32A to 30DD - 285cc High Profile - London 2 Belgium

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So today I went to London for my consultation with...

So today I went to London for my consultation with Dr Luc Vrambout for a BA hopefully mid November.

I'm 20 yo, 32A at present hoping to go to a big C, potentially a D.

Consultation went well, discussed that I would have to go under the muscle, and he suggested a round implant as less likely to move around. I am happy with his suggestions and has made me even more eager to book it up and get it done.

Does anybody have any advice with regards to travelling once the BA is done? I live in the UK and the clinic is in Brussels, a two hour journey from London. I was hoping I would be able to return the same day as you need to arrive one hour prior to surgery then surgery takes one hour, then you can be discharged two hours later.

Having done my research on the surgeons at the clinic, I think I am going to go for Dr Sara Ulens. Has anybody heard any reviews about this surgeon?

I note this site is for people based in the US... Hope I can post this!!

Grateful for any advice/response.

Amanda xx

Some Wish Pics!

Ok so I have stolen some wish pics from some reviews I have been reading.... Here goes!

It's booked!! D-Day is 36 days away!

So today I plucked up the courage to book it! Well I had decided on the date a few weeks ago but had to clarify with the clinic. I have gone for 10th January as Dr Ulens wasn't available until then. So now is the time to start making decisions.

Dr Vrambout suggested 300cc to 330cc. If people have been recommended for this size, what did you end up going for?

Not entirely sure if I will be uploading before pics until afterwards, nervous about what people will think (I feel people will pity me, just like I'm sure every other reviewer here did...) and if I upload when they've been done at least you can see the difference.

Hoping to find somebody who will be going on the same journey around the same time so we can ask the silly niggly questions we have! I think that is one great thing about this site - every reviewer has pretty much put every single doubt and emotion and expectation it allows us all to know what to expect (ish)!! I'm sure it's a different journey for us all, but with the same outcome at the end of it.

So a quick reminder - currently 7st 8 pounds ( 100lbs ) with 32A cup size. Been dreaming about filler a C cup with a bit of cleavage too... will I look silly?

Also, anybody have any advice on how to tell work colleagues? Booked my leave today for one week (might change to two depending on how I feel) and people have already started asking what I'm up to. Do you just come clean to a few and hope it sort of spreads round the office?? Problem is it's gonna be pretty obvious when I come back on the Monday!

Look forward to hearing from you all and sharing my journey!

A xx

Some More Pics!

Deposit paid, payment cleared and confirmed! 1 month to go!

Post Surgery Bra...

Just ordered four post surgery sport support bras - gone for medium to allow for swelling... I never thought I would be buying medium for a bra!!

Sort of worried that my surgery is going to come round so quickly. Once Christmas and new year is done I will only have 9 days to go. That sounds scary!

Still haven't managed to tell anybody at work yet - so hard to approach the situation! Any tips would be much appreciated.

A xxx

Rice Sizers & Timings...

I have been trying to find the measurements to make rice sizers for implants but haven't had any luck. Any help would be great!

Also, I am having my surgery at 2pm. Has anybody had theirs this late in the day?

Sounds ridiculous, but I won't be meeting the surgeon I decided to go with until D-Day (I chose to go with a different surgeon after research, and it is only one of the PS that come over to London to do the consultations.) A really lovely reviewer has recently had hers done with my chosen PS so I feel so much more reassured about this. I notice on a lot of peoples reviews that they go back and forward to they PS to change implant size. I feel slightly unorganised and unprepared that I won't be knowing what I will be going ahead with until an hour before! I suppose travelling to another Country has it's Pro's & Con's and I guess this is one of them.

As always, thanks for your help!

Here Goes.... Before Pics!

Feeling brave and if I don't upload now I will change my mind and delete them!

Bras came!

My bra's which I ordered arrived yesterday! Going to get a front fastening one too but ordered these to wear for the whole drop and fluff process - if I can stay away from La Senza and Ann Summers for some lush underwear!

Hope everybody is ready for Christmas!


Merry Christmas ...

Hello lovelies,

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you ladies who have taken the time to read my journey.

15 days to go!


Travel is booked and I've been naughty...

I have just booked our travel for when we go to Brussels - we have had a complete change on plan and we are now driving! After doing our calculations, it actually works out much cheaper/less hassle/less travel if we drive and catch the ferry to Calais then drive to Brussels from Calais in the morning.

And the naughty bit .... I bought some gorgeous lingerie today in the sales! I cannot wait to show everybody when the new girls are here.

I had a voicemail from the clinic to wish me a Happy Christmas and check everything was still ok... Bless!


Boobie Dreams...


So I had an awful dream that my surgeon was tired so rushed the surgery and forgot to put a support bra on and they went all weird. Serves me right for doing research right before bed eh.

11 days to go!

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year from the UK!

Congratulations to everybody who has completely their journeys, and welcome to those just starting.


I'm poorly!!

WTF! I have a cold.

Is this going to affect anything? Surgery is 8 days away.

Not a streaming cold just an annoying one.

Thanks ladies x


Hello ladies,

So I am almost over what turned out to be a horrible cold where I had two days on the sofa and a day off of work! But I am nearly over it so feeling positive!

I have been super busy the past couple of days so I haven't had time to read horror stories, think about backing out, watch YouTube vids and read reviews - it was nice having a few days away from boobieville. As much as I love chatting to everybody it does sometimes feel like a guilty pleasure coming on RealSelf.

I am now 4 days away from surgery and 3 days away from when my journey begins... eek I just got butterflies!

I am an utterly rubbish sleeper anyway, and I don't always sleep well in new places (inc. hotels) and will be spending two nights away from home (and my fur baby who I am going to miss tons) so I am really hoping that I sleep well over the next few nights. Does anybody recommend anything non-prescribed to take to help with sleeping?

This seems completely ridiculous but I feel like I have been nesting - I have sorted out my cupboards and sorted out everything under my bed and put tons of stuff in the loft.... Clear space, clear mind right?

I had to have a urine sample sent off last week and the result comes back tomorrow. I am sure everything is fine but it's another thing in my mind!

I have started doing that 'this is the last time ....' thing and laughing to myself thinking of all of the reviews I have read where people are the same! Tonight I made a lovely Sunday roast and trifle so that will keep my fella sweet for next week when it will be his turn running around!

I've started gathering bits for my bag and it's starting to feel real - yikes!

Four more days of work and D Day will be here.......

Over and Out! Xxx

It's tomorrow!!!

Hello beauties...

I cannot believe I haven't had chance to update my review! I promised myself I would update it but my return to work over New Year has been manic! And now I am escaping from my clients for another 10days... Oops!

Anyway this week has been super stressful in life and boobieville. I won't go into detail but it was a make or break for tomorrow. Fingers crossed we are still in the game. We shall see...

I emailed the clinic about size of implants as I note some people had to order their sizes in their pre op... My clinic does different makes and sizes to choose from so we are OK on that front.

We arrived in our hotel about an hour ago after a fantastically smooth journey from Dover to Calais. We are currently lying in bed and I've just had a bath, and I'm now eating a chocolate bar and having my last glass of juice before lights out and no eating!

I'm super tired so I hope I sleep ok. I have free wifi at both hotels we are staying in (this hotel is two hours from the clinic, next hotel is three minutes from the clinic) we managed to get onto the ferry before our booking so we are an hour ahead of my schedule!

To those sharing my journey tomorrow, good luck and I will see you on the other side, sore but hopefully happy.

Big Love X

On The Other Side!

Quick update... All done and back at hotel. Feeling ok just tight so far like I have pulled muscles.

Thought I would be awful but ok so far and boyf is doing a good job and just searching for dinner - no food for 24 hours - record !

Had 285cc as measurements of frame were so small and anything over would have been a real risk. I trusted her so much and that was the sizing recommended for my body weight on the chart.

Implant was sebbin high profile.

Boyf just gone to find food and just taken meds for pain - took ibuprofen 400mg and two Arnica, along with amoxicillin prescribed by my doc for something else but it's a broad spectrum of bacteria

Anybody else turn dyslexic and unable to type after surgery? lol.

Thank you so much for your messages. I'm in my onesie right now and backed up by four pillows.

Over and out - 4 hour journey tomorrow so pray for me.


My left boob

Is really sore and sensitive to even move my arm... Any advice? No ice facility by the way! Thanks ladies xxx

Home Sweet Home!

After four hours driving and an hour on the ferry, we are home. We were greeted by a lovely bouquet of flowers and my sister who had arranged dinner - she is an absolute angel.

Most of the day I have been uncomfortable but not in pain which is good. Roundabouts weren't my friend but we made it home and it wasn't unbearable.

Trying to figure out the size as they are so compacted in my surgical bra that I can't tell - however I can feel a lot of boob and a lot of cleavage - result!!!

The clinic was so amazing; like a big posh house with a grand design feel and so easy to find.

The staff were all lovely and I didn't feel any nerves at all. I met with the surgeon at 1:45 and discussed sizes and profiles. After taking my measurements she advised that because my 'footprint' is so tiny, it would be a real struggle to fit a 300+ implant in. I trusted her completely and after showing her pics of what I desired, we decided on 285cc HP. Within 15 minutes of making the decision on the implants I was on the table with a drip in my arm - next thing without any warning (which I was glad about) I was asleep.

I woke up feeling tired but pain free - bf said I was being hilarious and was trying to get up. After about 40 minutes I 'sobered' up and I got dressed and went to the hotel.

I woke three times in the night for more meds but slept in three chunks of three hours... More than the night before - crazy!

Meds are wearing off but feeling fine just tightness up top. Giving my bf a night off as he's done all the driving and all the looking after, so my sister will be looking after me.

Happy Healing peeps! X

I have boobiessssss!!!!!

Today my Twinny helped me shower and she almost cried when I took the bra off. Happy tears!!! She said they look amazing so far - I was so worried that I was going to look like a monster - I do have lots of swelling up top but not looking/feeling too bad.

Pics are 48 hours post op.

No BM yet - grrr!

Washing my surgical bra

So I am temporarily wearing one of the bras I bought - yikes!

A Day in Bed

So you know when you read somebody's review and they say 'I've overdone it'.... I think that's me.

I had lots of visitors and friends over yesterday and went to the shops to get more meds. I then had a bath and went to the shop again to get cat food (didn't drive both times - was accompanied). When I got it I put my surgery bra back on - Jesus Christ it was tight. I then felt absolutely awful and didn't move from the sofa until bedtime where I really struggled breathing.

Today I am having a day in bed to recover from my traumatic evening as I don't want to be in that pain again!

Also, am I the only one who googles a question every hour if something happens of twinges? My boobs are also quite warm a lot of the time, and one of my friends or family said the word infection so that sent me into a google frenzy. Turns out hopefully it's ok - they don't feel like they are ok fire they are just warm to touch. Apparently it's blood circulating and repairing the muscle.

I really panicked when I took my bra off for a few hours but they did say about washing it, and I couldn't try it any quicker than I did. I feel like they came alive as soon as they were released and didn't want to go back into hiding ( I don't blame them... )

Still taking meds regularly as the pain can get a bit intense if I don't take anything.

Anyway, back to resting in bed watching day time TV - snore!

Wound Infection = antibiotics

So having never been on antibiotics before I have now been on two course in two weeks. I have developed a wound infection :( my left incision was itchy but then it turned into soreness and I noticed it was becoming enflamed - including my left breast.

Doc said nothing to worry about and that i should be feeling better in a few days - hallelujah. (PS. No sign of a fever just swollen and hot breasts with soreness around incision)

Today was the first day I had a shower and a hair wash by myself! Luckily we have a hand shower as well so I used that. It was so weird to see my new girls by myself. They were very shiny and swollen so I used cocoa body butter.. They feel much better.

I am meant to be returning to work on Monday but I don't think I will be able to even drive let alone be in meetings all day. Doc said if I am no better he will provide me with a sick certificate.

New pic is 7 days post op - can't cope with the surgical support bra any longer it was bruising me and I already feel better since taking it off to wash it. I reckon it's been hindering my recovery! One in pic is £4 from Tesco - what a bargain!


Forgot Pics!

10 Days Post Op

Hello ladies!

Hope you are all good in boobieville. I had my dressings removed by my doctor today to confirm infection cleared - which it is! Yipee! Nurse and doctor were amazed with how clean and tidy the incisions were as well as the progress of how they are healing.... Result :-)

Anybody got any tips for 'morning boob'? I don't know if I am just being a drama queen, but my god I am like an 80 year old when trying to get out of bed!

I was supposed to be going back to work today but wanted to confirm with doctor that the infection is cleared up and I am OK to go back to work and normal activities.

Still feeling quite stiff and hunched over but trying to move about more - I think my muscles are seized and not used to moving much seeing as I've done nothing for the past ten days! Work will be interesting tomorrow - will keep you updated!!

Tips for morning boob and advice when things will get easier (showering, reaching things, driving, shooting pains...)

Good days, bad days...

Work was hell! I cried when I got in, I was so exhausted! Driving is killing me. I drive a manual and have to do like a workout to get my seatbelt on, get my car in to reverse, looking round the corners and turning round corners - it is so painful still! I hope this is normal. I think I have that hypersensitivity thing - I took my bra off for a shower last night and just laid there in my dressing gown - it was the only time I wasn't in pain! Even my dressing gown brushing on them was so painful and sore. I don't have children but I imagine this is what it feels like when your milk comes in.

Still taking meds throughout the day if I am in pain but not taking them regularly only when it gets really bad.

Picture attached is incisions - can't remember what's lefty and righty I'll try and figure it out!


2 weeks ...

Feeling better now and only getting an achy uncomfortableness feeling in the evenings after work. Showering in the evening before bed rather than in the morning - showering with morning boob would kill! And the shower feels relieving after a long day!

The swelling has reduced a lot and they are starting to drop.

New photo is 2 days, 7 days and 14 days.

No pain, no gain!

the last couple of days I have been searching google to an inch of its life to check that the pains I am having are normal. Because I had an infection I am even more precautious if something happens.

In the evenings I am very achy and heavy and can get quite bad pains in my left breast (I am left handed and this one had always been more painful and swollen).

Morning boob is getting better. I purchased some lovely lingerie before my op - 3 C cups and 1 D cup. O.M.G. The C's barely cover my nipples and the D is tight. I'm hoping it's swelling as I would be chuffed with a D when they've all settled.

Doing most normal activities now and managing ok. This is so weird but I haven't sneezed yet!!! I can't seem to get my sneezes out they just seem to go away when I feel like I'm going to sneeze!

I'm back in my surgical bra - now the swelling is reduced it's a lot more comfortable. I am wearing surgical one at night indefinitely and wearing a plain sport bra during the day. The problem with my surgical bra is that the compression strap is quite bulky and you can see it through tops. I'm wearing baggy jumper dresses and scarves to help hide the strap if I wear it during the day.

P.s. New avatar pic is a 32DD tried on in a shop - not measured. This was 16 days post op.

Advice on if the pain is normal would be fab ladies!


As if it's been three weeks!

Time went so slowly before boobs, and after boobs time flies! Having a fast paced job helps - it takes your mind off things and it's Friday before you know it!

The girls are dropping nicely - I'm left handed and my lefty is still quite high! But right has dropped and little more. I am happy so far with the way things are healing. I had dissolvable stiches and they are dissolving more and more every day :-)

Morning boob isn't a problem as much anymore, sometimes I feel a bit tight but it's not that bad and I can still get up and get on. I can do most daily tasks as what I was doing before - lifting my arms above my head is still a struggle and I can get a bit of pain on the outer of my breast if I overdo it.

They are still like rocks but I am used to massaging them and touching them now like they've been there forever. When I first got them done I was in fear to touch them but now it's natural to me.

Driving is now fine - no problems except maybe when turning and having to twist your whole body. My upper arms have their strength back so I feel like I'm recovering properly :)

My PS said I can change from my support bra to normal bras after 4 weeks. I don't feel ready! I am going to make sure my incisions are a bit more healed and a bit less new - so I am going to switch to a normal sport bra for a few weeks until I am about 6/8 weeks then I am going to get measured.

My love/hate relationship with the surgical bra is currently a love one. (Did I just say that? I never thought I would!) they feel safe and covered and I know it is doing good.

PS - probably TMI but sex has returned to normal - at first I just could not relax. I previously had a very active sex life and it's slowly getting back to where it was. I would say it took about 2 weeks for me to actually enjoy it rather than fear it! Sounds awful! And my bf LOVES LOVES LOVES them!!!!

Pictures are incisions ( I just put vaseline on them so they look shiny ) and three weeks post op pic.

If anyone has any questions please ask!

Pics won't add?

Let's try again!

4 Weeks!

Hey ladies!

Has it really been four weeks! How is this possible lol!

Everything is looking and going really well and I couldn't be happier.

I took some photos for you lovely ladies so you can see them in their full potential!

The Lacey purple one is a C cup and the purple floral one is a D. I feel like it fits like a glove!

All swelling is gone - sleeping on my side, arms in the air etc etc and they feel a part of me now.

Putting Vaseline on my incisions twice daily. Does anybody recommend anything different? They are healing nicely and looking fresh! All stitches have dissolved.


More pics!

Thought I would upload some more pics :)

Pic problems!...

Eugh my pictures won't upload!

I got measured today at M&S and Debenhams. Both told me I am a 30DD. Yikes! I'm pleased. So pleased....

Until I went on the search for bra's. Nobody stocks them.

Managed to get one in the sale ( it's a floozie set which is lovely )

Almost 6 weeks!

Hi ladies:)

Sorry I didn't update last week - been busy busy busy.

My girls have dropped loads and are super soft and squishy. Didn't think I would ever get to that point ... Even a light poke would hurt!

Everybody is lovin them friends and family wise... When I say I am a double D people don't believe me. I don't look it in tops which I am really happy about - I didn't want to look silly.

New picture is 5 weeks and two days post op - thought I'd give you a full image of what they look like on my bod!

Going on holiday in May and I cannot bloody wait to get them out! There is 16 of my family going and my older sister was blessed with a chest and has told me I have to sunbathe topless whether I want to or not... Can't ruin my boobs with strap marks! Well I have to buy some more bikinis before I can even do that lol!

Been buying a few bras online - these will be modeled when they arrive!!:)

Over and out ladies xxx

6 Weeks:)

Hey peeps!

Hope your good in boob world.

Not much to report this end - still loving my new additions - not to mention the other half loving the new additions;) am still yet to buy some more underwear - waiting for my other new ones to come in the post!

Today I'm wearing one of my four sports bras I bought prior to surgery... They're sooooo comfy! For some reason I haven't really worn them because I have had a routine with my other with washing them etc.

My incisions look super red in the pic but I feel they don't look red in the mirror and they're definitely not sore, so I'm not worried. I'm putting bio oil and vaseline on twice a day after my shower and before bed. Boobs are still a bit shiny but less and less as the weeks go by :)

My twin sister has booked to have hers done on 1.4.14 and I'm so excited for her. I am going to try and take some time off work so I can look after her just like she looked after me :). I will keep you all posted on her - she is super super nervous and isn't too good with things like this so I think she will need a tried and tested model for encouragement and reassurance :)

As always if you have any questions just ask xxxx

Loving my girls!


Sorry I haven't updated in a while.. All is good in the hood!

Can't really tell if they are dropping or fluffing but I haven't obsessed about it at all cos I'm so happy with them and I don't want them to change!

thought I would treat you to some pics!


Woot woo ;)

Hello lovelies!

Hope all who are currently going through your BA journey are enjoying it! The pain goes eventually just keep going strong:)

Check out my girls!!!!!

Couldn't resist to show you all!

Belgium Plastic Surgeon

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