I Am Getting Rid of This Fat Tire - Brookfield, WI

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Over the last several years, I have lost 40 pounds...

Over the last several years, I have lost 40 pounds but am left with the same tire around my middle that my mom and grandmother had. Well, i am getting rid of it. I had a wonderful consult with Michelle Bonness and she is doing a full TT with lipo of the back/flanks on March 5th. I will post before pictures as the date gets closer, but I am glad to be a part of this community and I have already learned a ton from all of you who have posted your experiences.

Just under 2 weeks away

I am starting to get ready and excited for my surgery. I have ordered a bunch of big ole cotton panties for recovery. I have also been strategizing for the inevitable poop issue. And I think i have an idea that may work. I thought i'd share it and see if anyone else has ever tried this. I am a big smoothie person - i have one every morning with berries and protein powder. For the last couple of days, I have been adding a couple of stewed prunes to the mix. And let me tell y'all, it is effective. I have used all different kinds of things after having surgery when the pain meds totally shut everything down and nothing ever seems to work. Has anyone ever tried the prune or prune juice route?

Otherwise, I'm just getting excited. My pre-op is on Monday and I will be taking some pictures and posting them then of my before. I continue to be so grateful for the advice and stories that you all share and hope that mine will help someone along their journey.

Pre-Op today

I feel even more enthusiastic and confident after my pre-op. It was great. Lots of questions and great answers. The funny part was the pre-op photo shoot. So, i'm standing there in my undies and the nurse says, "ok, just let it all hang out." And so i let it all go. I thought I might tip forward :) I will be taking and posting my own pics this weekend.

I did learn that my drains will be out at the far sides of the incision, rather than below in the mons area. My doc thinks it is just as effective and more comfortable. Also, no shower from time of surgery until first PO appointment a week later.

Three days away and I finally have some before photos

My TT is this coming Wednesday afternoon. See you all on the flat side.

Tomorrow is the big day

My surgery is scheduled for 2:00, so no eating after midnight and I have to make it past noon before I get any meds. It will be worth it. I'm not really nervous- just excited to get this show on the road. Good luck to everyone else who is on the schedule this week.

I made it to the flat side

I had my surgery late yesterday afternoon and everything went great. I was the last surgery of the day at this hospital is I had to wait a bit for the prior cases to finish up. Once they set up my IV, I received a dose of something to help me relax and the next think I knew I was waking up in recovery. Dr Bonness took 7 pounds of skin and fat, which seems like a lot. But that is just fine with me. I had a brief bout of nausea late last night but just finished a good breakfast and I'm ready to go home and get into my recliner. My hubby has been fantastic and I was lucky to have my best girlfriend stay overnight with me at the hospital.

I can't see much because of the binder but I think my results will be great.

I know there were a number of others who had surgery yesterday and I hope everyone is doing well.

4 days PO

Those first three days are rough, but I am starting to feel human again. I am not allowed to shower while my drains are still in, but i did take a bath and was able to get a first glimpse of my results without the binder. Holy cow. I don't think i could have imagined how great it would look. I will post photos (hopefully after I have a bath today). The incision line is nice and low and even. Everything is tight and smooth. I am completely satisfied - and it's only day 4. I am no longer taking pain meds other than tylenol and i seem to be walking more upright. Bending over is awful. I know a lot of ladies had their surgeries this week so i hope everyone else is healing well.

Day 9 PO. Drains out and feeling pretty good

I got my drains out on day 7 at my first follo up appointment. What a relief that is. My drains didn't hurt, but they are a pain in the butt. I am also starting to feel better mentally. I think it is tough to think when you are working all of those meds and anesthesia out of your system. Anyway, here is a PO photo taken this morning. I have a fair amount of swelling but still such a huge improvement. I am happy so far with everything and Dr Bonness is really terrific. I have loved dealing with her and everyone on her staff.

Swell Hell

I didn't really understand the meaning of this term until today (PO10). My belly is just hard as a rock and so sore - not painful, just sore. Even swollen, it is still smaller than before surgery, but holy cow is it swollen and hard. I've doubled down on my bromelain supplements hoping that will help and drinking water, but the swelling masks me feel so full, I don't want to eat or drink. Maybe that is a good thing.

First day back at work

My first day back was harder than I expected. I feel like my recovery has been so smooth, even with the swelling I started to experience in the last couple of days. But work was a whole new level of difficult. Wearing my garment all day long just made me feel compressed and tight everywhere. I might have to break down and wear fleece pants and sneakers tomorrow to stay comfortable. I still see beautiful results but I realize that this is not an overnight solution. It is an investment of time and patience
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