Teardrop Shaped Breasts Getting Round Hp Silicone - Brookline, MA

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My surgery is scheduled for August 15th. I'm 25...

My surgery is scheduled for August 15th. I'm 25 years old, 5ft 8 1/2, 125 lbs, married, no kids. I want to get implants to improve the shape and volume of my breasts, and be able to wear bikinis, and fill clothes without needing double size push up bras. I'm looking to get silicone, under the muscle through the breast crease incision.

My ps said a lift might give a better result, but I don't want one- I don't want more scarring but also would like to have kids in the future, and there seems to be a lot less complications for breast feeding with a crease incision.

I have a bit of asymmetry... my right breast is larger then my left, and my left one's crease is a little higher than the right.

My fill volume is determined to be 500cc. I would like a D cup, so right now I'm thinking anywhere between 400-500ccs.

My ps uses the rapid recovery technique, so that will be interesting to see how recovery goes.

2 more weeks! Today I filled my prescriptions. I...

2 more weeks! Today I filled my prescriptions. I was prescribed an anti-nausea patch for the am of my surgery. Keflex antibiotics, Percocet and ibuprofen (can alternate between the two).

Anyone with rapid recovery, can you tell me if you stuck to a schedule with ibuprofen or a pain pill, or did you just take it if you felt you needed it (like not every 4-6 hours, but just when you felt you needed it?)

On my ps's website it says most of his patients only use the ibuprofen, which I'm hoping I'll be able to do. I'm suppose to buy soap with Chlorhexidine gluconate (an antiseptic soap) to wash with before surgery. I was mailed a book of instructions for pre-and post op instructions, risks and complications, and what to expect. It was making me a little nervous now that the surgery is getting closer.

It's been a while since I've been on... lol...

It's been a while since I've been on... lol.

Wednesday August 15th was my surgery day, I was super nervous checking in, my heart beat was racing. I was also scarred of what kind of pain I would be in, and scared of the anesthesia, since I've never had a surgery.

Sorry if TMI, but before surgery I had to poop, and wanted to, because I read how so many people get backed up, but I was too nervous to go. The day before surgery I ate lots of fiber, and drank a gallon of water, (I usually drink a lot of water daily though anyway) and pooped twice! But I stopped eating and drinking after 9:15pm, technically I had till 12 midnight.

I didn't get a lot of sleep that night (about 4 hours) from preparing for surgery, and praying everything will turn out right.

Surgery went well, the nurse was an old Asian woman, who acted very motherly towards me and reassured me that I was gonna be alright. Surgery lasted about an hour. I woke up in the OR with my eyes closed when they were rolling me to a stretcher bed, and I asked for water, because I was so thirsty. They told me to wait and get some rest, but pretty shortly after my thirst woke me up again so they gave me water, and asked me how my pain was. I told them a 2 or 3, so I took ibuprofen 600mg, (to stay on top of the pain) instead of percocet, which I was thankful for. I was in the recovery room for a while because I kept falling asleep, (I think sleepiness from surgery but also from lack of sleep the night before) I had to ask them to prop the bed up cause it was uncomfortable flat on my back.

I woke up at one point and said I can go, I'm not in pain, just really sleepy. So the nurse asked me what my pain was, and I said a 1 outta 10, more discomfort breathing. So I got dressed by myself, was able to put my arms over my head without pain, just a little dizziness. She gave me home care instructions, which I'm suppose to use the rapid recovery technique as much as I can, raising my arms over my head, just reaching and doing things with my arms.

Car ride home the bumps weren't too nice, but not too bad either, I fell asleep. I noticed bottled water tasted gross like metallic tap water, which I soon figured out musta been from the anesthesia. When we got home, I took it easy, kept hydrated, took ibuprofen every 5-6 hours, and was able to go to the bathroom by myself. I had no appetite, but ate some saltines and jello with each ibuprofen & antibiotic dose. My tummy was a little bloated right after surgery, and I wasn't able to go poop, even though I felt I had to before surgery :( (sorry if TMI, lol). Also in between each antibiotic dose, I took acidophilis so the antibiotics wouldn't be to harsh to my tummy. At night I didn't get great sleep, not because of pain, (though it felt a little worse, 4 at most) but because I was so uncomfortable sleeping propped up on my back. I woke up feeling stiff and sore (is that what morning boob feels like?) but felt better when I started walking around. Also about every hour I got up to pee. My hubby was great, when I ran out of water, I woke him, and he would run and get me some.

The day after surgery we got out of the house to get a looser zip front sports bra. It felt good to walk around. But I noticed I got dizzy if I moved to fast. We went back home, and I was already feeling bored out of my mind, stuck at home, stuck resting.

Yesterday was the HARDEST day yet. BOOBIE BLUES? (on a separate note, I stopped taking the ibuprofen, just took two reg. strength before bed, and felt if I had a desk job, I would be able to go back to work that day, no pain, just sometimes muscle twinges) I felt so discouraged. I felt like I picked the wrong size, even though I went with the doc's recommendation on size w/out a lift, and my hubby liked the size also, when I tried on sizers. Me personally, thought every sizer I tried on looked huge, Even rice tests at home, they would just sag in a sports bra, I couldn't get a good picture of how it would look. I just kept telling myself pre-op, that it will look smaller once in, trusted the doc's advice, and I knew most people after surgery say, once everything has settled they wish they went just a little bigger. To me, yesterday they just looked soo huge! Also it didn't help that in clothes they looked so wide, big, and flat. That made me feel worse. I cried a lot yesterday. And felt sooooo discoraged. I was wishing I never had this surgery, and just wanted to get them removed. I felt that boobs aren't worth all this discouragement and heartache. I remember reading from another reviewer months ago, that this journey is not for the weak or faint of heart. How true that felt yesterday! I just had to pray, and remind my self that they will look different when they drop. Last night my breasts looked very shiny and felt like they were stretching which is why I took two reg. strength advil before bed.

This morning I woke up very refreshed, and got the best sleep yet. I miss sleeping on my side though, and can't wait till I can again. I woke up in a better mood. I will post pics later. I also want to post a better pre-op of my breasts so you can see the difference.

I want to add, and sorry if TMI, but yesterday I...

I want to add, and sorry if TMI, but yesterday I pooped! But I also had some diarrhea which I wonder if from the antibiotics and acidophilis, or even the ibuprofen.

Just looking at my pre-op pics makes me feel so better about my post op breasts. I guess going from having barely anything to something, is a big change to get used to.
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