My Breast Lift Journey So Far ! - Brussels / UK

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This site has been such a help to me that I feel...

This site has been such a help to me that I feel it would be unfair not to add my story.

I have waited for over 20 years to have this surgery, not because I couldn't afford it but because I didn't want to take any risks with my body.... I suppose I was just scared.

I am 42 years old and a mother of two, my first child was born when I was 18, my second when I was 21, my sagging breasts were a result of having children and weight gain/weight loss over the following 24 years.... Constantly struggling to find bikinis was my main issue (love my holidays) in normal clothing you would never know how saggy they were, I had years of practice making them look pert !

I started looking into having the breast lift this year and went for a consultation in June on my 42nd birthday, I booked the surgery for October knowing I was on 2 weeks annual leave, and here is my journey so far.
I gave up smoking, got fit, ate healthy and took my vitamins in the 4 months prior to surgery.

My surgery took 2.5 hrs, and I had a full anchor lift, I woke to find myself in a support bra, the only pain I felt was a stinging sensation.

I left the clinic a few hours later and returned to my hotel, I didn't have much of an appetite but knew I should eat something so ordered room service and had some pasta, that night I slept well with a combination of painkillers taken every 4 hrs and antibiotics, the next morning when going down for breakfast I felt like I was going to pass out but I managed to get some tea inside me and I was fine, I spent the next few days recovering in the hotel sleeping on and off, reading and just chilling I went for a long walk in the sunshine on day 3 before leaving for home on the 4th day.

I struggled with the resting side of things when I got home as I didn't feel tired and was no longer on any pain medication, but I still took it easy as I was worried about my incisions bleeding or weeping ect.

I was instructed by my PS to keep my dressings on until my PO appointment, to sleep on my back and to keep my support bra on 24/7's but to take it off for a shower, I did shower daily but sponge washed around that area leaving my bra on !!!! I had a small yellow patch of fluid on my dressing on day 5 along the anchor line which really freaked me out as I couldn't see what was going on under there.... the rest of the marks on the dressing were from the initial surgery.

So day 10 and the PS took my external dressings off and removed my anchor incision tape I was so happy to see that my nipples were a healthy colour and everything looked ok. My nipple strips and my vertical strips are still on and my PS told my I can shower from tomorrow 14 days and get them wet they will come off themselves.

The swelling has gone down a lot over the past few days....they are changing shape, tomorrow is day 14 I will update then, I am terrified of holes appearing, but sofar this is the best thing i have ever done.

Thought I'd take some pics of how the healing of...

Thought I'd take some pics of how the healing of my anchor incisions are coming along ! I am 3 weeks today

Hi, well I will am 4 weeks PO now and things are...

Hi, well I will am 4 weeks PO now and things are going well, a couple of minor irritations have occurred both to do with spiting stitches, the first one was on day 15 I had a tiny area that was not healing very well on the vertical incision (right breast), I has my local nurse trim/remove the stitch and dress it, its healing fine now, then last night just before going to bed I checked my incision and on the right breast again at the T-Junction I could feel a little raise lump, I went to bed and woke this morning to find that the area had opened and found this cute little knotted stitch sitting on top (See picture), I am not worried but happy that this is out it has left me with nothing but a small superficial spot which will clear now the little creature is out !

3 months now no problems and happy with results,...

3 months now no problems and happy with results, they actually jiggle like normal boobs now, and are getting softer each day. I took up running at 6 weeks and other gym work fully at 8 weeks...

My breast uplift 2 years on !

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