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Im 25 years old and after years of being insecure...

im 25 years old and after years of being insecure about my body ITS TIME FOR CHANGE lol. im a 38dd but as for my a$$ i seem to cant find it. lol im black indian and portuguese. i have a nice exotic look to me and getting a nice booty will complete me. i live in nyc but leaning towards dr. salama. i sent them an email with my measurements along with pics of my body back and side. i told them i wanted a kim k booty. i hope to hear from the real soon cause im so ready. in the mean time i need to figure out how imma pay for this cause credit is bad lol #dontjudgeme

Anyone how long dr.salama takes to get back to you...

anyone how long dr.salama takes to get back to you with email about price and his opinions? i also booked an appointment with dr.kenneth francis in nyc. im going to more afternoon to see wat he has to say but im realy hoping ti hear from salama soon

I dont no wat to do. dr recommends a tt with my...

i dont no wat to do. dr recommends a tt with my bbl and i really dont want one. he says my skin will sag and once i told him i dont have any kids he said its perfectly fine and i can still have kids.....wtf

im baaaaaack

ok so im now ready to go thru with a bbl. Im in the process of looking for a doctor. i think im leaning toward doing to DR. I haven't decided n a date but would love a travel buddy. Right now im wondering how im gonna pay for my Sx. Any info would be appreciated.

Bbl here i come

So im finally booked. I went thru surgical sisters whom i found thru ig and will me getting my sx in july. Im excited and cant wait

NEW DR ALERT!!!!! Going with DR. Calva

I do not no how to delete dr salma's name from my review. But after Seeing Dr Calva's work and the affordability im sure he will give me what im looking for and then some. I booked for surgey 04/18/2016. My coordinator amy is wonderful always there to answer my questions and follow up with me. So far everything is going smooth. im following up with my pcp to talk about my labs and if I need to work on my iron and hemo also status on my thalassemia. I have been taking along with my hairinfinty (lol) blood builders and I will purchase hemoplex as well. Now im just looking into where I will be staying when I get to my Miami. I plan on going for 7 days from 04/17- 04/23. My package for $3500 includes bbl with 12 lipo area plus 5 post op massages.

New Year New Me

Finally moving foward and doing this long awaited bbl. Next year i will be rocking a new ass. Lol Booked for dr calva and ready to be calvafied. Will be staying at claudia recovery for 7 days. Taking my vitamins from now. Blood builders, vitamin d for my bone health, and i plan on purchasing hemaplex to get my hemo up. Not sure what my level is but i am anemic and also have thalessemia so im just prepping before its too late. Im paying $3500 for a bbl with 12 areas of lipo and 5 post op massages. I need a tummy tuck but im just not ready for that being i have no kids and i want one in the near future.i welcome all advice. Join me on my journey

Got me hemo checked yesterday.

Even though my sx isn't until april i kinda wanted to get things going as far as checking on the status of my health. The doc is being super supportive of my decision to have sx and told me the my hemo level is at a 12 and im thrilled that it is not below that because with the blood builders that i am taking im sure i can get it higher in time for sx. I drew blood to check on my thyroid disease as well i pray that does not get in my way. 4 more months to go!!!

booked my RH

so I just booked my rh yesterday. I will be staying with Vanessa @curvyangelsrecoverycare. im staying for 7 days and arriving on the 17th of april. She had a deal going on which I could not resist for $99 a night. Speaking to her was fun. She has a great sense of humor which I no will come in handy while I recover. My hemo as of today is 12.4. Im happy and hoping I can get it even higher by april. Again I am taking blood buliders once a day for it. Im also thinking about doing some consultations here in nyc to find someone to do my post op care when I get home. I heard pre op massages might be great as well but im just tryna pace myself financially and pay off my surgery balance before anything else. im also looking at flights. When do you ladies think is the best time to purchase flight? im scared to buy my flight now due to any changes in my sx date or labs not being cleared. The prices right now are right but idk if I wait until my labs are cleared in march the prices might triple. give me your input on flights please!

Follow me on ig

Hi ladies I finally made a ig page. I feel old lol I didn't no it was that easy to make another account. Feel free to follow my journey. Lets support each other. IG: Bootybycalva

flying out to miami for gyno consult

So a few weeks ago, I asked Dr. Calva if its okay for me to have a bbl and suffer from fibroids. I know, a stupid question considering many have fibroids, but I was concerned. This is what makes me feel that Dr. Calva is the best pic for me because not only did he assure me that the fibroids will not be an issue, he also referred me to his friend who is a Gynecologist, Dr.Venditto, for a possible removal of my annoying fibroids the same time as my bbl. Not to mention my insurance will cover the gyno procedure. Dr. Vednitto's office called me today and scheduled me for feb 22 in Miami. Im just really hoping for the best. All I can do is LET GO AND LET GOD!

Cell saver????

Ladies that have opted for cell saver, what are your opinions on it? Do you recommend it, did it help your recovery time, or do you think you could have done without it
Key Biscayne General Surgeon

So far the office is great with communicating with me. Minor mistakes here and there but we are human and it was fixed with in matters

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