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Hello ladies, Ok so I am getting my BA on Monday...

Hello ladies,
Ok so I am getting my BA on Monday June 24th and I'm starting to freak out! At my pre op my surgeon told me he choice 350 ccs silicone HP. I told him the whole time I wanted natural looking boobs, NO big gap inbetween and I don't want to look like I have 2 balls sitting on my chest. So when I said I was getting HP I was shocked. He said the mod plus would give me too much side boob. I'm thinking if I chose a smaller cc would I be able to do the mod plus? I mean u showed him pics of what I wanted and he insist that HP are the way to go for me? Anyone get HP and love them? I mean I'm no expert about breast augmentations so I'm not knocking anyone who has HP. I've been researching and actually seen alot of girls that have HP and look amazing! I'm just super nervous that they aren't going to come out how I wanted :-/

3 days till surgery!

Hey boobie friends :) so i bought arnica and bromelian today and was wondering when to start taking it and how many at a time? Also how was it getting put to sleep? Another thing im worried about is never feeling like the implants are apart of my body, scared ill never feel "normal" I know everyone says they don't even remember how it feels not having boobs after a few weeks, I'm just fearing ill feel weird, some girl on here posted that she got them removed because of it!!! Was the surgery easier then you expected or worse?

Did I buy the right stuff?

Did I buy the right stuff? My surgeon says I don't really need it but wouldn't hurt if I bought it, I've heard alot of girls say it works great so I figured why not? Just wondering if I purchased the right brand and stuff

This pic didn't load in my review

Tomorrow is surgery day!!!!

Surgery day tomorrow at 1! Have to be there at 12 but I live a hour away so leaving at 11. I was really nervous a few days ago, but wasn't at all for 2 days, up until about a hour ago I'm starting to get nervous and kinda making myself sick to my stomach! Ahhhhhh I just want this to be over and done with!! I will def keep everyone posted tomorrow , pray for me ;-)

1 hour before I leave for surgery!

Hey ladies! Just wanted to give a quick update. I'm laying here on the couch with my 2 year old son right now, about to take a shower and wash with the antiseptic soap, then bring the kids to daycare and hit the road!!!! I'm super nervous (as I knew I would be) I'm making myself sick to my stomach lol, can't wait till its over and done with!!! Ill def post when I'm done and feeling like I can't type! See you all in boobieland (•)(•)

Before surgery

Just wanted to post one last pic of me in my bathing suit the other day

Surgery went great

Just wanted to give a quick update and post a pic, ill give details later. Everything went perfect, I'm in no pain at all, but I am drugged up so I'm gonna stay on top if my perks. Thank you everyone for the prayers XOXO

Day 1 post op

So today is post op day 1 and I'm already loving my results. I can't wait till they drop and get soft to see how they will look. I woke up fine, just a tiny bit sore but nothing crazy at all. Ok let me tell u how it all went down yesterday.

We got there at 12 and called me in the back about 10 mins later (hubby couldn't come back there at all) I wanted to cry when I hugged him bye, but I didn't lol. So I got back there, they had me change into a Johnny, Slipper socks and a hair net. She took my vials and weighed me. Then I met the anesthesiologist and she went everything over with me, then I met the nurse who stays in the operating room, then my PS came in and made sure we was on the same page as to size and stuff, he did some marks on me and I never seen him again at all. Lol not even in the operating room cause I was sleeping before he even came in. Ok so then I walked into the OR, they gave me a IV which didn't hurt at all I'm surprised it just felt like blood work or something, then she said "ok I'm gonna put a mask on ur face I want u to take 2 nice deep breathes, and I was Out like a light. Next thing I know I was waking up in the recovery room. Woke up in NO PAIN AT ALL!! No pressure, nothing! I was just tired, me and the nurse on the recovery room was talking about our kids and cars and Disney world lol. Then she helped me get dressed and wheeled me out to hubby and we went home. I didn't even sleep when I got home because my sister and brother came over with their kids so it was a zoo I'm my house lol. I slept in my couch with my feet on the ottoman, not the best sleep I've had but wasn't as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. I set my phone alarm to get up and take my mess cause I didn't wanna wake up in horrible pain. I woke up perfectly fine, just a little tight and sore.
Quick question, are any of you taking Perc's and feel like ur vision is a little blurred? Not too much but mostly when I'm typing on my phone.
I'm gonna post pics


I forgot to say, ps was gonna do 350ccs in my left and 385ccs in my right but he ended up doing 350 in both he said they are the same size with the 350's


I removed the nausea patch this morning and now my vision is blurry, not really when I'm just looki g around but when I'm on my phone typing its real blurry, I read its a side affect but now long does this last? It's driving me nuts!!! I also feel a little weird, can't really explain the feeling.. Anyone else experience this?

Post op day 2

Hey ladies, so much hasn't really changed, I'm less sore then yesterday, I'm only taking Motrin and Tylenol because the Perc's had me feeling in a fog and weirded out. I ended up having dilated pupils and blurred vision (when looking at my phone) due to the nausea patch, I removed it yesterday morning. When I woke up today my pupils aren't dilated anymore but my blurred vision is still there. I'm laying here watching tv and notices my right hand is having a "twitch" I guess that's what we can call it, it's inthe palm of my hand near my pinky finger. Anyone else have this? I'm such a worry wart lol

New pics! Post op day 4

Wanted to post some new pics, they are looking better everyday, was able to get a sports bra on today. Besides still feeling a little "foggy" from anestisia wearing off, my recovery has been surprisingly easy. Quick question, when we say "post op day 4" do we count the day of surgery? Or starting from the day after?


hey boobie friends.. So I am feeling much better today, no longer have the "brain fog" feeling. My eyes are still a little blurry when looking at my phone but not as bad. BUT now I keep getting that electrifying "zinger" pain I'm my boobs when I'm tryna get out of bed or reach for something and HOLY MOLY do those hurt!!! These are normal right? I'm getting them so much I feel like its kinda numbing my boobs lmao

Feeling like me again!

Hey ladies! So I'm FINALLY feeling like me again!!! I am still sore tho, especially cause I'm always non stop, so by the end of the day I'm ready for Motrin, ice and a bed lol, how long before they aren't sore anymore?? Also I went to my post op visit yesterday and it was pretty quick, he said everything looks good, changed my sterry strips and told me to keep them on till they fall off, don't go back for another 5 weeks (is that normal?) and he said NO MASSASING???? Anyone else not have to massage? All I see on this site is everyone saying how they have to do them and my ps said its no needed. I mean every ps is different and has their own way of doing things so I guess I should just go by what he says? My boobs are still pretty hard and my right one is so much higher then my left! Aggravating!!! Will they even out??? Happy 4th of July everyone!!

17 days post op

So I haven't wrote a review because I feel like no one leaves comments anymore after the BA but this site WAS great for before getting surgery, why is that? Anyways nothing much is happening over here just waiting patiently for my boobs to drop and fluff, still a little sore and tight at times, and my boobs are sensitive to the touch like even my shirt rubbing against them is a annoying feeling, doesn't hurt just annoying. My sterry strips still haven't fallen off, I'm wondering how my scars look. Well that's it ladies I'm gonna post some pics

OMG where has the time gone??

So I'm 5 weeks post op and feeling GREAT! No more morning boob or no soreness, only thing I still have is a little numbness from the nipple down, It just feels weird but I expected that, it gets better as time passes, how long before its not like that tho? U can't wait to go back to the gym next week! I've been eating like shit lately lol with everyone having cookouts and me not going to the gym I've been SLACKING LOL! My scars are very thin but I wanna go buy silicone strips but I don't wanna spend a ton of money so any suggestions on where to get them? My dr said CVS?

Went and got sized today!

So I couldn't help but to go to VS today and get sized. Although they might change I don't think the size will change. They measured me at at 32D or 34C, they said they are pretty much the same. That's what size I thought I was by looking at them. I went and bought the 32 D because hey I paid alot of money for these girls lol. I got exactly what I asked my surgeon for, I told him I wanted to be a full C small D, I didn't want to look top heavy because I'm a small girl, and I'm very happy with my results and how they proportion my body, I'm gonna post a pic of my bra, very comfy by the way and not expensive at all!!! I used to buy the $50 bras but I didn't want to spend that incase my size changes, plus I don't need all that extra push up and padding so I can buy the cheaper ones now lol, this bra was $30 and it came with a matching black and pink panties for $30 and I had a $10 off a bra coupon :-) I also am gonna post a pic from about 3 weeks ago and a pic from yesterday so u can see how much they have changes with dropping and fluffing

6 week post op visit

Today I went to my 6 week post op appt. he said everything looks great. I feel great too and love my new boobs. I can feel the bag tho on my left boob, like on the bottom half of my left boob kinda near my nipple, feels weird and squishy, can't see it at all tho so if I didn't tell u to feel it no one would know, anyone else experience this? Not a big deal just wondering. Besides that I have absolutely no complaints, my boobs are still a little numb to the touch, not too much tho and my nipples still get hard over anything lol
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