Dr Plover-Breast Uplift with Implant - Brussels

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Hi All, I have two days until my op. I have...

Hi All,

I have two days until my op. I have booked in with Dr Plovier to have a breast uplift and implant. I first saw Dr Plovier back in September last year, which now seems a life time ago! The admin girls have been amazing, I have been sending regular panic emails full of questions and they always reply within an hour. I would love to hear from people that have had similar procedures or even been to Be Clinic. I'm pretty confident with my choice, it's just that I didn't really want an implant but Dr P advised this would be best for the overall look. I plan to take pictures and document my journey, as all the stories on here have really helped me.

1 day post op

Well I can't sleep as I am
So uncomfortable so I thought I'd update my journey so far!
Be clinic were pretty pissed at me as I was 40 mins late-my taxi took the wrong turn. When I arrived at the clinic I was not greeted but barked at! The lady took my payment and then asked me my med questions in under a minute and got me to sign. I was then taken to my pristine room. Where I undressed. Dr Plovier came in and immediately told me the staff had been there an hour already waiting for me-I informed him that it was not my fault and apologised! I would mention here that I regret not taking the all inclusive package, taxis are extortionately priced! I spent 250 euro on 5 journeys between the Eurostar/hotel/hospital etc.
Before I even had chance to pee, dr Plovier had drawn on me and I was on the table. I woke up feeling very uncomfortable and groggy. Bridget was the Angel for me, she was so caring and attentive and made up for the hostility I'd received earlier in the day. I was very shocked that I didn't get a visit from Dr Plovier after surgery, and have been informed that I can see him in London in 6-8 weeks! I was also told my wounds were glued and not stitched and I don't have a clue why!
I'm in touch with the clinic as I have been overcharged by 600 pounds, which they are trying to justify as exchange rate and bank charges?!
So far I'm not happy with the overall aftercare and service of Be Clinic. I have asked to see Dr Plovier in 4 weeks as I am going on holiday and want to be reassured before I do-they are now saying I must wait 8-10 weeks!!
The pain is uncomfortable and my breast are round and high. I will keep you updated and pray that the clinic 1-refund my 600 2-book me in to see DR P asap

Picture update

Here is before, a month after and 3 months after.
Dr Plover

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