27 - No Kids, Lipo On Upper & Lower Abs & "Love" Handles & Bra Line - Brooklyn, NY

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I've read a ton of reviews here, looked at a...

I've read a ton of reviews here, looked at a million pics and finally decided to bite the bullet and give lipo a try. My metabolism has never been particularly good to me despite my attempts to spend hours at the gym and eat like a rabbit. So about 2 or 3 months ago I started my journey by going to a consultation with a dr on fifth avenue who had one of those groupon promotions running. She completely discouraged me from the procedure saying that I simply had too much fat to get the special price of $1,500 for a large area and would actually need to pay about $5,000 for abs alone. She told me that the $1,500 would only cover me for the "bra line". When I asked her questions she would give me a blank condesending stare before giving me a vague response that didn't even answer my question in the first place. Needless to say I didn't go back to her. It also explains some of her sketchy reviews.

Luckily about a month ago I came across another deal with a great doctor in Brooklyn who answered all of my questions, honored the groupon price and game me a much better vibe than the previous dr I met with. I scheduled my procedure for 12/12/14 and I'm a mix of terrified and excited. Terrified because I see some of you seem to have had alot of pain during the procedure, and excited because some of you got great results! The dr said he anticipates removing about 1lb of fat which should leave me with a 70% reduction when the swelling goes down. Does that sound about right or will I be disappointed if I'm expecting my stomach and fat rolls to be smooth and flat? Considering I've put on a total of 50+lbs I don't expect to fit into my clothes from when I was 110lbs but I was hoping that this procedure along with the diet and excersize routine I'm already partaking in would at least help me feel more comfortable in my clothes again and maybe get a nice flat stomach out of it.

I also wanted to know hat everyone's thoughts are on compression garments. I bought 2 stage 1 marena garments and 3 or 4 stage 2 garments. How tight should they be? My stage 2 garments are very tight, still waiting on the arrival of the stage 1 garments. Also how did everyone deal with the issue of leakage the first night? Am I going to have to sleep in a hefty bag while wrapped in serran wrap so I don't ruin my bed? LOL

Any feedback would be highly appreciated!!!

Tomorrow's The Big Day!

I'm excited, hope I can sleep tonight! Uploading some before pics. Hopefully I feel well enough to post an update tomorrow sans beer gut & fat rolls :)

Day 1

Just got home. Feeling a little shaky but decided to update anyway. I was really nervous going in but the staff & doctor kept cracking jokes & made sure to lighten my mood. Getting filled with anesthesia was by far the worst part of it all. Some parts hurt like a motherf***** but it was a tolerable pain. Once the anesthetic set, they began suctioning out the fat. The suctioning mostly just feels weird & if the dr hit an area that hurt me he'd stop & put more anesthetic in that area & come back to it later. He was very conscious of making sure I was comfortable at all times. So far everything looks good. My skin looks loose & floppy right now but the dr says it will firm up as I heal. Scheduling a follow up for next week hoping for the best! In the interim holy hell I am leaking everywhere!!! The dr gave me an rx pain killer after the procedure & you can only imagine my embarrassment when I started leaking down my pants at the pharmacy lol! Anyway I'll update more tomorrow when I can take pics of my body without gauze taped everywhere.

Pics of the result so far

Had to change my bandages so I figured I'd snap a few pics before the swelling gets really bad.

Day 3

Decided to wedge myself into a tighter corset for a few hours & though it was incredibly uncomfortable to get in & out of it made a huge difference in improving the swelling.

Day 3 Pics

After about 4 hours in a super tight boned corset.

Day 3 Pics

Sorry not sure why the site wouldn't let me upload all of the pics w my original update
Brooklyn Physician

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