONS of photos of the girls, naked...or in a bra. But I don't have any pics to really show what they look like 98% of the time, clothed! I hope it helps give you a better idea of their size and how they look in proportion to the rest of me :) I think, sometimes, it's hard to really be able to tell just how big, or what their true size, really is and how they look in a shirt, covered up.

In the one yellow shirt, I am wearing my black VS Very Sexy bra so they might look a tad bigger than usual, not much tho. And the black tank top pic I'm not wearing a bra at all. It has a shelf bra, which is way too small for the girls. I actually think the shirt is just too small altogether! Yay, that is actually GOOD news for once :)

10 Weeks!!

Well, nothing really new to update on. Everything is pretty much the same. The girls are getting MUCH softer, the right is softer and more squishy than the left. But all the girls at work are so curious and they all just wanna feel n touch. Lol. They were all surprised at how soft they felt and even more surprised at how natural-feeling they were.

Speaking of coworkers, I have finally heard, for the very first time, that one comment I thought I would NEVER hear in this lifetime! Lol, it was like music to my ears :) You know how you just get that feeling that someone's eyes are staring at you like laser beams?! Well, I caught the one girl just straight staring at me and before I could even say anything she said, "I'm sorry, I can't stop staring...your boobs are HUGE!" I just laughed and said, "Not as huge as yours!" She has naturally gigantic boobs, and so does the other girl who also chimed in, saying she just couldn't get over how big they are! Lol, that's about when I got "felt up" and interrogated. Which I really didn't mind. In fact, I was pretty happy that they approached me and asked me questions directly instead of talking behind my back like most girls would do. And I think it helped put things into perspective for them. They both had told me it was such a great improvement from my itty bitty flat chest and that they were both extremely happy for me :) The one even said, "Isn't it fun having boobs?!" Lmao! I don't know, it made me feel better that they understood and respected my decision. And I've had so many girls tell me they have noticed how happy I am now, and I seem much more confident. I'm so grateful to have such a supportive group of girls to work with. We're like family, sisters. It's nice.

However, the flip side to that, is the reaction from the MEN! Lol, dear Lord! It just amazes me how something so simple, a pair of boobs, can make guys instantly stuck on stupid! It's pretty funny, and it's definitely gotten me bigger tips at work ;) I'm not used to guys looking "lower than my eyes" like they do now. They would casually glance down but quickly look back up before once they saw I had nothing going on. But now?! Once they "glance" down their eyes never make it back up. Lol. It's almost like I can see them trying to figure out if they're real or not. Lol.

I know I said I wasn't gonna stress anymore over my asymmetry, and I'm really trying not to, but my right is just MILES ahead of the game here. It's just taking off!! It looks so much bigger than my left now. The only reason I'm not worrying is because I do see the left changing as well, just not as fast and very subtle. So I am being VERY patient and still holding out hope :) Just continuing with my massages and exercises as instructed. And my scars are healing up beautifully!!

11 Weeks!!

Wow, one more week and I'll be 3 months already! I know, always jumping the gun. But when it comes to a BA, it just seems like "3 Months" is the magic number. Lol. I know the girls can still change after that up to a year or even more. But everything I read says usually by 3 months everything will pretty much be settled, even, symmetrical, and taking on their final shape. So I must admit, I have been anticipating this moment since day one. Lol. Hopefully, the girls will be at least even by then.

So, for the last week or so I've really been focusing on my left boob, trying everything to get it to drop AND fluff enough to be at the same rate as my right. I'm still doing my own "compression strap" with my tightest White Coobie sports bra. But I'm only pulling it up over the left one in an effort to help it catch up and I've just been leaving the right one alone. I've been massaging it like crazy and doing my compression exercises on it every chance I get, at least 4-5 times a day. Lol. As soon as I get home from work, I take my underwire bra off and do "the strap" on lefty. Lol. Well, I took some pics this morning to post for my 11 week review and compared them to just last week...what a difference! They really look much more even and symmetrical! I know a lot of other girls have told me they couldn't even notice the difference. But you know that when it's there, and YOU see it, that's all that matters! Lol! But I'm amazed at how much better they look now. And now I really have hope and have been more optimistic than I have so far since day one. I'm so happy! I have really been worrying and stressing (even tho I swore I wouldn't anymore) over this left boob. But for once these girls are looking more like what I had expected and more like I've wanted :) Super thrilled. Maybe 12 weeks really is the "Magic Number!" Lol!! Patience and time, that's all you need in this whole process...I hope. Much easier said than done :)

Better Pic

Just to remind myself ;)

Ok, just some more pics!!

Went a little camera happy today. Lol, but in doing so, noticed that the right is in the lead yet once again. But, at least I know the left IS progressing. It's just taking a little more time than the right. So I'm really not stressing. If anything, it's just a bit frustrating. But from looking at the pics I took, from different angles, I think it's just a matter of "fluffing" that needs to happen. In the one pic you can see the incisions aren't even. But I think it's because the left hasn't really fluffed out as much as the right...yet. Dear Lord, I am seriously over-analyzing this. Lol! BUT, I think I might know why!! They say your dominant side can take longer to D&F as your muscles are tighter on that side since they are used more. I'm not left-handed. BUT, I have developed arthritis in my right hand over the last couple years (the past year it has gotten really bad). My right hand has become pretty much useless in most cases. So I've had to switch and "relearn" how to do things with my left. I pretty much do EVERYTHING with my left hand except write. I also use my left hand/arm to carry my tray at work. And those things get pretty darn heavy after 8 hours of carrying hundreds of drinks, PLUS my heavy tip bucket!!

Ok, so I'm gonna stop critiquing my asymmetry for now. Lol. It is what it is, and only time will tell. I mean it this time. Haha. I'm seriously just gonna stop dwelling on it, and simply ENJOY my nice, new boobs :) Regardless, I love the way I look now compared to the horrific, embarrassing before. And I need to stop being so nit-picky and such a perfectionist and embrace my lovely new additions.


Just bored and trying some different angles to see what they look like. Lol.

Forgot one. Lol.

Ok, I'm done. Really this time. I'm gonna break my phone again with all these pics. Haha. I just wanted to add this one last photo. It's a comparison from before and now. Doing them like this side by side just always makes me feel so much better!! Even if they aren't "PERFECT!" I'll deal with a little asymmetry ANY day over these before pics :)

3 Months!!! Woohoo!!

At work, I'll update more later.

13 Weeks

Up and down, back n forth, love em hate em. On my emotional roller coaster ride again! I don't get it...every single time I think the left has finally caught up and they look even, it only lasts for about a day or two. Then they look even more uneven than before. This is such an emotional mind-trip. I don't know wth is going on anymore. Lol, I just sit and stare at my pics for hours on end trying to decipher them and note ANY subtle changes. It's insanity! Lol! And now I'm freaking myself out because I swear the left is getting smaller. I really hope it's just my mind playing tricks on me. But it's either that or the right one just got bigger, again. I can't figure it out anymore. And I don't know why I keep trying to. I'm only driving myself mad! But, I just can't seem to help myself. So stupid me had to take it one step further! I just HAD to "Ask a Doctor" and post my pics to get their opinion and take on my situation. I know, you're all thinking I'm crazy and the girls are "perfect" somehow. But I can see it, and it's driving me nuts! Lol! I'm so worried about developing CC in my left or my right bottoming out that I just can't leave it alone. But apparently, according to the majority of doctors who responded to my question, it's neither. It's actually due to my chest wall/breast asymmetry BEFORE my BA. And most said it is highly unlikely they will even out or change shape at this point. But there were a couple others who said to give it more time. One doctor even suggested that my implants are too large for my frame and my body forced the right one down lower than my left. Huh? Lol. Another suggested a revision to go larger on the left adding 50-100cc's to even them out. In the end, I felt WORSE after reading their responses. Note to self: NEVER post another question on this site for a doctor to answer. Instead, stick with your own PS and trust him/her.

I'm trying to get out of this "boobie blues" funk but I'm getting pretty depressed. My friend had her BA exactly one week after me and got 425cc's. She posted a pic tonight on FB and she looks AMAZING!! I was gonna go to her doctor but had my heart set on my PS. Just makes me wonder. And I admit, I'm totally jealous of her girls, perfect cleavage, totally symmetric, settled and exactly what I wanted. I just feel like my right is getting bigger and my left keeps getting smaller :( Something just doesn't seem right, look right, feel right. The left feels firm and the right is so soft n squishy! I decided to start trying some Vitamin E 1,000, only been taking it for a few days now. But hoping it will help soften up lefty. Can't hurt to try, right?

I don't wanna sound like a "vain" perfectionist. And I knew going into this not to expect perfection. I just never even knew I had chest wall asymmetry so I never even thought twice about it. And I just thought they would look a lot more symmetrical than do right now, after 3 months! They had no reason not to, as far as I knew. So this just kinda takes the wind out of my sail, as I'm trying really hard to remain optimistic and hopeful. I really wish I hadn't "asked a doctor" a blessed thing. And I need to stop obsessing! Why is it so hard? I need to stay away from mottos and put the camera down!!

13 Week Pics

THANK YOU girls!! :)

Just read that last line of my last update..."stay away from MIRRORS, not mottos!" Lol, these iPhones have a mind of their own.
I just wanted to thank ALL of you girls for making me feel better :) This site has been a Godsend! And I don't know what I would do without the help and support that this community gives. I really have no one else to talk to about my BA, I can talk to some of my friends but most don't understand, they know very little when it comes to BAs. They make me laugh, tho. It's funny what others believe or think about getting a BA. Most of my friends asked, when I told them, "what cup size are you getting?" Lol, trying to explain it to them just left them more confused. They think you get knocked out, have 2 bags shoved behind your boobs, wake up and VOILA! New perfect boobs! Haha, each week they see me they're amazed at how different they keep looking. And at how BIG they've gotten. I tried explaining they were always this size, it's just that my muscles have relaxed over time allowing the implant to drop n fluff out. They're all so amazed at the process. But I can't talk to them about the specifics or details like I can here. It's just very comforting and reassuring being able to share my experience with other women who are in the same boat, just other women with a BA. I'm so happy I found this site :)

But I do feel a LOT better today than I did yesterday (about the girls, anyway, had a wicked stomach virus all day). It might sound silly, but being sick I couldn't even get dressed. And as I was walking by my mirror I remembered, I never even put a bra on all day. Lol, but that was when it kinda hit me - I had a tank top on, and realized for once, I didn't NEED to put a bra on or fuss with padded bras! And as trivial and simple as it sounds, that made me feel much better. It put everything into perspective for me. I HAVE BOOBS! Everything I've always wanted, my whole life...I have them, they're finally here! No, they're not perfect, and no, they're not real, but that doesn't matter...point is, I have them. Lol. And they're all mine!! Haha, I've had a very easy recovery so far compared to others who have unfortunately dealt with some serious complications. I should be very thankful, and humbled by my experience, and my ENTIRE journey! All of this has just been such a tremendous blessing, and I could still be standing here, staring at myself in front of the mirror, flat and depressed, wishing and praying for ANY amount of breasts. Lol. I actually feel somewhat selfish for complaining about the stupid, little differences. I know MANY girls at work who would KILL for the opportunity that I have been given, to have a BA and no longer have to suffer with their insecurities and flat, saggy breasts. And I feel for them. I was in their shoes just 3 short months ago. And for me to sit here and bitch and complain is like a slap in their face! I've been trying to help them as much as I can, and encourage them to do what makes them happy. Most are just scared to actually go through with it all, and some say their boyfriends won't let them do it. But I try to tell them it's not about them, it's about their own happiness, and 10 years from now when you still have the same chest, the same low self-esteem, and that boyfriend is long gone, you're gonna wish you had done it when you had the chance. I regret letting 17 years go by before doing this for myself. And all those boyfriends that threatened to break up with me, or didn't support me in this...where are they now? Not with me and I could have been this happy a LONG time ago!

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I've just been doing a lot of thinking about this today. And I realized, I'm forgetting where I came from. This has been, without a doubt, thee very BEST single decision I've made for myself in my life! I think I just got so wrapped up in the whole process and forgot to just enjoy them :) I am so happy to finally have boobs!! I'm no longer a member of the itty bitty titty committee, and that's all that matters :) Whatever happens happens, I won't know the final result until the girls have fully settled and healed. But for now, I'm just gonna enjoy the fact that I now have boobs!! Lol

Wow what happened?!?!

So I've stayed away from taking pics for a few days and broke down this morning. Lol. I can't believe the difference!!!!!! I also took off my silicone scar sheets and decided to massage the living daylights out of my scars. Haha. I felt all kinds of weird sloshing and "trapped air" bubbles, felt like I could actually feel some scar tissue breaking up on the left. I'm not sure of it was the aggressive massaging or a combination of that and the Vitamin E, but I can FINALLY say I AM SO HAPPY!!! Hopefully they stay this way!! Or the left gets just a tad bigger. But even if it didn't, I would be completely satisfied with this result. My left FINALLY looks round!! No more weird oblong oval shape. They're not perfect but I love them! Super duper happy!


This pic on the left was from not that long ago, I forget exactly. Maybe like a week or so. But they are DEF starting to even out. Thank goodness, cuz that really had me freaking out!! Lol. I feel much better :)

Very Interesting!!

So I was bored and decided to get creative. Haha, uh oh. No, I started playing around with my pics and "Photoshop" a little. I was just curious to see if my right, the good girl (lol), has looked like the left at all in the past few weeks. I took my pic from this morning and cut out the right boob. Then took a pic of my right boob from 2 weeks ago, and put them together to see if they looked similar. Just trying to see if my left really is far behind and is at least progressing as the right has....well, after putting them together to form "one" pic (right boob from 2 weeks ago and left boob from today), they are IDENTICAL!! I was blown away, def wasn't expecting that. They are the same exact size AND shape!! CRAZY!! I know, I have too much time on my hands and am still somewhat obsessing over this. But I was just curious, just wanted to see if the left has some potential. And now I'm even MORE optimistic that it will soon catch up to righty! It seems to be about 2 weeks behind the right. This just made me so happy!! Happier than I already was! What am I gonna do with myself when this whole process is over and the girls have fully settled?! Haha!!

14 Weeks, HAPPY HAPPY!

Wow, 3.5 months! I don't know why I was thinking everything would be just perfect, settled and even at exactly 3 months post-op, like our bodies are machines or something and just know when to heal. It definitely takes some people longer and there is no real definitive timeline when it comes to the healing process. I'm amazed at just HOW LONG it's taken my left to drop and just round out some! When I still wasn't seeing any changes at 12 weeks I was really REALLY starting worry and get scared. But just in the past week alone, it's seemed to have changed shape and even looks a little bigger now that it has. I know there is still some slight asymmetry. But it no longer bothers me as much as before. Things are looking so much better and they've improved so much over the last week. Super happy :) all the slow, SLOOOOW, late healers, fret not! may just be taking a lot longer for your body to adjust to your lovely new additions. I was taking so long to even out I freaked myself out for nothing! Lol! I have been massaging religiously, really focusing on lefty, and taking my Vitamin E for almost 2 weeks now. I removed my scar sheets last week and decided, since my incisions looked healed enough, that maybe I should try massaging the area to break up any scar tissue. SO glad I did! I could feel it as I was massaging, and for the past week now when I massage the left I can feel trapped air bubbles behind the implant, it's weird, like a sloshing feeling in the pocket. So I'm wondering if this is what the problem has been all along!! Every night I get home from work I take off my underwire, massage, let the girls hang free for a minute then switch to my sports bra for the night. Then before bed, I massage again, then keep the right supported and make a "strap" for the left by pulling the left side of my sports bra up over my left boob. It def seems to be helping. And they're getting softer n softer, and are even starting to bounce and jiggle a little :)

I'm SO HAPPY!!! I finally feel optimistic and confident that they're gonna look pretty darn good when they fully settle. I'm no longer stressing over it and I can finally say I'm LOVING em! Lol!!!

15 Weeks!

Almost hitting 4 months!! Crazy! And still seeing lots of changes. I really believed that everything would be settled and "good to go" by 3 months. But honestly, I think that's when things were really just getting started!! Lefty has really been progressing over the last few weeks...this makes me a very happy girl :)

I am now convinced that the Vitamin E I've been taking has been doing wonders for the girls!! It's been almost exactly 3 weeks that I started taking it (I'm taking the soft gel capsules, 1000iu once a day) and things have really improved since then. I can't believe how soft n squishy the girls are now. They even jiggle and bounce!! Lol, they feel so real! And I've noticed that my left has been dropping more and more, very slowly, but dropping nonetheless. Now it needs to fluff out some and it will be just as good as the right :) But I can still see some vine up top above my nipple where my right has none. So it still has some catching up to do. But I feel so relieved just knowing that it actually is progressing. I was so worried it wasn't.

Now onto bras...should have never went on a crazy bra shopping frenzy so early in the game at barely 2 months out. Lol, they have changed so much since then. And I can't tell if my bras are too big or too small, but something just isn't feeling right. I don't know, maybe it's just the VS brand. It's weird, and very hard to explain. I feel like my bras are too small but the cups are big, they're wider than my boob. When I take them off I can see the marks left from it and the wire is almost completely under my armpit. But when I wear them the gore in the center is not laying flat against my chest. I have no idea! And I'm def not getting great cleavage with these push-ups. I'm just gonna have to go get sized the RIGHT way, by a "real" professional at the right store, like Nordstrom's. It's just that the only one by me is about 40 minutes away. But I need to find out my TRUE size!! And I def need a good-fitting bra. I think it's worth it to dish out the extra bucks for a good bra that does what it's supposed to. After all, these new additions are an investment, right? Lol.

But I am finally happy overall with my results. Even tho my left is still somewhat smaller and there is still some asymmetry, I am SO MUCH happier than I was before. It's amazing what a new set of boobs can do for your life! Something so simple. It's made a world of a difference in my life!! Just in the past month I've been asked out by more guys than I have in the last entire YEAR I've been single!! Not sure if it's the new girls or what the new girls have done for me and the new confidence I've exuded. But it's doing something. Lol. Guys are coming out of the woodworks lately! Before I didn't even want tone noticed. Now I can't decide which one I wanna let take me out! Lol!! It's such a good feeling!!! And I've been out of the game for so long it's a little overwhelming!

Again, BEST decision ever! No regrets, and I'd do it all over, and over and over again, if I had to!

Still Dropping!!

I know it might be kinda hard to see, cuz the changes are so slight, but I thought this pic was good to show how much the girls have dropped and settled a little more just in the past couple weeks. There is less volume up top above my nipples and more lower pole...where it should be! Lol. My nipples have shifted more to the center and they're starting to look a little more natural. And if you can see (it's kinda hard) the inner bottom part of my left boob (your left) isn't as full as it is on my right, where it looks smaller, this is the exact spot I heard a loud pop and where I feel air bubbles and "sloshing" when I massage. Soooo...I'm hoping once that trapped air gets absorbed and goes away, or whatever it is that happens, it'll fill out a little more.

I can tell my left has def improved since I started the Vitamin E. And now even when I massage there, it feels like the air bubbles and sloshing are getting less and less. It's still there, even a tiny bit on my right, but not nearly as bad. Actually, my right used to do the same thing, but since it stopped it has def filled out. I really really recommend aggressive massaging (unless you were directed not to do so) for helping the girls D&F, especially if you have one, or both, being stubborn ;)


Wow, seriously, where has the time gone?! I feel like the girls have been changing more in the last couple months than they did before then. It's crazy. I guess some of us are just "late bloomers." Lol. But my lefty has really been working hard to catch up to my right. It's def filling out more and rounding out a ton. I'm hoping that it fills out enough to be just about the same size. Either way, it looks much better than it did. And just the fact that I'm seeing progress is reassuring...and makes me optimistic :) But when I lean back and take a pic, I can still see lots of volume up top that hasn't dropped yet. I'm wondering if maybe the pocket wasn't dissected enough or my muscle needs to be released. I don't know. I have my next appt coming up next week on the 20th! Yay!

I was worried this past week tho cuz out of nowhere my left started to feel a little firm again. So I just started massaging it like crazy and that's when I noticed all kinds of sloshing and what literally felt like scar tissue breaking up. Kinda scares me. I really hope it's not trying to progress into CC!! Or even worse, already is :( But it feels better after massaging. I've also been doing my "strap" again at night just on the left, with my sports bra to help it drop.

I'm loving my right boob. Haha. It's perfect and squishy and jiggly and bounces. Still a tiny bit of resistance on the inner part where my "cleavage" is. It's like two polar opposites of a magnet when I try to push them together for cleavage. They just won't budge. Lol. And the more I push the more of a dent I see. But I think it's either my muscle still too tight or scar tissue? Who knows. I've just been forcing them together everyday with push-up bras and then I wear my tight sports bra over my underwire to make them push together more. It works!! And it helps with getting some pretty nice cleavage. I also think it helps move them closer together and close the gap a little bit. I'm prob the only one who can see the difference. Haha. But I swear they've gotten a hair!! Lol!! Maybe just wishful thinking. But I'm happy with them. And it's funny, all these changes going on and they're still measuring the same. I just measured again last night with my tape measure and still the same: ribcage/band is still 28" and my bust is still 35". I was hoping they would've gotten just a tad bigger with all this dropping and fluffing but nada. But that's ok. I'll take it!! It sure beats my old "A" cup :)

Just for comparison

I think the pic on the left was around 2 months and the right is from today, almost 17 weeks. They've really been D&Fing a lot since. My left has really been coming around...yay! It's finally taken a nice ROUND shape and fluffed out some. I'm a happy girl :) Lefty really had me worried for a minute there.

17 Weeks!

Well the girls were looking pretty darn good last week, almost perfectly even. BUT...I know it never lasts too long. Lol. It just seems like whenever my left catches up, the right takes off again. Lol. But it's ok. I'm trying really hard to stay positive and optimistic. I have to keep telling myself..... It's just part of this whole crazy D&F process. I'm trying to look at the full picture here and think long-term, hopefully by 6months to a year they'll be nice n settled. Although, considering how long it's been taking I think I may very well be seeing changes past the 1 year mark still.

But I will be seeing my PS this Wednesday for a follow-up. I'm really anxious to see what he thinks. I don't know. Sometimes I think maybe I will need a revision if my lefty keeps lagging behind and is significantly smaller than my right. Then I wonder if I'm overreacting and making mountains out of molehills (no pun intended...lmao)! But seriously, I'm still having my up and down moments. Some days it just seems like my right is HUGE compared to the left and I get upset and instantly think revision. Then I stay away from mirrors for a few days and I'm ok. I hate that I am so critical and such a perfectionist!!! I just wish this whole healing process was over and I could see exactly how they're gonna turn out!! Lol.

18 Weeks...I KNEW something was up with Lefty :(

Well, I had my follow-up today. My PS looked at the girls and, at first glance, said they looked great! Normally, I would just accept that and be too scared or shy to speak up. But I couldn't help it. My left has been putting me thru the most stressful roller coaster ride of emotions for too long now. And just this week it's gotten worse. My left has gotten much firmer, hasn't dropped at all and is looking smaller yet once AGAIN! So he massaged around and felt it instantly. He said there is definitely a small capsule biggest fear :( I blame myself for smoking this whole time, before and right after surgery. I was so stressed at the time, that instead of cutting back I was smoking twice as much. I'm not saying that is what did it for sure, there's just no telling. But regardless, he prescribed me Singulair and said to keep up with my compression exercises/aggressive massage. I have to take the Singulair for 3 months. If it doesn't improve by then I will most likely need another surgery :( I also told him I have been taking Vitamin E and I was shocked - he told me that prob wasn't doing anything, at least as far as the girls were concerned. Pretty surprising.

This whole time I was convinced I was overreacting due to everyone else's opinions and thought maybe I was just being too picky, letting the perfectionist in me take over. But I really wish I had done something about this sooner. I'm PRAYING this works and I won't need a revision :( Can't afford that, and I really don't wanna go thru it all over again. It was def a challenge for me. Fortunately, I've been researching and finding that this is a pretty effective treatment with much success.....if carried out early enough. I'm gonna continue with the Vitamin E, as he said it won't hurt any, and it seems lots of other women have been able to reverse their CC with the combination of Vitamin E, Singulair and aggressive massage. I'm trying to remain optimistic and positive and praying in the meantime that this all turns out ok. Contracting CC has been my biggest fear in this whole journey, and I just can't believe the odds were stacked against me. Feeling pretty gutted, yet strangely relieved to have an answer! I do feel better now knowing this wasn't all in my head and I know what the problem is. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies!!

Day 2 of Singulair/VitaminE/Aggressive Massage

First things first...I just wanted to thank everyone for being so supportive and kind. This has been one heck of a journey, from the beginning up until now, and I don't know what I would do without the support of this community. This site has been a Godsend! It has helped me so much, in so many ways. And I am truly grateful that I can share my progress and return the favor, complications and all. Lol. I hope to help any other ladies out there that might be experiencing the same issues.

So, I know it's only been 2 days since I found out about developing CC in my left breast, but I wanted to track my progression from the beginning through to 3 months from now. Today will be my third dose of Singulair, and hopefully, 3 months from now, we'll see some drastic changes.

As a side note, I just wanted to add a little something something ;) I know it's easy to get caught up in your recovery and become somewhat "obsessed" over your progression (not and every little thing makes you panic or freak out! And then you take a step back and laugh at yourself, thinking you're just being paranoid and it's all part of the "process." But trust your instincts. If you feel something is off, or just not right, it's better to be safe than sorry. I almost didn't speak up and thought my PS is gonna think I'm a nut job, I was almost convinced I was seeing things no one else was seeing. But you know your body better than anyone else. And your gut intuition will usually tell you when something just isn't right. Don't worry about overreacting or looking crazy, having a BA is a serious surgery. And it can't hurt to speak up, I'm so glad I did. Otherwise, I'd still be sitting here waiting for something to happen that never would have happened, feeling like I was going insane!

5 Days on Singulair!!!

I was gonna wait until a week of treatment to update....BUT, I've just been so excited and pleased with my results so far. And it's only been 5 DAYS!!! What a difference already!!! I'm really confident this is gonna work! And I HIGHLY recommend Singulair for any ladies that may be having a hard time getting the girls to soften up! They feel SO SUPER SOFT it's amazing! I even had a coworker tell me yesterday she couldn't even tell the difference (between mine and hers) cuz they felt so REAL!!

But my left boob is really making progress now, and quickly! I can def see it filling out in all the right places. It's taken on a more natural shape and I am SO happy!!! I really wish I had done this sooner!! I can't wait to see what the result will look like in 3 months!!!

Forgot one!

And just a side note, I think I'm gonna stick to wearing sports bras again for a while till this left boob is settled. I really think my underwire "push-up" is NOT helping.

One WEEK on Singulair!!! Looks promising!

Well, it's been exactly one week since I found out I have developed Capsular Contracture in my left breast, and have been taking Singulair every night. I've also been keeping up with my Vitamin E and LOTS of aggressive massage!! I must say, the girls are MUCH softer now. I love it! The Singulair is giving some positive results so far. My left has definitely been filling out in all the necessary spots, it's dropped some and is almost even with my right :) I couldn't be happier with the outcome so far. I'm really confident that things will look much more even and symmetrical in 3 months time. And, hopefully, I can avoid another surgery!

I am still getting some pains in my left, and it's VERY sore to massage. My left nipple is EXTREMELY sore and sensitive. But when I do my compression exercises on the left (pull-up the skin push down the implant), it feels like the bottom of my left boob is gonna rip apart!! Lol!! So there is def some resistance still there, I'm not sure what the reason - CC, a tight muscle or too small of a pocket. But I can def tell something is trying to happen. I'll take it as a good thing ;)

Scar Progression

I SWEAR by these silicone gel scar sheets!!! I have been using these religiously every single day from 3 weeks post-op until now. I also just started using Mederma about 2 weeks ago. They've helped flatten my scars and clear up scanning. They're just really red/purple right now. But I am very pleased with how my scars are healing. I think the right looks better than left. And the right was the one that had the hole!!! Go figure. Lol. But the left has very definitive scar line. Whereas the right just looks red and blotchy. But I've kept them out of the sun, I haven't used any ointments (Neosporin, Polysporin) or BioOil. Just the gel sheets, until recently with the Mederma too.

Sorry, better pic

I deleted the last pic cuz it was right after I took off the sheets and massaged the girls so the scars were all red and blotchy and hard to see. This is a better pic of them. MUCH better, they've healed up beautifully :)

10 Days on Singulair!!!

It just keeps looking better n better :) I can't even say how excited and happy I am!! I've been waiting and waiting for almost the past 5 MONTHS for this left boob to even out and match my right. I know I'm talking crazy right now, but I'm almost glad I developed CC just so I could have a little help from this Singulair! It's amazing!!

2 Weeks on Singulair/5 Months Post-op!!!

Well, I'm really happy with my progress so far on the Singulair!! It's made such a difference in my left boob it's amazing! I didn't realize how bad it was/looked until now since it's looking better and better. I can see where it's filled out and closed my gap some, giving me better cleavage ;) Always a plus. Lol. I just need it to drop some more then fluff out and I'll be good to go. Right now, there is still volume up top instead of in the lower pole where it belongs. But it hasn't even been a month yet so I'm still optimistic. It has DEF gotten much softer, though!! It's not nearly as firm as before. Overall, I'm pretty darn happy!! And still so very glad I chose my PS!!! He is amazing!!

Pic of my TheraPearl Ice Packs (as requested ;))

These little guys were a LIFE SAVER for the girls during those first few weeks!!! There were times where I swore my boobs were engulfed in flames!!! Lol! I would pull these bad boys out of the freezer, stuff em in my bra and be good to go!!

21 Weeks Post-op/3 Weeks on Singulair

I've been trying not to update every other day. Haha. I think this way helps to show changes and differences much better! And I'm DEFINITELY seeing some changes!! GOOD changes! Although, I started getting a little bit lazy with the massaging and it showed! It was starting to look like my left was reverting back to the way it looked 3 weeks ago! It looked like it was getting smaller againit could just be my mind playing tricks on me...I swear this whole process has made me a little crazy ;)

I've noticed the girls have dropped more and I'm finally filling out that lower portion of my left boob. It just needs to "fluff" or "pop" (as the surgeons refer to it) a little bit more. It still looks smaller to me. And I know we all have some degree of asymmetry, but I just feel like it's so noticeable. I really wish I had added an extra 50cc's or so to it. But I'm very happy overall with my results!! Dr. Bottger is AWESOME!!! Of course, that darn boobie greed sneaks up on me and I want BIGGER!! If the opportunity ever presents itself, I would absolutely LOVE to switch my 450's out for some nice 600-700cc ultra/extra high profiles!!! Maybe one of these days!! I just get frustrated cuz I'm still wearing padded push-ups :( I wanna look like I do in my push-up bra BUT without the bra!!!!

Not sure what happened :(

Things were looking pretty good there for a while. Then about 2 days ago, Friday morning, I woke up and my left boob was sore! It hurt to massage it!! Then I noticed it looked "off" again. It's just not looking like the right at all. And it's firmer again. Then yesterday I got in the shower and when the water hit the inside of my right boob...OUCH!! Wth?! Now the right one too?! It's been getting random sharp shooting pains in the same spot since yesterday. And the left one is so sore up top above my nipple. I try to massage it but it feels like a water balloon filled to max capacity! It's so firm right there! This so frustrating and disappointing...and stressful!! I'm trying to stay positive, but it's so hard to keep optimistic right now.

I took some pics with my tank top on and no bra cuz it really helps to show the asymmetry. My right is noticeably larger than my left, and my nipples aren't even either. This is really bothering me. It's driving me mad!!!

22 Weeks/ONE MONTH on Singulair!

Sorry about my last post. I'm not sure what happened. I tried putting some pics but it didn't work :( The girls had me worried again for a minute there. My left was not looking good and it was becoming firmer, higher and smaller. I was SO scared the CC came back with a vengeance. So I tried to think of anything I had done differently, or if I had pulled a muscle or something, anything. And I realized, I was slacking on the Vitamin E! I just got a little lazy taking it, honestly cuz they're such giant horse pills and I dread swallowing them! Lol!! SO...I started upping the dose and taking 2 Vitamin E 1,000iu a day! And WOW!!!! What a difference! I LOVE the way my left is looking now. Just about completely identical to my right!!! I'm so happy :)

My boobs are still very sore but I just realized what time it girls (nipples especially) get very sore and sensitive around the time I ovulate and stay that way until my lovely "time of the month!" So I'm hoping that's all it is. Lol.

But I'm super happy right now with the girls' progress!!! My left has really dropped, fluffed and filled out :) and is soft again!!! Still not quite as soft as my right, which is completely's like a real boob! Lol! Oh, and don't mind the red marks all over them. I am using my sports bra again as a "strap" to help push lefty down. It's working.

Just some Pics!!!

I prob have the most pics on RS out of ALL the reviews here!!! I just wanna be able to share as MUCH as possible to help other women in their journeys! And I wanna show all the "ups and downs" and "Oh no, wth is that?!" Moments so others know what to expect and are prepared for it.

I'm posting the pic from a few days ago that never uploaded from when the left wasn't looking so hot again. But, as I mentioned, as soon as I started back on the Vitamin E it improved, almost immediately!! You can see in my white sports bra that my right is still in the lead and a tad bigger, and more "fluffed" out. But that's ok. They're getting there....VERY VERY slowly! I won't be surprised one bit if I'm still seeing changes after the one-year mark (at this rate!). Lol!

23 Weeks/5 Weeks on Singulair

Well I finished my first full bottle of Singulair!! But I also missed ONE night until I could refill it the next day. And it's like that one night of not taking it put me right back at square one. It's gotten better since over the last week. But it's still not as good as it was. I just feel like, at this point so far in the game (just about 6 months later) my left will never catch up and look like the right. It's hard to show in pics. But it's a noticeable difference, except when I have a bra on. It just looks like it refuses to drop, and fluff out. There isn't as much lower pole as I feel there should be. And it's def smaller still.

On a positive note, I finally ordered my first BIG GIRL bra in my TRUE size, 28F (UK SIZE) but def could go up a cup size in this bra. I ordered the Freya Deco Honey Moulded Plunge in Topaz...WOW!!! LOVE IT!!!! I got it from Amazon after reading nothing but wonderful reviews on the entire Freya Deco line. And what a difference it makes wearing the proper band size!! I really don't understand why, here in the US, we are supposed to "add 4" to our band size if under 32...makes no sense. This band was nice and snug, on the loosest hook so I can move up a hook as it stretches. It didn't ride up on me all day, I wasn't constantly pulling it down every time I raised my arms or moved, the straps were very comfy and not digging into my shoulders to accommodate too loose of a band. The cups are NOT padded, yet they somehow magically lift and create nice cleavage and an amazing shape! Def worth the $50!! I will be buying more but in a 28FF! The gore was flat against my chest but the cups barely covered my nipples. One more cup size up, and I could prob even do a 30F, and I'll be good :) FABULOUS bra, and I highly recommend it!!

Vitamin E 1,000iu (All Natural)

Just wanted to post a pic of the Vitamin E I'm taking twice a day. It's all natural with the dl-alpha (?). And it really has turned the girls from rocks to marshmallows :) I think it was $17 for the bottle of 60 softgels.

The "Magical" 6 Month Mark :)

YAY!! What a difference a week can make, I'm super happy. So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, for the love of Tatas, STAY this way girls!!!

Before and After Pics :)

Wow, I didn't realize how flat I really was. Seeing these just makes everything so much better!! I can pick the girls apart for days, I tend to scrutinize a little too much ;) And I'm def my own worst critic. But remembering what I looked like before and how felt taking those "Before" pics, I couldn't be happier :) It makes me feel a lot better.


I am THRILLED with how well my scars have been healing!!! And I know the Keller Funnel had a lot to do with that, not to mention my PS is a genius :) Lol! He is the Chief Surgeon at Bryn Mawr for a reason! But the redness and purplish color to them seems to be fading. I'm still using the silicone scar sheets, and I swear they've helped tremendously as well. I'm really not even bothered by my scars, and that was the one thing I was worried about going with the inframammary/crease incision.

6.5 Months

Someone please stop this crazy roller coaster ride of emotions and LET ME OFF!!! Lol! And girls, mainly Lefty, make up your mind!!! What are you doing?! Killing me. It was looking fabulous, then I don't know what went wrong. The asymmetry is getting worse to me.

I really think there is something else going on other than the CC. My left has softened up but still not as soft as my right. But it just REFUSES to drop! It's higher, smaller and firmer...still, after 2 whole months on the Singulair! I am not all that optimistic at this point that it will change much from here on out. I just don't get it. Things were looking so promising :( It almost seems like the pocket closed up or something because of the CC, and that scar tissue isn't allowing it to drop properly. I have no idea. But I see my PS next month, so hopefully he'll have some options for me. I just hope he doesn't give me the run around, tho I really don't think he would, he's such a perfectionist! Lol!

So, I haven't been focusing on the girls a whole lot just to keep my sanity and peace of mind. But I was feeling down about them today. Sooooo....I heard VS was having a promotion today - buy 2 bras and get a FREE Mystery Gift (yoga pants, bra or panty). And since I was "in the neighborhood" and bra shopping always makes me feel better, I couldn't help myself. AND I got a free matching pair of panties for one of the bras. Yay. But I normally wear a 32DDD in VS, and I just don't seem to get the cleavage I want, and the cups seem huge to me. So I downsized and got both bras in a 32DD and wowzers! Holy cleavage! Mission accomplished! I just can't cough or sneeze cuz I'll pop out of them. They're def too small but I'm keeping them anyway cuz they give me great cleavage and that makes me feel a little better :)

27 Weeks

So I found my new obsession...Bratabase!! If you're a "braholic" addicted to bra shopping, like myself, then you will LOVE this unique concept! I don't know why, but I've just always loved bras, even before my BA! I had more bras than I knew what to do with. Granted, most of them didn't even fit and I never wore them, but I just had to have them! I even have them laid out and arranged just perfectly in my "bra drawer" like they do in VS and arranged by color/style. Yes, I have a problem. Lol. Some women love shoes, some love handbags, I love bras! I just can't have enough, and I can't seem to help myself. Well, Bratabase has been a dream come true for me!!! Lol. It's a site where you can buy, sell, exchange/trade or even give bras away FOR FREE (the site pays shipping costs) to other users!! You enter all of the bras you own, write reviews on each, take measurements, add pics, and the site will find recommendations and compare other bras to the ones that fit/don't fit. It's an amazing concept, and I've already sold one bra, my Freya Deco Honey (very sad to see it go but just too small). It sold within minutes of posting the listing. I was also the lucky recipient of another user's "give away" and received a FREE bra, a nice "Pour Moi Essnesia Push-up!" Sorry, I feel like the Bratabase spokeswoman. Lol, but I highly recommend this site. It's especially useful if you're like me and trying to find that perfect fit still. I also bought a pretty white Cleo Lucy, but in a 30E, and it's beyond too small. I'm so bummed. I don't know why I thought a 30E was gonna fit. But I'll post pics so you can have a good laugh. Btw, I'm selling/exchanging both bras on Bratabase...PM if you're interested ;)

But nothing new with the girls, still all over the place with this lefty :( But now when I massage I can feel the scar tissue!! And it feels like there is trapped air behind it or something. It's so freaky feeling. Lol. But I noticed if I don't use my sports bra to make a "strap" at night then it gets worse. And if I slack on my massaging it goes right back to being very uneven. I wasn't planning on having to do this permanently, but if it's the only way, I guess I don't have much of a choice. I can't wait to see my PS!!! I don't even know what to make of it anymore.

But on the bright side, my scars are looking pretty awesome!! They're healing so nicely!! I'm happy about that :) One more week and I'll be 7 months post already!!! Time has been flying!

7 Months Post-op!!!

Well today was a very happy day!! I noticed that my lefty looked like it had actually dropped AND fluffed a bit. So I took some pics, as usual, and was surprised at how even the girls actually looked. But I wasn't sure if my camera phone was playing dirty tricks on me or not, and I didn't wanna set myself up for even more disappointment. But I needed to know if my eyes were just seeing things or if this was real! So I whipped out the tape measure. Lol. I haven't measured myself in about 2 weeks but have been holding steady at 35.5" for quite some time. Doth my eyes deceive me?! Progress?! 36"?! Happy day! I gained another half inch! It's not the actual measurement or size itself that I'm concerned with but the progress. This must mean something is happening, right? And my ribcage is measuring 27", which now puts me at a 28I (US size) or 28G (UK size)! Holy heavens! No wonder none of these bras are fitting me! So far I've tried a 32E, a 30E and a 28F...not even close! They all gave me major quadraboob! Lol! I do have a new Freya Deco Hatty on its way as we speak in a 28G! I'm so excited to try it on, and hopefully have it fit! I haven't found one yet. I was actually worried when I bought this off another Bratabase user that it might be too big, but I think it just might fit...finally. I REALLY wanna find a good, proper-fitting Deco. Fingers crossed, I should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday.

My follow-up appt is coming up soon. I actually forget the date, I'll have to call and find out. But I'm so anxious to see if my PS thinks the CC has cleared up. I feel like I can still feel scar tissue on the same inner side of my left boob, and it feels like an air pocket or something when I massage it. I'm hoping everything turns out ok, cuz now that my left is somewhat where it's supposed to be, I'm LOVING my girls :) they're perfect! I can totally play them down if I need to or make em "POP" if I want! Lol! They're very versatile. Lol. I'd still love to upgrade in the future if the opportunity ever presented itself. But if not, I'm totally happy with the ones I have now :)

7-Month Progression

Wow, it's crazy seeing how much these girls have changed over the months!!! I thought it might be helpful for others too see a month-by-month progression. The top left is 1 Month, top right 2 Months, then middle left 3 Months, middle right 4 Months, bottom left 5 Months, bottom middle 6 Months, bottom right 7 Months!

Yay! Finally found my "Big Girl" bra in my true size :)

So I just got my new Freya Deco Hatty Moulded Plunge Bra from another Bratabase user in the UK!! I just knew as soon as I saw the listing for it that this was gonna be it! It's a PERFECT fit!! Its a size 28G (UK size) and fits like a glove :) no quad boob going on, no band riding up my back, no straps digging in my shoulders and cups that are too short and shallow. This is like the perfect bra for augmented breasts!! It gives a wonderful lift, nice cleavage and an amazing shape!! I love the Freya brand!!

It feels so nice to actually wear a bra that FITS properly!!! What a difference! I don't think I could ever go back to Victoria's Secrets now that I've worn this!! Lol! Just the difference between a 28 band and a 32 band is surprising, I can actually fit this bra on the loosest hook like you're supposed to do with new bras and work your way IN as the bra stretches over time to get more life out of it. I don't have to keep constantly pulling and tugging and yanking the band back down where it belongs everytime I move my arms! It actually stays in place! I highly recommend this bra!! I love it!! I'm so happy I found it on Bratabase :) Now I just wanna keep bra shopping since I finally found a size that FITS!!! Haha, this could be dangerous ;)

7.5 Months

Well, I was gonna wait to update until after my follow-up with Dr. Bottger. But we had to reschedule for December. I'm actually pretty happy about this. I'm kind of nervous at the same time, but I wanted to give it some time AFTER stopping the Singulair treatment to see what happens. I'll be taking my last dose in 2 days :/ I'm really anxious, and scared, to see if it changes things with my lefty. I'm so worried that as soon as I stop taking it, the CC will worsen and things will look pretty bad again. Trying to think positive. But at least if my appt isn't until December 5th, we'll be able to have enough time in between to see the actual effects of stopping the Singulair.

So, I haven't been obsessing over the girls as I was before. And it's helped a lot with my stress levels, naturally. Lol!! I stopped going nuts with examining and comparing and nit-picking! And honestly, I think they look the same now as they did a month ago. My left is still sitting slightly higher, and not dropped all the way. But they look MUCH better and I'm quite happy with my results :) I pulled out my "Before" pics the other day, and WOW!!! How can I NOT be anything but happy?!?! This is everything I've ever wanted!

Speaking of obsessions, I've been occupying my time and keeping happy bra shopping! Yay! My lord, such trial and error when you have to buy everything online! I've accumulated quite the collection over the past couple months, it's complete madness! I can't seem to stop buying bras!! Lol, it's sick! But I just received my Freya Deco Charm today, in a 28FF...I LOVE it!!! Fits like a glove :) And oh so pretty. I also have the Freya Deco Hatty in a 28G, it fits...for a little while, at least, but I feel like a FF would be better. I have to keep scooping swooping the girls in the cups and pushing the gore down. But not with my Charm. I also got the Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge in a 32DDD (no 30F's in stock) and I love it!! So comfy, sexy and no padding, unlined and gives a nice rounded shape. I Have lots of new bra pics so beware! Lol!!

Can't believe I'll be 8 MONTHS post-op already!! Crazy, time flies. I can't stress how SOFT the girls are now, it's amazing how real they feel!! And they have so much "bounce" to them! I love it! At work, I actually wear a sports bra over my regular bra (I need the cleavage for my uniform) to stop them from bouncing all over the place. It's ridiculous. Haha. They're just so soft n squishy. I never thought they would be THIS soft! My scars look great, still a little red but slowly fading. I haven't put anything on them in quite a while. Maybe I should start up with the silicone strips again since they worked so well before (just expensive!).

I think it's finally safe to say that I feel like the girls are a part of me now. It def took some getting used to, and it was a pretty difficult adjustment going from nothing to a DDD! But I'm so used to them now, the novelty hasn't necessarily worn off, but they don't feel awkward to me anymore. And my jaw doesn't drop when I pass a mirror anymore like "Oh yea, those are mine!" Lol!! I still have no regrets with my decision, one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I've just been so happy and confident, and still super excited at the idea of having boobs! It's literally changed my life, and the quality of my life. No more feeling depressed, no more frustrated "crying in the dressing room" episodes, no more wishing and wanting, no lack of self-esteem....I will say it again - if you're considering this procedure, DO IT!! It feels amazing!

Forgot one

My second fav, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this bra!!! So comfy, and no padding. Practical yet sexy. And it doesn't make the girls look pointy like most unlined bras. It gives a great shape.

Pic Overload!!!

Haha!!! Wow, so either I was seeing things or I just had WAY too much time on my hands. But going back thru my entire review I noticed I have WAY TOO MANY pics!! Lol!! And half of them I can't even see a difference looking at them now, maybe very very slight, minimal changes. I guess it was a big deal to me at the time, cuz I just took pics every other minute and posted them. Haha. I've def gotten a little, ok a LOT, carried away with the photos.

Speaking of MORE pics!!! Haha, I know I always enjoyed the "Before & Afters." I loved looking at them before my BA to see if I could find someone that looked very similar to me/same shape and size. I liked to see what the result looked like on their particular shape so I could maybe get an idea for myself. Even after my BA, I still like looking at these to see how amazing these results can be. I just think they're fun :) Lol! And it helps to show the WHOLE picture, such as any asymmetry that may have existed before, what they may have looked like early on in recover (aka SCARY!), and just to reassure others that they do get better :) So I put together a little comparison photo - from Before my BA, 2 days post-op and now at 7 months post. Hard to believe these are all the same set of boobs!! So many changes!

I always forget one!

This is the best one!

ANOTHER Bra!! Lol!!

Yay! Finally got my Freya Deco Honey again! But in the right size this time, 28FF, much better fit than the 28F I first tried (idk what I was thinking). Had to settle for the Jade, no Topaz in my size :( But still VERY pretty. Could PROB even do a 28G, seems to run smaller than the Charm. I just love the lift and shape this bra gives :) I still like the Topaz color much better :( oh well, I guess I'll live :)

Think a Revision Is In My Future

Since I finished my Singulair treatment a week ago, I wasn't really sure what to make of my progress. My left is totally soft n squishy, it appears to be ok, but something just isn't looking right. So now, I'm wondering, what is going on with these things?!

I took a ton of pics and just kept staring at them. I compared them to my pre-BA photos and was just trying to figure out why they just didn't look right. I've been so focused on this left boob for months!!! And in comparing pics, I noticed that BEFORE my BA my left was the bigger, lower one. But now, my right is. Having the same volume in each (450cc's), something isn't adding up. Then I started thinking, maybe the left is fine, but the right isn't? I'm quite perplexed, and beyond confused!

I decided to put some pics together and "ask the doctors" what they thought. So far, they're ALL in's my RIGHT that seems to be the problem!! It looks as though I'm bottoming out, both inferiorly (on the bottom where the crease SHOULD be) and laterally (on the outside where it seems to be drifting out). And this WHOLE time I've been ridiculously frustrated, wondering why I can't get my left to look like my right when it should be the OTHER way around!! Ugh.

Thankfully, I have a follow-up with my PS this Friday. But I'm guessing I'm gonna need a revision, as there is no other way to correct bottoming out. At least, I think it's safe to say the CC has cleared up. But who knows?! As long as the implant is still in there, the chances of it coming back are pretty high - at least, higher than if I exchange it or swap it out. Oy ve! I'm so stressed!! This wasn't supposed to happen! You wait years and years AND years for something that you want more than ANYTHING in the world, and you never anticipate running into complications, one after the other! But, I guess that wasn't very realistic to think that I would be "exempt" from encountering these problems. It's just not what you ever expect...the old "it won't happen to me" mindset.

I'm trying to look at this positively, and see the "bright side" of it all. If it does come down to me needing a revision, well, what better time to upgrade to my uhp's!!! I just can't afford any of this right now. ESP, not around the holiday season. I'm gonna have to try REALLY hard to work as much as possible and save every red cent! Time to get extra thrifty!! Lol!! I've never been a frugal person, but I'm not gonna have a choice.

So, I guess I better cool it with the bra shopping!! Lol, speaking of, my new Freya Deco Ashlee arrived today...YAY! I've been trying to get this thing for MONTHS in the Pale Pink in a 28FF! I finally found it on Bratabase and bought it from another user for $31 :) Unfortunately, it's too small, but oh so pretty :) I'm gonna hang onto it until I can find a 28G/30FF.

9 Months!

I'm sorry I've been MIA for the last month. Just going thru some emotional ups and downs, mostly "downs" about the girls. I'm not 100% thrilled with the way they've turned out. Which really sucks, cuz I would have had some kick ass results. I'm not sure what the problem is, if it's from the CC, if it's gonna get better (highly doubt it at this point in the game), if they're gonna stay this way or what to even think. No, they're not horrible, and yes, it's better than before, but I know they can look better. And I'm still feeling insecure about them. And I just wanna enjoy them and be happy with them.

I had my last follow-up a few weeks ago. I pointed out the asymmetry and my concern for my right now too. But my PS said "everything looks great and keep massaging." Not sure how much help massaging will be now at 9 months out, but guess it can't hurt. I took my official "After" photos and took a peak as I was walking to my car. I pretty much cried the whole way home. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I know something isn't right. How can my left now be the higher, smaller boob when it was the lower, bigger one before surgery?

I went and got a second opinion from Dr. Sorokin and he said he could lower the pocket/crease to even them out but that because the implants are "so large" my tissue can't support them and my right will continue to drift out to the side. He also said my left would still be smaller unless I swap the implant out. He believes it's off by about 25cc's, but I think it's more like 50-100.

I decided it was time to go to the best of the best, the Boob Job God, Dr. Revis himself! I emailed him my pics and explained the situation. He got back to me very quickly, and made me feel MUCH better! I felt like, for once, someone else is seeing what I'm seeing and I'm not just plain crazy! Lol! He said my asymmetry is much worse now than it was pre-op (and surgery usually helps to mask that asymmetry), they're too uneven and it SHOULD be the other way around (my LEFT has always been the larger one), my right has a touch of bottoming out and my creases are uneven. He explained exactly what he would do to fix this, with lowering the pocket on my left, internal sutures/bra, and upgrading my implants :) His quote was a bit steep, almost $10K, but it will be WELL worth it! So, I will be investing all of my time and money into having Dr. Revis perform my revision. I'm actually quite excited. He said an upgrade to 650-700cc ultra high profiles "sounds awesome" and I LOVE his eagerness and excitement to work with me, unlike Dr. Sorokin's. Just wasn't feeling all. But I feel much better knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It's just gonna take some time to come up with that amount of money!

In the meantime, more bra shopping to feed my new, unhealthy addiction! Lol! I'm done after this. Really. It's just that nothing makes me feel better like a new pretty bra :) Most of these don't fit, and I have them listed on Bratabase for sale or exchange ;) PM me for my username.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!! Time for Santa to get these presents under the tree :)

Just an update

Well, it's been a little while. But I'm trying not to just be one of those who seem to "fall off" after some time and you have no idea what happened to them. Haha. It's been quite hectic lately. Hope everyone had a nice holiday!! I wish I could say I did, but I spent most of it in the hospital with my 6-year old who caught a wicked case of the flu right on Christmas Eve! But she's better now, and I'm trying to get myself out of this hole in in now from being out of work for 2 weeks!

Soooo.....I've decided I want a revision. I know a lot of ppl think I'm crazy, but im just not all that thrilled with my final result. I wanna be happy with them and LOVE them, not just look at them and say "Eh." I know exactly what I want, and I need to fix this asymmetry cuz it's driving me insane!! I thought it would have corrected itself by now, but it's still the same. My left is noticeably smaller than my right and still sits higher, and is a bit firmer too. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE having boobs and I'm so grateful not to be cursed with a flat chest anymore. They're just not at all what I was expecting. And I know I can achieve the look I want.

But, of course, I still can't seem to help myself with this bra shopping!! I wish I had more money for VS Semi Annual Sale :( Very depressing. Lol, but I found my dreeam bra!!! And I found it at Kohl's online all of all places. I never even knew they sold these better UK brands!! I bought the Parfait Casey (in a 30FF) and LAAAA, the Angels sing!! Lol! This bra has been deemed the "Deco Rival" and should be scaring Freya! Haha. It's kind of like the Body By Victoria, but this one actually fits me and the band isn't riding up my back! And I LOVE that it has 3 hook and eyes instead of just 2! It makes for a much more supportive bra. And the cups aren't nearly as stiff as the Deco, very soft and comfy. The gore isn't too tall, nor does it dig into my sternum either. I highly recommend this one. I also got another Chantelle C Chic Sexy Plunge, but in black and a size 30F instead of the 32DDD, MUCH better fit! And I gave Cleo another try with the Marcie in a 28FF (since my Lucy in a 28G seemed a TAD too big) but the cups are def too small. It looks great from the front but at an angle you can see the top of the cup digging in. It's such a pretty bra tho.

Bra Heaven :)

Hello All! Nothing really new to report. Just thought I'd share some more bra pics! Bras = my happy place! It's a sick, addictive illness, lol, but I just can't get enough! Guess I'm trying to make up for lost time, all those years of having a bra fetish with no boobs to wear them :( But NOW?! Dear Lord, there's no stopping me!! Lol! My bra obsession can be satisfied, and I no longer have to feel those horrible, depressing feelings of seeing the cutest bra ever, and putting it on, just to stand there in front of the mirror in tears, wishing to know what it must be like to feel sexy and womanly, to fill out a bra, to not have to be confined to padded bras.

Getting boobs took my bra fascination to a whole new level! There's just something so exciting and gratifying in knowing I have a new bra to try on :) It really is some kind of natural high for me. It's crazy!! And if you haven't taken my advice yet, I seriously recommend you try out Bratabase. Thanks to that site, I've been able to try on dozens of different bras, pinpointing my TRUE size in many different brands/models. I've learned, through lots of trial and error, that I'm mostly a 28G, sometimes a 28FF depending on the brand/model. I've been experimenting with numerous UK brands and decided it was finally time to take the plunge and try my girls in my very first POLISH bra!

I don't quite know what it is about the Polish brands, like Ewa Michalak and Comexim, that seem so intimidating, but luckily I didn't have to go through the "real deal" yet of their whole ordering process. Something about it just seems so scary to me, especially if you need a custom order such as myself. Their sizing system is a bit different and I believe its based off the EUR system. But I'm sure after doing it a couple times it gets easier. But luckily, I didn't have to email anyone using "Google Translate" but instead found a Ewa Michalak Chp Lawenda on EBay in a 65FF! The seller noted that this was the equivalent to a 30FF, so that was perfect being my sister size to a 28G! I will say, that when I first tried it on, I wasn't completely impressed. The fit wasn't perfect but def wearable. The left cup was wrinkling and the cups were a bit short, yet loose and open at the top (possible nip slips). The gore seemed entirely too tall for my close-set boobs. And the band seemed too stretchy for my 26" ribcage. HOWEVER...after wearing it ALL day and night, I must say, I now get the hype surrounding this brand! Wow, I def am impressed. Super comfy, the gore didn't bother me one bit, the band never moved and not once did I have to yank or tug it back down. And the best part, my girls looked fantastic!! I wore it with the removable push-up pads in and wowzers! The lift and "oomph" I got was something that only Victoria Secret bras have only ever been able to do. This bra gives such an amazing lift and shape, fabulous projection!! I highly recommend Ewa Michalak if you can get your hands on one.

I also received a Masquerade Rhea in a 28G through an exchange on Bratabase. I traded my Parfait Charlotte for this and feel like I made out like a bandit!! I've seen the Rhea plenty of times before but nothing about it ever appealed to me and I just always overlooked it. I completely underestimated this bra. It's absolutely gorgeous (I have it in black) and the fit was great! It really lifts the girls without all that padding. And the user even threw in the matching briefs with the bra! I also exchanged my Freya Marvel for a Tutti Rouge Lilliana but in a 28GG (I was told they run small in the cup). EPIC fail!! Lol!! This bra was just a disaster. The wires are entirely too wide, they wrap all the way around my back! And of course I couldn't fill the bottom of the cup out. I'm waiting for my Deco Delight to arrive next (last weekend was a busy one for me on Bratabase!). I did 3 exchanges and sold 2 bras, hence the Ewa Michalak ;) Hopefully, I can get my hands on a Comexim bra next to see if I like it as much as the EM :)

Thank you "D&F Fairy!"

Well, I didn't think it was EVER gonna happen, and I was really looking at a revision in the future. It looks like my left FINALLY caught up to my right, maybe even a little more than expected. My left now seems to be the bigger one. But it was always the bigger of the two, before my BA (hardly noticeable tho). Just within the last month, these girls have really fluffed out and settled. I noticed my bras getting tighter and they just felt fuller than usual. I attributed it to being that "time of the month" and forgot about it. But it's now been a month since, and they're still fuller and bigger - EXACTLY what I've wanted this whole time!! I'm almost measuring 37" in the bust now :) I'm about 36.5". I never thought they would fill out this much, esp this late in the game. I honestly stopped focusing on it and waiting for it and that's when it seemed to happen. They're finally where I want them to be. And I'm loving the fullness to them. I never really believed my friends when they said be patient, and that it will most likely take a year for them to settle. I figured they were just trying to make me feel better since all these doctors say they won't change much after 6 months. Lol, but they've certainly changed, and fluffed away :) I couldn't be happier. They are exactly how I want them now :)

Just another bra ;)

I am in love with Ewa Michalak designs! I ordered this one directly off their website. It took a little while to make, ship and arrive, but it's oh so worth the wait! This is a 65FF (30FF equivalent), and the band is super stretchy!! I have it on the tightest setting already, straight out of the box. The cups are a weird, crunchy, crinkly kind of foam, but they look nice. This bra comes with the removeabe push-up pads (I have them in on the pics) and they really help give a great lift. This is by far my FAV bra yet!! I am in love with the color of this bra. It's such a pretty, vibrant red, almost pink, with Navy Blue trim. Much prettier in person than on their website, as is all of their bras. I love how these bras have the narrower wires with the deep cups, and the gore actually tacks and lies flat against my sternum like a bra is supposed to do (none of my VS bras do that!). This bra was worth the $67!! And technically, I didn't touch my bank account, just used the money I made from selling some bras in my PayPal account :) So I don't feel so baddest about the price. Lol, but it's gonna be hard to spend $68 on any other VS bras when I know I can get a great Ewa Michalak bra that actually fits my ribcage and frame, and I don't have to settle for a 32 band that rides up my back all day. I'm looking at the Comexim Snow for my next big girl bra :) Such a beautiful white, and I have yet to try that brand. I hear nothing but great things, and I also hear their customer service is much better than EM's. Just need to sell these last few bras (I have listed on eBay cheap!) then I can order it. I'm not really sure about my size tho in Comexim. They use their own sizing system, in centimeters, and I'm worried it won't fit...the only drawback in ordering a bra from Poland!! Lol! I'm sure I can always sell it if it doesn't fit.

11 Months...HAPPY ST PATTY'S Day :)

I just can't believe I'm coming up on my ONE YEAR Boobie-Versary!! It's been quite the recovery, and an emotional journey altogether, but oh so worth it. Every day that goes by, I'm SO happy and grateful I was able to do this for myself! And tho I've had my share of ups and downs, these girls are finally settling and healing nicely. I was so worried I might need a revision, and that they would never even out. But I can TRULY say now, I LOVE my results!!

It's written everywhere, by most PS's, that you'll most likely be at your final result around 3-6 months post op. And, honestly, believing this is what caused me more stress and anxiety than anything! It's simply not true. We are all different, our bodies heal at different rates, there are SO MANY different factors affecting that rate, and there's just no telling when you will see your final result - we are not machines, it's simply unpredictable. So for any ladies out there fretting, it's taken me this long to get where I'm at, and I may not be completely settled still! I look nothing like I did at 6 months post op, and definitely nowhere near how I did at 3 months! It wasn't until about 10 months post op for me that these girls FINALLY seemed to drop a bit more, and definitely FLUFF OUT! They've gotten much more fuller, bigger and even. I wasn't even expected it. And I couldn't be happier!! I don't even feel that urgency to go bigger anymore like I did just a couple months ago. The boobie greed has been tamed! Lol!

On to the fun stuff....bras!! Yay! I'm still waiting on both my Ewa Michalak PL Blekitna Rapsodia and Comexim Snow! I am super excited to try Comexim, and a different style from EM, as I've only tried their Halfcups so far (CHP styles). I will def be posting pics as soon as they come in, they've already been shipped on should arrive any day :)

More Bras! Yay!

Well, it's been well over a MONTH and still haven't received either of my Polish bras yet :( (Tears!) Apparently, there has been some major back-up in NY (customs) due to the horrific winter weather on the east coast and there are all sorts of ridiculous delays! Go figure. I checked the tracking info and it seems my bras are BOTH stuck in customs! Oh well, I'm praying they fit and it'll all be well worth the wait. But I haven't ordered a single thing overseas since! Lol!

In the meantime, I still have an insatiable bra addiction to feed (evil laugh). So, off to EBay I went. And I just can't stop buying Victoria's Secret bras! I know now, the fit is horrible, and a 32DDD is not my TRUE size of 28G, but I just can't help myself. I love VS bras! I bought a Body By Victoria Perfect Coverage (Memory Fit), I was looking for a simple, basic, plain, unpadded white bra. And the fabric is SUPER soft and comfy! But the fit is all wrong. It's wearable, but now that I know what to look for, deep down inside, I know it's not a true, "proper" fit. But screw it, it's pretty and comfy, and gets the job done for now! I also got a good deal on some more Coobie bras (buy 1 get 1 free)! You can find all different types of Promo Codes and coupons on Retail Me Not! I think the code for that was "freebra." You can never go wrong with a Coobie! I sleep in these things every night they're so soft and comfy! And perfect for summer and layering! You can never have too many Coobies!!!

Hopefully, my EM PL Blekitna Rapsodia and Comexim Snow come sometime before Easter! I'm dying to try out Comexim, but nervous the bra won't fit. And I am NOT going thru the hassle of returning it if it doesn't. Lol!

It's Been Over a YEAR!!!!

I meant to update my review on my actual 1-year "Boobieversary" (back on April 17th), but just haven't had the time. I can not believe how fast the time has gone! I can't believe it's been an entire year already since I had my BA! And yet it still feels completely amazing and as wonderful as when I first got them :) I couldn't be happier! I am so grateful and just plain happy that I was able to do this for myself. It's totally changed my life, and me :) I love having boobs, and I love the way they make me feel, and I love that I'm no longer consumed by thoughts and daydreams, and forever wishing what it would be like to not be flat anymore. That constant envy, feelings of inadequacy, self-consciousness, depression....they're all a thing of the past! And I just want every woman considering this, who wants it as badly as I did, to know just how much it can positively change your life! Who knew? Something so simple. Lol. It's been everything I ever imagined and more than I ever dreamed it could be.

I def had a rocky recovery, and it wasn't all a walk in the park. I wish I could say it was smooth sailing, but it's been a pretty emotional, stressful recovery. It really took a long time for things to come full circle, and for these girls to fully settle. I'm sure the CC had a lot to do with that. But I'm so glad I just let things run their course and not jump at the chance to get a revision (like I had first wanted to do). It was hard to look in the mirror, seeing the effects of the CC and the asymmetry, and feel completely happy with my results (and looking back, my CC wasn't even all that bad). I had to stop myself, tho. You hear it ALL the time...patience is key in this game! And well, I just never had it. Lol!! But once I stopped criticizing and scrutinizing, and being so darn negative, I started to feel a little better. I distracted my thoughts to PRETTY BRAS! Lol! I figured I could make them look pretty in pretty bras and then I would stop being so overly critical, and to stop WAITING for something magical to happen overnight. In no time at all, they started to finally look better and better. I stopped taking a gazillion pics every day, I stopped staring at them in the mirror every chance I got, and just distracted myself to find the patience I needed. And by 10 months or so, they looked like different boobs! And I could finally say I loved them! And they've just gotten better and better since :) Everytime I look back at my pre-op photos, it puts it all into perspective and I feel such relief and happiness! They might not be perfect, but they're exactly what I asked for, exactly what I wanted....just boobs!! Boobs of any size. I remember that feeling of desperation and urgency of just not wanting to be flat anymore, and I didn't care how big or perfect they were. So when I compare myself now to those Before pics, it puts a smile on my face everytime :)

14 Months Today!!

And I can most definitely say having new boobs NEVER gets old!!! Lol! Especially now, that it's summer. It feels amazing being able to just throw on a tank top, a cami, bikini, tankini...anything!! And not have to fuss with a flat chest, or feeling insecure and self-conscious. I even wore a string bikini for the very FIRST time in my LIFE! I can't begin to describe the confidence, and just this odd feeling of "fitting in." I finally feel like a woman, instead of envying them. I'm not consumed with the constant need to compare myself to the next girl anymore, hoping she's just as flat as me so I feel better. I don't even think about it anymore! For once, I was able to just ENJOY myself! And feel happy instead of sad and depressed. It's a feeling, a whole range of emotions, that literally can't be put into words.

So, I've decided to post some "clothed" pics for a change. I figure it might help other women in their decision to see what these puppies will look like 98% of the time, and how others will see them. Keep in mind, in the pic with my pink tank top on I do have my VS Incredible Push-up on so they look bigger than they really are. Lol. And both bikinis are also from Victoria's Secret (got them on eBay for a GREAT price!!). I also had to take advantage of the VS Semi Annual Sale and bought 2 new bras. I seriously have to stop! I can't even close my bra drawer right now!!! Lol!!

17 Months Post-op!!

Holy Crap, just one month shy of a year and a half since my "Big" Boobie Day (no pun intended)! And I'm still just as excited and thrilled with the idea of having boobs as I was that very first day! It just never leaves me! I can't say it enough, I LOVE having boobs!!!! I know it might sound crazy or completely off the wall, but sometimes (esp when I look back at my before photos) I get so worried that I'll somehow go back to that, or that I'm gonna wake up and it will all just be a dream. It's just been too good to be true!! I honestly can't say how much this procedure has changed my life! And now that I have boobs, I never wanna go back! Lol!!

I do, however, still get visited by the ugly, green "Boobie Greed" monster...a lot! I don't know if I've just gotten used to them, or I'm still subconsciously comparing myself to bigger women, but I feel like they're not as big as they once were. I feel like I need to go bigger! I want an upgrade so bad, but I'm trying to just stay humble and appreciate the fact that I was able to just have THIS BA!! Even a friend at work pointed it out to me, she said she noticed they don't seem as big as before :( I feel like they are getting smaller. It's prob all just in my head, but I still feel the need to wear padded, push-up bras all the time and hate that they don't look as big without one. Just petty, trivial nonsense. Lol. I took a pic and compared it to when I was about 10 months post, and they looked much fuller and bigger to me then. But, like I said, it could very well be just in my head ;)

So, I FINALLY decided I need to stay away from Victoria's Secret and her ill-fitting bras! I've been "going Polish!!!" I came to terms with the fact that VS bras, whether they're a 32DDD, 32DD or even the 34DD I was trying to pull off, are just not for me - the wires are too wide, the cups are too shallow and the bands too loose. Polish bras, specifically Ewa Michalak for me, correct all these fit issues! Nothing else compares! I wish I never gave up on them back when I did (simply because of a couple bras I purchased direct from Poland that took nearly 2 months to receive and didn't even fit after all the frustration!). I really missed out on some good, now discontinued, models! Instead, I went on an insane VS shopping spree over the past year!!! And I've slowly been selling them to get back into some Polish love! I currently have a BUNCH of Polish bras on order, and was lucky enough to try the SM Nana Bezowa and SM Malinka both in a 65G. Sadly, they were a tad too big, but now I I know how the SM style fits. And can I just say, I FLIPPING LOVE the SM cut (which is an unpadded, unlined, mostly sheer bra). I've never been able to get such a magnificent shape and lift without any padding in any other brand! SOOOO....I ordered the SM Czarna Mgielka in a 65FF, the SM Kusidelko in a 65FF, the SM Wanilla in a 60G, S Kicia in a 60GG, and a brand new model that hasn't been released yet (thru Jaimie at Bra Obsessed, highly recommend!) the CHP Klaudyna...ALONG with my very first Anna Pardal by Comexim's Sabine Sophisticate Balconette in a 30G. Quite the bra haul! It's gonna be Christmas morning in fall the day they arrive at my door!! I also tried the new Comexim Dottie in a 60K. But the fit was all off for me. For any ladies out there who might be interested in trying a Polish brand bra, I highly suggest going thru Jaimie from Bra Obsessed, esp if you're intimidated by ordering direct. It's like these bras were made for augmented breasts, with the great immediate projection (excellent for high profiles), narrower wires and smaller band sizes for us sub-32 ladies ;)

Before And After

I really wish I had done this years ago, but I'll take it now! It hurts to just look at my before photos. Lol!

Some Clothed Pics :)

I know it's always helpful when trying to decide on having your BA to see what they'll look like in clothes. The beauty of fake boobs is the versatility ;) You can hide them or flaunt them! I always wear my VS Incredible Push-up (32DD, tho I'm a DDD but they only make the lined Demi in the DDD). It makes the girls look much bigger than they really are. This is actually how I really want them to look (without a bra on, hoping to upgrade someday soon). The pics in the grey tank top are with my VS padded push-up Incredible on, the blue tank top is with my Coobie Sports bra (no padding/lining at all, all nylon), and then with no bra at all (super pointy boobs! Haha!). This just makes me realize how much I want to upgrade to 700-800cc uhp!! 450cc's really isn't big, I remember thinking they were gonna be HUGE...not at all.

Bra Heaven!! Ewa Michalak is my HERO!!

After what has felt like an eternity, my Ewa Michalak bras that I ordered thru Bra Obsessed back in the beginning of August have FINALLY arrived!!!! And they are absolutely gorgeous!!! The last 2 bras I ordered (SM Czarna Mgielka and SM Kusidelko in my usual 65FF) directly from Poland myself were a no-go :( They were beautiful bras, but they just weren't fitting quite right. The wonderful Jaimie from Bra Obsessed has been a Godsend for me in finding that "just right" size. I don't know what I would've done without her, selling some more Polish bras that I really wish fit better! Haha. But she has been a tremendous help, giving me very specific, personalized fitting help online and even reviewing several pics and assessing my fit and personal shape (she even viewed my entire Bratabase profile to get a better idea of how my bras were fitting and what size she thought would work best for me personally)! She is AMAZING!!! So she suggested I try a 60 band instead of the usual 65 that my lazy butt always orders simply because it's easier for me than having to special order the not so readily available 60. I was definitely nervous about trying a 60G and 60GG!!!! I really wasn't sure they would work, but surprisingly, ALL of the bras I ordered FIT!!! That is a definite first for me! I actually bought the matching sets for all of them, so darn adorable, yet sexy and feminine at the same time! I don't know what it is that makes these bras so special, but Ewa Michalak has a certain uniqueness and superiority about their brand that no other can even come close to achieving! I was amazed at how lovely of a shape the unlined SM Wanilla gave, very uplifted and rounded, with NO pointiness at all!! And the S Kicia providing a bit more coverage but also super sexy. And my fav, the CHP Klaudyna, adds such fullness and lift! All 3 bras somehow work a magic I've never seen on my girls, and I'm amazed at how FANTASTIC they look in each bra!

So, if you're on the prowl for some excellent, high-quality, custom-made, hand-sewn bras in the WIDEST range of sizes known to womankind, bras that deliver both support and a sexy style, please do yourself a favor...order a bra from Ewa Michalak!!!! Definitely worth the wait, and also worth every penny :)

Another bra she says!!! Lol! The Ewa Michalak SM Ty Wiesz

WOW! I just received my latest bra delivery ;) I know, I can't help myself. It's a serious obsession now!! Lol!! I'm done for a little while (I think). I ordered direct off the Ewa Michalak website and it took about 3 weeks, maybe a month, to arrive. But this bra was definitely worth the wait, and totally worth every penny!! It is SUPER sexy, and surprisingly, very comfy! It's so unique and different, I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it!! Meet the Ewa Michalak SM Ty Wiesz (65FF)!! Fits like a glove!!! This bra is a must-have for your "sexy time" collection! Haha!!


So, it's been 1 year and 7 months already since my BA and I SWEAR these things are STILL changing!!! Granted, they're subtle changes, but still changing nonetheless. It could just be due to "monthly fluctuations" when I'm noticing them, but I can tell when I put a bra on - they've seemed to fluff a tiny bit more. I've been steady measuring at exactly 36" across my bust (27" underbust).

I've been going completely MAD with the bra shopping recently! It's gotten so bad, that I was forced to "clean out" my top underwear drawer! Lol, and by cleaning out I don't actually mean getting rid of much as I do just rearranging things. I pulled EVERYTHING out to see exactly what I had (and how many) and had to figure out a way to make it all fit!! Turns out it's not just the bras, but I've accumulated quite a lot of "matching" undies as well. Haha! Half of this stuff still has tags on them - I'm buying more quicker than I can even wear it!! In total, I counted 34 bras (3 more on the way still), and that's NOT including the many bralettes and sports bras I had to stuff in there. I am OBSESSED with BRAS!!!! Now that I FINALLY have boobs, I just wanna put them in as many adorable bras as possible!! Lol!!!

In rearranging my lingerie drawer I was able to get a good look at my "collection." And I noticed that 98% of what I own are padded, push-ups! I still have this compelling tendency to go straight for the padded bras. It's my comfort zone. It's all I've ever known in my 34 years of a flat-chested life! So, I decided to revisit some of the lined Demi's I've already tried and have liked, but ended up selling for whatever reason (mostly to switch them out for Polish bras instead). So, I bought some of the same bras I've already tried and forgot how much I liked them. I bought another Victoria's Secret Body Lined Perfect Coverage - OMG! How in the world could I forget how incredibly soft and comfy this bra was?!?! Like fleece undies for your boobs! I only sold the first one I bought simply because it wasn't a perfect "proper" fit. But I'm glad I decided to give it another try. I've been LIVING in this thing since I got it again (I even slept in it last night!). I also decided to buy another Natori Feathers in plain White - another amazing lined bra!! Both bras give an amazing shape for not being padded. I know it's probably all just in my head, but I feel like I'm "shifting" my implants by always wearing these push-up bras for work everyday so I try not to wear them on my days off. I'll even go completely braless most nights to just let them breathe. I went back on my Bratabase profile and looked at my old pics of when I first tried these bras out and I noticed some subtle differences from then and now. It might be hard to see but I can def tell that my boobs have changed since then. The fit on both seems much better (I do see a little bit of digging in on the edge of the cup of my VS Body where before it layed perfectly against my boob without creating any quad boob). I can clearly see how the girls have fluffed some since then (which was about 8/9 months ago). I also "track" any changes by paying attention to my freckles, I know, sounds crazy! Lol! But I can see how the girls have gotten slightly bigger by this one same freckle on my right boob by the top edge of the bra's cup. It's shifted in each of the pics. It used to be higher up on my chest/boob but now, in the same bra, it's almost covered. I guess the weight of the implant dropping has "pulled" it down a little from where it used to be. I know, don't judge. Haha, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I couldn't tell if I was imaging these changes, going crazy, or if they were really happening. But in comparing these pics I can def see it. I also bought the "new and improved" VS Very Sexy, but in my normal size, 32DDD, instead of the DD like I've been doing (just always feel I get better cleavage in the smaller cup). But either they've added a bit more padding, the cups are smaller or I've gotten bigger - could be a combination of things. But I can clearly see a difference from my first Very Sexy bra in a 32DDD that I bought where I pretty much have no cleavage at all! BTW, I LOVE their newer version of the Very Sexy (one of my fav lines by them)!!!! I got this online when they were running the whole set deal(bra with matching panty) for $55!! I got the "Love Red Embellished" colorway - I am in LOVE with it!!!!! So pretty, and sexy!! I think the cups are closer together in this newer model, but I'm def getting some major quad boob when I NEVER had that problem before in the Very Sexy 32DDD.

I also ordered the new Very Sexy "Flirt" padded Demi but they only had it available in the 32DD, so I'm not sure how it will fit. But the purple colorway is gorgeous! Can't wait for it to arrive in the mail :) And I also ordered myself the original, regular Body Demi but unlined. And I bought a ton of bralettes off of eBay that were just too adorable (and CHEAP) to pass up!! I promise, really this time, I'm done for a little while. Although, Ewa Michalak has a bunch of new arrivals that are calling my name ;) But it's time for some Christmas shopping - and no, not for my boobs! Lol!!

But I just wanted to give some hope to any ladies out there who might feel a bit concerned or losing their patience with the whole "D&F" process. I know it's MUCH easier said than done, but give the girls some time. We all heal at our own rate and the girls will settle at their own pace (whether it be 3 months, 6 months or over an entire year!). You'll get there! Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Happy Turkey Day tomorrow! I know I'm looking forward to stuffing my face and enjoying some quality family time :)

Happy New Year!!!

I know I'm a little late (as always), but HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!! A new year, a new outlook, possibly a new You! If you're thinking about Breast Augmentation for yourself, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest you stop procrastinating and contemplating and INDULGE yourself! Go for it! You deserve it!

It's been 1 year and 9 months since my BA!! Coming up on 2 YEARS already! I can't believe it's been that long! And I swear, every time I say it, the novelty of having new boobs STILL hasn't worn off for me...I don't think it ever will. Every morning I wake up and look in the mirror, I LOVE what I see!! I'm so happy I was able to do this for myself. I couldn't even imagine going on the way I was before without them. It almost still feels so surreal, to finally have boobs, after only ever dreaming of them for so many years!!

As much as I love the new additions, I still would love to go even bigger. You kinda get used to the size after a while. And they don't feel nearly as large as they once did. Looking back thru my pics and progression, I feel like they were at their best at around 10-11 months post-op. And it feels like they've gotten smaller since then. I doubt they really did, but it feels like it. I'm still measuring the same 36" around my bust, but they just don't feel as full. And I'm a little worried about my left again. Just within the last week or so, it seems like it's smaller than the right, more so than usual, and it even feels a bit former around the top part of the implant above my nipple. I just think there is too much upper pole and not enough lower. I'm praying the CC hasn't come back with a vengeance!! I don't wanna freak out or get myself all worked up over it but I'm definitely keeping an eye on it. I've been massaging it like crazy! I was thinking about maybe calling my PS for a visit to see what he thinks, and ask him about uhp's while I'm there ;) I would LOVE for him to be the one to do an upgrade if I chose to get a revision!! He is amazing! The only thing stopping me from going bigger right now is the risk of ruining a good result. He did such a phenomenal job, and I would never forgive myself if I let my Boobie Greed destroy his beautiful work. But at the same time, I could end up with just as nice of a result with 700-800cc's uhp's!! Ugh, decisions decisions.

And you know I took advantage of the one and only Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale ;) I was given a $200 gift card for Xmas...yay! And I went a little nuts!!! Haha! If I ever do go bigger, I'm gonna have a TON of bras to sell!!!

2 YEAR MARK (in just 4 days)!!!

Holy Knockers, Batman!! It's been 2 whole years already?!?! I can't believe it! And I was just over on the "Boobie Greed" forum venting my frustrations. After having these puppies for so long, I think I've definitely gotten used to them. And NOW, they feel super small :( I know I measure a 32DDD but I think I look like maybe a small C, large B even, without a trusty padded bra on. I want my girls to look EXACTLY the way they do in my padded lush-up bras but without having to actually wear one!!!

It's been quite some time since I took some progression pics for myself and now I'm kinda wishing I hadn't. I took a few yesterday just to see if I'm going nuts or if my worries are true! Now, I know I had some asymmetry pre-BA I was so flat then it wasn't really visible. But NOW, I can def see it - my right feels about a whole cup size larger and my left sits higher. I have just about zero side boob on my left and it's noticeable when I'm not wearing a bra or I have an unlined bra on.

Lately I've just been consumed with the thoughts of going larger!! I would love to get a revision and swap these 450 hp's out for some nice 700-750cc's ULTRA high profiles! I yearn for that fullness, the roundness, the projection, some decent cleavage where my boobs might actually touch!! Lol! A nearly impossible feat at the moment, even tho my boobs are so close together (it's the strangest thing). I'm really trying to save up as much, and as quickly, as I possibly can. I know who I want to do it, exactly what I want and I've done my homework :) I would love to add about 50-75cc's more to my left and even these babies out.

2 Years 4 Months!

Still loving the whole idea of having boobs. I really don't think the novelty will ever wear off!! They seem to get better and better, even this far out, tho the changes are a bit more subtle. I really have no complaints, for once. I know!!! Shocker, right?!! Lol!! Just don't want summer to end :( Trying to enjoy these last couple weeks. Going away with the fam and my daughter to Disney next week so I'm super excited!!

Gotta get to work now, but just wanted to post a nice, positive update :) And show some ladies that it does get better!! I was just reading thru my whole review and I was a mess. Haha!! Always nit-picking and scrutinizing. I worried over every little thing. But they've turned out perfectly. Of course, I still wouldn't mind upgrading and going a little bigger sometime in the future. But until then, I'm extremely happy :)

Ok, Coobie, Step Aside!!!!

So I know I have always been huge of fan Coobie Sports Bras. I literally sleep in them every single night. If I'm not sleeping in one of my Coobies then I wear nothing at all to bed (sometimes I just like to let the girls hang and breathe on their own!). BUT....on a whim, I recently bought a cute Victoria's Secret set off the Mercari app (I'm hooked) for an amazing price!!!! I was just looking for something comfy to lounge in, plus I had some credits to spend. So I bought the Body By Victoria Lounge Bra. It's seamless, nylon, unpadded and unlined....AND it's a longline. So adorable and BEYOND comfortable!! It came with the matching supersoft panties. Holy heaven! I must get more!!! I think it has something to do with the longline aspect of the bra that makes it so comfy and I feel more secure without having to tug at the band to keep pulling it down. Everything stays in place, the band didn't ride up, there aren't any tags that make it itchy or scratchy and the straps are secure (unlike Coobies where I have to keep making sure the removable strap isn't sliding out of the hook all the time)! I got a Small but could probably go with a Medium since its so stretchy. I was worried the Medium wold be too loose around but the Small is tight!! Still cute and totally wearable!! Def pic worthy ;) I HIGHLY recommend this one!!! And I apologize, I gues the lighting wasn't the best for my phone's camera.


They never get old!! Lol!! Every single day, every time I look in the mirror, every morning when I open my "bra drawer" and decide which one to put on, I am so grateful and happy to have my implants!! I've said it over and over again, and I know I'll continue saying it, the novelty of finally having boobs will NEVER EVER wear off for me!!! Considering the price of surgery, this feeling is priceless!!! It's pays for itself a thousand times over!! I just feel so lucky to have been able to do this, and I feel for any woman who wishes to have this procedure.....DO IT!!!! Lol, do it for yourself, do it because you deserve to be happy and you deserve to love the way you look!! I just want to stop by Dr. Bottger's office and hug him!! Lol! I want him to know how much he has changed my life, and how thankful I am that I chose him to do this. Thank you times infinity!! Lol!! I keep waiting for the day to come where I can get undressed without having to look over in the mirror at them, but I still can't do that. I love seeing them there, as crazy as that sounds. Lol! And I still have a seriously unhealthy obsession with bras, I just love being able to look good in them feeling confident in clothes. It's amazing how this feeling hasn't even begun to diminish, in the slightest. It just reminds me everyday how badly I wanted this. And they get better and better!!

So, speaking of bras....I've been working really hard to rebuild my credit. I have plans of hopefully having some more procedures in the future and applying for Care Credit withOUT getting turned down because of my shotty credit. I've brought my credit score up 200 points over the past year or so!!! And the pre-approval offers have been pouring in!!! I recently got approved for 2 credit cards, Capital One Platinum and yes, drumroll....Victoria's Secret!!! Uh oh!! Haha! I've been very responsible with them and I'm quite proud of myself ;) But you know what that means....MORE BRAS!! Yay!

3 Years Post-op.....

Where has the time gone?!! It's really been 3 years since my BA with Dr. Bottger. And YES, I'm STILL in love :) Still checking these girls out every chance I get, still ecstatic to finally have boobs, to finally feel like a woman, to finally have confidence and esteem, to enjoy shopping for bras (more than I prob, to look forward to trying on swimsuits, to wear whatever I like!! Again, if having a BA is a procedure you've been wanting to do for yourself (KEY WORD - YOURSELF!!! This is very important!) then stop putting it off and do it for you!!! Find a way!! Where there's a will there is a way! How badly do you want it?! If you want this that badly you will find a way! You owe it to yourself, to be happy with what you see when you look in the mirror, to feel good about yourself and to have a newfound confidence!

There really isn't anything new to update or report on. But I still wanted to post some pics and show my own long-term results. Of course, my bra drawer has somehow become overstuffed yet once again, lol. And there are just way too many bras to show them all. From sports bras to sexy Lace Bralettes, I just can't stop myself. I thought by now, 3 YEARS later, I would've calmed down some with all the excitement of finally feeling good in a bra, but clearly that isn't the case. As I said before, it just never gets old for me. I do feel like they still haven't fully settled, call me crazy. Lol. But I still have LOTS of upper pole!! That could be the High Profile implants ;) I'm not complaining though.

Although, I still do wish to upgrade in the near future, but for now, I'm just enjoying these babies as much as I can. I've since stopped obsessing over every little imperfection and flaw, no longer inspecting them every day to see if they're perfectly even, or the same exact size. I stopped with the measuring and comparing myself with other women, and that's when I learned to truly be happy with my results. I'm not obsessing over a revision and going larger. It's something I would hopefully like to do but I'm not focusing on it so much that I stop appreciating the ones I have. And the more I look at my results the more I see what was already there before my BA. They are exactly the same, just simply enhanced. I noticed my left nipple is slightly lower than my right, and my right boob has always been a tad bigger than my left. But I'm finally ok with it all. I'm not looking for perfection anymore. And I honestly couldn't be any happier :) Some days they feel HUGE and other days I feel pretty small. Still love them just as much. I just remember what it felt like before my BA to have nothing at all and wishing for ANY thing! I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to do this.

Thank you again, Dr. Bottger!!! And staff!! And I hope to help as many women out there as I possibly can with this review. You know I'll continue to update and keep this review going as long as I can. Best wishes and best luck to all of you women out there with upcoming BA's!! And congrats to all the women who have had their BA's!!!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Absolutely amazing!! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bottger!! His credentials, experience, education and results are BEYOND impressive! His staff are wonderful. Mary Jo is an absolute sweetheart and really made this whole process as smooth and comfortable as possible!! I had a wonderful experience. And am thinking of getting some more work done. I will definitely, hands down, without a doubt, be coming back to Dr. Bottger...he's a true artist!

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