29 Yr Old ,196lbs, No Kids - Brooklyn, NY

I've been researching doctors for about a year or...

I've been researching doctors for about a year or so to get rid of these love handles and to get a hour glass shape. Ive been so lazy so i figured i would get a head start by doing lips then that would motivate me to go to the gym. I thought about going to DR but decided to stay in the states. Ive seen a couple of dolls that went to Dr.Voskin and i loved the results.


Getting bra area ,full abdomen , love handles and back

1 of my garments

I purchased this garment at Amazon for about $55.00 it's a XL and the ab board was about $15 on Amazon as well..


Sorry about my last post the pic didn't upload

Second order of garments L &XL

I paid $36 on Amazon

May have to change the date

My surgery is next week Friday !!!! My blood work came back negative which is good but I have yet to get me period! :( I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and that was negative ! I don't know what to do when I called the office the lady I believe (Jasmine) said it could be stress.. I'm so annoyed at this point when I don't want the damn thing to come down it does when I NEED IT to come down it it doesn't
Brooklyn Physician

So i choice to go with DR.Voskin. He doesn't have many reviews but from what I've seen I'm pretty comfortable with my decision. He's very honest about surgery.Im getting full abdomen, love handles, back and braline.

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