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So, after many many years of being self conscious...

So, after many many years of being self conscious of my small chest size, I decided to get a breast augmentation as a present to myself. I met with Dr. Tantillo in Brookline, Mass and I couldn't have been more pleased. He is very professional, curious and was sure to address all of my concerns. I went though the surgery on Monday November 24th and am currently on day 2 of healing. Overall I am pleased, but there is still a little too much fullness in the upper-pole, but I am sure once my implants drop they will look absolutely PERFECT! I can't wait to progress my healing. Also, I'm pleasantly surprised how little pain I have been in. I feel slight pressure on my chest, and the only real "pain" (I'd say about a 4/10) is while walking around without the surgical bra on (I had to wash it)

2 days post

SO, things appearance-wise hasn't changed much since the past day, however I am not in nearly as much discomfort as I was in yesterday. Yesterday it was difficult for me to lift myself out of bed, but today I can do that and walk around with very minimal discomfort. I even went to the grocery store for a few hours! I still had to get help from my boyfriend with opening bottles, mashing potatoes, etc. because of the strain it puts on your pectoralis muscles. Also, I spent short amounts of time bra-less to help promote dropping and fluffing of my implants.

I have noticed, however, that I look VERY bloated (a common complaint I see on here). How long does that take to go away? Is it just from my body retaining water post-surgery?

4 days post

SO, one of my complaints about this site was that not many people kept a daily (or so) log of their healing process post-surgery. Regardless, today is my 4th day post-op. So far things are so good. I have essentially no pain/discomfort while sitting/laying down but when I'm standing up I'm a little sore. Oddly enough, the soreness isn't in my breasts but rather right underneath my breasts in my rib region. Also, if I press lightly on my ribs beneath my breasts I feel a "gurgling" almost like fluid being displaced, which is odd, but I'm assuming it's a normal part of the healing process.
Yesterday being Thanksgiving I spent most of the day on my feet around the house. I was a trooper for most of it, but had to lay down around 6pm. I think that's my only REAL complaint at the moment: I tire SO easily. I'm virtually always tired, even though I'm only taking my Valium once (maybe twice) a day.
NOW for the good stuff! Physical healing. So far, the swelling in my breasts has gone down a bit and I feel like they may already be starting to drop/fluff. The shiney-ness of my breasts has gone away and the tissue in the upper breast doesn't feel rock-hard anymore (granted it's still pretty firm and has a ways to go)


Well, I think I've finally had a bout of the infamous "morning boob". My breasts were more sore today than they were the week prior. Also, today was back to school; wasn't so bad, but still had some pain especially below my breasts in my ribs and my lower breast region.

Also starting to get a little paranoid/concerned: My left breast looks AWESOME, but my right breast (which I had +10cc's to help accommodate for prior asymmetry) is still riding a bit higher and my nipple is pointing slightly downwards. I'm hoping it just needs to drop and it's not an issue with the pocket or capsular contracture or anything like that.

Tomorrow is my post-op; I should be getting my steri-strips taken off then and I can also address my concerns with the doc. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated!!

Today was my 1 week post-op (8 days post)

So, I was able to speak with my P.S today about my concerns regarding my right breast not dropping quite as fast as the left. He examined me to make sure there was no edema or any other issues causing it, but nope! Leave it to me to be the worry-wart one week post. Regardless, he said that each breast is essentially a separate operation, so they will take their own time to drop. He gave me a band to wear across my chest to aide in the breasts "dropping and fluffing" (although I was informed that they would still drop on their own regardless.) I've read other negative reviews about the compression band, but I really don't see what the big fuss is all about...but ask me a week later and perhaps my opinion will change. Additionally, I had my steri-strips and single stitch removed. I was so nervous because I was worried I would have "franken-boob" with crazy incisions (I've seen some pretty horrific ones on here), but NOPE! My incisions are barely noticeable, and they're not even healed yet! How awesome is that??! Now I only have to wear this different kind of tape for one more week, then I can start using "anti-scar" topicals to help with healing. YAY. I'm so happy and Dr. Tantillo is truly amazing


okay, ladies, let me start by apologizing about my previous "i don't see what the big deal is about the breast band" comment. Last night was my first night with it on and I am now in so.much.pain. In the middle of the night I felt like my boobs were zits ready to pop (lol sorry for the disgusting metaphor). Woke up with "morning boob" to the max. Helllooooo Valium!

On the plus side- the band really does work. I wore mine at an angle to put more pressure on my breast that is higher as opposed to the one that already started dropping. In result, my breasts look MUCH more even this morning than they did so yesterday, so I guess I'll have to bring out my inner masochist and live with this cursed band! >.<

I'll take photos at week 2 (5 more days) and keep you guys updated if there are any new developments.

PS: How the hell are y'all other girls already wearing other bras and cute outfits after week 1?!?! You guys are crazy. My boobies hurt so bad and I don't even care to look attractive right now. lol

2 Weeks post (tomorrow)

So, thought I would update; Tomorrow is my 2 weeks post and I'm still a bit concerned. My left breast is very obviously larger than my right breast and I'm not completely convinced that it's because the right hasn't "dropped and fluffed" as much. My left breast has been having some soreness and my nipple is puffy.

Also, My right breast had +10ccs than the left, so why does the left look SO much larger? I'm starting to think a seroma in the left breast? I find it hard to believe that 2 weeks post-surgery there would be this much asymmetric swelling without complications. What do you guys think?

I've been wearing a breast band for a week now and there hasn't been much improvement in symmetry.

Week 2 (on the dot)

So, I think the difference between my breast sizes IS because the left is swollen. Initially I thought maybe my right was having issues, but I'm pretty sure it's the left. I was going through my photos and my left breast seemed to be fluctuating; some days it looked MUCH larger than the right and others not so bad, and then back to looking much larger (thank god I kept a photo log!). wtf? SO, I decided to ditch the breast band (my breasts are at the same level from my side profile anyway). Last night I also applied ice to my left breast and this morning they look MUCH more even. I think I will also need to keep up on taking my anti-inflammatories to help speed along the process.

2 week asymmetry update

So, I'm really grateful to have a PS like Dr. Tantillo who actually cares about his patient results. After expressing my concerns to him about my asymmetry and swelling, he was able to make an appointment the day-of to address my concerns and diagnose the underlying cause of whatever is going on. After observing my breasts, Dr. Tantillo was in agreement with me that maybe the breast band was causing unneeded stress on my left breast and causing swelling. So, I was directed to simply ice my left breast. Also, he wanted to see me back in 2 days to check on progress and recheck for seroma (since the size of my L breast has been fluctuating daily)

3 week update

my breasts APPEAR to be evening out some; I think the left still looks much larger than the right though. I was told by my PS that It might be caused from muscle spasm in the right, so I have been prescribed valium to take at night. Also, I still have a lot of puffyness in my left nipple.

Luckily, I think my main concern about my breasts looking uneven is do to my nipple position. I say "luckily" because I was looking at my before photos and my right nipple has always been lower than the left.

Also, last week I started using "scar away" strips for my incisions. I'll be sure to review this product in the future


Getting really bummed. I look at other ladies 3 weeks post surgery photos and their results are so much more symmetrical and better than mine. It is SO discouraging. Also, I feel like my breasts still look really round, and I was aiming for a more "natural" looking breast augmentation and is why I went with a low-profile implant. I also hear about "boob greed" but I'm having the opposite; kinda wishing I stayed smaller. If my results don't improve, I'm afraid I will feel like I ruined my body. :(

1 month update

Beyond frustrated; breasts still look entirely uneven. The right is appearing higher and smaller despite taking muscle relaxers 2 weeks for "muscle spasm". I'm starting to think it's not a muscle spasm, but an improperly released muscle or a pocket issue.

5 Week update (tomorrow is my "1 month post-op visit")

Getting bummed. I know everyone is telling me not to worry, but I really thinking something might be wrong. The size of my left breast seems to be fluctuating and my right breast doesn't seem to be settling quite right. Also, the right breast is shaped almost like an ellipses (a tilted oval?). I guess I will have to be patient and wait 6 months regardless, but I really have a feeling I'm going to need a revision..

6 week update

Sorry everyone for dropping off of the face of the earth (I was being pretty punctual with providing updates); I just moved to NV so have been trying to get settled. Regardless, my breasts are...odd. One day they look really great and the left doesn't look *as* much larger than the right, and then the next day the left is back to looking much bigger. However, I feel like the muscle spasm in my right breast (the one appearing higher and smaller) has been easing up because the breast definitely feels much softer. I'm trying to not stress myself out right now and am taking the advice of others by not "obsessing over critiquing myself in the mirror". I realize this is really a waiting game at this point, and even if I need a revision/alteration it wont be considered until the 3 month post-op mark. I'll post photos today (I'm currently updating from my phone and the photo upload is wonky.)

6 weeks post photo (as promised)

As you can see, my L breast (side with more tattoos, lol) still appears a little bit larger, but the asymmetry isn't as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I think I'm SLOWLY progressing. Fingers crossed.

Also, don't mind the crazy hair and makeup-less babyface.

2 months post

So, I've been experiencing some pain in my right breast, and BOY does it hurt! It feels like a hot rubber band being snapped on my breast. Sometimes it hurts so bad that I literally have to lay down. However, with that being said I think that the pain is because my right breast is finally dropping and experiencing tissue expansion (fluffing) because they have been looking MUCH more even. I'm starting to think that my breasts will even out to perfection; it's just a waiting game.

Also, someone asked if I would post photos of me in clothes for a better idea of how it would look so I have a photo of myself in my "little black dress"! :)

3 month update

So it's been a little over 3 months and Ive had some people asking me how I've been doing. The good: my breasts have evened out. The bad: I still don't have much feeling on the underside of my breasts. The ugly: my left nipple is still puffy for some reason and I'm unsure if that will ever change.
Also, in regards to sizing- I had a mini panic attack at Victoria's secret. I was sized and apparently I'm a 32D (or the sister size 34C). I only wanted to be a large B/small C but I guess they wound up "fluffing" a little more than expected. It's not that big of a deal because I think my breasts look good, I was just floored that I could go up to a D from starting with an A and getting such low volume implants.

8 month post & frustrated

So....as much as I want to say I'm 100% pleased with my augmentation, I'm not. I realize that I had prior asymmetry prior to surgery, but I feel as though this should have been something that the surgeon takes into account. I am glad to actually have breasts, but at least two of the same size would be nice. Also, I went to my doctor with my concerns and he doesn't accept fault and is expecting me to pay for fat grafting into my smaller breast to make them "even". I'm not pleased...

1 year post, even MORE frustrated

Well, I was hoping things would improve with time but it looks like they are getting worse. The symmetry is getting worse...one breast has a breast fold and the other doesn't. I emailed my PS a couple months ago and he said that I just have more volume in one breast. I'm sorry, but no. I'm going this week for a 2nd opinion and then might look into an attorney. You can tell how asymmetrical my breasts are if I'm not wearing a bra. It's very embarrassing.
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