27 y/o, 5'5, 114 lbs, pre op size 32A/32B, 325cc moderate plus silicone under muscle

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Hello All!! I need major help haha. I am having...

Hello All!!

I need major help haha. I am having thee hardest time deciding on my implant size. 325cc or 350cc?? I am doing moderate plus silicone gel implants under the muscle. I know people say to basically always choose the bigger size if you're having a hard time but I really am just not sure that I would be happy with the bigger size! I am a small person with pre op measurements of about 32-24-33 and I like to work out a lot. I just had my pre op appointment this morning and my PS said I should go with the 350cc because "people never come back and complain about being too big". BUT I do not want to be able to wear a size D bra, and he said that it was possible for me to maybe fit into a small D at Victoria's Secret but that I would probably wear a C at all other places. I know, I know...you're not supposed to go on and on about what cup size you do or do not want to be, "its all about how you look in the mirror". But I don't want to look fake whatsoever and I am scared that 350cc will do that? I am also scared that if I got 325cc that I would regret not going bigger haha. Does anyone have similar measurements to me or know anyone that chose one size over the other and how they feel about it?? I would love any and all feedback from you all :) xoxo

Going with the 325cc!

I have officially decided to go with the 325 mod plus silicone implants for my surgery which is in TWO DAYS!! I feel very good about my decision. I went out and purchased my post-op supplies that I think I'll need such as tylenol extra strength, a font zip sports bra, laxatives (i have heard pretty rough stories about bloating and constipation, not too excited about that :/ ), and some easy things to eat. I will definitely be posting some before and after pictures when my surgery is all done! Ahhhh can't wait :)

I did it! 325cc mod plus silicone

It's over and done with! Woo hoo :) It's my second day post op, I just got home from my post op appointment so I saw my newbies for the first time. They're beautiful and I love them even thoigh they are still very swollen and high but I can just tell they will become my dream boobs soon enough!

Pain levels

My pain really isn't too bad at all. When I first got home yesterday, I just went straight to bed and slept basically the whole day. I couldn't grab my water from my nightstand so my fiancé had to hold it for me and bring me my snacks haha. But today (2nd day) I feel much better. I was able to lie down and get up all by myself with pretty minimal pain. I might even only take my pain medication before bed. As for sleeping, I actually slept pretty decent throughout the night. Thank goodness bc I need my sleep :)

One week!

Today marks the one week birthday of my new boobies! It has been a pretty easy week actually, pain is totally managable. I completely stopped taking my pain meds on day 4 and have only been taking Tylenol at nighttime. However, I think I'm going to switch to aleve or something that lasts longer bc I have woken up the past two nights with discomfort. This "morning boob" is not fun, it goes away pretty fast in the morning after I get up but now I totally understand what people were complaining about! I decided to take a drive the other day (day 4 I think)...bad idea! You use your pectoral muscles a lot more than you think while driving, jeesh was I sore later on. I would recommend driving as little as possible the first couple weeks. Besides that everything is great, I love them lots and cannot wait for them to get soft and squishy! Every day they get a little squishier though and I can already almost push them completely together :) I entered my measurements into the VS website and it said I was a 32C which is exactly what I was going for :) I have a feeling once they "drop and fluff" though that I may be able to wear a 32D (ah!) but we will see!

One more pic for now

I just wanted to add this extra picture for now

2 weeks post op!

Today marks the two week point! It's crazy how much they have changed in the past 3-4 days! They're sooo much softer already it's awesome. I didn't expect them to soften up this soon so now I'm even more excited to see the complete final result in a couple weeks/months or what not! I wore a low cut shirt this past weekend and it was the best thing ever haha I'm so happy with everything already :)

Two weeks! (Pics)

My pics didn't upload right last time time so here we go :)

6 weeks (and 2 days) post op

I haven't been on here in awhile so I figured I would just post some pics of my boobs :) I love them. They feel and look more and more real everyday. It's weird thinking about not having them, they're such a part of me now and feel like they've always been there almost haha. Love it. Healing is great and really was/is very easy in my opinion. I could definitely go through it again no questions asked if I had to My workouts have been back to fully normal for about 3 weeks now. (Some things like jumping up n down still feel a tad sore like you're about to get your period sorta sore ha but not bad).

Forgot a pic

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