22 Year Old with One Child - Brooklyn

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I've been over weight my entire life I was born...

I've been over weight my entire life
I was born weighing nearly 10lbs. I never really had a problem with being 'fat' until my teens , I would get boils in between my thighs & under my arms ... By the time I was 19 I would get bumps /boils on a daily basis EVERYWHERE , under my chest , my butt, groin area, thighs , underarms , stomach , back ... And I was also diagnosed with hidradenitis.
At first I was told there was nothing that could be done , some doctors said shave, some said don't shave , shower, don't shower . I am still unable to control the outbreaks . So my last resort is to lose this weight . I've tried diets & gyms but after spending months at the gym and seeing no results I would give up .
So I am planning on having the surgery on the 15th.
I weigh 250 I wear a size 14 in pants . I am VERY top heavy . Would it proportion out after the weight lost ?
Will I be sore & unable to care for my child afterwards ?
If so how long?
Any advice ?
Thank you

Before pictures

Some pictures of myself before the surgery

All liquid diet help

Hey tomorrow I have to do all liquids. Is it okay if I buy a soup and only drink the broth ? Or just juice and water for the entire day ? Also... Anyone know any good protein shakes ?

Surgery is in about 7 hours

Before photos. I decided to blur out my face only because there were a lot of people that I didn't tell about the surgery. I wanted to wait until my end results
Right now I'm 5'4 & 234 lbs
Size 14 bottom & 2x top.
My surgery for the sleeve is in the morning . Wish me luck !! I'll post more pics as soon as I can !!

In so much pain

My stomach is really sore. The pain is very similar to the c-section that I had a few years ago . Only thing is the incision is higher . It hurts when I try to get out of bed , sit. Any type of movement . They are telling me I need to walk . Oh and I have a lot of gas . The walking is helping with that . They are giving me morphine every 3 hours . But it knocks me out for a few hours then I'm back in pain when I get up. I feel way better than the 1st day but not 100%

There's a tube coming out the side of my stomach , darning the blood. It hurts as well

First night home

The sleep was horrible. It was hard to get in and out of bed without the help of the hospital bed rails .
Everytime I lay down I have a dry cough. It's only when I lay down . And I feel like I can't breath . My heart beats faster when lying down . Is that normal ?


The first few days I felt full after a few bites & had to remind myself to eat again. Now (5 days later) I am still full after a few bites but I find myself feeling real hunger (not head hunger) in the next 2 hours . Is that normal ? My doctor is our until Thursday so I can't even ask him.

Phase 1 full liquids

Notice that my stomach is strinking

Finally seeing a change. What should I use for stretch marks and scars ? Bio oil or maderma ? Which is better ?
Good day everyone

I weigh 217 now !

Heaven on Earth !!!

-with Ice... This smoothie is so good . I love that now that I'm eating better so is my family . I've been making this every night for them !!


I'm on stage 3, and I can basically eat extremely small portions of anything that isn't fatty ... I tried to take a bite of my friends bacon egg and cheese & I felt so nauseous afterwards , never again . Also I'm afraid of how my new stomach will tolorate alcohol , so I haven't drank anything . But I did go to the bar & I had cranberry juice with a dash of ginerale . I sipped it slow as if it was something heavier , lol .

191 lbs

I've never felt happier
I'm in a size 10 jeans and an Large top. I walk with an ease and I feel great .

185 lbs

I'm really feeling myself
Dr. Rabih Nemr

So far so good but I haven't had the surgery yet .

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