Breaking my Botox Virginity at 28 (Australia) - Brookvale, AU

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I'd been thinking about botox for a few years now,...

I'd been thinking about botox for a few years now, as I have been getting frown lines that look pretty obvious in certain lights. I like my face, I feel pretty & people say I look young for my age, but I don't want to look frowny, I want to look happy or at least relaxed. So yesterday I thought I'd go talk to someone about it.

I work in retail at my local mall, and there's a "my boutique" at the mall. I went in my lunch break. I asked my questions & the nurse answered them all thoroughly. I had been told a few years ago that it would cost around $300AUD, so when she said it would only be $187 I thought what the hell, and got it done right there.

The injections felt like bee stings. Sore but not unbearable. I had red bumps & spots where the injections were for about half hour afterwards. Looked no worse than pimples. She gave me some mineral makeup to put over anyway. No one at work noticed anything. By the time I got home at 7pm I had no indication that anything had been done. I maybe had a slight headache.

This morning I woke up with a mild migraine. I'm prone to them maybe once a month or so. My regular light sensitivity & slight nausea. Not sure if this is related. Forehead feels tight but can still move it.

Sorry I'm not posting pictures due to anonymity. Many people I know would call me vain to get this done. I'm also a feminist & believe that we shouldn't have to change our looks to get by. But I also want to. And my body my choice, right? Any way it's just an experiment, it's not like I have to get it done forever.

Can't wait to see results!

2 days later

Headaches gone but feeling pretty dizzy. Just want to lie down. This isn't a usual symptom of my migraines so most likely due to botox. I hope it goes away soon. I had to cancel my martial arts class tonight.

Forehead still feels slightly heavy, like theres something under the skin. I'm noticing it slightly harder to frown, & the lines don't stay as long after, forehead is a little smoother but not a huge difference yet, which is apparently normal.

3 days

Yay dizziness was gone today! still feel a little stiff in the forehead. its really hard to move now. I still get lines but it takes twice the effort for half the result. No residual lines after frowning, which is essentially my main concern.

I do look a little weird though when I try to express myself. When I raise my eyebrows only the outsides raise, so I kind of look angry. It also raises from the middle, so I look like i have eyebrows like the count from sesame street. A little anyway.
I also realised I do this a lot. Smiled at my dad & he asked if I was angry just because of my weird eyebrow raising thing.
I haven't told anyone yet, not sure if I will. Maybe will only be an issue if I get it done again.

Day 4 & 5

Feeling great! dizziness went yesterday & the weird heavy feeling is either gone or I've gotten used to it. I look amazing! 5 years is gone from my forehead. I look so relaxed!

I told my sister, no one but her so far. She said she didn't notice anything but thought I looked relaxed. She said shed put it down to makeup. She said shed never have noticed except when I frowned & had no crease.

More importantly I feel so relaxed! I am on holidays but still, holding tension in my face can't be good for my mood. & for someone who has spent the last few years recovering from depression & anxiety this is great.

My verdict is worth it.
My boutique

Didn't catch her name actually, but she looked of Indian origin? Very pretty & very nice. I'd certainly go back for the price & service. She was a nurse but I trusted she knew what she was doing.

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