48yr Old Mother of 3, Unhappy with my Body for my Entire Life - Brooklyn, NY

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I've had a fat stomach and flat, square butt for...

I've had a fat stomach and flat, square butt for my entire life. No matter what course of exercise, no change in shape of my body. Now my stomach is too heavy for my back and legs. I've had enough! Time to get rid of this stomach and give my hubby a nice surprise with a beautiful behind. Dr. Grossman's is very down to earth and his staff are pleasant. I went to him 15yrs ago and he threw me out of his office. Said all I needed to do was cut carbs and exercise. Now he realizes that that's not all I need and has agreed to perform the tummy tuck and butt lift. He has a full regimen that you need to follow, with different supplements and definitely cut carbs! He does not use compression garments and says there will be very little drainage if I follow his instructions. Seems there's a connection between carbs and drainage. I'm getting nervous and anxious, but I also can't wait to get it done!

2wks pre-op

tummy tuck too

I'm also going to have a tummy tuck done at the same time.

12 days pre-op - my ugly stomach and deformed butt

I really hope Dr. Grossman can work some miracles with this disaster!

12 days pre-op - my deformed butt

9 days pre-op

Getting really nervous about the whole thing. I'm really afraid of blot clots occurring more than anything else. I have my pre-surgical doctor's visit on Thursday and hope my blood pressure is not sky rocketing. I must try to stay calm. I've waited and waited and now the time is here it's like I'm back pedaling. smh sigh I'm also scared that my husband will freak out at the recovery condition. I don't know if I'm even ready for how ugly it will be. I know he surely isn't! Jeez. I know it will all be worth it in the end, but I just have to be strong and get through it now.

Saw my PCP yesterday for the pre-surgical testing

She took 7 vials of blood and did and EKG which, thankfully was normal. I am so nervous I swore it would register something off. Blood pressure was slightly elevated but not past where it would be a problem. She told me not to take my blood pressure meds the day of as the meds the doc gave me to take 2hrs before surgery also lower blood pressure. Will get the green light, hopefully, on Monday when the results are in. Keeping my fingers crossed all weekend!

pic of side view

Today is D-Day!!!!

I've been so nervous I've not really come here in a few days. The bloodwork was all normal so nothing impeded this day. I'm sitting here waiting to take my morning dose of cipro and the clonidine which they said will calm my nerves and lower my blood pressure. I need that cause I think my bp is skyrocketing right now. I could hardly sleep and my stomach has more than just butterflies. I think there's some ants and bees in there too! Wish me luck ladies! I hope I'm able to post pics later today. Supposed to be an 8hr surgery.........

3 days post op

Feeling ok today. Enough to post. Dr. Grossman is an artist! My hubby, who has been cleaning my wounds since I've been home said to me: "that there's a nice ass!" That made my day and makes it all worth it. I have minimal pain and just muscular discomfort. My tummy is numb but that's normal. I'll attach better pics later

4 days post op

These pics are a bit graphic but I feel fine. The most uncomfortable thing is the tight waist band. Doc said the tighter the better. Helps prevent bleeding. Check up again on Friday

10 days post op

Have swelling in my back and fluid in my groin area. Saw Dr. Grossman today. He removed 3 large syringes filled with fluid from my belly. Didn't feel a thing since that area is still numb. Looks a little better now. Looked like a bag filled with water was just sitting under my skin. Diet is very important ladies for the healing process. High protein- low carbs. Butt feels hard where the fat transfer was done but I've noticed no changes in size. Hope it looks as good once the 6 weeks are up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

fat transfer hole in my butt

One in each cheek

18 days post op

Want out to work today. Folks are amazed with the results. Everybody had tons of questions. Upper stomach muscles still tight and still s little swollen and pooling fluid. Imagine what they'll say when all that's gone! Took these pics 3 days ago. Looking much better.

infection or no?

So started feeling a bit feverish last Thursday evening. Feeling worsened on Friday. Was at work so doc had me send him a pic of a red area that developed just above my incision line. He prescribed 1000mg of augmentin twice daily for 10 days and warm, moist compresses 4 times a day. On Sunday, the incision ruptured and some horrid stuff drained for about 2 full minutes. Texted doc who saw me first thing this morning. It was ugly to put it mildly. I stood in his patient room on an absorbent pad, and he proceeded to puncture and extend the opening. It would be a good scene in a horror movie. Blood tinged fluid was just spouting from my body and all I could do was stand there and hold my dress up. It spewed down my legs, to my feet and all over the pad and on the floor. Doc said it looked like liquefied fat and inflammation fluid. Two separate sacs emptying at the same time. It was so disgusting, I wanted to puke so bad, but didn't. Still leaking but not as bad. Will let drain naturally. Seeing doc again on Wednesday.

Necrosis and seroma update 6/9/2014

So the the stuff from the red area was just dead fat that had liquified and needed to get out of my body. The lab results showed no bacteria. The seroma kept refilling and distorting my abdomen. Doc, despite not having to put in a drain for at least 10 years, decided to go ahead and do just that. He inserted a soft tubing leaving a piece about 1.5inches extended out of my body from the seroma. He held it in place with a stitch on either side. Once inserted, more fluid came running out of it after he had just removed 5.5.syringes! We pressed until it looked liked it had slowed to a minimum. Doc said he will remove the tubing on Monday, after the seroma walls have collapsed from not being used for the next few days.
I have to tell you though, this is messy. I made my way to work when I left his office. Too me 2hrs to get to work. When I got there and went to the bathroom I was shocked. The pad was soaked through, my panties were drenched as well as the compression shorts I was wearing! Ladies, I felt nothing. Probably because the fluid is warm. It took me while to mop it all up from the clothing. I still have to complete my work day! Luckily it did not get to the dress I am wearing.
2hrs later, the new pad was also soaked but not as bad as before. It did not escape to my underwear or beyond. I will have to pack up for the commute home so as not to embarrass myself.
I really do hope this will end the life of this stubborn seroma. It's the only thing that has been a real pain in the ass during this recovery stage. Thank goodness I have a very good doc that is always available for me and makes me laugh even in times of what is obvious trauma for me. He's the best! It would have been much worse if he was not the way he is. I'm so happy I went to him. Of course he suggested I move to adult diapers today which is totally not funny! lol


Doc took out the drain on Monday. It had stopped draining on the weekend. As soon as he removed it it began to flow profusely. It surprised us both! He squeezed my belly to get out as much as possible. We were hoping nothing would come back but if it did, I should see him again on Wed. It came back.
I saw him on Wed. and he said there wasn't much. He was right. We removed only 1.2 syringes. He left a little fluid as he wanted to try another solution. He injected an anti-inflammatory directly into the seroma. He had me roll over on the chair to mix it well. It is supposed to cauterize the seroma's wall and make it become unstable and ultimately collapse.
Today my belly didn't swell as much as it usually does. I'm hoping that means the new trick might be working. We will see.
Other than that, I'm healing well and looking better. Had a small relapse of body aches on Tues. but all has been well since. It is to be expected, afterall, I only 7 or 8 weeks out. Losing track of time. : )

Almost there

So I've lost track of time. It's been so busy at work I can't keep up anymore. Doing better and better everyday. I get some strange pains that feel like 2 live wires touching below my skin. Fells like I'm being electrocuted from the inside. But numbness slowing abating so maybe its life returning to my nerves is what I'm feeling. Makes sense to me. As the numbness abates I can feel some discomfort in my muscles more than usual but I'm sure it's just my body healing itself. It's such a strange and yet educational experience. Here are some recent pics of my progress.

Update as of 7/25/14

Well, it's been a rough road till now, which is why you've not heard from me in a while. Remember that scab that was visible in most of my earlier pics, well apparently it was a capped volcano. Once swelling went down enough for it to separate from the skin, I removed it. That exposed a crater or tunnel, that led directly into my body.

Once the hole was exposed it began to leak inflammation fluid slowly. By day 3, the fluid increased and so did its consistency. Scab removed Sunday, in the ER on Friday with a staph infection. This has been a long and torturous road to recovery if I ever saw one.

Anyways, doc cut out some dead flesh and exposed what looked to me like a giant hole in my belly! It has been leaking for 2 weeks now, still using half a sanitary napkin to absorb the fluids. As of today, it appears to be lessening slowly.

Saw doc yesterday who is pleased with the healing process. Hole is closing slowly from the inside out and I've been given the all clear to hit the beach! I'm so psyched! I thought the summer would just pass me by with no fun.

Here are some pics of the wound.

Before & After - side by side

You can clearly see the remarkable difference. Despite all my troubles, I still say this was definitely worth it!
New York Physician

Doctor Grossman is an excellent surgeon. I've had his work reviewed by a doctor at NYU who said that he did an excellent job. After I told him all that's been going on, he said I have a very good doctor that's right on top of things. I knew that already! I am so happy I made the wise decision to go to him. I have zero regrets!

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