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I am 25 years old. I am happily married with 5...

I am 25 years old. I am happily married with 5 Children: 7,6, 5, 2, and I. I have decided that it is time to treat myself for a change and enjoy my body completely. I am soon to start teaching after I graduate this December and I do not want to go through this procedure during my teaching career. I am happy with myself, I just want to enhance my beauty. I am having the most problems because I thought it out when 159 pounds and now I am weighing 144 pounds. I have lost a good bit of weight but this to me is not going anywhere! I believe my s*** would be nice after this procedure. I have almost 40 more days to my major change. I hope to get a lot of encouragement from my fellow ladies with what to expect along with some motivation and helpful information to know. I will be updating Friday because I am having my pre out. Speak to you ladies soon!

This is how you can look after five children along...

this is how you can look after five children along with several surgeries for umbilical hernia repair with a doctor that is not good with repairing lol

Hey ladies! Well I went to my pre-op today and...

Hey ladies! Well I went to my pre-op today and everything went well. I got my prescriptions today. They said they wanted me to have my medicine prescribed before the surgery to make sure I bring it with me to the hospital. They said I might be in pain immediately after surgery (my eyes got big like o my God)! Well I have basically 10 days left. I recognized a lot of ladies say your doctor prescribed you percocet (sorry about spelling). Well he prescribed me hydrocodon. Is that just as good for pain? Just wondering. I'm getting a little scared! I need encouragement Ladies!

7 days away and I am beginning to get excited and...

7 days away and I am beginning to get excited and nervous at the same time. I have getting the house spring cleaned so it won't be that hard on my hubby as I am recovering. Time is truly passing by!

I meant to give my weight: 143 and height:5'1

I meant to give my weight: 143 and height:5'1

day of surgery!

I am getting ready to head to the hospital now. I am a little nervous but only about the recovery. Took some pics this morning to remind me how it USED to look. I am ready foe the flat side! My husband is so supportive. Taking care of me already and the surgery hasn't even taken place yet! My surgery is at 10 but I have an hour drive to get there. Pray for me ladies. Thanks for your stories it has prepared me for the good and the bad!

po 1

Hello ladies! Had my surgery yesterday and it went good. It was super painful but got better as the timed passed. I'm staying the hospital another night to make sure everything is going ok. It is beautiful already! He said it was swollen. If he calls this swollen then my stomach is super flat. I will have my first innie belly button. I will take pictures when I make it home. It does not bother me that much as far as pain goes. It's beautiful!

still in the hospital

Hey ladies I am doing so great bu the help of the Lord. I am still in the hospital because I live far away from here and they want to make sure everything is working fine. This is po day 2. I woke up to roses, my husband is so wonderful! I have been walking around a lot. I did three laps on the sixth floor and I recently did two laps this morning. I bent over a little but I have no pain at all. The only time I am sore is when my muscle in my stomach aches. I am posting some pics. I still haven't had a bowel movement, I am just taking one day at a time. I love my results so much. Thanks ladies for your support!

bowel movements

I am going to post a review but right now I am getting very concerned. Is or did anyone have problems with your first bowel movement? It has been
5 days now and I havent had
one yet! I'm getting worried.
I'm taking pills that soften your
stools, I took some miralax, and even ate spicy foods. I need some encouragement!

po day 6

Everything is going good. I'm just ready for the drains to be taken out. I'm going to try to go tomorrow to have them removed. My App isn't until Friday but he said I can come whenever my drains aren't draining anymore. I feel fine, just getting irritated by the drains because they are so uncomfortable! Will post more pics when I get drains removed.

1 down and one more to go

Well this morning I went to Dr barr office and got one of my drains removed. It went great! It wasn't painful at all. My appt is Friday, but if nothing is being drained the other one is coming out sooner than Friday. Then Friday I can get the tape removed and from there it will just be healing time!

All drains are now GONE!!!

I just took some pics before getting in the shower. This is po day 11 and I am getting around real good! I am taking it easy but enjoying myself at the same time. I went to the movies with my wonderful hubby last night and watched "after earth" and it was the best! I felt so slim and beautiful in a dress that I haven't wore in a long time. I am so grateful to be able to see my vagina (sorry). I haven't seen that girl in 5 years! Thank you tt ladies for the encouragement and helpful stories! Love you all !!!

po day 17

Hello tt ladies! It has been going wonderful! Went to my dr appt with dr barr. He removed my tape and I can see my incision now! I don't love my scar, but I will accept it over my old tummy. I definitely have to get used to looking at my new tummy and scar. He said I can walk on the treadmill now because I told him that I didn't want gain weight. He also said I can go back to work, but he doesn't want me lifting over 5lbs. I don't have PAIN AT ALL! I never get tired. I'm actually back to my normal active life! I'm grateful to My Father God for the quick recovery and I am still healing from my hernia surgery part.

3weeks po

Everything has been great. Yesterday I spent 3 hours looking for some spanx that was comfortable with a lot of compression for recovery. I was successful at jc penny. I got one 1 size smaller to get the extra compression. It feels so wonderful. I got on the bike for 20 min and walked on the treadmill for 12 min at the gym. It was fun and I actually miss being there. When I got home I room pics with my new compression girdle. I also took some after taking it off. No dwelling all day! Happy healing tt ladies!

6 weeks this tuesday

I am almost 6 weeks po! I brought my first bathing suit in over 5 years. I am going to show my bathing suit that was given to me, but I can't wear it because my scar shows. Anyway, I felt so beautiful! My doctor said I can go back to normal activities. He sd I have to wear my binder for a couple of more days. He also sd I need to massage my scar very often to soften it to keep it from getting hard. I am so excited and grateful for a quick recovery and I love my results.

I will be 12 weeks this coming Tuesday

Almost 12 weeks and I am lovin my tummy! I work out regularly now and I can feel my muscles. I haven't felt them in 5 years! Here's some pics
Brunswick Plastic Surgeon

I was feeling nervous on the day of surgery and he easily calmed me down. He answered every question I had in mind and ensured me that he was going to take good care of me. He has been contacting me in Different ways to check on me. I'm not sure how my bb is going to turn out but I am waiting!

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