Liposuction on full Abdomen, Flanks, Bra roll, Upper/lower back, and Arms.....Time to Get my Body Back!!! - Brooklyn, NY

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I'm a mother of 3 and been wanting to get...

I'm a mother of 3 and been wanting to get liposuction since I had my daughter almost 7yrs ago...... I had a Tummy Tuck done in the past and got pregnant with my daughter 4 months after surgery ( Yes I said 4 months) but the lord has bless me with my baby girl and now I can continue with what I was trying to do back then (get my body back) I've been looking on Real self for maybe a year now trying to find the right PS and a good price. I came across a review on Dr Sergey Voskin..... I schedule an appointment for a consultation and from the door I felt good.... I'm scheduled to have Liposuction done March 4th to get full Abdomen and flanks done but thinking about pushing my date up so I can have the 2nd part done which is my upper back and arms b4 the summer.......


I went to Voskin office today to complete my payment and change my date.... like always he made me very comfortable.. I am super excited n nervous at the same time but I know I'll b fine..... new date set for February 26,2015......

6 more days

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I pray my result come out good... This is just the beginning I have a long way to go but here's some before pics where you can see all the rolls lol

Wish pic.......

4 more days

Here's another before pic

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!

I am excited and nervous at the same time..... as I write this update I get more nervous... but I know that this is just the beginning, I'm not expecting a perfect body but I am expecting it to be worth it.... I got everything that I need for recovery. I will be updating some more before pics tonight.... Wish me luck RS family!!

Omg it's finally over

I got my procedure done today... I was nervous as hell but it turned out great.... No pain on my abdomen but lots of pain on flanks n bra line .... My experience was great!! Dr Voskin made me feel at home like always...

Day 3 and very swollen

Today I'm starting to see some swelling..... I know this is just the beginning so I'm not gonna complain about anything... Stay tuned!!!

Day 4

I'm starting to see a lot of swelling.... Still very sore, had to take off the white garment Dr Voskin gave me bcus it's leaving me with thick lines on my back.... I replaced it with a one piece which is much better...

Feeling Sad!!

So it's been a month since I had my lipo done..... at first I thought not bad but once the swelling came, now it looks big with hard lumps..... I pray this goes away... any suggestions on what I can do? ... I'm pissed!!
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