30 y/o F getting tumescent liposuction and Fat Transfer Brazilian Butt Lift. Brooklyn, NY

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Hello all I've decided to write this post to share...

Hello all I've decided to write this post to share the experiences I will have within the next few months. Now, before I begin I want to let you know that I have thought about this for about two years and after visiting several top New York City plastic surgeons, I believe that my choice with Dr. Voskin is the best.
To give you some background information on myself I am a 30-year-old female, no children white European, 203 pounds and I am what you call a thick girl or big bone and I like it :). I also have severe back pain from a prior work injury so handling both will be a challenge.

Many posts that I check don't include what I want to know such as update weight, pain level and measurements. I will give a weekly update and photos. Hopefully I can figure this site out enough to do this.

Dr.Voskin will be performing the following procedures:
SmartLipo full abdominal
SmartLipo flanks into armpits
SmartLipo full back
Fat Transfer hips 250cc each
Fat Transfer buttocks in hopes 1000cc each

In this price my wonderful doctor is including garments and free all follow up appointments and emotional support, I'm very nervous and excited.
And please if anyone can help me with suggestions on what I can prepare myself for please let me know :).

god bless

Adding photos pre-op

Adding photos 204 lbs 37-35-42

1 week pre-op To-do lists

Ok so I went to my last doctor appt. got my Rx. And now the crazy blogging is kicking in...
3 week prior - no nicotine, cigarettes, cigars anything tabacco...DONE
2 week prior - no alcohol... Ok. DONE
Shopping list to prep.
Rubbing alcohol
Gauze pads
Hand sanitizer (I'm a freak like that sorry lol)
I also got my old cleanin lady to come in a she is going to disinfect my apartment. Too much, right? Lol
Baby wipes
Feminine pads
Old towels
Stool softener?
Arnica pills (I bruise easy)
Water pills i tend to swell a lotOh Ya lots bleach and Clorox and all that other crazy stuff to make my house clean.
Now... For my own purpose I cleaned out a upper shelf of my dresser no have me avoid unnecessary bending I out my panties wipes and misc things Ill need to use daily at least first week.
Today I am going on a mission to find compression Spanx/under armor shorts and a full shoulder to knees set.
Olga did say that they will give me the garments but after reading on sites it says Spanx and under armor is the best. The less rolls and creases you have the better the outcome.
I am also going to the salon taking off my beautiful nails and getting a pedi I won t be visiting them for 2 months.
I purchased smart water /Gatorade/Poland spring. I read it's good post surgery take deep breaths and drink at least 1 gallon a day. Think I'm over doing it...yolo lol. Anyone have anymore things to add let me know...

Tommorow is the day

Hello everyone so this is my last post preop and I have some photos obviously lucky me I got my period today so I'm extra sensitive and extra bloated and my current weight is 206 I did gain a few pounds maybe it's my period Maybe it's water but here are the photos so we can all compare ladies wish me luck!

Ok 6 hours of surgery

So we ended up doing flanks full abs lower back other parts will be for next time . We put 250 cc in each hip and 750cc in each butt cheek.
Lipo was a breeze we joked and listened to music. Then bbl was painful even thought we numbed it up, it hurt and still hurts.

Ok phototube 4 hours after surgery

This is 4 hours post procedure and I have the pads on im very swollen on pubic area especially

2 days after procedure

So for those that watch photos and read you can go to work after a Bbl. It's all smoke. Indeed help moving around I can't lay and stand up without assistance. Maybe if my procedure was smaller I would be in less pain but my pain with the painkillers is on a constant 7 (out of 10). My procedure took 6 hours to complete. Dr. Voskin has magical hands. I am terrified of needles and he made the procedure of liposuction almost painless. I got to watch the procedures and he walked me through everything that he is about to do. I had two tea breaks and a total of 5 liters of fat removed from my stomach, flanks and lower back. My measurements now are as is:
Before 38/35/41 yesterday 38/36/47 today they are 37/34/47. I'm swollen in pubic area still.. Doctor is amazing calls me everyday yesterday he called me twice and Olga called to check up on me. I really feel taken care of and a priority in their eyes. I am going to complete my procedure of upper back and underarms after I'm heeled. And I may be the first one with photos of his work on the Internet... But I'm naturally a person who swells and bruises easy. So your results may not be as severe as mine with the swelling. I'll add photos in a little

3 days post ip

Current measurements

5 days post op

So I figured out a technique to go to bathroom without touching the rim. I folding two large towels at the tip and rested my hamstrings and bam...finally went to the bathroom. Ladies it's very common not to be able to go to the bathroom after this procedure so don't freak out but drink lotsa water. I got prune juice and senocot helped me. I am still on pain meds and sleep most of the day. I'm still and overstuffed turkey but I have finally put on first piece of clothing to see how my body is coming out and I'm happy. Can't wait to take these garments off. Current weight 203 measurements 37/34/46 I'm trying to post a video but can't hmm.,

Video 5 days post bbl

Some live footage :)

Three week post photo update

So my but is def. not where I wanted it to be I'm afraid he bbl did not hold and to tell you the truth I haven't sat on it have drank or anything. But I'm just not made to have the big booty that I want. The liposuction did give me curve I think at this point 50% of my 750cc per cheek stayed. I'm a lil disappointed.

1 month to post

So amazing lipo from dr.voskin better than I have seen on any website or review. Stomach still numb. Not happy with bbl wish there was more bang. But watever I have a figure now
Brooklyn Physician

Very caring and tends to all questions and concerns.

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