33 Years Old and Finally Decided to Fix my Teeth! - Brooklyn, NY

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To be honest, I never really cared much about my...

To be honest, I never really cared much about my teeth appearance. I knew I had overbite but it didn’t bother me. The only thing that concerned me was color of my teeth, always wished for them to be whiter. Once someone told me: “you would be so pretty if only you fixed your teeth!” I was shocked, I couldn’t understand what this person meant, what is so bad about my teeth. Many years passed, but I still remember this comment, it wasn’t nice but I guess I should thank her (not!). For a long time I didn’t act on it, but every time I visited my dentist he kept saying that I need braces and that I would have more dental problems as I get older because of my crowded teeth and overbite. So I went to see orthodontist that my dentist recommended. She told me I’m not a good candidate for Invisalign and I was bummed, couldn’t see myself with mouth full of metal (forgot to mention that I’m 33 now). She proposed regular braces and told me that I would need to extract 4 teeth to make more room. Treatment time would be about 2 years. I didn’t like the plan plus it was more expensive that I anticipated so I gave up on the idea of getting braces. However a year later I started noticing that my teeth are getting worse, upper front teeth started to stick out more. I realized that if I don’t do something now I will regret it later. So I made appointment to see another ortho. He actually told me I could do Invisalign but treatment time would be longer and slightly less effective than with damon braces. I thought to myself that if I’m going to do it I’m going for the best result possible, no half ways here and chose damon braces. The best part: no extractions needed and expected treatment time is 18 month! On October 15 I got my braces: all metal on bottom and 8 clear ceramic on top (ceramic ones costed $100 each! I wish I could afford all ceramic). I have to wear elastic (otter) 24/7. My next appointment is December 8. I can’t wait to see what doctor tells me and whether the teeth are moving the way they are supposed to.
So far I lost 3 lbs because eating is very uncomfortable, I don’t have much pain, maybe a little soreness.

7 weeks update

Yesterday I went for my first wire change (top and bottom) yesterday. The process was very uncomfortable. Last time I didn't have wire all the way to the end teeth. Now all my teeth are wired. Wires are different this time, thicker. Plus I got springs on bottom to make space for the two teeth that are behind (one on each side). Tech told me that she can see wisdom tooth growing on upper right. Ugh, great. Not sure, how they will address it. I need to continue to wear the same kind of elastics 24/7.
I woke up at 3 am with pain and couldn't eat anything at all this morning. I definitely didn't feel this way after I got my braces, this is more painful and uncomfortable. I actually had to take ibuprofen, which I didn't do last time. But no pain-no gain, right?
My next appointment is February 1.
I took pictures, don't see any progress though. Trying not to get discouraged.
Oh and since getting braces my lips are always VERY dry and I constantly get some kind of cold sores.

February update (I'm late)

I had my 8 week appointment today and realized that I haven't uploaded pictures from my last appointment in February. Not that there is anything excited to see. But just trying to be accurate in documenting my journey. Here are my notes from February 2.
I had my appointment yesterday . Wire change was much easier and faster this time, I really liked the technician. She did a good job.
As for the progress, there is not much that I can see. There is a bigger gap between my two front teeth. That's the only change I notice in my upper teeth.
It seems that my bottom teeth are pretty stubborn. Two bottom front teeth are sticking out in a really unsightly way. One of the bottom springs was removed. I still have one left on the right side. Also I got a new hook on bottom left tooth for my elastics. I wear them religiously, but apparently my teeth are not cooperating. Pretty discouraging I must admit.
As expected, today is a soft food day as my teeth are very sore.
Next appointment is March 28.

March 28 update

So I took these are pictures after my yesterday's ortho appointment. I had another wire change and some polishing (interproximal reduction) between teeth. Basically doctor shaved down some of the tooth enamel to correct crowding, reshape some teeth so they can align better. Happy to report that it was painless.
In the past 2 months there were a lot of movement in my lower right side. I have a huge gap between my lateral incisor and other neighboring teeth. It didn't have wire before, but yesterday they put a wire through it, so I'm excited to see what changes will it bring.
Next appointment is May 23.

Have to share this

Top picture was taken on February 2, bottom -today, March 31.
The amazing thing about this photo is that you can see how my right bottom lateral incisor moved (since it's a selfie, it's a mirror image-so on the photo it's on the left). You may think it's not that amazing, but this move happened within the last 3 days! As you can see in top pic I had spring wires in order to make space for this tooth, and wire wasn't attached to it so it wasn't moving for 2 months while other teeth did lots of work. On Monday, March 28 doctor replaced spring wire with a new wire and this time my incisor was also wired. I looked in a mirror yesterday and at first couldn't believe my eyes! It's not completely where it should be, but this progress looks very promising!

11 month update

so it's been 11 months, and I realized that I haven't update in a long time.
I saw my dentist yesterday. My teeth are pretty straight, but he would like to see more curve to them. He said that's the difference between straight and beautiful teeth. Also I had some IPR (teeth shaving) done between my 2 upper front teeth. This will help to reduce "black triangle" -space that was forming between them.
Next appointment is January 9, I'm hoping to hear that I'm done with braces. Keeping my fingers crossed.

frustrated and disappointed

I had my appointment yesterday, doctor told me everything looks good and I can get my braces off. I asked when and he replied whenever you want, as soon as you want, even next week, just make appointment. I was ecstatic and wanted to scream with excitement! So I go to front desk to make appointment and the next available is Feb 21!
isn't ridiculous?! I have to wait 6 weeks!
I was on verge of breaking up in tears right there.

and they are off!

long overdue pics
Ronald Mizrahi

will review later, so far really unhappy because of the schedling issues and misunderstanding about payments.

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