28 Yrs Old, 5'2" and 130 Lbs with Size 34 D-DD but Very Droopy - Brookline, MA

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I'm 28 yrs old, 5'2" and 130 lbs with size 34 D-DD...

I'm 28 yrs old, 5'2" and 130 lbs with size 34 D-DD but very droopy. I recently lost about 25 lbs and still working on losing about 10 lbs more and toning up. However, my boobs were always droopy from the moment they started developing, so it has nothing to do with my weight loss. I've always wanted a breast lift but didn't have the financial means to do it and also I wanted to drop the excess weight before doing it. Now that I'm finally living a healthier lifestyle and feel really good about my body, I can't wait to have the pretty, perky boobies to go along with my body and really be happy with the reflection I see in the mirror! I have no kids and although I love children, I don't intend to have any of my own. My dream is to have perky, round boobs that I would be proud of when naked or going bra-less when wearing a sexy deep v-neck/backless dress/top (something I've never worn before). I don't wish to be bigger or smaller than what I am now, which is a 34D-DD. I think my boobs look great in a bra, they are proportionate to my body (I'm Brazilian so I have a booty and hips to balance things out). I had my first consult with Dr. Terri Halperin from Longwood Plastic Surgery in Brookline, MA and she was very nice. She definitely through me a curveball though, because to achieve the shape I want, I thought I would need a small implant along with my breast lift. However, she said I would be able to achieve the results I want with just a breast lift, specially since I don't wish to go bigger. Also, she would only do the two procedures separately, so if after my lift I'm not completely satisfied, I could get implants to improve the shape of my breasts. I really didn't want to go under the knife twice to be able to get the results I want, but I'm just not sure if a lift would be enough. Either way I already booked my surgery appointment (since I had a recommendation from a close friend, saw that the PS had great reviews, and I really liked Dr. Halperin) which will be in December 19, 2014. I am super excited and anxious at the same time! I have tons of questions that I'll be posting soon and hopefully you ladies can help me out. In the meantime if you have any suggestions as far as what I should be doing now which is about four months before my surgery, please leave a comment.

It's happening!!

I'm prepping for surgery right now! I'll be going in pretty soon. I'll post soon. I wish I had taken more before pics but I didn't think of it until this morning. See you later ladies!

I did it! :)

Got the surgery done and I was back home in bed at 11am. Woke up at 2pm to pee and had a little bite to eat so I could take more meds. I'm feeling pretty good. When I woke up at the clinic from my anesthesia I had some pain on my boobs that I described as a road rash, lol! The meds seem to be kicking in again and I'm getting sleepy. I'll post more later.

1 day post-op

I'm feeling pretty good and now I can gladly say (without jinxing myself) that I had no nausea or had to vomit at any point yesterday and today! I do get a bit lightheaded once in a while but I think it's do to the pain meds which I'm considering stopping today and continue only with Tylenol, what do you think girls, is it too early to get off the pain meds? I'm only taking one pill about every 6 hrs and I don't feel much pain towards the end of the 6 hrs. I haven't look at my renewed boobies yet, that'll be tomorrow afternoon, I'm excited and scared at the same time! All in all, it's going good, I'm able to eat, walk around the house and go to the bathroom by mysel (no #2 yet... should I take dulcolax stool softener?). I'll be posting a picture tomorrow as soon as I take a look at them.

2 Days Post-op

I'm off pain killers as of yesterday, since last night I already switched to Tylenol. I'm feeling really good today just with Tylenol and I'm still taking it easy today staying in bed for most of the time. I took dulcolax stool softener but no results from that yet. Later on tonight I might try to shower and switch the gauze pads and be able to look at my boobs, we'll see how courageous I feel. :)

My first look...

I took a peek at my boobies today and I know it's still too early to know exactly how it's going to heal but I'm a bit concerned with my left breast, it seems as if the nipple is lower (still looking down) on that breast while the right one seems to look perky... Is it just me or can you please honestly tell me what you see? Also I noticed that part of the nipple incision on my left boob isn't covered by the steri strip, I'm going to contact my surgeon tomorrow about that since I'm scared that leaving it uncovered might increase the chances of getting infected or affect the way it scars. I'm sorry I'm freaking out a bit... I took a couple pics and covered them back up right away!

Post-op appointment

So today I had my post-op appointment and Dr. Halperin said everything looks great and healing well! I'll be seeing her in another two weeks when the steri trips will come out (if they haven't fallen off on their own until then). I've been trying to be patient by not staring at the mirror criticizing my boobs since they still have a long way to go as far as healing goes, I don't want to obess about every little change, that'll just drive me crazy! ;)
This whole process is going pretty smooth. I've been really good about keeping the compression bra on at all times and keeping the incisions dry. I feel some shooting pains once in a while which the doctor said it's normal. I have full sensation on both nipples, yay! I'm uploading some pics I took on Friday, my 1 week post-op mark. I'll post more pics this Friday at my 2 week mark.

2 weeks post-op

3 weeks post-op

3 weeks post-op

I'm at my 3 weeks post-op and feeling really good. A couple of the steri strips have been falling off while I shower. One that fell off from the crease of my right breast, took a little piece of scab with it so now it's a bit raw and it gets irritated because of my bra rubbing against it. I've been putting some Neosporin on it and covering with gauze but it still bugs me once in a while. It sucks because I tend to sweat around the crease of my boobs and I'm trying to keep it clean and dry. Anyone else had this problem before, any suggestions?

1 month post-op

1 month post-op and steri strips are off!

Open wound...

So about one week after I had my steri strips removed, I noticed discharging yellow liquid from the bottom incision of my right boob and noticed it had become an open wound. As soon as I had the strips removed I have been applying Neosporin on incisions about twice/day and covering with sterile nonstick gauze. As soon as I noticed the discharge on the gauze and my bra this past Tuesday, I called my ps and sent her pics to make sure it's not infected. She said that I might have some fluid in there and it's a good thing it's coming out. She told me to stop putting Neosporin on it since apparently it inhibits healing, so she recommend to not put anything on it expect a dry and clean gauze and change it about twice/day. She told me to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn't get redder or if I get fevers (signs of infection). This sucks... I hope it heals soon and that it doesn't scar badly. Anyone else had a similar problem?

Finally closed up!

Close-up of incisions - before scar treatment

Now that my wound closed I can start scar treatment so here are some pics so I can keep track of the progress. Also I got pictures taken by my PS yesterday so she gave me a print out with my before and current pics.

2 months post op

I've been feeling great and I'm finally back to my fitness routine! Other than the scars, it feels like these are the boobs I was supposed to have been born with (well at least at puberty, ha!). They feel so me, that sometimes I even forget I had surgery. Obviously they are MY boobs, no implants but I'm referring to the fact that the shape has changed. Unfortunately, I haven't been really good about applying scar treatment on them, I have to get myself into a routine for that. So other than moisturizing with Aquafor I haven't done much about it yet. I'll be posting again at my 3 month mark.
Brookline Plastic Surgeon

I've only had my first consult with Dr. Halperin for now, she's very kind and personable and made me feel very comfortable (even though I usually have an extremely hard time showing anyone my boobs). I'll update more as I interact with her and her team more.

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