Sientra Textured Shaped Round Base High Projection silicon 300cc subpectoral inframammary implants

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We are supposed to develop breasts when all of our...

We are supposed to develop breasts when all of our friends do, right? Around 12 they started, just like everyone else I knew...but they never seemed to get much past the pea to pancake stage! My mom kept telling me I was a late developer...then after breastfeeding two kids and having VS tell me we don't have anything smaller...I decided to take nature into my own hands!

Implant comparison with prosthetic breast enhancers

For the record I wanted to add the dimensions of my implants: 11.4cm width, 10.1cm height, 5.0cm projection. The reason is because I actually bought prosthetics at Amazon that are called: Triangle Pals Breast Enhancers ( size 1, which were supposed to be 1-2 cup sizes larger. Once I committed to going ahead with seriously looking into surgeons I started wearing them full-time (not just in the comfort of my own home). I had the office give me the exact implant type that my surgeon selected and then compared the dimensions. Lucky for me they were pretty darn similar! So, by the time I had surgery, I had already been my desired size for a few months. I was used to it and the other people I was around were slowly eased into it as well.

Highly recommended! My Dr. loved the idea and wanted to know if they listed cc's...they didn't on Amazon, but they have a customer service line that might have that answer.

6 week check-up and photos

Got my 6 week check-up in and all is going well/as planned. I feel one breast (the left) is either more swollen (still) than the right or the implant is just not in as good a place as the right, but the Dr. thinks at the 6 month mark it will catch up and look, I'm crossing my fingers!

My big question (other than the size difference and shape of the two breasts) was if I would ever be able to push them together. Right now they are so stiff they barely budge laterally. They are much softer than they were however, they still seem really firm.

I asked the assistant to bring in the implant I had so I could feel it again, I just wanted some confirmation that the shaped cohesive silicon ones I had weren't really as "gummy bear-ish" as I had remembered. Thank goodness, when she brought them out, they were much softer than I had remembered and gave me renewed hope that mine would be much softer by the end of the year. Dr. Tantillo also confirmed that they were a bit firm right now and to just be patient. He also assured me that I would get the slope I was hoping for in my consultation. So, I'll just have to wait...but no matter what, how they look right now is still WAY more satisfying than how I was prior to my BA! So, I'm happy!

10 weeks post-op and ....

I got my first "cat" call! Was biking and some guy yelled out "nice boobies"!

Better be for the price I paid! ;-)

6 month check-up...oh no

Well, the news we all DON'T want to hear at the 6 month check up....

I need a revision surgery! Luckily it wasn't due to capsular contraction or shifting of the shaped simply "didn't drop" due to breast tissue being too tight on the left side.

So, for $1,000 more and another "small" procedure, I'm told that they will score the tissue and it will allow the implant to drop into place. But what the hell do I do if something else goes wrong? I don't want anymore surgeries! I told myself I wouldn't do revisions, but the asymmetry is just so noticeable that I don't feel comfortable in tight shirts/sweaters/bathing suits/tank-tops or work out tops...see my dilemma.

The Dr. and physicians assistant say that they feel it is noticeable and worth going in again too (it's not just me being picky!)

So, 15th of December is IT...hopefully, I can be done with this and move on to a "normal" life again.

If it ends up turning out like my right side, it WILL all be worth is, because I LOVE my right side...and my husbands says they feel much softer now, he's kinda liking them more...although he still wishes I had gone smaller, but looking back on my two month pictures, they are much smaller now at 6 months than they were at two (I like the size right now).

Revision surgery

Well, looks like my implant had rotated after all ....funny how the Dr assured me the risk of rotation was lower than the risk of capsular contraction....his position was that good surgeons can make a "perfect" pocket for the shaped implant and that he precisely measures when he makes the pocket.

After surgery the nurse told me it was rotated...the Dr has yet to talk to me about it, and never talked to me after surgery like he did the first time.

Not to mention it was a bad omen to have the anesthesiologist screw up the needle insertion and I told her it was getting pretty painful, she didn't bother to do anything about it until my arm showed signs of excess fluid / swelling near the injection site!

At least my left implant seems to be in place now...funny, if you look back at my previous pictures it seems from day one the left one was screwed up...makes me doubt the surgeons "artistic eye". I even remember telling him at each check up the left was different than the right.....makes me feel I should have stuck with round and reduced the risk of revision due to rotation.

In fact, one of the nurses has a BA 12-13 years ago saline round and she looked (and felt) amazing! I needed that peep and feel before I made my final decision!

I highly recommend for all who are still trying to decide...find women who will be open with you locally and get a reality check on the results, seeing and feeling for yourself is very eye opening!

1st Post op visit after revision

I was supposed to see the Dr one week after surgery but due to vacations and holidays I am seeing him 2 1/2 weeks after. I have had my left breast taped and have been wearing a band over the top. Today I finally got the tape taken off but I'm told I will have to continue wearing the band for the next two weeks. I have to do minimal amounts of exercise nothing high intensity and sitting versus standing when possible.

I LOVE the results! Dr. Tantillo did a great job fixing them...even with the minimal swelling on the left, I finally feel like they look PERFECT! Now to just make sure they stay that way!

Healing and symmetrical

it feels so good to be healing again and almost "normal". I am cleared to run, don't have to wear sports bra and band 24-7 anymore, yeah!

We are staying conservative with my healing, so no upper body weights or swimming for another two weeks ( actually not until my 6-8 week mark, right now I'm at 4.5 weeks)

It's a huge time sync getting the 15 min check-ups, but We need to be sure everything is progressing smoothly. He seems extra concerned with capsular contraction, but feels better as we are passed the four week mark.

Just want to be done with Dr visits and get back to my regularly scheduled life!

I'm really pleased with the results so far! Dr. Tantillo can really fix things to perfect! Thank goodness!

3 months left side revision post op

All's well that ends well! Finally I'm getting back to life as normal! So glad it's all over with and looking good!

theres always something...

so, I've finally started to feel good again, healed from the revision, accepting of my decisions, back into my regular workouts, starting to feel like my "old self" again, and then this week I start to notice something odd on my left side (yup the revision side) ....not only can I feel the texture of the implant (which is why one Dr, said he only uses smooth) but the seam is very obvious. It feels pretty creepy, the worst part is my husband noticed it right away last time we were intimate, he said it felt weird and kinda grossed him out (and musta stopped his mood at that point!)

I feel like I just can't get a break!

I'm never doing surgery for this again (unless it's because I have to remove them for some drastic reason), makes me wonder if it really is worth it after all? I think my biggest regret is that I didn't do round with insertion at the areola.

14 months (7 months since revision)

all is well, have lost weight after foreign travel and keeping it off...can feel the texture in the plants more now, kinda like veins in my breasts or something. Have a seam that can be felt and sticks out a bit on left breast, Dr said he could take fat and inject it at the site, but I'm DONE with procedures! Finally feeling awesome! Love clothes shopping now and dressing sexier and dresses! I never used to wear dresses, now I love them!

Dr. Tantillo's consultation was informative and relaxed. He was the third Dr. I visited, so to be fair I had much more specific questions for him (I was better prepared). He was the only Dr. that took a picture of me, printed it out and drew on it to confirm that he understood the natural slope I desired. I had many questions as the surgery day approached which were handled mostly by his staff (Sukanya and Blakely - the Physician's Asst.) Sukanya answered my emails in a timely manner and mostly made me feel fine about asking anything as much as I needed. Blakely spent a lengthy phone call with me helping me to understand new issues that I thought might arise with the choice we had made. On the day of the procedure Dr. Tantillo seemed to remember me (I had only met with him twice before) and was super nice. The procedure experience was fast, comfortable and the staff was AMAZING! My first post-op appointment was fast, the assistant took out the stitches, said everything looked great and explained how to care for them until the next visit. Dr. Tantillo came in briefly to check 'em out and was very pleased with their progress. I had questions after he left and they had no problem bringing me to his office to talk to him directly until I was satisfied. He's a great Dr. and I really would recommend him to anyone! I'm at the 3 week mark, so we'll see how the next 5 months go!

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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