27 Years Old. Two Children in Two Years. Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and Breast Uplift with Implants - Belgium, BE

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After having two children in two years I have been...

After having two children in two years I have been left with saggy breasts and a saggy stomach covered in stretch marks with a belly button I hate.
After lots of research I have decided to place my trust in Dr Frank Plovier to perform a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and uplift with implant replacement (already had implants 4 years ago).
Have my consultation with him on the 27th September in London and then surgery booked for 4th October in Brussels. Feeling nervous but excited, my biggest concern of having the surgery abroad is the aftercare aspect so fingers crossed everything will be ok.

Will update after my consultation.

Consultation done

I had my consultation with Dr Plovier in London today, a week away from my surgery date. Was a lot better than I expected, he was very friendly and put me at ease. He agreed with what I wanted and told me not to worry as they'd take good care of me.
Excited but nervous for next week now!

Hotel, Op day and before pics

Arrived at hotel Panorama yesterday, booked the all inclusive package so we were picked up by a lovely driver at the airport who brought us some 'candies mixed' in the car which was a nice touch. The hotel itself isn't the most modern in the main areas and does have a slight fousty smell but the room is absolutely fine and spotlessly clean which is my biggest concern. The gentleman on reception was so lovely and helpful, he got us four extra pillows straight away and told us to feel free for my husband to bring trays of food or drink up to the room as I wouldn't be up to using the restaurant. I would say the food is quite expensive in the restaurant depending what you have so make sure you bring snacks and drinks yourself in your luggage. The bed is really comfortable and king size so no worries about my husband rolling on my drains.
Had my op done today. Went down to theatre at around 8am and was back in my room around 2ish. Everything went well according to Dr Plovier.
The clinic is fantastic so clean and modern, considering some of the states on NHS wards it its amazing.
Could not fault any aspect of the day, when Dr Plovier was doing his very detailed drawings this morning I fainted twice (never fainted before, assume it was nerves and possibly holding my breath when he was drawing without realising) and he quickly laid me down and got the anaesthetist to give me a fluid drip. He was so understanding and caring, find it hard to believe that anyone has found him cold because he was lovely to me and making jokes to put me at ease.
The anaethetist and nurses were so kind and caring too, couldn't do enough for me and made me feel like nothing was any trouble.
The only downside is the pain, as many others have said I consider myself to have a high pain threshold but I felt it as soon as I came around properly (told the nurse and she gave me painkillers straight away). I'm finding it very difficult to move without pain and I am relying on my husband completely. Apparently the first few days are the worst so fingers crossed it'll improve soon.
Will post some before pics now.

Day 2 Post Op

Travelled home today on the Eurostar, highly advise booking wheelchair assistance in advance if you can. If not you can ask on the day like we did but you run the risk of not having one available.
Luckily we did and they made sure a wheelchair was arranged for St Pancras too which was a god send as I would never have walked the distance.

The pain is slightly better today, yesterday was pretty rough as I kept being sick. I think it was the morphine based pain killers which were causing it so I stopped them today and just managed with paracetamol and ibuprofen which has been fine.

One tip I meant to add about the hotel if you're staying at Panorama is possibly take one of your own pillows. Their pillows where square and not always the easiest to get comfy with so might be helpful to have one of your own to put on top.

Will add some photos I took today :)

3 days post op

Pain is better again today, feeling more human.
Can't wait to get these drains removed though so I can have a shower, still draining 40 on one side but nothing on the other so hopefully will drop tomorrow.
Happy with how they look in the dress I've got on today and with how my stomach is considering it's swollen.

5 days post op

Nothing major to report in terms of changes. Feel as though my boobs are starting to relax slightly and are slowly getting less square.

My tummy tuck isn't causing much pain at all except for if I cough or sneeze which really hurts and the back pain from walking like a pensioner lol.

Hoping my drains will be taken out tomorrow as they're not draining much at all now. Hoping that isn't too painful ????.

Drains removed

Had my drains removed today, feel so much better for it even though they weren't bothering me that much. Feel a lot more mobile without them and like I can stand up straighter, not sure how much is psychological. They stung a bit and it was a weird sensation having them pulled out but nothing too bad thankfully.

Still so swollen, hoping if I'm more active it will start to decrease over the next week or so.

Looking forward to my first proper shower tomorrow :)

9 days post op - belly button

So it's been 9 days since my op and I'm feeling much better. I can sleep on my side now with pillows for extra support and my knees raised not to pull at the tummy tuck stitches which is nice because I hate sleeping on my back.
My dressings on my belly button have been peeling and letting water in in the shower so I decided to remove and replace them today, took some quick photos before redressing which I'll add now. Still quite swollen, can't wait for the swelling to go to fully appreciate how it's going to look.

Still can't stand straight, I can't really figure out why but hope I can soon fed up of walking around like creeper lol.

13 days post op

Nearly two weeks have passed since my surgery and I feel so much better in myself. I'm sleeping a lot easier and haven't taken any pain medication for a good few days now. Just feel a bit sore and achey but nothing major.

I can almost stand up completely straight which is good because it's hard on the back being stooped over for so long.

Took my tummy tuck dressings off and replaced them today as they were letting in water and looking grubby. Took some photos of my scar before applying the new dressings. Think it's always a bit of a shock to see a scar for the first and it's hard to imagine it at its final point especially when it's so new and still angry looking but I'm really pleased with how thin the scar and hope that with proper management it will heal really nicely.

My breast scar bandages are still holding up well so no need to change them as of yet, can't wait until a weeks time when they are allowed to come off to see the results. Think I will still keep all of my scars covered as much as possible though to help protect them and avoid irritation x

17 days post op

Changed my bandages on my stomach again today. Slightly concerned as there is a small amount of yellow fluid coming out of an area on my belly button and looking at my actual tummy tuck scar there looks to be a small amount starting to come out there too. Hoping from what I've read that it's just a dissolvable stitch making it's way out and it will be fine, will keep a close eye on them both.
Put some germolene in my belly button and going to wash it with salty water in the morning and recover.

On a positive note though I'm feeling good in myself and in general am very happy with how my scar has improved in just 4 days, not long now until I can see my breast scars! X

4 weeks post op

So today marks 4 weeks post op. I've had some minor concerns with my healing in the past week or so (I'll post photos) but after contacting Dr Plovier and receiving instructions to care for the affected areas I'm pleased to report that everything is healing really well now. I've got a suspected Seroma and I am booked in for Dr Plovier to drain it on the 15th of this month.
I've been using my Avene Cicalfate cream on my scars for the past two days and my Lily C silicone C section strips on my tummy tuck scars for about 5 days and I'm really pleased with how they're looking already, would especially recommend the Avene cream as I noticed a massive difference after just one use.
First day on my own with my children today and it went well, no pain etc when lifting them.
Will update after my follow up on the 15th :) x

Healing update

Not sure if anyone reads these but will keep updating periodically incase someone comes across it in the future.
It's been roughly 10 weeks since surgery and everything is going great. Everything is healing really well, have the occasional spitting stitch which creates a tiny hole but they heal up on their own without any issue.
I'm really pleased with how everything is looking, the breast scars are so light already. I think that's because of my surgical bra as apparently compression helps scar appearance.
Nothing else major to report, got another check up in February to review scar fading etc.
Happy healing everyone :)
Dr Frank Plovier

Early on in the healing process but after having reservations about having surgery abroad I can honestly say I needn't have worried. Everything was so professional and everyone was absolutely lovely. Pleased with my results so far. Would absolutely recommend Dr Plovier

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