43 yr old soon to be hasanified!!!!!!

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Hello to all. I just wanted to write a short...

Hello to all. I just wanted to write a short review. I am 5'8, 191 lbs, work out 4 to 5 times a week (can run 2 miles in 23 minutes)..i have thought about this surgery for years and now i am acting upon it. I am going to have lipo and bbl. I have always had a flat ass and now i want a juicy butt and the fat gone from my stomach. My sx date is 12/29/2015..i am so excited abd i am even more excited because i chise dr. Voskin. I am scared of general anesthesia so everything will be done local which is fine with me. I chose dr. Voskin because as soon as i went to his office, he took his time with me and explained everything i needed to know. I am not expecting a kardashian butt but just something nice rounded juicy....i know he will bless me with a flat stomach... during consultation, he was gentle and informative..i just cannot wait for the surgery...ive uploaded preop pics

2nd down payment..woohoo

Cant waiy,,sx date 12/29

thank u r for the supply list

So, I decided to buy some things for my supply list and I realized that this stuff cost a lot of money..even with coupons. I was able to get the arnicare gel for 3.99 at walgreens. They have them on sale for 6.99 and I had 3.00 coupons netting the cost down to 3.99, so I purchased 2. The dial anti bacterial soap was on sale at king killed for 2/3.00 and I had 1.00 coupons and net it down to .50 cents each. The scar away was 16.99 and 19.99..I had 5.00 coupons (LADIES IF YOU ARE ON A BUDGET, PLEASE GO THROUGH THE INTERNET FOR COUPONS AND IF YOU NEED COUPONS, LET ME KNOW, I WILL SEND YOU WHAT I HAVE)...the nature made vitamin c was 6.99 for the both of them..stop and shop had a sale, buy 1 and get one free and I used coupons. The centrum multivitamin was 6.00 after sale and coupons..the sale was 9.99 at walgreens and then I had 4.00 coupons....ohweee, I forgot the bio oil..the bio oil was 2.99 and I used coupons extra buck rewards and rainchecks

pushed surgery date up to Dec 24 Xmas eve

Decided to push sx date up to Xmas eve..

I have to remove myself from rs

Due to anxiety, fear and impatience I have removed myself until my date gets closer

january 28th cannot get here soon enough

I cannot wait!


I decided to put up some pre-op pics inspired by tawana4372 and I guess I will start posting a little bit more since I am 8 weeKS away from a better me. I have been dreaming about this for years. I am crying just thinking how dr. Hasan will fix this horrible body. First, I had a flat ass since I was born and was teased about it. It is time I did something about it. I need a waist to go with the face...big breast needs to match the big ass hasan will give me...lol

she cheated on me

Before I can get my new ass...bam!!!! She cheats..been going thru a lot with my girlfriend of 7 years..I'm 43 and she is 38...I cheated on her, she is now cheating on me...whew!!!! The heart cannot take this...karma is a bitch tho!!! I cheated cuz no sex...what's her excuse!!! No biggee...i'mma play this along to the end cuz when I get my ass and flat stomach..it's on and popping


And the countdown begins...wanting it more than ever now...a change is soon to come!!! I'm just going to be a slore when it's done!!!!!

taking my weight loss serious..it's almost time

After fluctuating between 191 and 193 the past couple of weeks, the scale moved..I told ya I'm going through something with this love thing gone wrong..I am 190 lbs this am...go me!! I am coming for you hasan!!#

the ugly truth...don't mind my room...my ams r hectic

This is what depresses me :\ ...tawana, do you think hasan can fix this?

some of the dresses I want to see myself in after surgery

nice dresses I want to get into after bbl

current weight lost..not much but the scale us moving

people I'm so close

This is so surreal!!! I'm in my 30 days to get my butt altered and this flab from my stomach...really do not know how to act.

status less than 30 days

My status as of 12.29

weight loss

Weight loss trying to get to 170...also, happy new year everyone

who whomp..next day this am weigh in..182.6

The freaking pounds are shedding so freaking quick..wtf..my appetite us non existent..I try to eat no appetite but i'mma eat some spinach today

final down payment made today! !!#

So hyped...final down payment made and scheduled with dr. Osak with a deposit for April 22
..I'm getting a breast lift!!!

178.6 lbs as of today

Ok ppl..I've been missing..drama going on with this love relationship gone wrong for 7 years..it's finally ended..butttttttttt my surgery date is coming...15 more days...this morning my weigh in was 178.6 lbs....that's good weight to lose..I started at 192...im hyped

weight loss..todays weigh in 177.2

Well ppl time is flowing..less than 2 weeks to go...weigh in this morning 177.2

weight lost 176.8..Dr hasan cancelled Jan and feb

Urghhhhhhhh...Dr hasan cancelled Jan and feb surgeries

weigh lost journey...176.8 today

Gym this morning

weigh in right now 11:31am....175.8 lbs

I couldnt take a pic of the dcale cuz my battery low but im off to the gym anf whrn i get back...

3 more days and im in miami

Wow!!!time has come!!! Dr fisher is doing my surgery cuz dr hasan cancelled...im like whoa!!!! Lot on my mind!!!i think my bidy is stressed....need to de-stress...life doesnt end after a bad breakup

please make sure you check your hgb

If your hgb is not at least 11.8, you cannot have the surgery. Please make sure you check your hgb....dont go thru what im going thru and please dont donate blood, it will bring down your hgb drastically :( its up the air...posdibly cannot have my surgery this thursday

tick tock tick tock..tomorrow miami..weigh in 172.8- I lost 21 lbs

So, surgery is on...my hgb went from 11.6 to 12.7 in 3 freaking days...im going in weighing 172.8...my appetite coming back...I actually ate 2 small meals today....if u want your iron up in 3 days, you basically starve yourself and eat nothing but vitamin pills, geritol, double up on the iron pills, pur absorb, liver, beef, spinach...you good

made it..tough..enjoy the pics..sorry about the mess

be prepared. not trying to scare anyone...pain and discomfort no joke

1350 cc in one cheek and 1400 in the other...swollen vagina....stiff body...no sleep...wake up every 2 hours...use the wahl massager, it helps...love my shape...dr fisher is amazing.....

too much ass ass ass

Wow..i went from a flatty to a fatty

garment no..waist cincher yes

Ok ppl...so burn and all ive decided to wear my waist cincher...wear it ppl..it helps reduce swelling and contour your stomach..reduces pain too..u woke wake up stiff..im not too fond of the garment..waste of money

ass updates

Im gettung there

work in a couple hours..cant sleep

Might as well bless everyone with pics

some heyday pics taken in bathroom tofay

First day back to work

weighing in people this morning

Need to know the damage..well i went into sx weighing 172 lbs..i finally got the courage to weigh in this morning and im 177.4 lbs..5 lb weight gain but it stops there..i didnt come a this way to gain it back.

might as well give yall updates..enjoy

Even though the pain is crazy

more miracle pics from from dr fishet


more updated pics

1 month post op pics...still swollen. Painful

update..burns going away

Burns going away..stomach going down....omw to being more acceptable in my eyes



I'm just doing...

Well. Haven't posted in a while. I am having a slow recovery.. I'm still on the heavy medicine oxycodone.. I swear part of my muscles were nicked and that's why its a slow recovery for me....I'm still swelling bad...no gym yet but hopefully at the three month mark!!! Every morning getting up is so painful... I feel like my epidermis is left behind on the bed...my flanks and sides burn all day if I don't take medications..




Five month update

Well, due to me not healing fast..slow recovery period, i had to use alternative methods. Im back in the gym.. Still love my results but of course im booty greedy.. I want more ass now!!! I decided not to get my breadt done because this pain was too much!!! I was on heavy narcotics 4 to 5 times a day until two weeks ago!!! My body did not like this procedure and would never do it again! Im still maintaining my weight at 174 lbs but you guys look and be the judge of how I turned out! Thanks..excuse the messy room..its just my room

More pictures 5 month update

More pictures.. 5 month update

5 month update

5 month update

5 month update

7 month update

hey everyone. im still here trying to update my bbl by dr. fisher on 1/28/2016. yes, life is different, definitely more stares and over confidence in your body.. i try to wear the tightest clothes to show my ass.... on the flip side i still have the chronic pains of nerve damage all day, im on cymbalta and occassionally percocets.. the burns are shrinking but still there.. the body is healing but slowly very slowly.. ive had lymphatic massages, physical therapy, and now pain management... but all is good... im hanging in there.. im trying to het back in the gym but i have to get my oain under control.. ive enclosed some pictures.. happy looking!

more pics 7 month update

more pics 7 month update
dr joseph voskin

Soon to be a fisher doll

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