23 Y.o. Damon Braces - Brownsburg, IN

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Despite every dentist visit since childhood ending...

Despite every dentist visit since childhood ending in a referral to an orthodontist I was not able to get braces as a kid/teenager and was destined to live my life unhappy with my crowded teeth. Since the age of 18 I have found freelance work as a model but felt I could always improve my apperance by fixing my smile. I have gone through so many bouts of self love and hate with my teeth and even though my boyfriend (born with naturally straight teeth) reassured me that I looked beautiful despite my imperfect smile, I knew I would never
be happy with my teeth. So, instead of waiting until I was 30 and still being upset with their apperance, I decided to take the plunge and spend the out of pocket money to improve my smile. Starting September 11, 2014 I had 2 separate consultations and was told by one orthodontist I would need my wisdom teeth removed prior to attaching my braces to avoid shifting after completion of treatment. No dental insurance held me off from doing so. Also the down payment for the Damon braces would be $1,500. When January 2015 rolled around I had enough for the down payment but wasn't able to do the wisdom teeth extraction due to my recent pregnancy. Good thing I had my X-rays done in September or it would have been difficult starting treatment. I had a third consultation with a third orthodontist who informed me I would need 4 perfectly healthy teeth extracted and an extra year of treatment. Although the payment plan was easier with him, I decided to go with my original orthodontist who not only didn't require me to get healthy teeth extracted but also offered the self-litigating Damon brackets I wanted due to the seemingly faster treatment time and easier maintenance. So i set my appointment to get them on April 16, 2015. The process was painless and I was happy to finally have them on after waiting so many years. I have clear brackets on top and metal on bottom due to my overbite. Note: eat a large meal before getting braces put in as you will be sore soon after. I grabbed a bite to eat on my way home and was not able to bite into and barely chew my food. The days after I was limited to smoothies and apple sauce. For the next 2 weeks I had to cut up and carefully chew any solid food. Now I am 6 weeks in and I can finally bite into some foods. I still can't eat nuts and most foods I just rub on my palate and lightly chew until I'm able to swallow. It's not painful to chew anymore but it's annoying having to clean in between my wires constantly. I'm exprememly happy with the progress so far as my second incisors (the teeth beside to my two front teeth) have lined up in this short amount of time, giving me an arched look instead of a stair-step lol. I will update as my progress goes on.

Photos of treatment

I have included photos of my treatment so far

10 week visit wire change

I took some photos before my new wires were put in for my 10 week visit. I'll get an even thicker wire in another 8 weeks at my next appointment.

5 month update

Last visit my hygienist changed me to a thicker, square shaped wire and suggested I take a Tylenol that evening. There has not nearly been as much discomfort and soreness since the initial appointment that out the braces on. My teeth look very straight now so I assume the year of treatment time left is to perfect my bite.

6 month update

I got my wire changed today, and a perk of Damon braces is freer appointments. This was my 4th appointment since getting them on in April.

What I notice now is that I don't have nearly as much discomfort or soreness after wire changes since the first one. I think since my teeth are much straighter now that they don't have as much work to do and in turn, not as much soreness.

I jokingly tell my orthodontist I think we're finished and she can take them off, and after giving me updated X-rays, she predicts I have another year to go. When I bite down there is still room between my bite, and the placement of some teeth will be perfected, like rotating my top canines (pointy teeth) and lowering my top second incisors (the ones next to your two front teeth), as well as closing my bite. Small tweaks from here on out. To be honest I don't mind the look of braces!

8 months

My teeth are straight so I'm assuming the next year of treatment is fine tuning. My Ortho removed 5 brackets and repositioned them to make specific teeth move, like my lateral incisors are short (teeth beside to your front 2) so she's going to bring them down. Also, my morals don't completely align when I bite. Other than small imperfections, I'm completely happy!

Last Appointment

My de-banding appointment set for 11.28.16.....

Braces off!!!

I'm brace free in under 2 years!
Jayme Adelsperger

Lovely woman, she and her office staff made me feel at home from the time of my consultation. Misspelling of her name as it is actually Adelsperger.

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