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I am having breast augmentation surgery in two...

I am having breast augmentation surgery in two days. I am super excited nervous anxious and all of the above lol I have been a 32a for most of my life after having my last two children and nursing them I have had the luck of fitting a 34b just barley. My breast have lost thier fitness and perkiness. So needless to say since I was 16 I new if I ever had the opportunity to get a boob job (as I used to call it lol) I would definitely do it! So now I am 36 and have the resources to do breast augmentation.
I had a consultation on Febuary 6th. I decided I didn't want to go too big as I am on the thin side. So I have decided to go with 425cc silicone under the muscle crease incision. I'm two days away and I'm hopping that I went big enough lol. I didn't want porn star blobs I wanted nice size believable blobs. I have been reading lots of blogs on real self and I have seen some similar states so I'm hoping my results are similar. :/

425 cc silicone under the muscle.

side view

before augmentation

post op day 2

side view day 2

i beleive i have desolvable stickes and glue on top of that.

Day two post op.

I'm very happy with my decission so far. As for pain I was in pain once I woke up after surgery while in the recovery room. They gave me something and the pain was gone almost instantly. Now for day two I purchased one of the back rest seat things from walmart and slept up right so I didn't wake up with morning boob yay! I have been taking the pain pills the surgeon prescribed ever four hours. So no pain unless I'm attempting to sit upright or put any pressure on my arms. I am able to shower and took full advantage of that this morning. Tomorrow is my first post op apt we'll see how it goes.

day 4

Feeling lots of zings and tightness started massages.

Sarting to settle :)

This is day 6 full of zings and tenderness. Fyi make sure that when you go to post op apt you are coherent. So that you can learn how to do the massages. I was in shock after surgent showed me how to massage them. The pain didn't allow me to grasp the technique. Lol so I you tubed it.

Post op day 8

So the highlights for day eight. When I open my car door or any doors like a buisness door my peck muscles tense up if it's to heavy so when pulling or pushing. Not a good feeling! The glue that's over my scares is starting to come off leaving a yucky black residue like when you remove band aids. Other then that messaging has made then nice and soft and I lo e them ")

The new girls lol

Day 8 post op

Day 9

Day 9 had some fun pick in up bras I can't wear lol but I have them for when I can lol! And at the price I couldn't beat it they were all cleansed out for 7.49 at target so I couldn't resist!

Day 9

DAY 9 shopping!! ")

Day 13

I have been having a blast sports bra shopping but the Danskin sports bra's seem to have the three things I'm looking for 1= be compterable, 2= supportive and 3= not be revieling under my shirts. They have removable pads.I love them!

day 13

Both of the sports bra's above are Danskin just two different styles these were the styles I liked the most

day 21

Yay! Day 21 starting to notice they are softer except when I get cold they harden up. Also less tightening when I open doors. Every day theirs a little change.

Day 26

So it's four days away from a month ewhew! lol had a follow up with surgeon and he said they are coming along nicely. He said I can wear wireless bra's, he said in another month I can wear a wired bra. Who would have thought that after doing BA I would be so excited to wear a bra again. Lol I guess old habits never die lol perhaps I'm more excited to finally fill a bra lol. As for changes I still get morning boob it's not painfully just a reminder that I need to get up and massage them. When I sneeze it's a little uncomfortable it seems the area between my breast tenses up. If I get really cold the peck muscles flex defiantly a we are feeling also not totally painful just uncomfortable. Other then these miner changes they feel great soft and they are dropping so their looking more natural. Not like balls on my chest their starting to look like real boobs

1 month

We all know how the site can act up once in a while and delete or update well that has happened to me three times :( any who! The new girls are soft and fluffy with more fluffiness to come I'm sure

some of the vs bra's

I purchased these after my first fitting at vs they are 32dc f. I wanted to see if they still fit since I see so many people say they are fitted wrong. Well I guess it's just the luck of the draw and got lucky with someone that new what they were talking about. Yay me!

May 1st over due update ")

So fare the things I can say about my boobs are, bra size will change over the corse of the healing proses so don't invest to much to soon in bra's if you get tempted save your receipts I left the bras on hangers and with a clothes pin clipped the receipt to the hanger. I had BA done Feb 24, so the girls are a little over two months. I still get little zingers here and their. I can finally wear a bra but I only do it furring work hours and rush home to my sprouts bra because they feel more comfortable. When I lean forward to take laundry out the dryer they do fell heavy. So I just support them with one arm. Scarring seems to be better and fading. Over all I'm happy with my decision and I love them their perfect size.


9 months

I am officially 9 months today yay not much has changed they have sopped and fluffed and look very natural. I do wish I would have gone about 100cc's more wih they were just a bit bigger. But over all I am a 34DD or a 36D. As for the scares my scares are still light brown Still visible.

9 months

Brookfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kinney and his assistant Melissa are so nice and patient. I was referred to Dr. Kinney by a friends who also had breast augmentation by him. He is very patient and understanding. He answered all of the questions I had very respectfully. he made me feel really comfortable during my consultation. His assistant Melissa was so helpful she answered so many of my calls in the days leading to my surgery and even after my surgery. She was very informative. She addressed any concerns I had and reassured me that the decision I had made regarding size was perfect for me.

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