420cc's Breast Augmentation and Lipo of Armpit Fat - Brookline, MA

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I had my surgery yesterday early in the morning. I...

I had my surgery yesterday early in the morning. I was there from 7am to about 11:30ish am. Didnt take too long. It was the first time I had ever been put under anesthesia so I was very scared. I woke up in the recovery room and ouch! Felt the pain for sure. I was very drowsy. Kept falling back to sleep. There was someone with me the whole time as I rested. When I woke up, she gave me water, crackers, and my first oxycodone. It was hard to eat because I was so sleepy and out if it. She brought me to a chair to see if I was walking correctly. She put waterproof bandages over everything the doc put on me so I could shower without getting them wet. She took of the surgical bra to do so. It was hard to tell what they'd look like because they're up so high. I don't have any sensation in my nipples or bottom of the breast right now. I'm told that should be normal and feeling will return. I got Natrelle Allergan 420cc anatomically shaped textured implants under the muscle. I haven't had a chance to see them yet. I have a surgical bra on and bandages. The bandages come off at my post op appointment next week. Hopefully they will drop a little bit more by next Wednesday when everything comes off so I can see them! I also got lipo in that gross armpit fat area that so many women have. It's apparently breast tissue.!? I'm definitely bruised in that area. He said to try to eat a lot of pineapple to help with brusing and swelling. As I read and watched videos of other women's experiences, I realized that day 2 was going to be the worst for pain. It's day 2 now and I woke up at about 6:30 and took 2 oxycodones. I have ice on the area. Hopefully by taking 2 pills, it won't be as bad. I will update and give more pics as the days pass.

Before and after day 1

Day after surgery

The pain meds can't seem to keep up. I'm in the same amount of pain as yesterday. Hopefully I will feel a little better tomorrow.

The next day... day 3

I consider day 1 to be the day of the surgery. Day 2 was the first full day. Today is day 3. I was in a lot of pain yesterday. I started taking my motrin 600mg along with my 5mg oxycodone. It seems to be the only way I am comfortable. I took the anti-nausia patch off this morning. I get to shower today. I took both the motrin and the oxycodone when I woke up. Everything was so swollen and stiff. I'm doing ok at the moment. Pain at rest is probably a 4. But this morning was about an 8. Yesterday was about an 8 as well. My Incision area started to hurt yesterday. I still have numbness in my nipples and under-boob. I get random sharp pains everywhere. They last only for a few seconds. I received a phone call from one of the nurses yesterday asking how I was doing. I explained all my symptoms. She said it was all normal and to tell the doctor about my numbness if it doesn't go away in the next couple days. I'm not hungry ever but I'm forcing myself to eat so I don't get sick from the meds. I can't do little things like open my prescription bottles. I can't raise my arms much. And it definitely hurts more if I lay perfectly on my back for an extended period of time. They still feel very tight. I can't wait till they drop! I will keep you updated. It's pointless to take a pic today, there is no visible change since yesterday.

Still day 3

Taking both the Motrin and oxycodone together seems to be working. My pain level hasn't gone up past a five all day. But new symptoms have occurred. My left side and armpit is much more bruised and swollen than the right. My left arm feels strange. It gets numb. They are still very tight feeling. I was sleepy all day but didn't nap. I kinda had to force myself to eat. I wasn't hungry at all but didn't want to get sick off the meds on an empty stomach. I got up more today and did some things for myself. It was easier to pull down and up my pants to pee. And I got my own water and snacks. It still sucks tho! As soon as I stand, I feel all the pressure. I've been very lightly massaging them. Just barely putting pressure on them. Hopefully that helps make them drop faster. And hopefully tomorrow I'll feel even better.

Day 4

I woke up on day 4 a couple hours ago. I felt like I got hit by a bus. The mornings are painful. Probably because they swell a lot as I sleep. I took an oxycodone and a Motrin and propped myself up. The pain level now is probably a 3 when not moving. But it's worse when I get up. It feel like something is pulling down on my chest when I get up. I'm experiencing weird feeling in my arm still. It's going in and out of numb. My nipples are still numb. The outer sides of my boobs are swollen so they hurt. My left outer breast hurts more than my right and my right Incision hurts more than my left. Everything still feels very tight. It's very uncomfortable. I'm excited to get these bandages off but that's not until Wednesday. It's Sunday now. I'm nervous about not getting feeling back in my nipples. I hear it's a small chance that the feeling won't come back. I only have a couple oxycodones left. I hope that I don't need anymore after today. I don't think they look any different. I wonder if a muscle relaxer is a good idea.

Day 5

Long story from day 4! Was feeling fine. Yesterday I only took 2 doses of pain meds in the morning. Felt fine. Once the meds wore off, the tightness and pressure of these things under my muscle became very apparent. I think the meds were helping with my nerves as well as pain cuz as soon as it wore off I started frieking out!. It was about 9 last night. I called the surgeon. He told me to come in this morning and to take more meds and ice it. He examined me this morning and told me that I had a bit more of a reaction than other girls but nothing to worry about. The swelling was pretty normal. He gave me a muscle relaxer script and more pain pills and told me to ice it. He took off my bandages. Which was amazing! He wants me to keep my appointment for Wednesday. Hopefully with the bandages gone and the muscle relaxer, it'll get better soon.

That was about 2 hours ago and I took the muscle relaxer along with the motrin and kept ice on it. I just took the ice off and I feel ok. I'm just going to keep taking the meds.. all of them.

Armpit- lipo

Doesn't look like I had the lipo in my armpit yet because I'm so swollen. Incisions are very tiny.

Inframammary Incisions

There is still bandage on the incisions so you can't really see it.

Day 6

I woke up in pain... as usual. The mornings are certainly painful. I took 2 oxycodones and took a nap for 2 hours propped up with ice. Just woke up and feels a bit better. I'm supposed to go to work today for a couple hours at 1:00pm. I hope i can make it. I don't feel like I'm getting much better each day. I feel like all the girls I watched and read about said they were basically better by the 5th day and I still feel like it's day 4. I can't wait to feel better. I work a half day tomorrow too and then go to see my surgeon again. We'll see what he says! My skin is getting these itchy spots on them. I think that's because of the ice.

Still day 6

I went to work today for a couple of hours. My plans were to go for at least 4 hours. I started getting really sleepy and had to go home. I've been doing very little besides resting. I think actually working was a lot. After a couple hours, my boobs started feeling heavy and a little painful. I needed ice. I felt weird putting ice on my boobs at the office. So I had to leave. I got home and took 1 diazapam and 1 motrin. I laid on the couch but I'm so uncomfortable from always laying on my back. I need to be on my side but it hurts! To be truthful, this is so uncomfortable constantly... I'm starting to think I made a mistake. Maybe my boyfriend was right. Maybe I shouldn't have done this. I can barely take the pressure unless I have drugs and ice. How am I supposed to function this way? I'm not having a good recovery. From everyone I read about and all the reviews I watched, not a single one had this much trouble. I'm not happy. I understand it's only day 6 but that's about 150 hours of discomfort. I can't take this much more. What am I supposed to do till these things drop in place.?

Day 7

Since I seem to wake up in the most pain, most likely due to swelling from being flat on my back for hours, I decided to wake up at about 4am and change out my ice (I have them on ice a lot) and take a Valium and motrin and try to prop myself back up and go back to sleep. I had to be to work at 9am and couldn't risk waking up in too much pain. It worked. When I woke up at 8, the pain wasn't so bad. I can definitely feel the implants pushing up against my breast tissue. It's very uncomfortable. Not as much tightness in my chest muscles this morning. I think the meds plus the ice plus time is starting to work. I've been at work for 2 hours now. They started to bother me so I took a Valium and I'm about to take a motrin. But I'm going to cut it in half because they make me sleepy and I'm at work. I just took a 10 minute break to write this and put ice on them for a bit. I have my appointment with the surgeon at 2:30. I'm beat already. This is going to be the longest I've been out of the house in a week. I can't wait to be able to sleep on my side. My back and shoulders are sore. I'll update more later.

Still day 7

I ended up skipping my motrin dose. As the day went on, I started to feel better. I iced them on my way to my appointment. The doctor took out my stitches and made sure everything was good. He said the incisions were good and everything looked normal. He told me to come back in 5 or 6 weeks. I actually ended up going grocery shopping after the appointment because I felt ok. Once I got home, I absolutely needed my motrin and Valium and ice! It seems to be getting better but we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Week 2- day 1 (or day 8)

I did the same thing as I did the night before. Woke up at 3 or 4 and took meds, retired and propped myself back up. I woke up this morning feeling just fine! I was even able to roll over to my side!!!! I had to prop myself up to do it but I could do it! My boobs are sore but I'm not in nearly as much pain or discomfort. I went to work for 9 this morning and I'm taking a "icing break". I took my Valium (cut in half) at 10:30 and so far so good. I'm able to raise my arms much higher than normal. My armpits are still bruised and swollen from the lipo. It honestly doesn't look like they even lipo'd. I'm hoping as the swelling goes down, I'll be happy with the results. So far today, so good. Not a lot to report. I obviously still can't wait for them to drop tho.

Week 2- day 2 (day 9)

Today went just fine. Still have discomfort. Still icing. Still taking meds.

Week 2 - day 3 and 4 (or day 10 and 11)

today is actually day 4 (or 11). I wasn't able to update yesterday. I went out on my boat on the pond yesterday. I actually fit in my bikini. I think it's because I bought a large knowing I was going to need a bigger size, and because a lot of my volume is still very high up. I was out in the hot sun for about 4 hours (90 degrees!!) I didn't take much Valium at all yesterday. (only 1 pill). But I definitely needed my Motrin. I couldn't wait to get ice on them. The bouncing of the boat was hurting so I had to hold them while we were moving. I was so happy when everyone I was with said they wanted to go back to the house to eat. I wanted to rest so bad!!. Everyone ended up going back on the boat but I went home to rest. I felt so lame, but I couldn't handle the heat and the discomfort (couldn't ice). Plus I felt weird. I feel like they look so weird being so high up. Even though these things are so high up, no one noticed that they were fake. The girls who do know, said they didn't look too high up. I think they were just being nice. My armpit bruises are gone but they still hurt like bruises. I felt them today as I was shaving and I have a hard lump on my left armpit. I googled it, I guess it's normal after liposuction and should go away in a few weeks. I cant wait till I don't need ice, till they drop, and till the swelling goes away. I tried on a very cute dress with a little peek-a-boo in the cleavage area and I love the way my boobs look in it. I'm going to a wedding today (not wearing that dress tho) and I get to dress up. I'm a little excited. Just nervous that I'll need ice while I'm at the wedding. Ill post pics of me in the bikini, and the dress with the peek-a-boo cleavage area.

Pics I said I would post from week 2 - day 3 and 4

The same bikini as before pics
New dress with peekaboo cleavage area

Posting nude pics

I will post nude pics once they drop to show actual before and after.

Forgot to say...

I got feeling back in my nipples and under-boob a couple days ago. Maybe day 8 or 9?? Started as pain when touching them, they almost feel normal now. Also, my boobs are much softer. Obviously not all the way up high, but my actual boob part feels much softer. I can move them around a bit. Feels amazing to have boobs. I have always wanted this!

week 2: day 5 and 6 (or day 12 and 13)

I think I already wrote that I found a lump in my left armpit after the lipo. It's now hurting pretty bad. It hurts like a bruise but more sensitive. The bruises from the lipo are visibly gone but I still feel them on both sides when I touch them.

The only medication I've been on in the last couple of days is 1 Motrin 600 in the morning the last few days. I still ice, however, I don't nearly as often, but it still feels so good to ice them when sore.

I called the surgeons office today about the lump now that I have pain. My surgeon wasn't there so I was told if I don't want to speak to the surgeon that was there, to call my surgeon tomorrow. That's what I'll do. I'm not too worried because I read that the lumps after lipo will go away and the pain is probably just because I'm still less than 2 weeks out after surgery. I probably just have residual pain. It hurts to move my arm certain ways because it aggravates the location of the lump.

I also have some pain in my breasts. Its slightly different pain now tho. It's not unbearable. Like I said, I've only taken Motrin once in the morning. I'm pretty good all day, but I bet if I take more, I'd feel better. And I bet that this is how I'd feel if I hadn't taken meds before. I think I'll keep feeling different pains in different places of my boobs as they drop. I mean, they are moving around in there. I just don't want to keep taking meds. I know it's only motrin but its not good for your stomach to keep taking ibuprofen.

Its the evening of day 13 and I'm sitting here with ice on them for the 3rd time today. I will probably go to sleep with the ice as I usually do. I cannot wait for this pain to be over. It's more annoying now than very painful. I guess a couple more weeks and I should be feeling much better..... I hope.

I wonder if sleeping on my side since day 7 has been hurting my cause or not affecting it. I guess I will ask the doctor when I speak with him tomorrow.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

So far, I really like Dr Tantillo. I had my surgery yesterday morning in his facility and last night he personally called to make sure I was ok. I was thinking of going 375 - 400cc's, he suggested 420cc. I trusted him and that's what I went with.

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