Forehead NOT Pulled Up Enough

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I had an Endoscopic Brow Lift & lower eyelids...

I had an Endoscopic Brow Lift & lower eyelids done. My surgeon told me I would *probably* NOT need a Blepharoplasy (upper eyelids) as the brow lift would *lift* my eyes.

I was so excited thinking ALL my lines on my forehead would be gone, and  my eyes would not be hooded with loose skin....... WRONG!!!!

I still had very noticable horizontal lines on my forehead and the very same *hooded* look to my eyes, so I went back and told him how unhappy I was and he said he would do a Blepharoplasty @ no fee, so I agreed and had that done about a year later.

Problem: One of the stitches on my left eye came out so I called him very late at night and he asked if I wanted to come to the office in the morning BUT...I said: Oh, I think it will be OK. He said: OK..........When he *SHOULD HAVE* insisted I have someone drive me (My eyes were too swollen to drive myself) the next day to re-stitch that eye, and as a result, I have ALL this loose skin on my top eyelid and it looks like I  never had that procedure done.

So I go back again and told him I was unhappy with both the results and the 2 procedures in general. He did tell me LASER RESURFACING would really benefit me as I have a lot of sun damage. I agreed to have the laser resurfacing and he only charged me for the Anesthesia and NOT the procedure itself. Between the brow lift and the laser resurfacing, I don't know which one was the most painful, but they BOTH were almost unbearable with a lengthy recovery.

Now I have hyperpigmentation in a V-shape under my chin, the exact same lip lines (laser did not get rid of these or even smooth them out as this doctor told me it would) and I scratched the side of my face while I was sleeping, woke up all bloody, and now I have a large brow colored scar underneath my left cheekbone.

A few weeks ago I again went back and told him adamantly for the 3rd or 4th time that he did not LIFT my forehead up enough. Each time he diagreed and so we just kept agreeing to disagree, BUT....when I pull my forehead up & back just slightly, the lines on my forehead disappear, and there is NO wrinkly, crepey skin on my upper eyelids. He said that Lasering my upper eyelids would take care of this......BUT.....he has to charge me for the anesthesia ($500) so I agreed, scheduled my procedure and then bailed out 2 weeks before my surgery date.

I am SO done with this doctor and cosmetic surgery, and I have to live with lines in my forehead, lines around my mouth, and droopy, loose-skinned eyelids. AND......I STILL look my age (60) and always am asked if I want my senior citizen discount which has sent me to my car in tears.

My opinion is that this doctor, even with 25 years experience supposedly, does not know how to do a brow lift, upper eyelids OR laser resurfacing. My lower eyelids look great. he did do that right.

The total cost for ALL of this came to approximately $10,000.00 which I took out of my very small life savings. He was recommended by a friend of a friend who had her nose done. He has another office across town where he practices in nasal surgeries. i didn't do any research on a brow life OR this doctor and took my friends advice on face value (pardon the pun).

There is no way I can afford to go to another doctor to have my eyes fixed, so everyday I look in the mirror and am ANGRY and cuss this guy out, which doesn't do me any good but add stress to my life. What do I do??? He messed up and won't admit it. Doctors rarely admit to their *mistakes* and I'm thinking he did this because he wanted me to come back and get more work done......$$$ in his pocket even though he did do the other 2 prodedures at no cost except the anesthesia, it wasn't worth it as he still didn't get it right.

I cannot find the pictures taken of me in September 06 before I had any procedures done. I think I looked better BEFORE the procedures. I really NEED to find those pictures!

There are NO pros here....just cons.

It has been over 2 years since I had an endoscopic...

It has been over 2 years since I had an endoscopic brow lift and I am still very upset with what the doctor *Didn't* do in regard to pulling my forehead up. When I had my upper eyes done several months after the brow lift, one of the stitches came out on my left eye and as a result there is much more loose & crepey skin than on the right.  My left eyebrow is slightly lower than my right.  Unfortunately I didn't do any research on this procedure or the doctor which I SO regret. My advice is to do A-LOT of research on this procedure and make sure the doctor is qualified and experienced. I will say that this doctor did try to work with me on these issues and did my upper eyes and a full laser resurfacing at no cost other than for the anesthesiologist. I have major hyperpigmentation on my neck in a triangle shape form. I am a natural blonde with hazel eyes, so I don't understand why this occurred.

I still want *something* done to improve my upper eyelids, but at this point I don't want this doctor to do the laser resurfacing on my eyelids for fear it will not be up to my expectations or his.

I did this brow lift because this is what this doctor recommended to me at the time. It was VERY painful and a long recovery. The top of my forehead is still numb as is my eyebrow area starting at my nose. The laser resurfacing was just as painful or even perhaps more painful. I again would recommend you do your research on these and any cosmetic procedures you may have.


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ALWAYS do your research on the procedure and talk to other people who have gone to the same doctor and find out if they were happy with the results. If you want your eyes done, my advice is to go with a doctor who does ONLY EYES, or ONLY BROW LIFTS, etc, and not one that does a ga-zillion cosmetic procedures.

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