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After my consultation with Dr. Voskin, I was a bit...

After my consultation with Dr. Voskin, I was a bit concerned about whether it would be worth spending my hard earned money on a liposuction of the full abdomen. This doubt stemmed from the fact that he told me that based on the condition of my skin, my age (35), and the fact that I have two kids (ages 7 & 1), I'd be better suited to have a liposuction procedure along with a Tummy tuck. However, I scheduled the procedure for two months after my consultation date. I convinced myself that I would diet and exercise and maybe not need the procedure after all. We'll all I did was gain another 10 lbs. during those months, but I also applied a lotion to strengthen it's elasticity.
On Wednesday, I had the procedure done. I was scared, but the doctor and nurse made some jokes (which normally I wouldn't like, but they were tasteful) and I felt at ease. They put in the anesthesia and performed the procedure, for the most part I didn't feel a thing. There was an area where I felt a poking sensation and the doctor worked on other areas while that one took in the anesthesia better.
Immediately after the procedure, I was able to walk and use the rest room. I was taken to a small yet clean recovery room, where the nurse took my blood pressure and told me to wait at least 20 minutes and then I could go. I had an easy cab ride home and then was perfectly fine. I didn't feel much pain but decided to take the Percoset anyway. Which was a big mistake, I felt nauseous and super woozy and sleepy after that. So, I haven't taken a pill since and I am great.
It's been 3 days since the procedure and my skin feels sunburned and my muscles feel raw, but all of it is very tolerable. I was wearing a medium undergarment (Squeem brand) by itself day 1, with a compression board day and now day 3 it feels too loose. My abdomen is 1/3 of what it was pretty op and best of all my skin isn't saggy and wrinkly as the doctor and nurse predicted. I still have a bit of a pouch in my lower abs, but it isn't hanging as low as before. I read online full recovery takes 6 months, so I'll keep you posted on my end results.

Note: I'm drinking fat flush water and avoiding carbs to aid with the results.


Looking at my skin around my lower abs, I realize most people wouldn't be happy with the results. This is not now and I doubt it ever will be again a bikini body. However, I am ok with the sagginess around the belly because I look better with my clothes on.
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