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I have been thinking about getting breast implants...

I have been thinking about getting breast implants since I was about 17 years old, however, I always feared of the consequences. I am one of those girls who buys the supper padded bra, the plastic boobie inserts - always has them on and padded sports bras when she works out because I am so self conscious about my breasts. I think my breasts are nice; but I would like for them to be bigger, sexier and fit my clothing better. With that achieved, I would be more comfortable in my skin.

The last few years a few of my friends had gotten them done and all had amazing physical results as well as boost of self esteem. One friend is 41 years old, mother of two, and she got them done when she was 38. After many conversations with her, she told me that she really regrets not getting them done sooner. I do not want to regret not getting them done sooner.

What I want to achieve out of breast augmentation is comfort in my skin, filling in my clothing better, and not having to wear extra padding on my bras. I went to two different PS; one had the top reviews on here, but I felt as if I was rushed and a dollar sign to him - then after closely reading some of the online reviews, I felt as if some were not legitimate reviews. Then I finally went to the PS my friend used for her breast augmentation and he really made me feel comfortable, we sat down and spent about an hour answering all my questions. I felt extremely comfortable, not rushed and he cared about what I wanted.

Stats: Age: 26 Height: 5'6 Weight: 146 Dress Size: 8 Bra Size: I am btwn 34/36 full A or small B Breast: The right one is a little bit bigger than the left. But, my PS said that size difference is so small that the same ccs could be used for both. Bra size desired: A full C cup CC: 325cc - on both, but I am debating if I should put 350 on left and 325 on right to correct asymmetry. Incision type: Periareolar Placement: Sub-muscular Shape: Moderate On April 5th, he will see me again as a pre op, to make sure of the size I want. Answer last questions. I am set to have surgery on April 18. I am really excited, yet nervous.

I was called into the hospital, SUNY Downtown in...

I was called into the hospital, SUNY Downtown in Brooklyn, to take some blood work and to also speak to an anesthesiologist and a nurse. I am pretty healthy, but I had one concern, sometimes my fingers and toes get so cold that they lose their circulation - raynaud's syndrome. So I am really concerned about that during anesthesia. But the anesthetist told me that on the day of the surgery to inform the anesthesiologist and that it is not a big issue to worry about. Of course, I am worried and nervous as hell. Has anyone had any experience with this?

After that I went to my bank - I am taking out a personal loan for this because I do not want to just pay out a lump of cash. I got the personal loan, in a form of a check addressed to me. I will deposit that into my main bank account and write out separate checks from there.

Tomorrow is the day of my surgery, I am so nervous...

Tomorrow is the day of my surgery, I am so nervous and excited! There was a miscommunication with the profile I wanted. I called up today to confirm the size and he stated that he ordered me Mentor High Profile. After reading all of these reviews about the high profile, I told him to order me Mentor Moderate Plus because I think it will get me the look I want.... round and full. He stated that he believes that the High Profile would look better, but at 350cc with existing breast tissue, it shouldn't look that different. I am so nervous. I ordered a bunch of stuff from makemeheal.com (silicone scar sheet, bra and pills) and just received them.

I did it... I got my girls in today, I currently...

I did it... I got my girls in today, I currently have 350cc Mentor Moderate Plus submuscular placement periareolar incision. It was nerve wrecking, but I admit, I couldn't sleep last night and I was too tired to be nervous. The staff at SUNY Downtown were really nice, everyone kept checking up on me before and after the surgery.

Everything happened pretty quick. When they were putting my IV in and felt the water drip, I freaked out and started crying my eyes out. But soon, I was rolled into the operating room and last thing I remember is them telling me to take a deep breath with an oxygen mask and I was out cold. Prior to the surgery I informed them that I have a case of Reynaulds disorder, which my fingers and toes go numb and they made sure that I was kept extra warm. When I woke up, I guess I started freaking out and my blood pressure went through the roof. I felt in and out, kinda like being asleep and waking up real quick... best described as a groggy feeling. I was trembling like crazy and I wasn't even cold. My boyfriend said that the whole bed was shaking and they wanted to give me medication to stop my shaking. I barley remember anything, but I was in so much pain and I kept asking for medication. They gave me a good amount, I felt totally good moments after the medication was administered via IV.

As the pain medication slowly started to wear off, I began feeling the pain again. I would get sudden pains, feeling like my breast is going to explode out of my chest, feeling like I am wearing a 60 lb weight vest, very sore and it hurts a lot to lay down. I wish that I had purchased something to keep my top elevated, it would have helped so much with the pain. The pain is not that bad, however, it is pain. I cannot lift anything up and my arms really hurt when lifted. Currently, I am on more medication, so I hope what I am writing makes sense.

So far, I will rate it worth it. But I honestly cannot say until I get the final results.

Day 3: I am not in that much pain. I am not really...

Day 3: I am not in that much pain. I am not really taking my pain medication, I feel sorta sore, but not in pain. It feels like a crazy work out. I am still having trouble lifting things up, but today I ended up doing some cooking, cleaning and I went out to dinner with friends. My friend who had her breasts done came to visit me and she was shocked to hear that I was doing house work and I am walking around like I had nothing done. I guess people feel pain differently, I am doing okay.
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So far so good, I will elaborate once my breast begin to heal and I get a final result.

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