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Thinking about it for awhile but didn't want to...

Thinking about it for awhile but didn't want to bring it up to my husband because of cost. After a sport injury, I had a couple steroid shots which made put on a little size. I workout 5 days a week but my arms weren't really slimming and to no avail no six pack. One day my husband said to me " you have been working your ass off in the gym, and I see changes but have you ever though about lipo. So relieved he said that, I pulled up docs I have been considering which leads me to here. I actually had my procedure today, 8/7/14. I was extremely nervous about anesthesia but I'm here, AWAKE. I did my arms, abdomen and flanks. I didn't get my Percocet until 2 hours after the surgery so I can definitely describe what it felt like to me. If you have had the experience of working out for the first time you should be able relate. So this is what my arms felt like before Percocet. Doing tricep dips for the first time and doing about 100. Usually you would feel the pain the next day when you move but in the case of lipo move or not you feel the pain. Stomach area feels like doing abs for the first time, doing 500 reps and waking up the next morning and trying to get out of bed. Instead of feeling it when you move, it's a constant pain. After Percocet, HEAVEN!!!!!! No arm pain but during the motion of standing up I feel it in abs and flanks.
My mouth is extremely dry so I have been drinking a glass of water per hour, mainly because Percocet has extremely high levels of acetaminophen. Take care of the body on the inside and out. I ate because I was so hungry and I have urinated about 8 times already( too much info). My major concern is drainage because I don't know what's regular. I know it depends on the the amount tumescent solution used and the person so I am unsure. I have been resting but also walking around my home every time I go to the restroom because doc said I should move around. Was it worth it? I put not sure because I haven't seen my results yet. I will update it later on.

1 day post-op

Woke up, took Percocet, feeling a little groggy. Visited my doc, he showed me my scars which very tiny and showed me how redress my bandages. But I'm walking around, doing house cleaning. The more I move the more drainage. You must get the protectants for the bed and surgical dressing. The drainage is crazy. Place your oldest sheets on the bed and have it set up prior to surgery so you don't have to it after u get back. Drink lots of water and listen to your body.

2nd day post up

The pain is half what it was today than it was two days ago. Still drainage. Swelling has gone down a bit but I refuse to look at myself naked before a week has passed. I don't want to be too hasty to judge. My doc said I should think about massages so starting yesterday after taking my Percocet I would wait an hour then massage my arms, abdomen and flank for five to ten minutes. Doc said in a downward motion which helps with drainage. So I will be doing this twice a day everyday from now on. My next follow up is on Monday. Looking forward to my weeks reveal on Thursday.

3rd day

So today I feel very little pain and decided not to take a Percocet. I've only been taking two per day, the max is four per day. I so don't trust these pill companies. Still massaging every chance I get and there is still drainage and swelling. As long as there is swelling there will be drainage so I'm going to keep massaging. Follow up tomorrow, looking forward to it. I also feel like my compression garment isn't tight enough so I ordered a Faja and lipo foam.

5th day

No more fluids are coming from my stomach and it seems like the wounds on my stomach are healing. Still swollen but I can feel that my garment is a bit looser. Haven taken it off, I shower in it and still haven't looked at myself in the mirror. Two more days for my reveal. The drainage in my arms is lessening daily but it's still draining. I really want them to be lean, we shall see.

Day 9

So swelling is still there, my arms are still draining and stomach wounds have closed. On day 8 Some Swelling moved down to the vaginal area but it didn't hurt. After reading doctors post, this situation is normal and should dissipate as extra fluid and swelling go away. On day nine swelling in the vaginal area was way less. I'm am aching to work out and go running but clothing choices are hard since compression garments on my arm go about 4 inches pass the elbow and it's summer. I also feel little stings in my stomach when I move. So I ordered a indoor bike trainer equipment to attach to my bike so I can workout in the house without being to strenuous on my stomach. It runs about $60 but it can be used during the winter. Running hurts, the stomach shakes. The more you sweat the faster the fluids leave the lymphatic system. My body is crying for a workout sweat session.


I waited a while to give this doc a fair and honest review since I was told it takes a year to see results. After having corrections with with this doctor. I have to say I'm disappointed. I was left uneven. I feel like this doctor is unskilled when it comes to calculated how much fat to remove, sucking fat out evenly and defining or shaping the body. I was also disheartened when I was told that bad things happen to good people and his practice will still go on. I followed all instructions and still wear the garment. He may be good at other procedures but not lipo. Most reviewers mention being able to see how much fat was removed. I never saw mine so I don't know. I will be looking for a new doc. Extremely unhappy, when the swelling goes down you see the true skill of your doc. Looking for dr. Recommendations
New York Plastic Surgeon

There aren't words to describe how appreciative I am of this doc and his staff. I don't know what my results will be but the bedside manner of Dr. Kaufman and staff is superb. He reassured me pre-op, discussed what if scenarios and which hospital he has access to if there were surprises. His office has a full accredited ambulatory operation which is sterile and staff is very friendly. There weren't any surprises, thank god! My nurse stayed with me the whole time when I came out of anesthesia. During that time the doc came by my room 4 times, the anesthesiologist checked on me, another guy who was in the room at the time of my surgery, all at different moments. I felt cared for. I Visited two other docs before I made my decision. First doc, a friend recommended. I Looked him up and bad reviews every where, some of his certificates were purchased. The second doc, I found on the board of plastic surgeons website. He was good but his staff was rude. Looking at my purse as if trying to figure out my income. The third, Dr. Kaufman has the combination: certified, accredited ambulatory service( yes I looked it up), funny, great staff, they really function as a team. After care follow up I can't comment on because I didn't do it yet but fro experience today I don't expect anything but exemplary service.

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