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Well... today was the day. I have been home just...

Well... today was the day. I have been home just a few hours. I am still loopy from meds and plan to keep taking them. I had 1mg of xanax, 100mg of tramadol and a steriod Medpro pack before the procedure began. They numbed my face twice with topical anesthetic lotion. The procedure did hurt. I stayed as still as a board.... the medical assistant said ppst procedure she actually checked my stomach a few times to make sure I was brwathing cause I was so still. I saw no choice but be still or something very bad could happen!
After the procedure it hurt soooo badly. Soooo much that for about an hour I didnt know what to do with this horrid pain as I bkew ice cold air on my face with a fan labeled smart cool.
I took a third tramadol and the medical assistant put some more numbing cream on me and I was finally able to get up and leave.

I feel a lot better now...its 3pm and we started at 9 am. I look soooooo swolen. Pray for me and a speedy beautiful recovery.

Day 2. blind as a bat

Today was day 2. Pain was down. Swelling seemed the same. I took my steroids. I couldn't get contacts in or wear glasses. Since I am super nearsighted (-10) this was big. Aone small flaking of yellowish junk came off in the regenex and aquaphor. Yick.

Day 3 am

Day 3 mid day

Day 3 afternoon

Day 3 before bed

Tonight I feel itchy sensations in my face. I am not touching it. Just applying everything as I have been instructed.
Im more red..but less swollen. Its crazy to look in the mirror as I get a bit anxious looking at all the laser dots. I feel like time is moving ever so slowly. I am excited to see what changes tomorrow brings.

freckles on my fingers.... yum

Finally. Last night my face was tight and unbearably itchy. No touch no touch! This morning I washed with Cetaphil for the first time. It felt nice to wash my face even though it was a very gentle quick rinse. When I applied my goop I was pleasantly surprised to find about a half dozen disgusting little freckles on my fingers. So I am not "peeling" but skin is definitely shedding! So far so good. Swelling was down enough for my contacts to go right I to my eyes Today swelling isnt an issie either. I am more red and brown than I was yesterday.

pinky winky

My new baby skin is peeking on through. More and more dead nasty skin comes off in my lotion. The aquaphor is keeping it so moist that I don't feel it happening. The new skin is sensitive and feels a little stingy and raw but as long as it stays covered as directed it is fine. Not sure how many more days it will be till I can leave the house but right now I am very happy with the progress I have.

looking good

No more zombie face ;)
I am happy to report about 80%+ of the lasered area has shed.
The skin does look quite pink and isn't as snooth as I had anticipated. I do hope it continues to smooth out as it heals.
What a crazy procedure this is. I am so happy I can leave the house soon.... no follow up appt till 12/23.

Aloe juice feels great!

I switched from spraying with cold filtered water to spraying with 100% aloe vera juice. I love the way it feels. Last night the new skin under the aquaphor was screaming. It was burnibg and itchy and it was so so hard to leave alone. (But I did!!). Anyway, a lint free disposable cloth soaked in aloe juice as a compress really calmed the skin down and felt heavenly. I had to follow with a reapplication of yicky petroleum aquaphor to keep it moist through the night. I have been spraying all morning ;)

woo hooo

Looking better than I expected. What crazy is so many discolorations have disappeared yet the one that I initally wanted to gwt rid of is just sitting there. CrAZY. It was darker than others..... but it almost looks likenit didnt even lighten or peel. Maybe it's just taking its time. The spot I mean is iver ny right eyebrow towards the end of the brow.

I am so sensitive. I need cetaphil...aquaphire...aloe juice Spray..water spray...every 30 min to 1 hour. I keep alternating just keeping the skin moist like the doc said. I did not expect thebfinw lines and texture to actually improve like this. I did expect all the spots to go away. Still cabt go out. Standing near a closed window makes my skin tingle in a scary way. I am thinkinvgi have at least 3 more days indoors.
My face couldn't handle sunscreen now if I tried. Very sensitive.

Regenica feels good!

Face is loooking good. It's Tuesday night one week after the procedure. Regenica by obagi feels good. It absorbs really fast though and I am still needing more moisture than it provides. I hope I get less red fast!

They said I might break out...

And I have. We interupt this new skin breakthrough with a ....ZIT...or two...or I see four? Yes, I do. we wait ;) I still havee a sun spot on my forhead. Skin feel a kittle rough and I am hoping that will resolve as well. So happy I an healing well.

Day 9 pm

Looking red. Can't wait to be able tp go out. ..make up....and enjoy my results. I never could have done this and gone back to work in 5 days as some suggest they do. I still dont feel ready to go anywhere. My hair is SOO greasy from the last week of goop. I have been using a clarifying shampoo and still my hair is nasty. Eyebrows too.

Day 9

I am so this normal?

Today I don't feel hardly as confident as I did yesterday. My skin is red....expected. I have some crazy zits showing up everywhere....expected. I look like two dark sppts are coming back stronger? Or just didn't leave? Maybe I am paranoid. I've had no sun exposure and am kinda surprised.
Mostly... I'm worried that the new skin feels more rough than my face preprocedure. Maybe its still just part of the healing stages.... but it feels corse (under regenica and aquaphor). WWhen u look in theblight you can still see the grid mark of the laser. ...its like a zillion pores in perfect alignment. I almost would say it looks like fine gauze or a cheescloth. Ugh
Appointment is in 3 days.... Monday moorning. Maybe by then it will look different. The skin feels like a kittens tongue. ; (
Panicking a little.

Before Pictures

Still housebound

I guess technically I could go out at night if I wanted to. I am kinda goopy, greasy, and gross. I haven't trued any makeup or anything. My skin is still so sensitive. Current routine is water compresses (cold) a few times a day. I follow those with a bunch of aquaphpr which is the only thing that really feel comfortable. The skin is tight. I have a follow up on Monday. I just need to be reassured that I am healing properly.

rough looking

My face is looking tight and firm. The skin unfortunately looks rough. And it feels rough too. I am dependent upon the aquaphor to keep it softened all day. I still wobt go out because I look greasy with the aquaphor and feel dry if without it wven for 5 minutes. If this doesnt fill in more smoothly I will cry cry cry. I j ust keep trying to keep my thoughts positive and wait wait wait. Maybe I am still healing and it will take longer? ? :(

Faith Restored! Looking Good!

I wish I had insisted to see my doctor sooner. I spent a long time suoer anxious for no reason. I saw my doctor yesterday. Stopped using cetaphil, put some aloe on, allowed my skin to rest partially dry and made up my face. OMG I look wonderful. I believe I am still a little swollen cause my face looks fuller.
When Dr. Janowski saw me I told him it was brutal and I would never have done it had I known hw horrible I would feel. When he pulled up mg before pics and then thebones he took yesterday and he zoomed in- I ate my words. Wow.
I think we need to remember we don't always see ourselves the way we really look to others.
I told my doc the Cetaphil made me seem more red. He said stop. .... duh...I feel and look better.
I will post some pics with makeup later.
Anxiety was making me appear to look bad and freak out. My face is actually beautiful. I think I look a lot younger. I am happy I did this. And if anyone wants to know.... yes, I would do it again!

Rough texture and a gauze look

Ok.. so I look good. But I hate the large pore like laser holes I still see. My skin looks rough and red. As long as it continues to improve I will be ok. I am still nervous. But it does look really good in a lot of ways. I look younger and really tighter all over. I was hoping for more in treatment of discoloration but I cant even really say that yet because I am so red.

Looking good

My grandma says I look 26 since I had my "facelift". Obviously I was right and my face is much tighter than before. The texture may be evening out. Its too soon to tell. I ordered emu oil fromI amazon and after reading up on it I feel foolish for not having it from the start.


OVERALL--- WOW DID I LOOK YOUNG for a short while. I am one year post and I am sad to say I think a lot of the pigmentation has returned. WIthin another year it may look identical to how it did before laser.
I use obagi -- religiously... day and night... retina... lotsa sunscreen...hats and a UV mask in summer---- the freckles are coming back.
Considering IPL and realizing it will be a neverending process of IPL every three months... and I may not be happy with that!

I am not letting it go back.. I just havent figured out what to do about it.

I also have found out since then that I am ALLERGIC to the topical that was used for my procedure. This may explain why I had so much pain and burning after the procedure.

I do plan to do my eyes again within the next few months. The yes seem to have the largest impact and I have watched them return to wrinkley over the last 6 months.
Dr. Lawrence Janowski

Dr. Janowski's has my trust. His office staff is kind, honest, caring, respectful, and competent. I have had multiple services and am beyond pleased. I am even getting Vitamin B shots there now! Never do these procedures unless you have an experienced MD.... and if you can...use Dr J!

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