31 Year Old Mommy of 2 Kids Tummy Tuck- Brooklyn, NY

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I am a 31 year old mommy of 2 kids. A 3 year old...

I am a 31 year old mommy of 2 kids. A 3 year old boy and a baby girl that's 9 months old. After I had my son i was able to work off all the baby weight but my daughter was a another story. After I had my daughter I tried to lose the baby pouch but i couldn't! After months of buying flowy shirts to hide my belly I decided I should do a tummy tuck. I was tired of struggling to hide that pouch, i was tired of wearing shape wear that only made a little bit of a difference. I wanted to wear a dress without looking like i was still preggo, I wanted to wear jeans without a muffin top and forget about when I got bloated! I'd look really preggo! So here I am ready to get back to the old confident me.

Medically Cleared

I am medically cleared for my surgery! Yay! In order for the surgery to be preformed I had to take a chest xray, get blood work done and take a pregnancy test. 1 more day before the surgery and I'm not nervous yet, I think I'll start to get really nervous tomorrow night, I probably won't even sleep! I am so ready to get this whole process over with!

I attached pictures, this is me in the morning time.

1 day post op

when i woke up after the surgery I was in a lot of pain! But after I got some pain medicine I felt much better. The staff was awesome, everyone was super nice and made me feel comfortable. It does feel like I did 1,000 crunches but the drains hurt more than anything! I can't wait to get them out. I had to sleep on the couch since its easier to sleep in a reclined position. The one thing I didn't read after reading soo many reviews is that its hard to pee! I guess you never realize how much you use your ab muscles but when I tried to pee I had to really concentrate and push harder than I usually have to.

1 week post op (drains & constipation!)

Today I'm officially one week post op! yay! It hasn't been to bad, the pain was manageable. I feel like my last child birth was more painful (She came naturally with no time for an epidural, and I was BEGGING the doc for one i was in so much pain). I will say that the drains are annoying and painful, its like a stinging sensation and I've tugged on them by mistake a couple times and that hurt like hell. I see my PS tomorrow so hopefully he'll take them out!

Earlier in the week i was in constipation hell! It felt like I had a brick in my belly! I took fiber gummies, added fiber into my water and drank lots of water, I also took colace hoping that would help the process but nope! still constipated. My hubby suggested prune juice and that actually did it! the next day I was able to poop, not a lot but enough to feel some relief, now I'm regular, I poop every day. (TMI!! sorry) But for you ladies who are going thru constipation hell, try prune juice.

As for my results, I am liking them so far, I can't wait till the swelling goes down so I can see the real results, my bb is still a work in progress, i keep telling my self its only been a week. I'm not walking over as hunched over anymore but still having back pains since I can't stand straight. I'm hoping i'll be able to stand straight by next week, since I have to go back to work. I have to take a train into work so I'm a little nervous about how thats gonna go.

Picture of incision and belly

3 weeks and 4 days PO

I can't believe its been 3 weeks already, its gone by so fast! I am definitely dealing with the "swell hell." It's like everyone says when you wake up you are really flat but by the end of the day you swell up, which sucks. I'm not in any pain any more but at one point the incision was really irritating me, and it feels super weird when I touch my stomach, its hard to describe. My PO says its the nerves growing back.

I'm using scarguard now, it really helped with the irritation but I haven't seen a big difference in the fading, but its only been a week anyway. I also bought a new faja, the one the PO gave me was starting to get very bothersome. I bought one from macy's which I love, its more like shapewear but its tight enough to make me feel secured.

I was able to pick up and hold my daughter this past weekend, I could feel the tension in my belly but I felt strong enough to hold her. I was also finally cleared to drive too. I still have to take it easy because when I move quickly I feel like a pulling in my belly. I can't wait to be cleared to go back to my regular work outs. I can't wait to see some abs!!

7 Week Post TT

I am so loving my new tummy! I started working out last week, jogging on the treadmill specifically, but when I did zumba, I swelled up crazy! Usually I'll swell up a little by the end of the day, but It was more than usual. So I did some research and found out that once you start working out, you tend to swell up a little more, something about the lymphatic liquids not being able to move through you as quickly, (I read it quickly! so I may have the name wrong). So when I went to bed that night I massaged myself and by the next morning I felt a lot better. I will say that in the morning my stomach is super flat!

I am wearing a waist trainer now called squeem. It does help with the swelling and since it squeezes in my waist it makes my butt look huge! lol! I am able to wear a t-shirt and jeans now without worrying about having a muffin top. Yayyyy!

I mistakenly said I was using scarguard in one of my last posts, I'm using scar away on the scar. I'll wear the scar away silicon strips during the day and then after I take a shower, I'll rub ambi (a skin lightening cream) on the scar to make it less visible. So far it is working. I'll try to post pics soon.

7 week pictures

New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kaufman is awesome. He made me feel comfortable right away. He answered all of my questions, never rushed or pressured me. He showed me where the incision would go and even did a diagram of how a tummy tuck is performed.

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