New Pictures!!! 2 1/2 Weeks post op! Nerve pain sucks!

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I am 5"10 and fluctuate between 138-141 lbs. I am...

I am 5"10 and fluctuate between 138-141 lbs. I am having a full tummy tuck with muscle / hernia repair and a breast augmentation. I am going with 350cc saline moderate plus implant filled to 410 or 420cc. I was going to go with 325cc moderate filled to 390cc but felt like maybe I should go a little bigger since I am a tall girl. I am in the best shape of my life and I look like I have the body of a 90 year old woman. No offense:) I have 4 kids all 4 years old and under! My twins are 4, I have a 3 year old and an almost 14 month old who is my little cling-on 24/7...yes I carry her constantly!!!! My anxiety is through the frickin roof!! I have help for 3 1/2 to 4 weeks and that is it! I have gone through such a range of emotions since booking this second I am so happy then I start to feel insanely guilty and selfish...then I am terrified I am going to die and never see my babies again... then I feel nauseous...then I am happy again...then depressed. I feel like a crazy lady. I am trying to get 50 million things done for tomorrow like cooking lots of meals to freeze and getting all my supplies set out and washing all the sheets etc etc etc! So much to do. My doctor also recommended fasting the day before to avoid constipation?? I am really craving chocolate chip pancakes and just might have to make those for the kids of course:) LOL. I started taking pre-operative supplements from Make me Heal 2 weeks ago and have been eating tons of salads, vegetables and fruits. My doctor has been great so far. After I paid my fees he did tell me at my last appointment that I need a vertical scar too!!! Not to happy about that. I had my belly button pierced when I was pregnant with the twins and it stretched out the area above my belly button as you can see in pics. He said he may need to do that to be able to reach that skin:( I would REALLY love to be able to wear a bikini again! I hope the scar is not terrible. I guess I can always get a tattoo over it in the future if I come out of this alive. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have surgery tomorrow!!! Sorry if typos I am trying to hurry before the herd of babies wake up.

Made it out alive! 1 day post op

Happy to be alive and doing well. The doc put 420cc in one breast and 400cc in the other. I was in surgery over 5 hours. My tummy definitely hurts much more than my boobies. I have my follow up appt Thursday and there is a small chance my stomach drains might come out then. Fingers crossed. The doctor pulled out my boob drains this am. The left one hurt a lot when he did it and right did not hurt at all. I am getting the best sleep I have had in the last 4 yrs. Thanks for support. Will keep u updated!!

2 days post op and feeling like I just got run over by a truck

So today I am 2 days post op. I had surgery Monday at 7.30am and stayed overnight in the hospital, which I highly recommend, especially if you have little ones at home. I am sleeping in my bed at home and it is not as comfortable to me as the hospital bed. It is a little tough getting in and out even with all of my pillows around and under me. It is amazing how much we use our abdominal muscles. I can feel them as I am typing this now. The ride home really sucked. There were so many bumps in the road and each one hurt like hell. It took us over 30 min to get home cause we had to get all my prescriptions filled. I really wish we would have been able to before the surgery but whatever it is over now.
It was tough last night because my baby wanted me to pick her up and hold her and I couldn't.
It is super painful waking up in the morning. I felt like I had just nursed about 100 babies through the night.
My goal today is to poop. I have been taking a stool softner since Saturday before the surgery and had some milk of magnesia last night and this am. Fingers crossed.
I just wanted to briefly explain my story. I have always fluctuated with my weight and was insecure with my body. I had a full ride scholarship to play basketball in college and still wasn't in great shape. My weight fluctuated between 151-163. I was very insecure with my body. My husband and I got married and wanted to have a baby. So I took a pregnancy test one month later on my birthday and it was positive. I didn't find out I was having twins until the 20 week ultrasound. Big Surprise! I gained 80lbs with the twins. I had preeclampsia which made me gain like 50 lbs in the last month of being pregnant. When the twins were 6 months old and I was still nursing I got preggers again. This baby was a 10lb baby and I gained 60lbs with her. When she was 2 I had one more baby and I gained 40lbs with her. My boobs went from 36 b to DD then back to an A/B then back to DD then again with the last baby. This cycle really ruined my body. My breasts completely deflated and sagged. My stomach looked terrible and I always felt fat cause of all the extra skin I had to tuck into my pants. I am really happy I did this....before the surgery I had major doubts. My emotions were all over the place pre-surg. I felt sick to my stomach beforehand and spent a lot of the day crying. Plus my hubby and I got into an argument the day before which made me an emotional wreck. I do not regret doing this. I an happy that I did. We only live once and I did not want to live with that body anymore. Maybe now I will feel confident naked in front of my husband and out in public in a swimsuit. Starting to feel nauseous and have a headache now. I will post pics once I follow up with doctor. I feel too exhausted and dizzy to take binder off to see myself. my husband is working today and now I have to take care of myself today. Wish me luck.

3 Days post op- Feeling pretty good.

I am not going to lie yesterday got progressively worse as the day went on. I could hear my kids crying for me and the more I had to get myself out of the bed the more sore I got. By 6pm the pain was pretty awful. I have been eating mostly crackers, lots of juice and a fruit salad I made before surgery. My husband worked til 7pm last night and I was desperate for him to come home. I took 2 pain pills around 7 and felt tons better. He got me a salad and a roll. It didn't taste great to me but I was pretty hungry. I am glad to say that I did poop about 5 times at 10pm. Do not underestimate the milk of magnesia and stool softeners. All day I thought man this stuff just does not work Oh but it does lol. I literally had to get to bathroom as fast as I could haha. My stomach muscles were pretty sore from pooping.
I did ask my doctor for ambien to help me sleep and I have been taking that before bed and sleeping wonderfully. I highly recommend that.
Last night I had my husband move our leather recliner to the bedroom. I am sitting in it now and it is awesome. I prefer to sleep at night in my bed next to my hubby though. I cant push the button on the recliner to get the leg thing up so I am just resting my legs on my bed as I sit in the recliner. It is pretty nice.
I woke up today feeling 10x better than yesterday. I am able to walk all over the house. I can go to the bathroom fine by myself. I do not have a toilet seat riser. I just use my leg strength to get up and lean a little on our tall garbage can. I got to hang out in the living room with the kids today. I felt a little dizzy. I sat on the couch holding a large pillow on my tummy so no one could hurt me. My baby just snuggled right up next to me. It was nice! I still feel a bit dizzy even as I type now.
I felt myself starting to get a caffeine headache this am so I had a lovely cup of coffee and felt fine. I am barely hunched over at all when walking. I actually feel surprisingly good today. I am pretty tired. My stomach is very swollen and my boobs are high and tight. One looks way bigger and higher than the other. Will this get better? It looks a bit crazy.
I am not draining a ton so hopefully at my 1 week post op apt next Tuesday I can get my drains out. I am icing my boobs and tummy like crazy and that helps a lot. I am the most sore where my drains were removed on my boobies. I think that muscle there is pretty sore too from using my arms so much already.
The drains are not bothering me too much. I feel like I have man balls between my legs that are always in the way lol. I am glad they are there to get that fluid out of me cause I would not want all that staying in my already swollen belly. I don't even have the desire yet to shower. I have been using refreshing wipes and wash clothes with soap to freshen up and feel ok. I bought huge white t shirts that I am wearing around the house and they are great.
Starting to get sore boob from typing so I check in more later!

Post Op Day 4!

I slept great last night thanks to sleeping pill. I woke up pretty sore but feel better as day goes on. I am still pretty dizzy. I am wondering if I lost a bit of blood because the dizziness I have had since surgery is just like how I felt when I needed a blood transfusion. I know the meds can cause this too. I will try to cut back on meds a bit and see if this subsides. I forgot to add before that I had a breast lift too! So I had full TT, BL/BA and ended up having no hernia's. I was in surgery a bit longer than I expected. It started at 7.30 and when I woke up from surgery and saw the clock in the recovery room it was 1.30. I was out for quite awhile. One thing no one told me was that YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO COUGH AFTER SURGERY. If you don't it can lead to pneumonia. I held in the urge to cough cause I thought it would hurt. So on day 2 and 3 when I was finally told to cough all that metallic tasting crap was coming up my throat...not so pleasant. Cough and take deep breaths right away. I think I brushed my teeth 20x the first 3 days. The taste in my mouth was making me feel sick. The more mint taste I had in my mouth the less nauseous I felt. Glad I had gum, mints and my toothbrush.

Day 5 Post op and sick of these drains!!!!

These drains are driving me nuts!! They are barely draining anything and my post op appointment isn't until Tuesday. Three full more days of these things ughhh! My boobs feel the most sore in the morning more than my tummy. I am sore under my armpits by my breast. Has anyone else been the most sore in this spot? I am worried I have been doing too much with my arms and my implant bottomed out or shifted. The right one looks a little different than the left one under the areola. The left breast has lollipop incision and the right breast does not. My breasts look pretty great otherwise. Just starting to worry a little that I am doing to much. I feel like it is kind of impossible not to use these muscles at all while recovering? The meds are causing me to have very vivid dreams where I think I am catching a ball and throw my arms up.Then I think "Outch I shouldn't have done that' lol.

Is this spot of discomfort normal?

Just wanna know if anyone else was sore in the same spot as I am or if I overdid it and damaged something? I am pretty much continuously sore in my armpits by my breasts. I am using my arms a bit but have not lifted anything heavy. I have used my arms to help push myself up too.

Yesterday was a tough day

I noticed the pain under my arms comes and goes so I am not concerned about it. Just part of the healing I guess. I am extremely excited to get my drains removed tomorrow and take a shower. Yesterday was a tough day emotionally but I am pulling through. I got really down and cried a lot. My goal today is to take it as easy as possible and ice, ice, ice. Hopefully this week I will post new pics. Tomorrow once drains are out I think I am switching to a compression garment I bought from the site Make me Heal. This binder seems to be rubbing on my incisions at times so I keep loosening it. I think a compression garment will be better. Will post update after doctor appointment manana.

2 1/2 weeks post op- Overcame biggest hurdle yet!!!!!

All of the pain in my underarms that I talked about previously went away with time. At 11 days post op I started feeling amazing and started doing more. I have been having way more boobie soreness than tummy soreness btw. My abdomen feels great. Last weekend suddenly I felt like someone was stabbing me whenever I would walk. The pain was shooting down my left thigh. It was excruciating!!! I know how to deal with pain but this was unlike anything I ever felt before. The pains were a 9 out of 10! I thought I just overdid it and stopped everything I was doing and layed down. The pain got worse and worse. I got scared that I had DVT or a blood clot. I decided not to go to the ER because the last time I went it was like $5,000 and I just tried to wait it out until Monday.. the next business day. The pain was terrible. It got worse on Monday and I talked to my mother in law who was a nurse and she did not think it was a clot but I was really scared. I just kept thinking about my kids and how selfish I was for doing this. I actually made it until Tuesday which was my appointment with my plastic surgeon. He thought it was an entrapped nerve. At this point I could barely walk!!!! He did recommend a clinic that does ultrasounds so I could go if I wanted to rule out the possibility of a clot. My doctor was going to prescribe me Neurontin for the pain but I asked for Topiramate. It does not have the weight pain side effect. The pain Tuesday was awful so I scheduled an ultrasound for Wednesday morning. I just wanted peace of mind about this whole thing. I did not want to risk it...even if it was a very small chance that I had DVT. The ultrasound and reading ended up costing me around $600, much less than an ER visit. The good news was that I didn't have a blood clot! I was so so so relieved. So I knew that most likely it was nerve pain. I started taking the nerve medicine and within and hour felt like my heart was gonna explode. So today I did not take the medicine and I actually think that the pain is improving. The pain has become more of a burning pain when I walk but it is now a 6 out of 10, which is great!!!! I was terrified it was permanent.
The first couple weeks your body goes through so many changes while healing from surgery. I have been going online and reading about every problem I am having and all that does is make it 100x worse!!!! So many people were online writing about permanent nerve damage and blood clots that I felt like I was going to have a panic attack. My doctor put me at ease and so did his nurse Sandy. Talk to your doctor and save yourself the stress of reading all the negativity.
I am so thankful the pain is decreasing because I only have my nannies for 1 more week then I am on my own with my kids!!! I think it is going to be a little challenging to say the least. So far I have been accidentally smacked in the boob and tummy by flying arms and legs numerous times.
I really underestimated this surgery. My mind wants to go out running and take the kids to the park but my body is no wear near ready. This is just as much a mental struggle as it is a physical one to heal. I had to keep myself from getting depressed when the nerve pain was at it's worst! Hang in there if you are hurting cause it will get better with time. It is only temporary.
As far as pain meds and stuff I not taking my pain meds anymore. I was on them for 2 full weeks... much longer than I anticipated. I am going to try to not take the nerve pain medication for a couple days and see if I improve. I am taking vitamins daily and eating pretty healthy. I eat lots of grilled chicken salads and fruit salads but I have been eating a piece of cake everyday too lol. I do not feel that swollen unless I am doing a lot. I have lost a few pounds since the surgery despite my extreme lack of activity (compared to what I used to do).
Here are some updated pics. I do feel like my boobs are a little uneven but I know it is super early to make any judgements. I had a lollipop lift on only 1 boob. My vertical scar is quite a bit higher than I would like but my main scar is nice and low. My drain holes are totally scabbed over and are itching. I know that is good and is a sign of healing. The skin above my belly button was terrible from a piercing/pregnancies so I know he had to do that to get the skin. Hopefully in a year I can get a tattoo over it.

2 1/2 weeks post op pics

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