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I'v been planning this day for months and my day...

I'v been planning this day for months and my day has finally came. I'm nerxcited (nervous & excited. I'm having my procedure done by Dr. Testa at Allure Clinic. So far we have taken preop pictures, I'm in the waiting area waiting to be called ????. The staff definitely makes you feel super comfortable but my nerves are still getting the best of me.

Day 1 Post Op

So yesterday was my procedure. Dr. Testa honestly is super caring and the nurse Inna is like on mommy mode. They basically asked every second if you're okay. The most uncomfortable part had to be the local anesthesia but once that settled in all you feel honestly is light pressure which is mainly from the doctor pinching the fatty areas. But what I can say is having fat injected into your ass has to be the most weirdest feeling ever lol. Aft error the procedure is was leaking like crazy. Ina wrapped me in a abdominal binder n put maxi pads over my incisions. They had me lay in the recovery room for about 30 mins. From the time I got up to walk out my sweats were soaked, that had to be the most yuckiest feeling ever. They should really consider putting drains. When I got home I put a heavy duty construction bag on my bed (Ghetto I know lol) & laid some hospital chucks over it. I refused to mess up my mattress. I slept through the night. The office called around 9 to check on me and tell me to shower around 2. The pain is bareable (to me) u really just feel sore as if u had a VERY intense workout. The oxys makes me super nauseous so I rather not even take them.

3 days post op

Im super swollen. I scheduled for my massage on Tuesday. The doctor told me to wait a week but I can't be bother. I still have to return back to them on the 21st to have liposuction of the upper abdomen and the sides. So far I can definitely see a HUGE difference. I can finally see my little cupcake without having to pull back my kangaroo pouch lmfao. Hopefully this pics helps someone *shrugs*

Update. & Part two

Sorry I haven't been updating lately I've been super busy with everyday mom life. Recovery honestly wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After about, I wanna say a week I was okay to resume everyday activities. Driving definitely was a task. The way I had to sit was the absolute worst lol.

I went for massages as well. Now let me be the first to tell you that it hurts like a B****H! OH MY GOD. I swear I never felt anything like it but afterward you feel so much better and it helps with swelling. Swelling is by far the worst. You'll wake up flat and next thing you know you swell up like a blow fish! I need to ask what things to say away from besides sodium or what helps reduce swelling.

Now about this garment! Love hate relationship for real! I hateeeeeeee it! Hate it! Hate it! At night I have to sleep without the straps! Because it hurts my shoulders! Im now on my monthly and I honestly haven't worn it in 2 days. This crap made me so uncomfortable, I'm bloated like hell. Ugh! I have the second part of my procedure today, I tried to reschedule due to having my monthly but they tried to charge me 100. So Jasmine (lady from the office) told me to just wear a tampon (which I hate!). Today I'll be doing my upper abdomen and bbl #2. I hope it adds more volume because even though I see a difference in my buttocks it's just not enough.

I've honestly been looking at other doctors. Don't get me wrong I see a significant difference but maybe I just need aggressive liposuction & that's something you can't get under local. I'm just terrified of getting put to sleep. Whelp let's see how these results look after this! Smooches ladies!


Yesterday for someone reason everything was hell. Dr. Testa felt it was because of my cycle. He made as comfortable as possible I must say. I haven't been able to unwrap the bandages they send you home in yet so I'll definitely post pics later. I was only able to get 300ccs injected into each cheek for more volume. I'm thinking about going back and doing my upper back and inner thighs. I need my ass to POP!!!!! I'm super uncomfortable and can't wait to shower. Xoxo dolls

Finally ready to shower. But first let me take a selfie


Sorry. I haven't been posting. The second procedure actually kicked my assignment (pain wise) idk why. The Dr believes it's because i caugh my menstrual. But beside the swelling I have no complaints. I'm super annoyed with it lol. I just want my upper back and more projection in my button and I'll be completely satisfied!

Sorry 4 so much nakedness lol

3 months Post Op

It's been a while so here's a picture update

Happy :)




Been planning round 2 for the longest. Looking at Plaza, Gomez or Dr. V in Colombia.
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