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I wanted to start this so i can help other's like...

I wanted to start this so i can help other's like i have been for the last year while making my mind up on a surgeon and to see if other's are going to be clinic around June?

I Had my consultation in December with Dr Plovier he was very quick. Was expecting a nurse to be with him but he was very professional. Did not have many questions as I had already chose him based on his reviews and the picture's of his uplifts and after 10 year's looking there was little I did not know. So was only realy to get a price and meet him.

I'm having an uplift with slight reduction to my right side. After year's of looking and wanting my uplift I was always put off by them looking boxy in before and after picture's and i was worried as im a size 16 ( now) I'd be told to loose weight, so always put it off untill I had my last child and could no longer keep hiding them lol..

So iv lost 5 stone iv got two more to go but ill likely only have one of those off before surgery, and decided id find out if I can have the surgery and if I'd get the outcome I want?. im fit and healthy my bmi is no where near the "healthy" range (I hate the bmi thing lol) but im a 16 at the moment with a 38 f bust..

Have been told id not loose size but I think I will and im happy to do so, as most of my bust is excess skin. There very saggy and my nipples are shy and like to look at the floor lol.. they were never pert or had confident nipples even before I had my three children.

So im off to Belgium in june via the erostar from ebsfleet, stopping at Park 7 with my husband and my toddler. Leaving my teenager's with my mum but it's easier to take my youngest..

Park 7 have been great there sorting a cot out. And giving us details of the local taxi as he is very good. And stopping two nights. One before one after as iv chose to travel home the day after as I know ill be much happier with my family in my own home to recover.

Im having the medication package and limo service threw BeClinic. They have been quick to reply to email's.

So now I just need to sort out new passports lol and what I may need for after my op and what my husband can do with our little boy near park 7 while im having surgery?.

Just over eight weeks to go

Time is flying....

I'm now all booked, everything ready...
Operation.. Tick
Eurostar.. Tick
Parking... Tick
Hire car... Tick
Hotel... Tick

Now just to get there and have it done, starting to get stressy about the operation and what to expect after?. I hate new things so not having been to the clinic and not having details for after my op is bothering me, also travelling back the morning after my op on the erostar is too lol.. In fact it all is lol.

Exactly one month to go

Well that's gone quick, one month to go I'm now getting silly nervous and getting everything ready, decided on M&S sports bra's they fasten at the front so I have more than the one I'm given at the clinic.

Was supposed to loose a stone before my op.. Done three lbs lol so now on a complete cut back.. It's only fir one month then back to normal watching what I eat.. Feel very annoyed with myself as really wanted to be a certain weight for my op but I'll hopefully be half a stone lighter than my weight at my consultation and although I'm a size 16 I'm fit and healthy. So I'll just ask for ir them to be done very tight and very high lol so when I do loose my stone I won't ruin my results..

In to single numbers now....

Well I'm off next week, everything apart from B&B paid for and ready to go, well no I'm not ready I'm very un ready lol my weight stayed stable but not lost my final few lbs... But I'll do it when I get back now at least I'm few lbs lighter than my consultation weight lol and im fit and healthy a size UK 16 so I'll be fine as I am. Got my hibi scrub but no traumeel as cant get it and decided as I don't bruise easy and dont like taking meds for little reason, after talking to my gp I'm not to take arnica either. I'm getting extra support bra's and my avene stuff after my op so I know the right size and the cream can't be used till I'm all healed anyway so I'm looking at near future not well in to it lol.. So for now I'm all set insurance, carpark, eurostar, hibiscrub, kids sorted(youngest coming with us) had a slight panic about my stupid expensive pushchair on the train so rushed out bought a cheep stroller, no stress of scratching it or loosing it and not taking up extra space lol... Must be mad taking a two year old but hey where I go he goes makes me a less stressed person so that's got to be a good thing lol.. Not stopped me doing list after list and worrying I'm forgetting stuff. My husbands told me to stop stressing now and he will deal with it all (easy said than done). Going to post pre op pictures before go, although for who I don't know. Think I'm just talking away to myself lol...

I'm done...

Il do a full update when I'm home but I was at be clinic at 7am and asleep for 8.30. No time to think or stress just in and drawn on.. And then on the heated operating table. Only saw Dr Plovier when he drew on me and then that was it... All the staff are so so lovely extremely calming and Bridget (I hope I spell her name right) calmed me after I had a mild panic attack / silly moment due to stingy tightness and stuffy room lol.. Got my meds so far iv had ibuprofen on to the bad boys before bed tonight with a sleeping tablet.. Then up early for my eurostar home at 12 Belgium time. And I can not recommend park7 enough the place is beautiful and Katia, Thierry and the lady we met this morning doing breakfast are so welcoming and lovely.. So much so we are coming back next year for a break away. I can't upload photos for some reason on my phone so will do it over the weekend when I'm home.


I haven't replied to my comments sorry.. And not updated either... Things didn't go so smoothly after my op and im still healing... Massive haematoma ended up in hospital for two day's and it had to drain freely for nearly three weeks and some nipple loss to other side.. So not been around and don't want to put posts up when I'm not able to be fully bias.. Not the surgeons fault I believe.. it can happen to anyone... And I'll post a full update with a review of clinic etc when I'm healed and when I can tell you how well iv been looked after... I will post pics soon as I can.. But there not pretty lol..
Dr plovier

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