Healing Process- Full TT with MR & BA

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I have has 2 lovely children the youngest is 15...

I have has 2 lovely children the youngest is 15 months and have decided that that is the last baby we a going to have. I love going to the gym and always have done but after the pregnancy and birth of my 2 kids it has left my tummy totally saggy and full of stretch marks, to an extent that I am very embarrassed by it. I am a size 8 but feel hat I always have this bit of belly over my jeans and no matter how much I go to the gym or do sit ups it makes not difference. My breasts are also droppy and I am a 34 b Nd not happy with them.
I am 40 next year and just want to be happy with my body and know that this will give me the confidence that I need Nd doing this for myself.

My husband and I were just taking about it and he said why don't you just find out about how much a breast enlargement would cost, so I did and it was quite expensive but also came back with the idea of a tummy tuck too. Researched it and found a place in Belgium, Brussels and had the consultation in London. The cost of a tummy tuck and breast inlargement was half of what it would cost in the UK so my husband said I should go for it. He is totally supportive of me doing this so that's half the battle for me. I researched having the surgery in Brussels as well as the surgeon as well as other people that have traveled from the UK and it has worked for many people. My only worry for aftercare BUT it would be done here in the UK.

I am feeling very very very excited as I have never had a flat tummy or a cleavage and its just a dream come true for me as I am very body conscious and I eat well, exercise and take pride in how I look so this is so important to me especially that my husband is supportive.

My main fear is that how will I cope after the operation with my 2 young kids (3 years and 15 months) and also whether people will know as I really don't want anyone to know. It's my body and my business and will only tell people I feel comfortable with. I don't know how I will disguise it from people and I can't exercise for 6 weeks and what to tell my friends at the gym why I am not training as I normally do high impact things at the gym like circuts and running.

I have learned nothing yet but hope to get some support from others who are in the same position as me and I would like to do the same in helping support others and this is quite a big decision for many of us. To be honest I am pretty terrified.

Well, hope this is an insight as to my journey and look forward to getting to know you all.

Well this is how I look now. My date is getting...

Well this is how I look now. My date is getting closer and I am very excited but also nervous too. It's all I can think about right now and so consumed by it. I am finding that I am constantly on this website. Hope my journey too can help others.

Hi there. My doc said to take Arnica a month...

Hi there.

My doc said to take Arnica a month before the op but the instructions say to only take for 7 days. What have you al done?

Wishing those on the otherside a speedy recovery

Well, today I spoke to this lady who is an...

Well, today I spoke to this lady who is an independant cosmetic surgery advisor who helps people from the UK travel abroad for surgery. She does have a list of surgeons that she approves.
Anyway she said the surgeon that i am using is very good but said that it is very risky for me to have a tummy tuck in belgium as its on day care so after the surgery i have to go to my hotel but will go back to the clinic again the next day.
She said that after surgery its safe to be in hospital for at least 3 days. She also said that i might not be able to travel on the eurostar train from belgium to the uk on day 4 (2hrs). She said that most surgoens would not carry a TT out unless the patient was staying in hospital. Now in Belgium there is only out patient care as that is the way the law is.
I have read quite a few very positve reviews of women going there and everything being fine.

I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW. Can anyone share their experiances of a simillar senario? I would love your thoughts please.

I will be staying in a hotel 5 mins from the clinic, the surgeon will be on 24 hr call and overall he is a very good surgeon.

This lady then started giving me details of other places and surgeons in tunisia so do you think she maybe had a invested interest in these other surgoens due to commision.

Please help and i have thought nothing other than this for months and not to go through with it would shatter my dreams. We have booked the eurostarand hotel.

8 days to go. Full TT and BA

Well, my time is coming closer and I am getting more and more nervous but also excited. I want the time to come and go and be on the road to recovery. I did have Pre op pictures but were not very good but will post some on shortly.

Oh my 4 days to go and feeling nervous!

I have 4 days left and feeling extremely scared and nervous thinking something might go wrong. Where is the excitement gone!!? :-(

Full TT and BA on the 13th June... Scared!!

Hi ladies,

Not long left and I can't nearly eat anything I am so nervous and the excitement is also there....well a little. Wish it could be Thursday NOW!

I have uploaded a few Pre op photo's

It's my big day in the morning!

Well ladies tomorrow 7am is my day and I am feeling sooooooo nervous! Don't think I will be able to sleep. Come here with my son and husband for 5 nights and worried that they will get bored as not much to really do and my son is only 3. I know I will be stuck in the hotel as I am a outpatient so won't be much company.

I think the nerves have the better of me today.

See you on the flat side and will update soon as I can!

Day 1 post op

Well so far so good, had op this morning at 7am and i was soooooo nervous. i nearly freaked out in the theatre. I felt a stingy pain when i got up and could not find a comfy position but getting used to it. Very surprised as not in much pain but that could be the meds. I found my c section much much worse. The clinic and staff were just totally amazing I cant thank them enough. Not seen the results as all bandaged up. I will upload pics when I can. I have put my drains inside my leggings so that's been pretty cool.

Will keep you posted! Back in the hotel and guess boredom will kick in as I can never sit in once place!

Day 2 post op

Hello! It's Day 2 and I hardly was able to sleep last night mainly because I was unable to get into a comfy position. I can only sleep in a fetal position and its impossible to sleep with pillows propped up behind me. I am hoping that I will get used to it as I normally sleep on my belly. Also the drain is a pain in the butt but hey it's gonna be worth it (well I hope so as nervous to see the results) what if I don't like it?
Today was much more painful than yesterday but bearable, but my back hurts so trying to stay in bed as much as I can. Being hunched up fr 10 days s gonna be hard!!!! Also we get our train back to the UK on Monday so hope I am ok for that.

All in all ok but just scared on the recovery as like many of you I have young children.

Day 4 post op

Sorry I did not post yesterday but it was an ok day but was in some discomfort mainly the breasts and was feeling quite tired.

Today however the pain is allot better and being able to get about more but still confined to my hotel room as there is not much I can do here. My hubby and son are out swimming again so the peace and quite is lovely. Hubby has been so so supportive and patient with me and could not have done with without him.

I have my post op appointment tomorrow and also traveling back home but not think I will have my drains removed as I am still producing over 30ml fluid ( between 80 -120) I really hope the fluid does decrease as I am running out of space and ideally would love to have the drain taken out before I travel back home. I had a sneak preview at my breasts but could not see properly as I am still hunched over no they look good. They are not huge which I am pleased about but look full and round. I like them the way they are so hope they don't swell down! I will post a photo as soon as I can stand up straight.

So far so good but I just want thing to heal quick so I can go back to my daily job of being a mum. My hubby goes back to work the following Monday so will be back to doing schools run etc.

Happy healing everyone!

Day 6 PO

Hello and hope everyone is doing well. It's day 6 and we traveled back to London last night from Brussels on the train. The journey was totally fine but had to travel back with my drain still attached which was easy to hide under my Long cardigan. I also felt really silly walking around hunched back.

I feel great today and no pain unless I sneeze. My hubby is off work until Monday so it gives me time to recover. I have seen my boobs and love them as they are the size I wanted. I am 4.11 so went for 280cc. When I can stand up straight I will share some photos with you all.

Some advice on clothes/things to take which I was unsure about

Leggings are the only things I have worn as I can tuck my drains on the elastic waist and it makes it easy to walk around with especially if you have young children that could yank them. You can tuck some tube inside so it stops it from pulling.

Make sure you are fit and healthy before the op as much as possible and build your lower back strength as much as possible as the first few days it hurts. The back pain was the worst for me. I was found on RS to work my abs so they are strong to recover if your having muscle repair.

Ask someone to wash your hair as it can really make you feel human again. I got some cushions under my knees and tilt my head into the bath tub and hubby washed my hair.

My hubby has been amazing beyond words and little things like rubbing my head was soooo soothing as for me I was feeling so sorry for myself on day 2. I think the anaesthetic was playing with my emotions that day.

I will post more when I can


1 week post op

Hello Ladies, wow the first week has flown past! I am at home and hubby been doing everything for the boys with some help from me but jeeeeesus I get so tired and its my back that hurts the most. By the evening my stitches feel sore and ache more on the boobs, tummy muscles and back. My drains were supposed to be removed today but its been changed to Saturday now as I am still producing fluid.

My tummy looks very very bloated specially where I had muscle repair. Is that normal?

Anyway off to bed as I get so tired by the end of the day. I'd normally be at the gym at this time which I miss :-(

Could I be doing too much?

Day 15 - first picture

Best pic I can take but love my new size and belly very swollen

Sorry meant Day 8 post op and NOT day 15

Day 8 NOT day 15 lol

Day 9 PO

Hello! It's day 9 already wow. Had my drains taken out today and that was a really weird feeling but I feel so much more free now without that things following me everywhere. Lol
Got out today with the family after my drains were taken out but it really wiped me out. I have not been sleeping well partly because of the drains so hope tonight is allot better.
I only had some meds this morning that I did not really need but find that I need them around 5pm onwards as I feel pressure on my stitches, muscles and mainly my back. I feel like my back has really taken a pounding through this whole process.
I am trying to straighten my back when walking but it's still very tight so guess I am not ready yet. I guess from what I have been reading that I will walk straight when the time is right.
I tired my jeans on today and I can't even zip them up and I was totally horrified. Does anyone know when that will go back to normal. Also I feel sooooo fat!! Not been to the gym for what seems like ages ago and I feel like my legs and bum are getting wobbly. It's so hard to eat the right things as right now I just want to cosy up to some nice food. I have not been too bad but I know the lack of exercise will make me put in the pounds.
Apart for from that all is ok. Oh forgot to say that every time I sneeze it literally feels like a punch in the tummy. It's awful.

Happy healing everyone!

Day 11 PO

Hello ladies hope you are all healing well and for those of you who are getting close to your big day lots of luck.

It's Day 11 which as gone really quick but today was the first day hubby went back to work. My mom is here for the week to help out but it was a hard day. Just trying to get back to the the normal routines like take my eldest to Pre school then look after the baby, lunch, dinner house work etc. After I took my son to school I ran some errands , done lunch, some ironing, cooked dinner and I was totally exhausted and that was with the help of my mum who helped taking baby out of the cot and picking him up etc.
I did have a little lie down in the afternoon as I was feeling a little down emotionally as I am limited to what I can do and how fast. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself but after a little me time I was back on form to finish the day. It's going to be difficult when my mum leaves next week and two boys under 4 are hard work physically. Today the Eldest was being naughty and do you know how frustrating it was not being able to pick him up and out him on time out as he would not do it himself.... Grrrrrr.

Seeing my surgeon tomorrow and will see my tummy properly for the first time! So excited!!!!!

Off to bed now as I need to re charge.


Day 12 PO

Well, had my appointment with my PS and all is good. Saw my tummy for the first time and WOW it's soooooo flat. I would not have ever dreamed of a tummy like this. Both the BA and TT look well in proportion and I love love the results. I can't wait for the swelling to go down. My BB looks totally yuck and not sure what its going to look like once healed but anything is better than what I had. He has also replaced my old cesarean scar which was a total mess.

Overall I am happy happy and been smiling all day. I hope it stays like this as was feeling a little down the past few days.

Does anyone have any recommendations for effective scar creams please?

Again, just want to say that hope my journeys helps other make the right decision as others did for me. I would say if you are considering it and you have a good surgeon then do it. You won't regret it, ( hope I am not talking too early) lol

Gym...... ??


My PS has said it's ok to go back to the gym and work on abs after 4 weeks. I have been reading anything from 4-8 weeks.

What have you all been told my your PS? Just curious.


Some better pictures.

The pic I had put up yesterday were not really that good as I still had that horrible blood stained dressing on my BB. I took my first proper shower this morning and boy it felt amazing. Washed off the plasters!!

Here are a couple of better ones. My tummy is lovely and flat ( not so swollen as it was taken in the morning) and I don't have that horrible BB with all the shrivelled up skin around it. I got measured at 34 D cup today.

Will my cup size change do you think? Surely the swelling must have gone by now?

Is my belly button infected?

Hello ladies,

Sorry not posted for a while but I have been soooo busy with the boys and then in the evening I have been so tired.

I thought all was going well but my belly button has been a little red and sore slightly but today after a shower I squeezed it slightly and some puss came out. I think it may be effected. The only problem is that my surgeon is in Belgium.

Has anyone had similar problems? Picture attached

Your comments would be extremely helpful.


Belly Button Infection

Well been to the doctor and my BB is infected so on antibiotics. Really getting me down as my BB look really awful. Worried that it might scar or just darken in colour.
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